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SmartDmd : DMD interface with colors, upscaling, network and more !

By oga83

5 years ago

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#459 3 years ago

I'm having a bizarre behavior issue.

If I build from the smartdmd img file from scratch, make no configuration changes, enable broadcast, wireshark shows smartdmd broadcasting out to the specified address.

If I change the dmd type to Bally, which used to make the remote dmd viewer work, the broadcasts stop. I can't then get broadcasts to work again.

I'm figuring some setting is getting changed, but I can't find it.

#461 3 years ago

I may have a clue. I think it's the temperature. Would triggering the temperature sensor stop broadcasts as well?

Quoted from oga83:

Can you see the frames on the lcd screen (if not, the broadcast can't work) ?

Yes, frames are coming out fine on the LCD screen.

Quoted from oga83:

Are you running in demo mode (10-second countdown when SmartDmd starts - if so, the broadcast stops after some time) ?

No, it's running in full licensed mode.

Quoted from oga83:

Which broadcast address did you use (a network address is needed, not a computer one) ?

I used a local IP on my network, which here was

Quoted from oga83:

Post the following smartdmd.txt parameters so that I can see if ther's something wrong :


After letting my RPi rest the evening, and rebooting, it started broadcasting again, as you can see here:


Despite my machine receiving the packets, Pinball Browser's Remote SmartDMD Display continued to show a blank, yellow rectangle, even when the wireshark showed the packets continuing to hit port 9876.

The display stopped working and SmartDMD stopped sending packets after about five minutes. I had unplugged the HDMI to the LCD, and when I plugged it back in, discovered the "TEMPERATURE IS TOO HIGH!" message on the LCD, which explains what may have stopped it from working yesterday as well.

First question, is the temperature increasing as a result of adding the CPU load of broadcasting packets? I have the rPi in a well ventilated part of the backbox with no case. I'm using the built-in Ethernet (no wifi or USB dongles).

Second question, can I decrease the temperature sensitivity somehow?


#463 3 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Yes, you have found the issue

This solves the mystery of not sending packets, but it doesn't solve the mystery of why the Remote SmartDMD Display doesn't show anything. I have confirmed my machine running Pinball Browser is receiving the packets, but it's not displaying anything.

FWIW, I tried disabling the Windows Firewall. I had already tried confirming the port was open (which it was), but this still had no impact.


#465 3 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Are you using Pinball Browser in a virtual machine ? if so, make sure you use the IP of your VM, not the one of your PC.

The packet capture is on the virtual machine, which has its own IP address. The VM sees the packets, no need to change to a broadcast address. I've verified this and confirmed using other Internet applications in both directions, so the network config must be accurate.

I'll try the broadcast address just to be certain, but everything else checks out. I can even log into the virtual machine FROM the SmartDMD using the IP address I'm using.

#467 3 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

I think that Pinball Browser v5.52 will fix this.
Something related to the firmware abstraction level, introduced in PB v5, prevented PB from displaying the frames.

Confirmed. The release corrected the problem. Thanks again!

#469 3 years ago

Here's an example of SmartDMD on a WPC-S Theatre of Magic. Some notes:

I'm using a screen with a resolution of 1920x1080. However, to make the DMD larger, I dropped the resolution, then used -70 in the right and left overscan settings to fit my image the way I liked it.

I created the top and bottom framing by creating a single image that accommodated the space for the DMD screen, wrapping it in the speaker panel type graphics.

Right now, I haven't messed with the palette much, but I'm trying to reproduce the orange of the original DMD (note I'm using a ColorDMD below). If anyone has any palette settings they think have come closer, please share them.


This makes a good way for people to see the score when there is a crowd around the machine, which happens a lot (and a lot of tall people).

#471 3 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

How did you make up the background where it wraps around the image?

In this case, my screen is a 1920x1080 native resolution. I set SmartDMD to 1280x768, as by doing that, it increases the size of the DMD part of the image to what I wanted. Then, I made a single 1280x768 image (Theatre of Magic at the top, and the lions/clock on the bottom). The location of the DMD part of the image you can choose (in this case, dmd_x0=130 and dmd_y0=304), so I put it roughly in the middle, slightly lower. The DMD "overlays" the image. By default, this would "pillbox" the image, leaving black bars on the right and left side of the image. (I could make a 1920x1080 image, but then the DMD part would be too small.) To correct the pillbox, I adjusted the overscan on the right and left by -70 each.

As for how I got the artwork right on the image, that is just me with photoshop, I guess! I took photos of the speaker panel art and touched it up appropriately. I was going to put curtains around it but I just got too impatient. It looks much less washed out in person.

#472 3 years ago

Ok...I couldn't handle leaving it unfinished so I added the curtains (this is what OCD does to you):


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