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Sorcerer was working now MPU error code 7

By ezed123

9 days ago

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#1 9 days ago

I worked on a Sorcerer for my friend lately. Got everything cleaned up fixed a few issues all was good. Game booted up and played correctly. He turned it on today to play and told me half way through the game the coils stopped working. I told him to check F2 fuse which was blown. Replaced fuse turned it on and he said about 20 seconds into the game he noticed the left sling was locked on and then the fuse blew again. Oh boy he didn’t notice it right away!

So I went to see the game today. Ran coil test with the left sling disconnected and all other coils worked. I replaced the left sling coil with a new coil because it was at 5.0 ohms instead of the 4.2 it should be. Turned the game on and the left sling locked on again.

Now here is the big issue. I took 2 additional known working system 9 MPUs with me. Pulled the original mpu and put in the other mpu with the game roms transferred properly. Now instead of booting up, I get error code 7. Reseated all connectors, made sure all connections were correct and turned on again. Error 7.

So, I disconnect mpu #2 and put in mpu #3 which is also a known working system 9 mpu. Same thing. Error code 7. So I know it can’t just be mpu #2 because mpu #3 does the same thing. Just for good form, I put the original mpu back in. Left sling immediately locks on. And the game will not boot. And now on top of everything, I do not have displays. The displays do not work with any of the MPUs. Display fuse checked and is good.

Not sure what happened or want to do next. Could it be the game roms are bad? Plus no matter which of the 3 MPUs I connect now, I do NOT have any displays.

Thanks! Ed

#2 9 days ago

Is the 5V supply voltage OK at MPU board?

#3 9 days ago

Thanks for the replay @tuuka. That would be the 3 gray wires on J17 connector right? I’ll check that later today.

#4 9 days ago

Yes, J17 gray is +5V, black is ground.

sys9pwr (resized).jpg
#5 9 days ago

Thanks @tuuka. I’ll report back after I get to the machine and check

#6 8 days ago

Ok progress. I had 4.87 VDC to the mpu which is marginal but should have let the game boot up. I then checked all voltages and found I didn’t have any + or - 100 VDC coming from pins on F5 header of the PSU. I put a new after market PSU in with correct voltages and now I get the board to come up with a 0 code. But, still won’t boot. So I take the game roms out, inspect which they were good and lightly file the legs of the roms. Put them back in the mpu and sha boom! The game now boots. So the PSU wasn’t giving me a good + 5vdv or any 100vdc plus the roms must have had tarnish on the legs.

However now Tuukka, I’m back to the original problem of left sling locking on. I clipped 1 leg of the capacitor off but it still locks on. Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Ed

#7 8 days ago

check the left slingshot driver transistor and pre driver.

with the game off, you can use a multi meter set to continuity/beep with probes either way around and put one probe to any ground and the other to the metal tab of the driver transistor for the left slingshot, if you hear a sound or have zero ohms resistance the transistor is shorted internally and must be replaced.

#8 8 days ago


Thanks Rikoshay. I was so hung up on the power supply issue that I overlooked the most obvious thing. The transistor. Q75 was out of range. I replaced the transistor with a new TIP 102 and the sling didn’t lock on anymore. However I DID need to replace the capacitor on the slingshot switch to have it work correctly which it now does. I also had a broken wire I had to track down from the start button to the backbox and have repaired that.

Now Sorcerer is up and running! Thank you all for your help

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