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So Ghostbusters...

By jorant

1 year ago

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#22 1 year ago

I have owned my Ghostbusters for 6 months now and I still love it and prob will never get rid of it. If you go in the owners thread you will see a lot of tweaks that will make this game so much more fun. Center post, shorter hex screw on the right ramp (premium/LE), Air ball protectors for left ramp, ext....As a tournament game it is horrible. The reason why is due to the faulty code which makes the video mode an unfair point advantage and just makes this game not fun for that is all you are going for to get points. It's riskier to shoot for your modes in tournaments due to this game being pretty hard. I have a couple guys in league who despise this game. When I invited them over to play and made them actually play the game they were blown away at how fun the game actually is when you play the modes and unlock a lot. They both put up the highest scores they have ever done and were having a blast. I'm really excited for the new code to come out and hope it does balance a lot of the scoring issues in the game. I love the magna slings and the flipper gap for it makes it a much different feeling game then the other games I have. I love that it is different.

#46 1 year ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I still enjoy my GB a lot. Love the looks and the gameplay for the most part. My only beef with it, (premium version) is the right side spiral ramp on the premium. It's fatially flawed. Even with 9 hours of tweeking, trying to minimize the resistance to the ball, I still have a 50% failure rate. Ball flies up to the top, stops and comes back down. SHould have been a flip up scoop like on wheel of fortune. Nice smooth transaction.
Yes flipper gap is a PIA, but if you dont' like, just change to the carrot style flippers and now your game is a standard gap.

It's a must to change that hex screw there. Once I did that I am able to make that right ramp shot all the time. It is an awesome shot and I still scratch my head that Stern has not fixed that issue. I don't remember what size hex screw it was but I bought 3 different sizes on pinball life website and tried each one. Once you change that screw and lower that ramp down a little that ball will whiz up there and around and its awesome.

#49 1 year ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

i've changed the hex screw. I've changed the slingshot connection. I've trimmed off 1/8" of blue rubber. Torqued the ramp as much as I could to be more angled towards the flipper trajectory, bent the right metal guide so it forms like a condom to the side of the ramp. I've done it all, and improved the rejection rate I had that was 95% when I got the game, and have to down to 50% rejection rate.

Interesting. I may have put the shortest hex screw you can possibly put in there. Again, I am not sure what size it was but mine works great.

#55 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

It's pretty much all been said about this game...either love it or hate. I personally really enjoy it. There are people who hate MM and TZ, both generally hailed as two of the best games ever. Taste is personal in everything.
Don't get hung up on ratings, or the "repetitive/linear" argument. There are three mode ladders that can be started in any order and a total of nine modes. But unlike most games, you don't just get to pick which one you want. You have to hit a specific shot to begin each ladder and each mode in that ladder. Most people play WBTD because it's the easiest to get started. That doesn't mean you always have to start that ladder. I like the left scoop option. That only takes two modes to complete. But you better have a plan to finish it. Good luck starting the second mode if you're not careful about your shots.
GB has very unique modes as well. They're not just 8 ramps or 30 pops or 20 switches. Most of the modes only require 3 to 5 shots. But they are very specific, and if you want to progress up a single ladder it takes planning to put you on the correct shot last. I think it's really difficulty that fuels the repetitive argument.
There are 6 choices on GOT, but how many of us start Martel on every game? How many of us play the right side modes on ST to get super ramps every time (or do you know someone who is different and goes three deep on Nero...every time)? Or Hoth on SW? By that logic all games are repetitive when you play them the same way. If unfettered choice makes a game the best, TH has something like 30 modes, right? That must mean it's the least repetitive game ever made and must be universally loved!
Play it yourself. You'll either love GB or hate it...there's no in between apparently!

This is spot on

1 month later
#107 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Do you guys think because of JTs situation that stern has completely abandoned GB ?

I don't see how one person on a teams behavior would halt Stern on still supporting this title. I went to the Stern factory back in February and they were still pumping out Ghostbusters. It was crazy how many they had on the floor that day. It sounds like the update is going to be a little polish and that's it. Dwight Sullivan was on a podcast recently and he acted like he was done with that game. Sounded like he was going to touch up a few things but move on. I think the lack of code updates on this one is Dwight not really wanting to work on it and just too busy on other pins to go back and really doesn't care to put in extra time after work to make it better. I'm hoping one of the new coders at Stern takes the lead on it and finishes it up. I really love this game and would like to see some more love for it once it gets its final update (if ever).

#110 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Does the designer really have much to do with code updates once the game is in production? I would JT's status would have very little to do with code updates.

No. Unless that was their role as well. I don't believe JT had any input on the rules for GB. That was all Dwight.

Quoted from JodyG:

I talked to Melissa at CoinTaker today, and she said they are expecting another shipment of pros in a week or two (CT is sold out). They are being produced right now.

I wonder how many they have produced so far. It will be very interesting to see final numbers once the production is done.

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