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Some nice looking bingo pinballs came up on CL/Ebay

By bingopodcast

5 years ago

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Bally Key West #1 backglass for eBay sale - front view - high odds have all been replaced by 160 (resized).jpg
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#2 5 years ago


...and you haven't bought it yet?

#5 5 years ago

No price listed on this one. Maybe this seller is giving it away, too!

#13 5 years ago

Here's a fancy "Night Club" bingo that's been sittin' around in Washington a while:

ebay.com link: Bally Night Club Bingo Pinball Machine w Broadway playfield

#15 5 years ago

Also, a Miss America in TX:

ebay.com link: itm

...a couple bids on it, up to $250 with not quite 24 hours remaining.

#20 5 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Space is maxed out with my Flipper games.

Cue BingoPodcast. I can hear it now, "Flip that ratio, you'll be better off."

#34 5 years ago

Hey, that's a coincidence. I just heard about this today:



Quoted from bingopodcast:

Not a bingo, but bingo-esque card themed trap hole game - Bally Twin Joker

...I'm pretty sure this is the "other bingo" the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas has. So, y'know, there's a chance to play this on location before you buy it?

#36 5 years ago
Quoted from RyanClaytor:

the "other bingo" the Pinball Hall of Fame

Confirmation (just dug up my vay-cay pix):


...and the other one (for those curious)...


...at least that was the PHoF Bingo (and Bingo-esque) line-up as of Summer '15.

#44 5 years ago
Quoted from bingopodcast:

Coinopwarehouse is selling NOS playfields on EBay for many titles.

That's interesting info!

1 week later
#87 5 years ago

This on Mr. P today:

Coney Island (bingo), 1951 Bally: $400
Old unit but very clean. Appears to be complete minus legs and front panel. I have never powered it up. Was left in the house I bought. Email or text for pics.
Nathan Phone: (217) 891-0444
[email protected], Taylorville, Illinois 62568

#96 5 years ago
Quoted from Bribo13:

I like the Bingo games as a novelty, they are kind of fun to play but not for a long time.

Quoted from dasvis:

Yeah, they would have been a LOT more fun back when you could (hopefully) win $$$$ on them.

Obviously the gambling element was part of the allure, and that ties into a fascinating part of pinball history, but after listening to well over 300 episodes of the OP's podcast:


It's pretty apparent there's some depth to these games. In fact, when you have a few minutes, you might even read his article about why a Bingo machine is a deeper gameplay experience than Twilight Zone:


I am not a bingo pinball owner, but I must say, I'm intrigued. It's why I'm following this thread.

It just strikes me as an odd place to come and voice opinions like the ones listed above. I doubt you'd go to a concert and start belittling the artist on stage. At least, I'd hope for that base level of consideration to be exercised. I'll hope the same regard for decorum can be observed here.

Curiosity is one thing. If you'd like to know why and how these games are so enjoyable, I'm sure there are plenty of folks in this thread who could speak to the complexity of these games and discuss the enjoyment they've derived from owning and playing bingos for many years. But to come in here declaring things like,

Quoted from Bribo13:

...they are kind of fun to play but not for a long time.


Quoted from dasvis:

...they would have been a LOT more fun back when you could (hopefully) win $$$$ on them.

...doesn't seem to add anything constructive to the conversation.


#106 5 years ago

This from zacaj on the Project Pinball thread:

mystery six card bingo, Reading PA: reading.craigslist.org link $175
Condition: "Back glass playfeild cabinef look good no flippers. buyer must try and get working i cant figure it out"

1 month later
#141 5 years ago

2 days left on this Bally Circus in Grantville, Pennsylvania:

ebay.com link: Bally Circus Pinball Bingo

Starting Bid $350

#142 5 years ago

Another 6-card with a $325 B.I.N.:

ebay.com link: SHOOT A LINE full size Bingo Pinball Machine Vintage Watch YouTube Video

It's a "Shoot-a-Line"...but I can't see a manufacturer name.

#152 5 years ago

So cool!!! (...and reasonable.) Thanks, Robin (and whoever else had a hand in the new Bingo category).

1 month later
#178 5 years ago

From Mr. P this morning:

Lotta Fun (bingo), 1959 Bally: 695.
With old Pitts Civic Arena backglass. 6 card single coin machine. All gone through & fully working. All new rubbers, lock. Manual & schm included. Nice backglass.
[email protected], Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania 15068

2 weeks later
#184 5 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Now this is a bingo I would like to own with Magic Screen but so far away:
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Laguna Beach / Bingo 1 Player
Year: February 1960
Features: IPDB: "Trap holes (25), Magic Screen, OK Feature, 3 or more in orange scores as green odds. Player can press buttons before shooting 5th ball to move positions of backbox numbers."
Production: 750 (!)
Cost: $200 OP: "OBO or trade to anything of interest."
Location: Nashville, TN
Link/Contact: nashville.craigslist.org link
Condition: OP: "Need to sale this old bingo style pinball. Works but not 100% needs cleaning."

Amen...and hard to go wrong for two hundo.

1 week later
2 weeks later
#215 5 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

There is a small resurgence happening, so get 'em while they're cheap!

