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Space Shuttle crew members' club - prepare for liftoff!

By E_N_3

5 years ago

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#1846 1 year ago

Hey All,
I'm reporting for duty! I have some issues to resolve. Three quick questions:
1. What is the L metal bracket in the back left for?
2. Gate on right side of ramp. It's missing and I don't see a switch. Do I need it?
Thanks All!

0E69B6E0-5A62-4B17-8CCC-BB957AF57471 (resized).jpeg566802F3-9403-4EF3-87A5-722F86B369DF (resized).jpeg
#1848 1 year ago

Thanks amboggs I forgot my third question! What is the best way to prop up the playfield to work underneath? A picture would be super awesome. I have a trough switch issue and I can't solder with one hand!

1 week later
#1861 1 year ago

Hey All,

Recently joined the club! I'm working through some issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


#1862 1 year ago

Newbie question. What's the coil attached to the coin door for?

3 weeks later
#1881 1 year ago

matrices13 are you sure the flipper isn't hitting something on the top side? I had a similar issue on my space station. After alot of head rubbing, figured out the metal outlane guide was mounted in a way that obstructed the flipper.

1 week later
#1902 1 year ago

calico1997 looks fantastic! I'll take that home Depot color code. Thanks.

1 week later
#1915 1 year ago

Help! I’m down to only sound issues. Thought it was the soundboard, but buying a refurbished one from ksArcade did not fix the issue. Can someone take a reading of PIN 40 on U-4 in attract and game mode with a probe? I get nothing. Thanks!


2 weeks later
#1922 1 year ago

@technicalsteam @brijam has a used one for sale in the ramps wanted/for sale thread.

#1923 1 year ago

technicalsteam brijam has a used one for sale in the ramps wanted/for sale thread.

1 week later
#1929 1 year ago

Yes! Haven’t installed them yet, but I think they’ll work great and the width is correct.

Chris -

It is 1-7/8 x 2-1/16

Cale Hernandez

On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 9:08 AM <sales@marcospec.com> wrote:
Can you tell me the dimensions of this part?


#1931 1 year ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

Thanks going to give those a shot.
Clear Coating Space Shuttle. Restored shooter lane and eject holes. Should be all set for hard top soon.
Really disappointed that there are no ramps available for this game. I've contacted everyone I could think of who makes them.
Wonder how many people need this ramp? Wonder how many people would have to have one to make this feasible for
someone to do.

freeplay40 has space shuttle ramp on his list to make after he gets a machine big enough for the ramp. I believe is is very close to the top of the list.

1 week later
#1941 1 year ago

Looks good to me, here’s mine.

DE990476-B162-4744-8E63-9381BE836667 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#1987 10 months ago

If you have the money to pay a restorer to touch up and clear coat, or have the skills or want to learn, go for it. I would want some sort of wear protection on it when done. I’m almost done with my space shuttle hardtop install. It’s quite a bit of work and I’ve been slowly working on it since September. My playfield was toast, though.

#1989 10 months ago

Anyone have any tricks to get the “bells” off? I used a Dremel and a cutoff disk on the first one.

B32E4D13-C93A-405E-ADE3-D07A3D2540FF (resized).jpegB58D9040-36C9-4DB6-B53E-EFE69C29E511 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#1991 10 months ago

Hardtop install done! I’m very pleased. I am chasing one gremlin. Sometimes when locking a ball, it lights the lock but doesn’t put another ball in the shooter lane. Sometimes it ends the ball and sometimes it puts a ball in the shooter lane after a long delay. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. A big thanks to grumpy for all the trouble shooting help.

photo aug 26, 5 10 58 pm (resized).jpgphoto feb 03, 10 06 41 am (resized).jpgphoto feb 03, 10 07 37 am (resized).jpg
#1994 10 months ago

PSA. Below is new plastic and an old plastic. The new is lighter. I like it, but if you aren’t doing a full set replacement, it may look weird.

photo jan 31, 5 52 32 pm (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1998 9 months ago

Old plastics if anyone needs some.

BC4EB741-B32F-4A56-9730-B23FAC3FB5C0 (resized).jpeg
#2001 9 months ago

dzorbas I got it from Marco. Looks like they are now out of stock, suck!


1 week later
#2013 9 months ago

ive I had quite a bit of hum too. Changing all the caps helped a lot.

2 months later
#2076 6 months ago

Hey all you fine space shuttle owners! Question, are you able to “easily” hit the ramp shot using the right flipper? Seems to me right flipper is really only good for lock and getting into the pops. I did a complete rebuild, and it plays great! Just wondering if my right flipper is weak. I wish there was a flipper strength test!

#2083 6 months ago

Wow, thanks guys! I was wondering why hitting the targets was so difficult. I rebuilt both flippers and the left one works great. I just can’t figure out what’s going on with the right one.

4 months later
#2189 61 days ago

Could be the reset switch is out of alignment or a wire came off?

#2200 59 days ago

moses_1592 any pictures?

#2214 57 days ago

ksuwildcatfan yeah, that’s the switch. I had to do some fine tuning on mine to get it to work, that’s why I brought it up. Sounds like something with the coil? I’ve had wires fall off of coils.. I’m sure you checked that, though.

#2218 56 days ago

ksuwildcatfan the transistor for the T drop target is Q39. With the target down and in attract mode connect a jumper to the ground braid in the back box and touch the top of Q39. (The metal tab on top). That should fire the coil. If it doesn’t fire could be the transistor or coil. I believe you can also do the same at the coil by unsoldering the trigger wire. Yeah, getting pop bumpers set correctly is a PITA!

#2220 56 days ago

It’s 1P11 wire 6. Grey green wire

#2224 56 days ago

Sorry! I was looking at the manual. It could be J11. Did you try grounding Q39? If you haven’t, you should download the manual.

#2228 56 days ago

Looks can be deceiving. So, you grounded Q39 and it did not fire the solenoid? Send a pic of the solenoid wiring.

#2231 56 days ago

Looks like you may have found it! I think this part of the reason the stopped using those plugs.

#2234 56 days ago

Yeah, happens. I blew a system 7 board by plugging in the wrong connectors! A ~$400'mistake!

1 month later
#2281 18 days ago

ksuwildcatfan it’s easy to test the transistor. Take a wire, one end on ground braid, then touch the top of the transistor. The pop should fire. If it doesn’t, the transistor is bad. You can use this trick on any transistor in attract mode, even the voice clips.

1 week later
#2288 8 days ago

Sounds like poor install. Mine looks great! Can’t tell it’s a hardtop. My machine was at a show and received a lot of plays over three days and there was zero noticeable wear.

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