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Space Shuttle crew members' club - prepare for liftoff!

By E_N_3

5 years ago

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#2098 6 months ago

Brand new 2 pin side and I've owned a 1984 space shuttle for 26 years, it's been dead in the water for the last fifteen and I've just started breathing new life into it in the last 2 months. Will post a couple photos of some of the mods I've done curious what other shuttle heads think. Replaced the space shuttle toy with a custom-built rebel model kit 25 years ago and it still is holding up well. Also I reverse painted The Border areas of the play fieldglass to add some extra depth and character. Love this game!

20190523_091258 (resized).jpg20190523_091307 (resized).jpg20190523_091814 (resized).jpg20190523_091537 (resized).jpg
#2100 6 months ago

Thanks, it is airbrushed, the foreground work is done first and then each element of the background layered over it so you can see the image through the glass. The image doesn't cover any of the Playfield area where you have action so it doesn't distract from playing the game and I left a slight Channel down the ramp return Lane so you can still see the ball coming at you as it's coming off the ramp. The exhaust Flames for the shuttle don't exactly line up because of the modded shuttle I have in it but it lines up perfectly with the original shuttle toy.

#2103 6 months ago

Wondering if anyone has any ideas for a simple fix to loose popbumper light sockets. Pops work great but the lights always work themselves free after any amount of serious gameplay. Thought replacing with LEDs might snugg them up a little more because they have a slightly different profile but seems to make no difference.

#2105 6 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Try squeezing the socket closed a bit more with a pair of needle nosed pliers. The next time you rebuild your pops, consider changing over to a wedge base socket.

Thanks, seems like a no-brainer, wasn't sure how much abuse those sockets could take and didn't want to create an additional problem. I'll give it a shot

2 weeks later
#2125 5 months ago

A special shout out of thanks to the techs who helped me get the balls rolling again. My shuttle had been neglected for 15 years and stored in some very unideal locations over that time butt with a little help it's now performing flawlessly. Locally, thanks Jim,the flipper rebuild is rock-solid, also Edward Cheung, words cannot express how good I feel about the work he did on my board, I was told more than once,"there's nothing we can do", "it's too far gone"or my personal favorite,"strip it down and make jewelry out of the components you can sell them on Pinterest". What was once a very temperamental machine is now a tamed wild beast. Also he helped with a special mod for the machine but I will get into another time. And lastly thanks to the pinsiders, this forum has been fantastic for tips and tricks and simple fixes.What a wonderful forum for people like us, that just want to keep playing with their balls.

20190612_235600 (resized).jpg20190612_235355 (resized).jpg20190612_235634 (resized).jpg20190612_235437 (resized).jpg20190612_235507 (resized).jpg
#2127 5 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

OK, I gotta know what the astronaut toy is...

I picked that guy up at a Toy Show a few years back, thought he would be a nice addition if I ever got my machine up and running again. Not sure who the manufacturer is but I'll snap a picture of the card when I'm in the shop later today.

20190614_224725 (resized).jpg
#2128 5 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

OK, I gotta know what the astronaut toy is...

This is not the final resting place for this astronaut I've got other ideas of where he's going to go on the machine, however it was such an easy mount ,original Hardware screwed right into the left hand of the astronaut. Literally a two-minute install. Love it when a plan comes together. I haven't had to look for these but I'm sure eBay is a good start. Oh yeah, and so not to disappoint but the mysterious Space Rock mentioned on the card, is actually plastic.

20190615_081334 (resized).jpg20190615_081304 (resized).jpg
#2130 5 months ago
Quoted from canoncitypb:

I've got the same figure in mine. Great addition. I mounted mine a little differently.[quoted image]

This piece looks totally at home anywhere on this table. I like what you did with the pose, looks natural, and shows off the figure well

#2135 5 months ago

So here is a mod that's fun and different, 20 years ago I installed a battery operated laser pointer on my shuttle machine. Added a few mirrors and got the laser bouncing across across the Playfield, creates a really subtle strobe effect on the Playfield as the ball crosses its path, big fun but a pain in the butt because it was battery operated. I recently got my shuttle machine up and running again with the help of Edward Cheung and while he had my board he converted my laser from DC to AC so I could wire it directly to the GI circuit on the shuttle. The following photos show the placement of the mirrors as well as the laser. The effect is almost unnoticeable during fast gameplay but when you have a slow lob or Arch across the middle of the Playfield it's showtime. I'll try to include a short video of a test and actual gameplay. Would like to get feedback from other shuttle heads

20190614_225237 (resized).jpg20190614_225305 (resized).jpg20190614_224725 (resized).jpg20190616_092435 (resized).jpg20190526_104825 (resized).jpg20190614_224812 (resized).jpg
#2136 5 months ago

Laser mod test, with gameplay

#2138 5 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Neat subtle idea, cool addition of sci-fi to an already great pin!