Thanks a lot, BingoPodcast.

Quoted from DennisDodel:

Nick will only need ONE bingo in the near future!

One bingo to rule...er, I mean...EMULATE them all!

#217 5 years ago
Quoted from balzofsteel:

Bally Citation and Touchdown - $300 for both.
eugene.craigslist.org link
No pix.
"I believe these pinball machines are 60s pinball machines neither of them work currently. been sitting for 10 years and show it. touchdown and citation. touchdown is obviously a football game and citation is horseracing. I'm asking $300 for the pair. may sell seperately. "


1 week later
#219 5 years ago

A High Flyer 6-card Bingo in Saint Peters, Missouri:
ebay.com link: High Flyer bingo pinball machine

#240 5 years ago
Quoted from BingoButch:

Here are the two machines that I will be bringing to the York show. They are among the most rarest bingos ever made.

Oh, man. So glad I'm making this year my first York. Thank you for bringing these, Bingo Butch. Looking forward to meeting you in BINGO ROW!


Quoted from Captive_Ball:

This really needs to be posted here...for those that can't make the show, but want to show off their love for the BINGO machine!

Thanks, Captive!

#244 5 years ago

Just picked up a game from a fellow yesterday in Indianapolis who has a High Flyer Bungo for sale ($250). If you need more info, let me know. Here's the description:

My Bally High Flyer has been sitting in the project queue taking up space for quite some time now and my video games always get more love. I think it needs a better home. It's an EM bingo pinball from 1977. It was sold to me as "non-working". I don't have the keys so I don't know the condition of the components inside. The game won't reset when plugged in so I'm guessing the reset coil is bad or the motors just need a good cleaning and lubrication. The back glass and play field are in great shape, the cabinet exterior is solid (no water damage) and will brighten up with a good cleaning. The chrome legs are pitted and need new leg levelers. This would be a great project for someone wanting to dabble in EM games or use the parts for other Bally pins from the same era. A pickup truck or open trailer preferred since I don't have the keys to remove the head from the body.

