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Slugfest Restoration Opening Day 2021. Play Ball

By Mank

9 months ago

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#1 9 months ago

In honor of opening day, I'm going to show my Slugfest restoration and go over some of the successes and failures. I've had this game for a long time but never had it up and running. You'll see why. Over the years I've been accumulating parts as they became available. Cabinet decals. NOS playfield. NOS card dispenser. New card catcher. NOS control panel overlay. New boards. Color DMD. I even got cards from 1991. I've restored a Whitewater before but never a pitch and bat. Just like the restoration, this thread may take me awhile.
Here we go. Faded. Dirty. Exposed to snot-nosed kids with tokens. The indignity.

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#2 9 months ago

Playfield had a chip out by the pitcher flap.
Control panel overlay has seen better days.

IMG_3215 (resized).JPGIMG_3222 (resized).JPGIMG_3223 (resized).JPGIMG_3224 (resized).JPGIMG_3225 (resized).JPGIMG_3226 (resized).JPGIMG_3229 (resized).JPG
5 months later
#3 3 months ago

I am in the starting point of restoring mine. I would be interested in where you got your parts. Please advise.


1 month later
#4 81 days ago

How is the restoration process coming. I restored mine as well. But I still have problems with the bat holding power. I'm not sure if board related or parts related. Unfortunately I cannot find a new driver arm to restore bat though. Lmk if you found a place that sells them. TY!

1 week later
#5 72 days ago

Not sure why this has taken me so long. Anyways, congratulations to the Atlanta Braves.
The thing I liked about the Slugfest restoration is that it’s very modular. Not only is there the cabinet and the playfield that can be worked on, but the cabinet has the top part that comes completely off, and the targets slide out as a unit, the control panel easily comes off, and all the boards are at the back of the machine.

0C4787DA-B9AB-44FB-B1FB-C281C7E9E4EB (resized).jpegE760CF87-6907-41DA-97C6-B0957CB1891B (resized).jpeg002849AC-3270-4EAA-A7A5-DFE54A5D05BF (resized).jpeg36E31AAD-E59D-4894-B4CB-7FDBC7C980D1 (resized).jpegA25128DD-E78B-461D-9C54-6CFBB9D0892F (resized).jpeg6A3DAC65-4FBD-4244-A398-0F411BEC5E46 (resized).jpeg7C6F3193-5C3D-4A69-8138-6FD4E4F413FE (resized).jpeg33A5C858-5D70-4E04-B498-D465407C7B73 (resized).jpeg
#6 72 days ago

I guess I’ll start with the control panel. This comes completely off by reaching in the cabinet with the coin door open and undoing the latches on either side. The front control panel overlay gets beat up at the front bullnose.

4B5C05C4-D757-4069-8DFA-919254FF6B7E (resized).jpegD75C484B-6BD0-402D-BE0B-FA91B25BADE1 (resized).jpeg
#7 72 days ago

The button unscrew from the backside and come out, and the metal bracket at the back just unscrews.

2196B292-6718-4F08-8BCA-32D627706E41 (resized).jpeg35F0AD03-E12D-42A0-9238-E717CF1B064D (resized).jpeg
#8 72 days ago

From here there are essentially 3 parts:
The control panel overlay
A metal plate
and the wood panel

I used a hairdryer and razor blade scraper to get the overlay off the metal plate.

2556F092-950E-4BE8-B49C-469C6D548A3B (resized).jpeg904D4FF7-A586-47A8-9EF5-46C70F5F6DE9 (resized).jpeg359984F4-588C-4481-8172-D3935A3E4B1E (resized).jpeg
#9 72 days ago

I've done this restore before, looking back at what I know now, I wonder if I would have made a new wood piece to that control panel out of solid wood instead of refinishing the beatup pressboard. Probably could have built something a little tougher... but in home use I guess it should hold up just fine.

#10 72 days ago

I agree that I probably should have replaced the wooden part with a new single piece of wood. Instead, I sanded it all up, cleaned and sanded the metal part including getting the old glue off, and used Bondo to ensure a smooth transit between wood and metal edge. This gap is usually where the control panel overlay cracks over time.

2FAC8AEA-B983-4E85-AD4E-303D4C3D9BBD (resized).jpeg78797736-11C7-427B-B3DF-107D18335E49 (resized).jpeg73D30954-7174-4B44-B72F-6CD81F6581E3 (resized).jpeg8C402399-7C84-41A6-8D7B-953B17315602 (resized).jpeg303151B2-3FA1-4CBA-8B48-E478236EF23A (resized).jpegFFFD80C8-C5D6-4DD6-9B45-C14DC5FA9BD4 (resized).jpeg5CC748F6-924A-4A5E-ADDA-AE242DD34C9A (resized).jpeg5F5CDDD3-4E11-49AF-AFE6-6471E9748A0C (resized).jpeg5BD65C79-5AD0-4800-93D5-959EF698B611 (resized).jpeg6AB8E9E3-E5C3-42EB-AD90-B8AD93B6B023 (resized).jpegD6D1C3C1-E116-4FA2-AFC0-7870FE523380 (resized).jpeg

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