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Black Rose: Skull and Bones (2.0) New Code by Cardona

By jamescardona

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Black Rose: Skull and Bones (BR:SnB)
A Licensed “2.0” Upgrade Kit by Cardona Pinball Designs
Available SOON
MSRP $2199US

Includes everything you need to install Black Rose: Skull and Bones into a Black Rose Pinball machine.
• display panel with an industrial 15.6 inch monitor, and associated cabling.
• FAST Interface controller board (to be installed in the removed CPU location).
• CPU panel that includes CPU, FAST audio and accessory controller, and associated cabling (to be installed in the removed audio/video board location).
• Power Supply with fuse block and associated cabling.
• Translite.

Note: Interface controller offers the ability to add future expansion components such as shaker motors, RGB lighting kits, and the interactiveTopper .

About Black Rose: Skull and Bones:
Captain Maria Cortez is the captain of the most famous of all pirating ships to raid the seven seas, the Black Rose, and her first mate, Red Beard, is plotting to snatch it from her. If he can convince enough of the crew to his side there'll be mutiny in the offing.
Who's side are yer on, matey?

cardonapinball.com contains links to videos of game play, installation of a kit, pre-installation steps, troubleshooting, and a demo video as well as manuals, flyers, promo material, and other documents that can be downloaded.

Does your kit include a new translite?

Can your kit play the original game?
Yes. The upgrade kit will play the original game. Additionally, in future updates we plan to add functionality to the original game where appropriate.

About Cardona Pinball Designs:
Cardona Pinball Designs is licensed by Planetary Pinball Supply to create 2.0 game kits for Bally-Williams titles and has been working toward this end for approximately four years. Our main expertise is software and we subcontract or partner with professionals for other specialized work. For example, FAST is creating our hardware and we also use several artists and voice actors for content creation.

Our titles receive heavy public beta testing. Black Rose: Skull and Bones has been at the Delaware Pinball Collective in Wilmington, Delaware since 2022 ( https://www.delawarepinballcollective.com).

Black Rose: Skull and Bones has also been to several pinball shows such as:
• White Rose Gameroom Show ( http://www.theyorkshow.com)
• PinFest (http://www.pinfestival.com)
• Golden State Pinball Festival (https://www.goldenstatepinball.org)
• Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show (http://www.nwpinballshow.com)
• Pin-a-go-go (http://www.pin-a-go-go.org)
• Texas Pinball Festival (https://www.texaspinball.com )

promotional video

game play

installation video

troubleshooting videos

BR2_final_jul10_tiny (resized).pngBR2_final_jul10_tiny (resized).png

#2 3 years ago

Some background info on why I chose Black Rose.

Black Rose is a pinball machine made in 1992 by the Williams company. The game has a pirate theme, an atypical playfield layout with four ramps and a subway that leads to a below-playfield canon, three flippers, and a dot-matrix display.
The game was designed by a few folks who went on to design some of the most beloved pinball machines of all time, in my opinion, and in this machine you can see some of their early thought and several really cool design elements. With all that, you would think this was a great selling machine, but it was not-so-popular with route operators mainly due to the maintenance issues surrounding the canon mechanism and player’s criticisms of the code.

Black Rose Pinball Cons:
* Overly stop and go. Holds ball for too long during dots.
* Canon can be inaccurate or is usually broken if you find one on location and it is a big part of the scoring
* Scoring unbalanced, go for broadside repeatedly and it’s a one-shot game (same for the whirlpool ramp)
* A lot of the (major) shots are safe which makes the game too easy (zipper flippers could help)
* Backglass artwork I like except BR herself, which is really…
* Animation dots need work
* Music is good by 1992 pinball standards, but not for today’s
* Three video modes all of which are not so fun
* Canon is right between the flippers so if it is not leveled properly or worn, it can change the ball trajectory. Ugh!
* Some complain that the center broadside “ramp” obscures the view of the center of the playfield and maybe feels a bit distracting (doesn't bother me)
* Flashers placement makes them not bright at all (minor complaint, for sure)

