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songs/quotes..you like/hate.

By raijin

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

so, i picked up a Tommy about a month ago. and because of not playing the game in years, i forgot how many songs from The Who's "Tommy" album are actually in the machine...something like over 20 songs. as for me, being a big Who fan, i think that's quite impressive.

the reason i brought this up is because i clicked on Stav's link of his HSII and heard ZZ Top's "La Grange" and wondered to myself could i listen to that song over and over again?? ...don't know.

as for quotes. ST:TNG's "Q, we don't have time for games!" has been stuck in my head for awhile. ...thanks to endless games of ST:TNG at Fusion's house.

oh, and for the record. i would never buy a TZ just because of Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" (man...i hate that song) ...unless i got the "deal of the century" like Brokedad did!!

#2 11 years ago

TAF-"dumbass" & "Don't touch yourself"

#3 11 years ago


isn't it "gomez" & "don't torture yourself"???

#4 11 years ago

ToM "ticket please" i hate that sound because i know im out of money when i hear that lol. And as for my favorite quote i have no idea lol it might be "That dragon is big! But I bet you're bigger!" form MM lol.

#5 11 years ago

Bride of pinbot "COME PLAY ME"

#6 11 years ago

LOL thats a good one hb the swear roms from terminator 2 you can get your machine to drop the f bomb.

#7 11 years ago

Best quote - IJ's "Dis is how ve say goodbye in Gormany." SMACK!
Worst - Whatever Joe Pesce says in LW3 when you hit the pop bumpers. I forget it now but it ruined the game for me. Designers note - Do not attach quotes to pop bumpers. Sounds like a horrible DJ Rap Mix.
And Funhouse's "I'm angry with you now. I thought we were friends." Rudy annoys me to no end.

#8 11 years ago

Dude i couldn't agree more about rudy its such an anoyying game you just want to blow his head off lol and the music is obnoxious too.

#9 11 years ago

Scared Stiff: nothing beats Elvira saying "mmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm having multiple jackpots"

#10 11 years ago

Sega's "Twister":
"Everybody Underground Now!"

Multiply that voice-over line by a million, and you get the idea how annoying that pinball is.

Nothing though......and I mean nothing........beats out the annoying announcer from Premier/Gottlieb's "Shaq Attack".

There is a special place in hell for annoying people of the world, and there is a corner reserved for the person responsible for it in Shaq Attack.

#11 11 years ago

Sooo whats you're favorite line dr.bond lol.

#12 11 years ago

Fav line? Thats easy.

"MOVE YOUR CAR!!!" from Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Always gets me whenever the guy shows up. He's either launching nuclear missiles in drive-in theatres (CFTBL), or firing flesh-deteriorating guns (Judge Dredd) at other motorists in order to get people to move their car.

#13 11 years ago


#15 11 years ago

It's gotta be a marmite thing, you either love it or hate it, and for me that depends on how well i'm playing or how bad i'm playing. Ultimately the worst sound effect or quote for me comes with TILT and drain, ball lost with no bonus, man that sux!

#16 11 years ago

TSPP, Ralph:

"Hail to the busdriver!"

I don't know why that cracks me up, but it does.

Most people like the TZ multiball, but it gets on my nerves:

"Don't touch the door, DON'T TOUCH THE DOOR!"

#17 11 years ago

I hate "Shoot the pyramid, Shoot the pyramid" from stargate.
I love " I just want to cut off her head and tear out her heart" from Bram Stokers Dracula

#18 11 years ago

How about RFM when the martian says to Lincoln ".....other than that, how'd you like the play?" Pretty tasteless, but funny. Then there's white water's "...ya weiner"..... and we have a Wipe Out machine that tells you to shove a ski pole up your a** [bleep].

#19 11 years ago


I love that voice over line in BSD! WIND WINNNNNNNNNNNNNND!

Everytime friends get together on a BSD, the line comes out of someone's mouth.

#20 11 years ago

"Bitchin" from earthshaker is good, but I hate it when is says "get to the shelter"

#21 11 years ago

Lol i was waiting for someone to mention bitchin so many people got pissed about that line haha.

#22 11 years ago

Actually, I like the "Don't touch the door, DON'T TOUCH THE DOOR!" from TZ. Yet I think it is not so much what is being said and much more how crazy the game is beginning to go once you have locked the balls and are entering into multiball. Lots of fun!

Like: I get of a kick out of DE Simpson's when Bart states "Hey man, we're both underachievers" whenever you loose a ball too quickly. Very funny.

Dislike: A little off topic, per se, but I do not like how DE used the same sounds in multiple games. Perhaps hypocritically, though, I do like how Pat Lawlor included sounds from his past games into TZ but for some reason I feel they work there.

#23 11 years ago

Taxi's Gorbie "Yo comrade, give it to me ride!" or "give it to me right" Or "pinbot stranded" pretty annoying. But damn Taxi is a fun game!

#24 11 years ago

I always liked Johnny Mnemonic's "Double Cheese? Anchovies" line in the Williams DMD pin. Its in the movie (how could you honestly not have it in the game), but I don't see the connection with any modes as to its inclusion (aside from being awesome and quirky).

JM would have been more badazz if they were able to get a music track from the soundtrack ala DE's "Last Action Hero". Breakneck adrenaline-fueled gameplay with KMFDM ("Virus") anyone?

#25 11 years ago

Ya, lol@erak. Taxi is awesome.

I always have to play a 4 player game because when you push the credit button Marilyn/Lola voice goes "Ooooh!"

For some reason I have a tendency to make a pelvic thrust towards the machine when I press the credit button!

#26 11 years ago

the shadow, Tim Curry saying "flippers use the flippers" happens if you dont use the flippers and the ball drains. love it

#27 11 years ago

T3, "w'll meet again" ....

#28 11 years ago

"Boys will be boys" - Harem multi-ball as you run through the Harem on the Matrix, TOTAN

#29 11 years ago

Dr. Bond - BSD gets the best response from my friends as well. One friend thinks it's saying WEED! WEEEEEEEEEED!!!!! (you can tell what he has on his mind, he probably wishes it said 420 MILLLLLLION!!!) The rule in my house is when you complete video mode you have to howl like the wolf - or I make you drain your ball...lol

AF - "You're a funny guy!"
TOTAN - "I love the lightning.." and the when you miss the plunger skill shot, and the snake bites you on the ankle - Ooh! Ahh! Oww!
STTNG - "Thank you Mr. Data" Shutting him up is classic, feels good on a bad ball. Just about anything Patrick Stewart says, you know you're in for some fun when he says "Engage the Borg!"
Iron Man (IM?) - said this in another post, a good ball time gets Jeff Bridges taunting you occasionally. Like "Let's get this over with...."

#30 11 years ago

ST TNG When Data says "readings indicate a REPLAY"

#31 11 years ago

c'mon scooter .. you gotta hate also when Data is "scanning for life forms ... you lovely little life forms " ??? Hehehehe

#32 11 years ago

Data can be quite annoying in the show and the pin.

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