Right, this would look right at home in a" Stellar Wars" or" space station"or "Firepower" Etc. I'll be adding one to Mars God of War this fall.

#2140 5 months ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Cool idea. I wanted to comment on your blue USA & Multiplier lights, I do really like that. I might be stealing this idea, matches the art/plastics/machine more overall!

Thanks, I always thought the Green seemed out of place, the only green on the machine.

#2147 5 months ago
Quoted from canoncitypb:

I have to very seriously disagree with you here. My $10 astronaut figure has added at least $20 of value to my machine.....
[quoted image]

I think you know how I feel about this subject, just trying to come up with the right real estate analogy so that others in this thread could comprehend as well

#2148 5 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

Do you think mirror blades would do anything for this pin? Seems like it's pretty dark...might be kinda cool with mirrors...
The ramp is an issue. Boards are an issue. Anything else?

For what it's worth mirror blades will go a long way for brightening up this machine especially if you're dropping in LED lights also, just be mindful of the thickness there's not a lot of wiggle room between the cabinet and the Playfield

2 weeks later
#2152 5 months ago

Had some time over the weekend to install some new LEDs on the shuttle. Wow! Comet pinball wow! Will definitely be adding some more of these. Also had a chance to add some new paint for the reverse painted Playfield glass so the shuttle thrusters luminate from the rear of the shuttle, tied them into the lights of the flickering shuttle thrusters on the backglass for a wonderful animated effect. LED strip on ramp lights and flickers with plunger. the red in the lock channels is tied into the lock light, so blinks when lock is able and solid when ball is captured, love this game!

20190706_125029 (resized).jpg20190707_232052 (resized).jpg20190706_124843 (resized).jpg20190706_124926 (resized).jpg
#2154 5 months ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

nice touch on the thrusters!

Thanks, coming from you that means a lot. Recently read your thread on the restoration you did on your shuttle machine, very inspiring

2 months later
#2177 67 days ago

I had to share these, I just received the new Ultimate pinball topper from litepinballmods and this thing is over-the-top! (See what i did there)I can't wait till my schedule frees me up to do more with it but I absolutely love this thing. A holographic projection fan that mounts on top of the pinball machine. You can load up to 50 videos in the loop for this thing it's amazing!

20190930_215748 (resized).jpg20190930_215720 (resized).jpg20190930_215631 (resized).jpg20190930_215751 (resized).jpg
#2180 67 days ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

That's pretty neat. I'd be down if I didn't already have the HOT NEW PINBALL topper up there [quoted image]

That's awesome, got to love the classics

#2181 67 days ago
Quoted from MeNaCeFiRe:

Do you have video of the topper?

I do, it doesn't do it justice because you get sort of a flicker on video that you don't see in person. I may have a chance tonight to upload something.

#2182 66 days ago
Quoted from Barkz:

Hi guys! Just joined the club this month - love the game so far. So my game has randomly been locking a ball - and then not kicking out another ball and it acts like the ball was drained and gives out the bonus and then goes to the next ball. Sometimes a ball drains and it sits as if the ball didn’t drain, and it occasionally won’t add a credit and start the game with the left button. Anyone have any ideas why and how to remedy? Thanks!

Hey what did you ever find out was the culprit behind your issues, my shuttle is acting similar.

Added 65 days ago:

Loose ground wire, duh.

1 week later
#2191 57 days ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Really looking forward to some photos of 1J10 and its associated wiring!

Hey shuttle brother, had the guts of mine exposed this week and thought of you,hope these help.

