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SmartDmd : DMD interface with colors, upscaling, network and more !

By oga83

7 years ago

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#92 7 years ago

we abolutly need a do it yourself Color dmd
not only Change some Basic Colors

2 months later
#139 7 years ago

i am confused!?!?!?

FG Looks like a real individual "COLORDMD ROM"

is that true?

or ist i just a multiple.color Setup like the UK dmd extender?!?

if i can Color my own game i would buy it

1 month later
#158 7 years ago

i am not really sure how it works

when i want to create a SAM color

i need the Pinballbrowser + license
with license i can edit avery frame not only in the red blue or white shades?!?

but what will then be saved?
to the rom or to the raspary(smartdmd) ?!?! or both

with the trial its a little bit unclear.

FW update:
what will be happen when i color now parts in a FW and stern will update?
can i export parts from this and import in the news version
or must a begin from zero?


#160 7 years ago

must i edit the rom.file when i only want to colorize?

Or will the change info be saved at the SD card?

please pm me if you have the hardware in stock ( cable + pcb + license)



1 week later
#174 7 years ago

When i understand it riht

Smartdmd will save all changes in a macrofile

This can not be copyright
So that could be shared and when you execute it you have the same rom

My parts are ordered

I hope,to can test on star trek next week

#176 7 years ago

I would be in for star trek

2 weeks later
#185 7 years ago

looks working

only the scrolling stern logo will not work

#186 7 years ago

I have no Write rights via lan

Any ideas

Also used

Radpberry. Password

#187 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinhunter:

Ok i have started from scratch, install pre-configured distribution onto flash drive.
All works fine, I can see smartdmd under network in w7.
I can map network drive.
I cannot copy files over to this drive. (destination folder access denied) you need permission to perform this action)
I try and change security but it does not allow, i have played with network settings no luck, I can see the workgroup is called workgroup but windows 7 wants to give me a homegroup password.
I think the problem is with w7 i will keep trying a few things.
I did check the [smartdmd] settings correct.
Thanks for your help

could you help me

i have also no write rights in w7

what have you done step by step?

i am not a Linux or Network pro


#189 7 years ago

user: root
password: raspberry

i tried all others

now its working thanks

#194 7 years ago
Quoted from Elwood_BE:

Could you give us more information about the screen and converter that you use and how do you screw it in the panel, ... ?

used a
LP156WF1 TLB3 15.6" HD LED

with a china controller to hdmi

with some tape i installed a clear plexi att he backside

just drilled the 4 holes with some spacers

#197 7 years ago

is it a good idea for the free memory to

import colorized pictures in a blank original firmware?





#199 7 years ago

.. but i cannot delete the source Folder (if i know it no Problem)

it would be greate if you could create a function:

Import from here the next 10 Pictures

Select frome here the next 10 Pictures to Palette xx

would save hours !!!

would this be possible

or othe ways to be faster to do this 2 things


#201 7 years ago

i know this way

but ist not so easy to do

a Szene in Star Trek could have 50 Frames

a butten with "Import next 50 Frames" Need to execute 10 seconds

this way Needs Minimum 30 - 45 minutes !!!

#202 7 years ago

do you like Star Trek in color?

thx olivier for this great product!

3 weeks later
#205 7 years ago

looks great!

1 month later
#207 6 years ago

smartdmd in Walking Dead

#210 6 years ago

to get a prof. mounting plate is not realy possible if you Need only 1-2

i used 2 from colordmd shop

1 week later
#215 6 years ago

try to get a real LG panel not a "compatible with"

#217 6 years ago

a external psu

connected to the original Stern cable 240V or 110V switched
this cable is in every SAM machine at the left front corner

#219 6 years ago

in WPC you can only use 1 color palette.
at Stern for many scenes a individual.

i use a 12V3A

ebay.com link: itm

and a converter 12V to 5V

ebay.com link: itm

1 week later
#222 6 years ago

is the image

for a


the same like the standard image for..


#225 6 years ago

nice work mike

i noticed at ST LE that many scenes cannot be colorized because some other things are in fron (scores)

looks like at AC DC this is easier

#228 6 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

If I'm reading this correctly, I can do this with my Demolition Man?
1. Buy SmartDmd adaptor
2. Buy LCD Laptop Screen
3. Buy Raspberry Pi
4. Edit animations with included software
5. Enjoy!
I saw something about Williams games and single color palette. What exactly does that mean?
How do you get the files from the game to the computer for editing?
Does anyone know how to mount an LCD screen in place of the DMD?


Only Stern SAM is supported

at DemoMan

you can only select 1 color palette with i think 8 different colors (brightness of a color)

1 month later
#238 6 years ago

"Side-channel" i looking great

i see no difference to the old way, only that now the picture looks perfect, without the 8 dots

great job olivier

3 months later
#292 6 years ago

how much Colors are possible at WPC machines

5 like dmd extender ?

2 weeks later
#309 6 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

how much Colors are possible at WPC machines
5 like dmd extender ?

looks like only 4 colors

4 weeks later
#314 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballMikeD:

Coming Soon
spiderman apron.JPG
Still have some more work to do, but it's progressing nicely

and why we need a apron for smartdmd ?!?

1 month later
#349 6 years ago

i had also problems at my T2 with different colors.

the scrolling credit text changes between 2 colors ?!? looks

9 months later
#495 5 years ago

any news if smartdmd will work in a Spike pinball?

#497 5 years ago

i hope

#499 5 years ago

yes its pbbrowser

i hope it will work soon
i have a unit here and want to get it in GB as soon as possible

#502 5 years ago

i don't think i have the time to do a complete game

but if some people split the work its possible

to bad that there is only the side-chanel option and no serial output

1 month later
#544 5 years ago

Anyone working on


#550 5 years ago

looks great, would be interested to join this work

#552 5 years ago

what do you mean


memory problem with pin2dmd

is he working on a smartdmd TFT with the side chanel cable?

or pin2dmd with the recorded frames ?!?

#554 5 years ago

i had this problem with smartdmd and patching the ST LE rom also

so i think may be the pin2dmd way would be easier

if i understand it right
- no change at the roms or extra cables from cpu to the display

are there any other limitations?
- memory at the pin2dmd?
- maximum of pallets?

#556 5 years ago

at the left bottom corner ?!?

sorry looks like a broken display

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