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SoCal: Play Wizard Blocks, Kingpin, Krull, Loch Ness, King Kong on 3/22 *UPDATE*

By pinsane

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Hey Pinsiders! If you've ever wanted to play some rarely seen games, please join us for the Play Your Heart Out Tournament to Benefit Python Anghelo in Orange County on 3/22.

Register at:

You'll be able to play some of the storied games that never made it past the prototype stage from Bally/Williams, Capcom, Gameplay, Gottleib and Data East.

See how Pat's last (unfinished) game at Williams has a much more "pinball style" layout that other P2K titles, and combines strategy in a unique way with shooting skills.

Listen to the awesome soundtrack of Krull, and play it's three levels including its apparently distant lower playfield.

Try your skill doing away with gangsters, with Kingpin's clever "power mode" flippers that reduce in power as you die.

Check out Joe Kamikow's Loch Ness monster, complete with doorbell and a rotating model of nessie hidden in the lake.

See if you can defeat the giant ape with a King Kong sized flipper.

Take a peek at the PG-13 rated games, which are not for those who are easily offended (or have any taste at all).

There's even a very early prototype of a Python game I can pretty much guarantee you've never played before!

OC pinball leaguers: a few of these games are being brought out for this event only; they haven't been seen at previous league meetings or parties and are unlikely to show up again in the future.

Hope to see you there!

steve SDTM

#14 5 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

Is the proto Python game Zingy Bingy by any chance?

Hey, can't we have a little mystery in our lives? To quote Cardinal Ximinez, "Our chief weapon is surprise…"

Quoted from awarner:

...and creating an event like this shows where your heart is! Thank You so much for all you do to preserve the history of the game and all you've done for Python.

What I've done for Python pales in comparison to what you Atlanta guys have done. And frankly, it's great to see the spontaneous outpouring of support found in the benefit tournaments across the country as well as the gofundme effort.

Quoted from LTG:

Oh to be near there on that date.
LTG : )™

I wish you were near my friend, I wish you were near...

Quoted from Aurich:

Heh, now that's how you advertise.

Yeah, I prefer to use the underpromise/overdeliver marketing strategy, but the subtle approach probably wouldn't get enough notice and thus raise less money for Python.

Quoted from scollins918:

I would definitely be flying in for this if I knew of it sooner.

Sorry about the last minute nature of this. There were a lot of moving parts to coordinate, and unfortunately the only day that would work for me conflicted with the Las Vegas tourney and was only one week after Casey's Mancave event (which I recommend everyone go to!)

Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

So glad Erin and I signed up for this… At Pinball Land Robert said that you had a nice collection but wow! Lots of love for Python

Wow, that's high praise coming from Robert. Whenever I visit Robert's place I get to play multiple games I've never seen before. I feel lucky to call him a friend! Looking forward to meeting you and Erin!

Quoted from CactusJack:

Bring her along. It will be an aniversary to remember (for at least one of you).

An anniversary to remember??? Oh I suspect if he brings her, she'll never let him *forget* it. After all, nothing says I love you like "hey sweetie, let's go to a pinball tournament!"

That being said, we're trying to make this a couple friendly party (couples probably want to arrive at around 7:30 when the tourney ends). We'll have a band, but in my experience the pinball crowd isn't much for dancing…

Thanks for supporting Python everyone!

steve SDTM

#20 5 years ago
Quoted from unigroove:

Very cool party!

I know you would enjoy it Jonathan!

Quoted from Aurich:

I suppose an event could be run well by ruthless efficiency, but now I'm a little worried about the fear part.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that *you* "got" that reference

Quoted from Acampero:

Can I bring my 11 year old daughter? She is DYING to see Loch Ness Monster.

We always try to make our parties kid friendly. The only caveat is that at this particular party there will be some PG-13 games. When my daughters were young and saw these, they just rolled their eyes but sensitive individuals may be offended! I believe others are bringing kids, so your daughter wouldn't be alone.

Quoted from pkiefert:

We're not done yet.

Kudos to you, James, and Al!

Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

LOL!!! Sounds like a Great anniversary trip to me!! We spent our 29th at an Oursler tourney back in Feb. we had a great time! ...