20191011_121000 (resized).jpg20191011_121016 (resized).jpg
#2193 57 days ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Thanks man! I'll look at it when I get home but it looks like the way mine is pinned.
That said, the previous owner rewired that connector previously, and I wonder if that's the issue. I don't think so, but you tell me:[quoted image]

Keeping in mind that I have limited technical know how,I would say those images are not equal. Mine seems to be set up like your image on the left,if yours is set up like the image on the right, that might be a reason for your issues

#2207 55 days ago

Nicemodz! Great-looking machine

#2216 54 days ago
Quoted from MoSeS_1592:

Dumb question but what lights the red extra ball arrow that points up the right ramp? I know the right ramp target will randomly light the yellow extra ball light to get extra ball from the shuttle ramp, but what about the red arrow for the right ramp?

Maxing out your drop targets and or your USA multiplier

#2222 53 days ago

Looking for some advice on what to check next,shuttles not working.all playfield switches and solinoids stoped working.same issues a few weeks back,I tightened loose ground at coin box and that fixed everything,or so I thought.now same issue.all lamps work.when in test mode no solinoids fire.during switch test 34,33,32, 20 ,12,11,09 cycle through dissplay.flippers work during test.I am just not sure where to look next.any ideas would be welcome
Fuses good,continuity around coin box good.

1 week later
#2247 42 days ago

Still trying to breathe life into my shuttle machine, I think I'm closer here's my question, none of the solenoids fire during the solenoid test, I have continuity in all the lines to all of the solenoids, I did find one diode on a solenoid that is bad, would one bad diode keep all of the solenoids from firing?

#2249 39 days ago
Quoted from RCA1:

No. Sound more like you have no power to the solenoids. Have you checked for voltage?

Thanks for steering me in what I believe is the right direction. I just checked the voltage at the large capacitor that drives the solenoids, reading 14 volts if I understand the schematics correctly should be 28. Makes sense, it's old ,looks really swollen and Bloated with some green Funk coming out of one end (whoops ...I just described my ex-wife). :DAnyway, Parts on order,if I don't destroy the board reinstalling I think I'll be in good shape. Thanks again for the tip

#2259 34 days ago

So now I'm at a loss ,installed a new capacitor on the power supply that look bad and still no solenoids fire, still reading 14 volts coming off the capacitor when it should be 28. Really at a loss here open to suggestions if anyone has any idea what Avenue to pursue next

#2260 32 days ago

Ready for liftoff! Finally found the issue again. The 12 pin connector that comes off the power supply board, top pin on the female connector (solenoid ground) damaged. This five-week journey down the rabbit hole started with what I thought was a bad ground , funny how it comes full circle.Happy happy joy joy

#2268 31 days ago
Quoted from MoSeS_1592:

Apologies if this has already been asked, but does anyone else notice excessive speaker hum that fluctuates with the blinking of the playfield lights during attract mode? Mine was the same way here's what worked for me. tighten the hell out of the screws for the main board but don't use all of them, for some reason less is more with this issue. I think mine is just the top Center ,left and right center and bottom center screws that I have in. I thought that by adding more to secure the board better it wood fix the problem,but only made it worse. Removed extras and again tightened the hell out of them screws and machine runs silent in attract mode now.

#2275 28 days ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

My right flipper isn't changing the lane rollovers, any ideas?

Try cleaning the flipper contacts if you haven't already

2 weeks later
#2285 8 days ago

She CANNOT see the playfield for the darn reflection of the head on the PF glass. A lot of folks have replaced the lights behind the shuttle with LEDs ,super bright. Try going old school with some incandecents (#44's) behind the shuttle. Good luck and welcome to the club

#2286 5 days ago

Here are some questions for any shuttle heads who have installed a hardtop on their machine. I know they look impressive right after the install how are they holding up after you've had them in there for a while? Was there anything during the install you would do different if you had it to do over again? I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on one and I've set aside some time in the spring for the install. Any tips or tricks, Do's or don'ts would be appreciated.

#2290 5 days ago

I didn't buy it mainly because of the hardtop. It was coming up under the ramp area

not what I wanted to hear but probably what I needed to hear. I have concerns because I'm thinking of possibly adding one of Starship fantasy ramps and I know they're thicker and can be a pain to get flush with the playfield at the ramp entrance,wondering if the thickness of the hardtop is just going to add to the complications.

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