Black Rose Pinball Pros:
* Excellent theme (who doesn't like pirates?)
* Relatively unique layout
* Three flippers (not a fan layout)
* Nine lighted targets for sniper shots
* Four ramps (five if you count broadside), two with more than one path
* Broadside shot is all the way on the other side of the playfield which makes it a very satisfying shot to make
* Besides the plastic parts of the canon, everything else is pretty solid as far as construction and wearability. Made in 1992 and this game is still around
* Williams parts a very available (plastic canon parts are now available as well)
* Since these weren’t routed much due to the canon issues, many have very little playfield wear (I guess mine is an exception, though)
* A non-licensed theme so fewer limitations on recode creativity
* The canon is the main issue, but if it is disabled the game could still have a lot of shots to go for and a lot of non-canon modes could be made that are super-fun (we are using the canon, but if yours is broke, no problem!)

The Cardona Pinball Designs Treatment:
* An actual story to go along with the artwork. Imagine that!
* New backglass artwork (translite, not glass)
* LCD display to replace the DMD
* All new animations
* All new music, voice work, callouts, and sound effects. All in hi-def
* Eliminate all video modes. (No video modes! This is pinball, baby!)
* Much less stop and go by ejecting the ball from the broadside saucer and pirates’ cove with less unnecessary delays. Only delays will be for mode starts. No more polly!
* Canon will only be used for 2 modes and if it is broken, player can still play the modes using other shots. Also, canon shots required in those modes will NOT just be the broadside shot but all over the playfield
* Balance the scoring by making multiple modes which cannot be replayed until all other modes completed. Mode choice is random
* Several mini-modes (Pirates' Booty, Walk The Plank, Typhoon, Sword Fight, Davy Jones Locker, etc. expect about 8 to 10 in all)
* Two wizard modes (Sink Ship and Mutiny)
* One super-mega-alpha-wolf wizard mode (Aaargh!)
* Make the game harder by stopping the repetitiveness of the shots such that certain shots must be done in a specific order instead of repeating the same shot over and over (a la whirlpool ramp)
* Give the strategists something to think about: do I build towards Sink Ship or Mutiny? Davy Jones Locker is easy to start but doesn’t score as much. Pirate’s Booty is hard to start but scores better. Yeah, like that.

#3 3 years ago

concerning Dual-Boot and Naming:

At this time, I am not planning on having the game dual-boot, although I may change my mind on that. The reason being is that if the game dual-boots, I will need to license the original code which adds to the cost substantially. Since the original code is not great, in my opinion, I don’t see the reason to license it. I mean once you play the new code, I don’t really see someone choosing the old unless it is just for comparison or nostalgia which, to me, are not great reasons to substantially increase the cost of the kit.
The consequence is this: since I am not planning to license, I cannot use any Black Rose assets, use the name ‘Black Rose,’ cannot call the game ‘Black Rose 2.0’, or advertise it as such. So then the game will be called “Skull and Bones” and please refrain from calling it Black Rose 2.0 or BR2.0 as I am not trying to rile the feathers of the license holders.

Added 11 months ago:

the game now dual boots

#4 3 years ago


#5 3 years ago

How far along am I at this point?

The following are complete, playable, and fully functional:
Base game
pirates booty mode
davy jones locker mode
typhoon mode
sword fight mode
walk the plank mode

I have all the music, animations, light shows, game rules, and sound effects done for all of the above. I still need to record the voices. Any takers?

I have 6 other modes that are in various stages of development, including the wizards.

#6 3 years ago

Need beta testers:

One of the reasons I wanted to start this thread before the code was complete was the lesson learned from NGG2.0. For that project, I obtained my beta testers too late in the development process. I say this because some of the testers did not like certain aspects of the work, particularly the bear animations, and for me to go back and change that would have been several hundred hours of work and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. This time I would like to get the betas involved earlier so if changes need to be made it won't be so painful.

So then, here is a beta-testers job description:
You would play Skull and Bones a bunch, maybe for hours at a time, and give me feedback, preferably written, preferably with concrete examples. Hopefully, other people would be also doing this. Once every couple of weeks or so, I would make changes to the code then send out update files. Then you’d play it a bunch more. Maybe more than you really want to. Rinse, repeat.