Well Phoebe, you're a special case! And I mean that in the best possible way

Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

Wish we were closer would LOVE to check out your collection!

You know you both have an open invitation. Since you know Python as well as anyone, I know you would crack up when you saw this mystery prototype!

steve SDTM

1 week later
#38 5 years ago

The tourney reservations and party RSVP deadline have been extended to Friday evening, March 21 at 8:00PM PST. Please consider joining us and playing pinball for Python on Saturday March 22!

To register/RSVP:

The tournament is IFPA sanctioned and will have partial WPPR points (sharing with the gracious folks at Casey's Mancave).

Thank you to Pinball Inc., Pinball Life, Planetary Pinball and Stern Pinball for their generous donation of prizes:

We will have a very small cache of Python's limited edition artwork for sale. This artwork is signed and numbered. In addition to pinball artwork, we have some of Python's fine art pieces available for sale as well (giclee on canvas). All proceeds will go to Python.

Kudos to Mark G for crafting trophies for the tournament. We're grateful that Jordan C is screening Play Your Heart Out T-shirts with a logo from a heretofore unseen Python pinball machine. Thanks to our intrepid tech team who repaired and tuned the games the other night: The machines have been repaired and tuned for your playing pleasure by Daniel B, Jordan C, Chris E, Kevin G, Nick K, Doug K, Brian M (from MN!), Nate O, Brent S, Laura S and Robert VdV.

We'll have handcrafted pizza and whatever goodies you all bring to share. The band will start playing around 8. Should be a fun time!


#42 5 years ago


As Karl says, there will be games available to play if you're not in the tournament, but please consider playing. Even I'm going to play when I'm not in the pizza kitchen (and I never play in tournaments)!

steve SDTM

#57 5 years ago

Thank you everyone who came out to support Python. We're blessed with a truly generous pinball crowd in SoCal!

Here's a video of the event we made for Python:


#71 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

I'm curious how much was raised for Python.

See http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/designer-python-anghelo-needs-our-help/page/2#post-1543173

Quoted from dug:

Karl put together a great tournament and it was nice to see some old friends and make some new ones.

Right you are Doug. Karl made throwing a tournament look easy, and he was incredibly generous to donate his 1st place winnings to Python. I was humbled watching that. A real class act!

Quoted from westofrome:

How about working with Pinball Arcade to digitize Zingy Bingy for their upcoming Pinball After Dark app, with some cut of the proceeds going to Python?

Quoted from vicjw66:

To be honest, the game design and code was in its infancy when the project was abandoned.

I completely agree with vicjw66, Zingy Bingy is too unfinished to be included in any release from the Pinball Arcade folks. Zingy Bingy is indeed amusing. The few rules implemented work well, and many attending the party commented on how well the game shoots. The game has importance from a historical point of view. But it is a very early realization with only a couple of rules sketched out, no sound package, no artwork beyond the playfield and the lost backbox maquettes and no dots package. It is not yet a playable game.

Quoted from rvdv:

...BEST host ever !!

High praise indeed from the consummate pinside party thrower. I'm just glad to be in the company of so many gracious hosts in SoCal!

#73 5 years ago
Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

Not yet, but I'm fully expecting to see the Zingy Bingy Adam & Eve edition by year's end!


Python's very passionate about a redesign which put's Adam on the left of the playfield and Eve on the right. It turns out that "Zingy Bingy" and "Adam and Eve" have the same number of letters so the drop targets on the back could stay the same.

There are several versions of rule-sets in the design notes for the game, so anything's possible...

steve SDTM

#76 5 years ago
Quoted from animator_pin_fan:

...one of my favorite parts of the night was listening to you walk Rarehero through Wizard Blocks

Yeah, The only way I would love Wizard Blocks more is if it were made out of buffalo wings and beer! The game has a fantastic playfield and is undoubtedly the apotheosis of Pinball 2000! Even though it is unfinished, it is conceptually nearly complete, and most importantly it is FUN!!!

My favorite response to the game was Bill Ung's who excitedly exclaimed while playing it, "F**k Kingpin, remake THIS!"

