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sound trouble when making early bally ss free play

By wugly

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I am trying to make an early solid state bally game free play. I have added an extra leaf switch to the start button that registers a credit first before it starts a game. the problem is that sometimes the credit sound stomps on the game start music and the game start music never plays. is there a way to ensure the credit sound never stops the start music. other then that the switch works perfectly.

#2 2 years ago

Just get the free play roms

#3 2 years ago
Quoted from wugly:

the problem is that sometimes the credit sound stomps on the game start music and the game start music never plays.

The credit switch should be first on the stack so it activates before the start switch in the button motion.

Or consider moving your credit switch so it's activated by the coin reject button instead.

Or better yet, get freeplay ROMs like Buzz said.

#4 2 years ago

Would adjusting the switch blades so that the start sw always closed well before credit sw make a difference? Might have to reverse the position of the switches for that if it would work. Or do another good idea I saw here where somebody added a tiny push button next to to power switch. Not visible unless you’re underneath the machine plus only adds credits when you need them.

#5 2 years ago

Change the first free game setting to 10K (Or as low as it will go), so there's no need to coin up again.

#6 2 years ago

trying to understand rom free play. 1st question is the board rigged for 2716 or 2732. if it is for 2716 do I burn a new chip for 2716 chip or use the batch file to make a 2732 but do I have to do rewiring of the board. if I rewire the board do I have to make burn the other rom chips? If I have to burn them is there anything I have to do to process the files. my knoledge of burning roms is fairly new. If the board needs rewiring then what do I change. I read something about changing a bly u2.2716 and am missing the significance of that or where I could find it

using virtual pin roms files since the machine I am doing this for is a friends at his house

#7 2 years ago

First question, do you have an EPROM programmer or access to one?

Post some clear pictures of your MPU board so we can see what ROMs it has and how the board is jumpered for them.

#8 2 years ago

i have the gq 4x. do not have the board available to look at till maybe Sunday. was wondering if the batch file to create the 2732 would automatically double the original 2716 so that all I would have to do is to drop in the 2732 chip for the board. was also wondering about a brief mention of u2 in some of the info documents. does it need any changing or with the software patch do I only change u6. and to run the create batch file do I need to rename the u6 original file u6.bin ?

#9 2 years ago

All depends whether the MPU board has the original ROMs or not.
Bally shipped 9316 ROMs at U1, U2 and U6 for Harlem Globe Trotters.
2716 are the same size as 9316, but the pinouts are a little different and they're not plugin compatible without changing jumper settings on the MPU board.

Regardless, the freeplay ROM only changes U6 resulting in the need to use a 2532 or 2732 EPROM and MPU board jumpered accordingly for u6.
The batch file looks for a factory U6 already converted to 2732 and then modifies accordingly and will fail without it. Since you probably don't have it, just change the batch file to look for the original 2716 size U6 and it will convert that successfully.

Or, you could find the already converted freeplay ROMs you need on the net...

#10 2 years ago

this is the only picture at this time I have available. looks to be factory. so you say I should burn a copy of the 2716 and try that. darn looks like the chips are 9316. so I can keep them but have to change some configuration for u6 chip right?

20190117_0805431 (resized).jpg

#11 2 years ago

i tried to create a 2716 file but have been unable to make the file. i down loaded the rom for u6 and named it u6.bin and tried u6.716 and u6.2716. I ran custcre2716 and never got a log file or any new file. what am I doing wrong. the program runs so fast and closes that I can't see what went wrong.

#12 2 years ago

well I finally created a patched 2732 file. had to go to bly2732 used the u6 file and called it u6 and ran the batch file and got the new .u6 file. the question I have now is do I remove u1 from the mpu, convert the board by way of jumpers to have a 2732 in u2 and u6. do I then burn the bly u2 chip and place it in u2 with u1 being empty and put my new patched u6 in u6. do I have this right now

#13 2 years ago
Quoted from wugly:

the question I have now is do I remove u1 from the mpu

If you want to leave the original U1 and U2 in place you will have to change jumper E13-E15 to E13-E19. Alternatively burn U1/U2 into a single 2732 (copy /b U1.2716 + U2.2716 U2.2732) and burn/install U2.2732 at U2 - jumper accordingly.

And then for U6 you need to jumper it for 2732.

Below pictures show how 9316A ROMs are currently jumpered, and the changes needed to jumper both U2 and U6 for 2732 EPROMs.

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