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Soda machine and Pinball forum

By pinwizard1

9 years ago

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    #1 9 years ago

    i know that this is a pinball forum, but i thought that some one could help me. I have a Pepsi soda machine, that is great order when it comes to cooling drinks, but the coin mechanism is completely broken. i was wondering if any of you know of great websites that could have a replacement.

    #2 9 years ago

    do you have a photo of the coin mech. pinwizard 1

    #3 9 years ago

    heres the front


    #4 9 years ago

    the coin mech


    #5 9 years ago

    i saw a video and it said i could avoid using the coin mech and just put a little switch for free vending, i tried and i didn't work but he had a early machine


    #6 9 years ago

    Nice machine you got - very clean
    the top part looks like a coin mech from a pin and they swing out for maint.
    you can just about see the magnetic coin extractor at top that pulls out slugs and Canadian coins to the side.
    but cant figure out how the door stays locked even if the unit is un plugged ??
    Sorry thought I could help you - HDC

    perhaps someone else has some experience or ideas ?

    -was looking for a DR Pepper or 7 UP for the garage one time
    with the same side door

    #7 9 years ago

    What do you mean about the door staying unlocked

    #8 9 years ago

    oh you can open the door if the power cord is un plugged ?

    #9 9 years ago

    Yea it locks the bottles inside, you can open it anytime

    #10 9 years ago

    well...then isnt it just about the lock mech. ?
    some type of arm or shaft that could be taken out from the backside?
    just a hunch -

    #11 9 years ago

    pinwizard1 wrote: coin mechanism is completely broken

    What exactly is it doing or not doing right? Do the coins get stuck, drop straight through it, doesn't count correctly or not count at all?

    #12 9 years ago

    It drops through, and when youbplug the coin mech in, it makes a noise a constant noise

    #13 9 years ago

    That socket looks like it once had a relay plugged in it. I've seen the same kind of thing in test equipment at work.

    #14 9 years ago

    It has a plug that goes into it, that turns on or gives power to the coin mech, when this is plugged in that is when the noise starts. BTW it works without coin mech on, it can cool drinks and have all lights on, however will not let drinks out

    #15 9 years ago

    I imagine when certain points are connected on that then that releases the lock on the bottles. Didn't see the mech plug hanging... sorry.

    #16 9 years ago

    Yea, I tried something like that from a vid on YouTube but it didn't work, the points were wrong I guess

    #17 9 years ago

    You probably need power on two and connections between others. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out with a meter.

    #18 9 years ago

    ok i will try it

    #19 9 years ago

    Ok well after blowing one of the fuse in my house, i got a wiring diagram, here it is. I am not very good at these so I was wondering if someone can read it and tell me what to do. I basically just want free vending on at a switch. now i know i can by a switch at radio shack and just install it but i need to know where to connect it to. my plan is to just not even use the coin mech at all so no 35 cents needed. Thanks


    #20 9 years ago

    pinwizard1 wrote: my plan is to just not even use the coin mech at all so no 35 cents needed.

    You can remove the entire coin mechanism and wire tie the locking rod up/unlocked position that keeps the hold downs locked.

    The noise is probably a bad solenoid or jammed/frozen linkage a solenoid is hitting against. A clicking noise?

    #21 9 years ago

    Well the problem is that if I lock it up no bottles will come down it has to go up to release then down to let another go down. It is that way so u can take as many soda as u want

    #22 9 years ago

    Without seeing your soda machine in person, this is my best guess. That noise you've been hearing is probably the coin reject electromagnet. Cut wires to vend solenoid at point 3 as shown in the photo I've attached, and rewire to a momentary push button.

    #23 9 years ago

    so i also need to put a wire into the the number 4 spot were the 115 volts are?

    #24 9 years ago

    I hope you have some old bottles, caps, and a recapper. I have a collection of original coke bottles in storage (bad by now to drink) in various sizes.

    The bottle machines are quite cheap now as it's almost impossible to get them unless you have a specialty store nearby. You might try filling it with something like Jones Soda with the twist caps. I've been told those fit and they have a ton of "interesting" flavors. They sell them at our local grocery. (Yes I know most here would just fill it with beer etc)

    Seems like NoVArcade has your schematic mod covered so I won't add to that.

    #25 9 years ago

    No, not according to that schematic you've provided. If you look to the left at the tab housing, you'll see that points 2/4 are jumpered together which brings over your other 115V leg to the vend solenoid.

    #26 9 years ago

    ok so is this right


    #27 9 years ago

    Yes, that would work. However you don't want to use a standard ON/OFF toggle switch. There would be the risk of leaving the solenoid energized. You want to use a push button that returns to open like this one:


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