Steve SDTM

#81 5 years ago

I think Brad just hit the nail on the head! When I encounter an overzealous collector, I'll sometimes gently remind him that "these things will never love you back." My point is that these machines are just objects, what has lasting value in this hobby are the friendships that we create with others in this incredible pinball community.

Sorry for getting so philosophical...

steve SDTM

#86 5 years ago

I don't begrudge those who choose to keep their games in perfect minimally played condition. It's their games after all and they have a right to do with them what they please.

I just think my games get sad when they're not being played. (I know, ironic anthropomorphization coming from the guy who just said "they'll never love you back"). I do agree that for my games at least, they are 'meant to be played.' For some of the prototypes, they are rather fragile and parts are hard to come by, so I do appreciate that our guests treated them with the same respect that they would treat their own games. For anyone who looked carefully at the plastic ramp in King Kong, that ramp is not long for this world because of the force with which the giant flipper bashes it with the ball!

steve SDTM

#88 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

...is there any chance you could share some of the Wizard Blocks story with us?


Sorry about the delayed response, I started to answer this on my phone but the text started to get too unwieldy to edit.

I hope you got a chance to play it when you last saw Wizard Blocks. I could go on and on about the gameplay in WB, but for me the first thing I noticed when playing the game is that it feels much more like a pinball machine than a video game that uses a metal ball and flippers as a controller. The video aspects of WB are always in service to the pinball experience, and enhance the pinball play in much the way that the soundtrack and flashers increase the satisfaction of hitting various shots in a modern game.

The shots to the blocks are satisfying. When you hit them, they react, typically by exploding. Most importantly, when you hit the blocks the ball reacts, it bounces back because the virtual image is reflected right in front of a wide drop target. I think (with due respect to their amazing work) this is what I found lacking in the P3 integration of video with pinball, the ball just always passed through video objects and is never deflected by them. I know this sounds like the martian drop target in RFM, but this plays in a much stronger way in WB.

You can stack two columns of blocks up to three high, and when the bottom block explodes, then the blocks stacked above them hang in the air a moment (like Wiley Coyote who's just run off a cliff) before falling down and replacing the block you just destroyed. Through amazing choreography between the video elements and the mechanical elements, you can hit a block and the ball bounces back off the block which explodes, then immediately hit the ball to the same place and have it pass under the upper block which is just beginning to fall, then hit the new block once it has fallen and have the ball bounce back again while the fallen block explodes. The illusion that the blocks have mass because the balls apparently bounce off of them or pass through the space when a block is absent is so perfect that it is easy to forget that these are just video images reflected on the glass. This effect is further enhanced by the fact that some of the blocks contain spinners which let the ball pass through and spin (like the spinners on SWE1). It plays seamlessly.

steve SDTM

#89 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

That is a terrible loss. I heard from one of the Capcom people that the art department spent $30K developing them.
LTG : (

Yeah. I hope they turn up someday...

Quoted from LTG:

Games like to be played. And perform better than when they are neglected.
LTG : )™

Sage advice from a wise man...

steve SDTM

#90 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You should change your name to Pinsensible

My wife thinks I should change it to pinsensitive...

#94 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Hey, after all my hard work you're not allowed to change your name! ;D

I laughed out loud at this. I don't think anyone else knows you managed to get me my old rgp handle here on pinside!

Thanks for that!


#96 5 years ago

Nope. Practicalsteve is someone else. I only started posting to pinside a couple of weeks ago as pinsane_. Note the trailing underscore. My old rgp handle was pinsane, but that name was already taken on pinside. Aurich used his super-human powers to help me get my old handle and shed the vestigial underscore.


#102 5 years ago

It was playing Wing War. Kevin Keinert restored it and modified a sitdown WingWar which was linked with the R360 so you could have a dogfight. The sitdown WingWar uses R360 ROMs to link, so you have to fool it into thinking that you're going through the startup safety sequence where you're lowering the safety bar and fastening your seat belts.

This R360 is also capable of running G-LOC as well. It requires a board swap but all of the harnesses have been modified to run either game.

When I throw parties for non-pinheads it is definitely the most popular game in the arcade.

steve SDTM

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