2 weeks later
#256 5 years ago
Quoted from Captive_Ball:

~~~~~Mr. Pinball Classifieds~~~~~
Double Up (bingo)
Miss America 75 (bingo)
Miss Deluxe (bingo)
$1200 or $400 each
Here is a chance at owning a 100% working bingo that was gone through by a 40 year pinball repair tech. These 3 bingos are from his private collection and are all in nice original condition and are located in PA. He would like to sell the 3 together as a package deal for $1200 and would throw another Miss America Deluxe and Miss America 75 part games for free. If the package deal doesn't sell then we will sell each bingo separately for $400 each. Prefer local buyers in driving distance for pick up. Pictures will be provided to serious buyers only.

Beaten again. Nice job, Cap.

2 weeks later
#283 5 years ago

Today from Mr. Pinball:
Gayety (bingo), 1950 Bally: $750.00
Manual extra parts.
Mike Plumtree Phone: (708) 927-0231
[email protected], Westchester, Illinois 60654

3 weeks later
#302 4 years ago
Quoted from robertmedl:

Bally Bonus 7 with cracked backglass
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Starting bid: $1
"Bally Bonus-7 Bingo Pinball machine. Unknown condition."
ebay.com link » Bally Bonus 7 Bingo Pinball Machine

Update: Sold for $76.

#303 4 years ago
Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: County Fair / Bingo 1 Player
Features: IPDB: Magic Screen, OK Feature (Orange Section)
Month/Year: September 1959
Production: Unknown
Cost: $349
Location: Chester, VA
Contact/Link: richmond.craigslist.org link

A big ole' flake o' missing paint on this one:

01212_h6Meu8EhoNF_1200x900 (resized).jpg

Just FYI.

5 months later
#403 4 years ago

From Mr. P this morning:

Golden Gate (bingo), 1962 Bally: 1500.00
This game has been recently gone through. Not just shopped out. All outside stainless steel has been removed all new fuse block. Locks. Power cord. All correct bulbs. Nickel coin mech. Coin vox, all paper and new top instruction rail. This game has been rebuilt back to factory specifications. Comes with red steel legs. Can be set for free play. This machine is complete, no missing parts. This ad is designed for a local sale. Shipping not available. Email for more info thanks.
Chris Nash Phone: 503-969-1754
[email protected], Eugene, Oregon 97402

#407 4 years ago
Quoted from BlackCatBone:

Hey Ryan - Is there an online listing for the Silver Sails? Thanks...

Sorry, that Golden Gate listing was all I found.

Quoted from BingoButch:

I have an extra Silver Sails

Sounds like Bingo Butch might have one for you though! ^^^

#411 4 years ago
Quoted from BlackCatBone:

Thanks.... Eugene is within striking distance.

Cool! Good luck!

Quoted from BlackCatBone:

Silver Sails has been at the top of my want list - I'll check this out.

It's still a Golden Gate, though. I kid, I kid.

2 weeks later
#417 4 years ago

From Mr. P this morning...

Dixieland (bingo), 1978 Bally: $700
Six card bingo game, great condition, new rubber rings. Also have Lite a Line, Ticker Tape, and Malibu Beach bingos.
[email protected], Benton, Pennsylvania 17814

3 weeks later
#431 4 years ago
Quoted from bingopodcast:

I am selling some of my bingos

Quoted from okorange:

Nick, what??? Bounty? And the Night Club??

...and the Caravan(!??!)

...and the Gay Time(!!????!!)

Why not the Ticker Tape?

8 months later
#625 3 years ago

Bally Stock Market near Philly:

philadelphia.craigslist.org link

1 week later
#627 3 years ago

Half-a-bingo destined for a coffee table...

easttexas.craigslist.org link

...unless anyone here has something to say about it.

#628 3 years ago

And a "Stock Market" in North Western, NC for $200:

greenville.craigslist.org link

#630 3 years ago

Project Bally Shoot A Line Bingo $250.00 obo:

akroncanton.craigslist.org link

#631 3 years ago

A $600 Cypress Gardens in Atlanta:

atlanta.craigslist.org link

#635 3 years ago

Here's an oddity:

Carioca Bingo Pinball


s-l1600 (1) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (3) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (2) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (4) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (6) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (5) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (8) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (7) (resized).jpg

s-l1600 (resized).jpg

#636 3 years ago

From Mr. P today:

Bahama Beach (bingo), 1966 Bally
Needs cabinet rebuilt but has a lot of parts. Local pickup preferred since the scoreboard cabinet is busted up and no way to set on pallet. Have most of the parts plus some extras.
Erik Tornkvist
[email protected], Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404

#637 3 years ago

From Mr. P today:
Yacht Club (bingo), 1953 Bally: make an offer
Never shopped, seems complete except for a homemade front wooden coin rail. Backglass is really great except a strip running towards the top. Email for pics.
John Roeder Phone: (317) 491-4975
[email protected], Westfield, Indiana 46074

#638 3 years ago

Nice-looking Havana for $500 in Bako:

reno.craigslist.org link

#639 3 years ago

There's a United "Pixie" buried in this ad:

hartford.craigslist.org link

"Comes with all parts. As is $600.00 or best offer."

#644 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Advice please. Worth shipping in a Bingo to Cali? Extra cost of shipping? But it's a title I've been looking for for 3 years!

Sounds like a delicately balanced venn diagram to me:

- Budget
- Want
- Space
- Partner Buy-in

Good luck getting aligning the planets!

#645 3 years ago

A Palm Springs buried in this recent estate sale:

fresno.craigslist.org link

2 weeks later
#665 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmedl:

United Tahiti at someone's antique store in near St. Joseph.
stlouis.craigslist.org link

Sweet cab! Love those fish on the front.

#666 3 years ago

charleston.craigslist.org link

Miss America Deluxe for $1000 in Hanahan, SC

#668 3 years ago

A "Laguna Beach" in Laguna Beach, CA

orangecounty.craigslist.org link

#678 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

After an hour they were tired of me, asked if i wanted it.

How much did they offer it to you for?

#680 3 years ago

From Mr. P this morning:
Malibu Beach (bingo), 1980 Bally: $800
Good working condition. Price firm.
Benjamin Phone: (570) 332-5177
[email protected], Benton, Pennsylvania 17814

1 month later
#696 3 years ago

A couple o' bingers in this ad:

westernmass.craigslist.org link

Bingo Pixie United 1950's Antique Pinball. Backglass in very good condition. Playfield in good condition. Not working, comes with parts. Buy "as is" for $300.00 o.b.o.

Bally Bingo Miami Beach, 1955 Antique pinball. Not working. For sale "as is." Back glass and play field in good condition. Buy "as is" for $300.00 o.b.o.

#697 3 years ago

Hi Bingo Folks,

Thanks to a semi-recent bingo hand-off, I've got a pretty rare backglass on my hands. It's an immaculately screen-printed, oddly altered, Bally "Ballerina" backglass. Here's what the original is supposed to look like:

image-22 (resized).jpg

...and here's what mine looks like:

17077881_1385736101471725_333875296_n (resized).jpg

...and some close-ups:

IMG_20170621_133705 (resized).jpg

IMG_20170621_133723 (resized).jpg

...with a nicely registered mask (albeit slightly bulb worn):

IMG_20170621_133801 (resized).jpg

I preferred the original glass illustration to this odd reproduction, so I now have a Coos film of the original glass (which looks quite nice, btw).

All this to say, I'd like this interesting piece of history to go to someone who appreciates it, so I'd like to give this away to someone in the bingo community. I'm also NOT interested in shipping it. However, I'll be at the Pinball at the Zoo show in Kalamazoo, MI this coming Saturday (April 21, 2018). SO! If anyone can make their way to the Zoo show or find a buddy who is going, I'd be happy to meet and hand this off to you.

Hope this finds you all well,
Ryan Claytor

#699 3 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

Please consider posting photos of your glass to the Ballerina listing on the IPDB.

A fine suggestion. I just e-mailed Jay, as the IPDB uploader is down (I'm guessing because of the ongoing maintenance.)

2 weeks later
3 weeks later

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