The team of testers for NGG2.0 met once every two weeks or so at one of the guy's homes and played NGG for about 3 or 4 hours straight (lots of beer involved, I suspect). Usually, 2 to 4 people so it was also a very social thing. They’ve been great at finding things that don’t necessarily show up on the first game. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for, if possible.

Of course, you would need to install my kit in your machine. You could buy one from me and I would sell it at cost to a beta testers, or if you have a spare computer, monitor, and an audio amp then we could image the computer's hard drive and use that. Beside those components, the system uses a P-ROC and those cost about $400. Multimorphic sells them and I have no ties to that company.

#7 3 years ago

Are these code re-writes colordmd compatible or just back to standard orange dots?

#8 3 years ago

some info about skill shot

At the start of each ball, several different skillshots are available at the plunge.

The first skill shot is a soft plunge to the three yellow targets. The center target awards a higher score than the two outside targets.

The second skill shot is the doubloon target. This skill shot is worth much more points than the yellow target skill shot.

Additionally, the skillshot allows you to add bonus scoring. Mr Chin points at which scoring bonus is available at that moment and if you hit one of the skillshots during that time, you will receive the award for the remainder of the game. If you miss or hit the skillshot when nothing is lit, you get’s nothing, matey.

Available bonuses are:
Start on 2X scoring multiplier instead of 1X for the rest of the game
Super-whirl pool bumper jets worth triple scoring for the rest of the game
Add three additional canons to your count (immediately)
Obviously, you can only acquire the first two listed above once, since they remain in force the remainder of the game. The third one, adding 3 additional canons can be acquired more than once.

Super Skillshot
If you make the skillshot, the broadside saucer will light for a super skillshot for a handful of seconds. Hit that for a bounty worthy of the foulest of ship-stealing scoundrels!

#9 3 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Are these code re-writes colordmd compatible or just back to standard orange dots?

all new animations using a 15.7 inch LCD screen (computer monitor)

#10 3 years ago

I actually love the way br plays and one of my favorites in my collection but I'm also down for rewrites and trying it out. Unfortunately I dont own a computer and not good with them anyway so I wouldn't make a good beta tester. I will definitely be interested when finished but not sure I'd be willing to not be able to play the original code anymore but totally understand why you're going that route.goodluck and look forward to your progress.

#11 3 years ago

This looks very cool. Following.

#12 3 years ago

I am looking for someone to donate the voices for a few characters. If I do not find someone to donate then I will hire professionals but I am really trying to avoid that for this project. Pinside has a ton of people in a variety of different fields so I am thinking there are some audio professionals here that might want to jump in on this and have there names on the credits of a pinball machine.

Here is one that I am looking for:

Captain Maria
She is the main character and hero of the game. Being the captain of a pirate ship, she is obviously tough as nails, doesn’t take any backtalk, and will easily send traitors to walk the plank. Still, the crew is her family and she is not unnecessarily harsh.
She is tall, thin, pale, and has sandy blond hair. I envisioned here as being from northern spain, perhaps from the Spanish-french border region, maybe basque. She could have a relatively thick Spanish accent. Think Salma Hyak or Penelope Cruz. Maybe even throw in a single Spanish word occasionally.

example dialog:
i'm captain maria cortez colon de la mancha, Scourge of the 7 Seas
the rose is my ship. I stole her fair and square
the rose is my ship and there's not a soul alive that can take her from me

I have a spreadsheet with a hundred or so common phrases for the characters and a handful of specific phrases. When I did NGG2.0 I did all the voices for the two characters which ended up being about 600 or so phrases. It took me maybe 2 hours of recording to do all of that and get it to where I was happy with it.

mariaGunPoseA1Bordered_DOC (resized).pngmariaGunPoseA1Bordered_DOC (resized).png
#13 3 years ago

here is another:

Don’t let her size fool you. She’s quick with a blade and will tear you apart. She’s young, mischievous, snarky, and funny. She’ll wink and smile before slicing your throat.

