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So I got a $1132 speeding ticket in Georgia

By Toasterdog

3 months ago

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    #1 3 months ago

    Just looking for some advice or maybe someone that had a worse encounter.

    Anyway my story. I drive alot and hadn't had a speeding ticket in about 7 years. I was driving to TN for a couple of jobs and was clocked going 100 in a 70 in Turner County Georgia.

    I do speed, but normally set cruise control at 79 and go. I deal with left lane drivers often, but this was a casde of having someone speed change for 15 miles and I was trying to pass. They sped up (alot) I was determined to get by.

    Anyway, I didnt think I was going 100, but I dont dispute it. I countacted the county and they offered me a reduced plea of 90/70 and pay the fine of $1134.00. If I decide to fight it in court they say I will pay the full 100/70 fine which I have no idea what it is?

    Georgia also has a super speeder (additional $200) that is not part of fine and will be tacked on after the fact.

    I was advised to call Ticket Clinic and get an attorney, but this seems like it is a county that prosecutes really, really hard and the Ticket Clinic lawyer is the prosecuter in that county. It seems there are no attorneys that work in that county becuase of how seriously they prosecute the cases.

    I would man up and pay fine, but it really seems like some redneck county BS that is nowhere in line with the norm.

    #7 3 months ago

    I have a V1, but it was at Valentine getting serviced. It's my second actually (1st was stolen)

    #10 3 months ago

    Turner Co (resized).jpg

    #12 3 months ago
    Quoted from swenny:

    Thanks for putting everyone else's life in danger. Doing 100 on the interstate should have gotten you arrested.

    I don't disagree that driving 100 is dangerous, but the guy driving illegally in the left lane changing speeds from 65-90 or so anyone and not letting other drivers trying to pass on the right side more dangerous. I see it all the time, people texting mostly and trying to keep traffic behind them.

    Anyway, not something I normally do and the reason it's my first ticket in 7 years at 35k plus miles a year.

    FWIW I intend to plead guilty and pay as I feel I have no other choice. It's more the principle of the cost of the fine. Like why not shoot for $5k?

    #99 3 months ago
    Quoted from pinzrfun:

    So describe this ordeal a little better - were you on the expressway? 2 lane blacktop? Where exactly were you that you couldn't get around someone for 15 miles, whether they sped up or not? Were they in a Lamborghini? Because there ain't a car on the road I can't get around if I really want to - that's why God made shoulders......

    Like I said I cruise at 79 or so. If someone decides to hog the left and not give it up, I get in the right lane, bump my CC up a few MPH and pass and go about my business. I don't hang out in the left and get back in the right lane after passing.

    Some people just don't want to be passed (safely). If I wanted to punch it and pass someone I can. I have a SRT 392 Challenger with 500hp. I'd rather not put on my turn signal and give away my strategy or speed up to 90 to pass someone though. Just move the F over please. It's the law.

    #182 3 months ago

    I thank everyone for their feedback. I didn’t expect this to blow up like it did. Keep in my mind my original complaint was what I felt was disproportionate for a plea of 90 in a 70.

    I don’t drive 100 (well I guess I did, but dont)and was surprised when he said I was going that fast, my car accelerates from 85 to 100 in about 1 second if I need to jump in front of a douche bag in the left lane. I decided to do it on my 10 hour journey and got caught. I will pay the fee.

    I realize 100 sounds really bad, so I didn’t expect sympathy. But my driving record also shows I don’t have a history of speeding.

    I could understand arrests for habitual offenders or wreckless driving at speed too.

    #206 3 months ago
    Quoted from MRG:

    This sounds like a sting operation. Undercover cop driving slow in the left lane to piss people off. Radios ahead when a person passes on the right and increases their speed to make sure they are speeding. Bamm!! Instant money

    I actually thought about that. This driver would speed change from 58-88 to keep driver behind them. It was a dangerous situation, but really more annoying when you try and drive a steady cruise limited speed.

    Anyway Turner County, GA will be happy to know my cashier check for $1132.00 went out in the mail today.

    #208 3 months ago
    Quoted from Gatecrasher:

    100MPH in a 70 zone?

    I'd pay the fine and thank the officer when doing so.

    I've already added him to my Christmas card list.

    #221 3 months ago

    Once again I average 35k miles a year for about 16 years now. Over the course of the last few years it's gotten really bad with inconsiderate drivers. Most of the speed changing left lane drivers are drivers that are texting. It's much easier to keep traffic behind you and not contend with someone applying brakes in front of you when you are not looking.

    I really don't mind slow left lane drivers as long as they stay slow. It's not ideal, but I can pass safely on the right. As for speed changing left lane drivers. I don't want to go faster and faster to make my pass. Just move out of the left lane.

    Keep in mind I'm not driving across town. Most of my drives are at least 2-3 hours in one direction. My $1132 ticket was on a 10 hour trip.

    #234 3 months ago
    Quoted from kevmad:

    Curious what type of car do you drive?

    It doesn't really say "I drive the speed limit."

    IMG_3365 (resized).JPGIMG_3364 (resized).JPG

    #235 3 months ago
    Quoted from vireland:

    I just turn on Waze and stay full speed unless it fires off the warning sound. So, far, so good.

    My brother swears by Waze. I have the app on my phone and will use it for now on.

    #263 3 months ago

    For what it’s worth no attorneys in Georgia will touch the county that I got my ticket in. They say they enforce it at a ridiculously high level they don’t guarantee anything.

    I had to sign a guilty plea for a reduction to 90 in a 70 and that was my fine of $1132. I paid it yesterday.

    #280 3 months ago

    FWIW. Georgia doesn’t offer Driver Improvement courses to out of state residents. Had it been FL I would have gone that route.

    I also have slowed my cruise control setting to 77 in a 70. I feel totally safe and not overly concerned about law at 79, but find I have to pass much more often. My recent commutes have actually been less stressful overall not passing as much.

    #281 3 months ago
    Quoted from ypurchn:

    I’ve been in 0 wrecks and have had 0 tickets. But somehow my car insurance goes up 8-10% every year.... I wonder why...

    Fraudulent accident claims and complacent customers?

    #306 3 months ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Agreed. On the other hand, if I'm doing 76 and passing a guy doing 72, and you speed up on my bumper because you're doing 90 and then start flashing your headlights or lay on the horn because you had to tap the brakes, I'm going to be annoyed. And will probably take my time finishing my pass, because fuck that. In other words, the passing lane is for passing and should be used as such, but if you assume the passing lane is the "I never have to slow down" lane, you're bound to be disappointed.

    I totally agree with your statement. I could give a shit if you are going 1 mph over. Go for it. Take your time, just pass and move over in a reasonable amount of time. I also don't expect someone to jump in the first small gap to move over either...I don't.

    It's worse for me when cars approach me coming up from the rear (usually me driving at 79 on cc, but passing on the left occasionally). I move over and then they match my speed in my blind spot. Without dropping cruise or accelerating I eventually get boxed in. It's easy to go fast with someone leading the way.

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