Example dialog:
maria saved my life, I'd be glad to give her mine
they call me matilda and I don't mind. None of these scallywags can pronounce my real name

matildaA2Bordered600_DOC (resized).pngmatildaA2Bordered600_DOC (resized).png
#14 3 years ago

one more:

A tough, no-nonsense pirate who does the work but doesn’t live the pirate lifestyle of booze and debauchery. We don’t know much about Chin except that he’s an honest man. At least as honest as a pirate could be. he could have an accent.

There are at least 9 characters in the game. I will post some others later. Send me back if you have other ideas.

chinSwordA2Bordered650_DOC (resized).pngchinSwordA2Bordered650_DOC (resized).png
#15 3 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Are these code re-writes colordmd compatible or just back to standard orange dots?

#16 3 years ago

got a few folks volunteered to do voice work. We shall see how good all that comes out. For pinheads, it is super cool to see your name on the credits of a pinball machine so if there are others interested, drop me a line.

I must say that I cannot guarantee that I will use the recordings sent to me if they do not match the game, but for sure I hope they do!

#17 3 years ago

Interesting. I’d be down for voicing a character if ya got another opening. I can send you my reel.

#18 3 years ago

Any ballpark idea of what one of these kits will cost?

#19 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Interesting. I’d be down for voicing a character if ya got another opening. I can send you my reel.

send me a PM

#20 3 years ago

So excited for this!

#21 3 years ago

How about you add main character voices that pronounces the name of the mode started when it starts?

#22 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballfan2000:

How about you add main character voices that pronounces the name of the mode started when it starts?

Yes! Doing that

#23 3 years ago


#24 3 years ago

Mr. Chin's voices are done. Much thanks to Frank Gigliotti for taking the time to donate them. He is also the lead programmer for Riot Pinball's new "Legends Of Valhalla" pinball machine so he is a super busy guy. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/riot-pinball-new-wip

#25 3 years ago

One of the common complaints about the original Black Rose's code is the video modes. It was a thing back in the 90's and a lot of games had them. Some were done well. Getaway comes to mind, for sure. Maybe Dr. Who. But even when done well, playing a video mode is not really pinball for a lot of people.

When I rewrote the code for Demolition Man I created 3 video modes for that game but made them all options in the menu so if you didn't like any or all of them you could turn them off. That was my first game and the longer I have been coding (recoding) pinball, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to put video modes in my code anymore. (Maybe someone can convince me otherwise?) So when I did NGG2.0, there are no video mode.

Likewise, I have no plans to put a video mode in Skull and Bones. The three playfield lights that correspond to the three video modes are replaced by three pinball modes. "Rigging swing", "knife throw", and "walk the plank" are now all full-fledged pinball modes with their own goal, shots, objectives, animations, music, sounds, etc.

Additionally, "polly", which was just a quick animation and a random award, is a fully formed mode.

#26 3 years ago

So all of the above described lights along with "instant multiball" and "treasure hunt" are on the mast that leads to the broadside saucer. These are all modes. When you complete the shots to qualify a mode, these lights will pulse. Shoot the broadside shot and a random one will be chosen from the list. If a mode is already played, it's light will be solid and you cannot play it until you have played all the others.

All player's modes will go in the same order so then, the game, by default, is ready for tournaments.

#27 3 years ago

I just finished writing "Instant Multiball" this week. When that mode is started, a second ball is given and the player must plunge and a switch hit be made for the game to understand that a second ball is on the playfield. Then the ball held in the saucer is released and the mode begins.

For me, I really wish this game had an auto plunger, it would have made writing multiballs so much easier.

#28 3 years ago

Instant multiball can be a super lucrative mode. For most modes, there are specific shots that need to be made and those shots have huge scoring and other shots do not. This is the typical "shoot the flashing lights" idea for modes that almost every game has.

For instant multiball, I decided to leave the base game rules in play, but ramp up the shot multiplier. as long as two balls remain in play. Not sure of where that shot multiplier increase is going to land in production code, by right now I have it set at 5x. So then, the shot multiplier can normally get as high as 5x, so if you have it there and you start instant multiball, you have a multiplier of what? 25x? No, you wish. It is additive, so 10x.

Still, that is pretty awesome. We'll see if that imbalances the game. I might tune that back down a little once it goes to beta.

#29 3 years ago

okay so I know most of you hate reading text, so here's a little video:

This is what I sent Frank after he recorded the Chin voices for me. Still waiting on Garcia's voices so those are not there yet.

This is just a little demo of what the "knife throw" mode looks like on the screen. I recorded this on my laptop so this is not connected to a machine and was just done to demo the screen.

What I was going for was the look of the video game "street fighter" which was pretty huge in the late 1980s to early 1990s and since that was the era of the Black Rose pin, I figured that would be cool.

So this replaces the "knife throw" video mode, but it is a pinball mode. There are two different swords on the playfield. One points at the jackpot ramp and the other at the whirlpool ramp. If you shoot the left shot, the person on the left attacks and the person on the right's health meter goes down. Vice versa for the right shot. Also you can charge up an of the side for a mega-hit.

Like I said, this video is just an alpha-demo and this is still being worked for look and feel.

#30 3 years ago
Quoted from jamescardona:

For me, I really wish this game had an auto plunger, it would have made writing multiballs so much easier.

Can't you build in an auto plunger in Skull and Bones?

1 month later
#31 3 years ago

working on modeling the captain

mariaSoftClothImport (resized).pngmariaSoftClothImport (resized).pngmariacc3 (resized).pngmariacc3 (resized).png
#32 3 years ago

for the cut scenes, I will do high res renders. This one just started

mariaFaceImport (resized).pngmariaFaceImport (resized).png
#33 3 years ago

just don't get her upset

mariaGunPoseC3 (resized).pngmariaGunPoseC3 (resized).png
#34 3 years ago

round 3 of the test translites just arrived from Spooky Pinball. They come with a protective film which I haven't removed yet in these pictures.

Super excited to get these in my machine to see how they look!

It is such a pleasure working with Spooky. They use the same printers to print my translites that they use on all of their production machines so the quality is tops. The first vendor I hired couldn't print white ink and I didn't find that out until after I received the order so unfortunately that test print wasn't usable. I switched to Spooky and they have been great!

20200809_111731 (resized).jpg20200809_111731 (resized).jpg20200809_111751 (resized).jpg20200809_111751 (resized).jpg
#35 3 years ago

So I am still mulling over a few options as far as the backbox.

With the other recodes that I did and am doing they were newer machines with a DMD/speaker panel so I was locked in to a max LCD screen size of 15.7 inches. That was fine since that is the same size used in TNA and they are available from pinball life --a no-brainer, I guess.

But for this black rose conversion, there isn't a DMD/speaker panel. I need to redo the translite and the lightboard in order to support the monitor so I can make the screen whatever size I want. I was thinking of going bigger than 15.7", maybe 17" or 19" but haven't yet found a good source of those screens that is reasonable priced.

If anyone has a source, I appreciate passing it along.

#36 3 years ago

Interesting thread. Nice job sofar.

#37 3 years ago

the backbox panel that holds the DMD and the lights needs to be replaced with this project. Well... I could actually cut the original but I didn't want to do that.
Just making my first cuts to a test piece. Since the college is closed for covid, I don't currently have access to the CNC so I have to use the trusty tablesaw for now.

20200810_172605 (resized).jpg20200810_172605 (resized).jpg20200810_172634 (resized).jpg20200810_172634 (resized).jpg
#38 3 years ago

the test piece fit perfect, although it is a wee bit thick. I will have to use a thinner plywood for the next one. The lights are not final, of course. Just there for the mock up.

20200810_183718 (resized).jpg20200810_183718 (resized).jpg
#39 3 years ago

looking at the translite clear area, it is amazing to me how much larger the LCD is compared to old DMD. The translite on the right still has protective film while the one on the left does not.

20200810_183708 (resized).jpg20200810_183708 (resized).jpg
#40 3 years ago

enough for today. Time to play some beatles

20200810_191435 (resized).jpg20200810_191435 (resized).jpg
#41 3 years ago

I am always trying to use my projects to push my own boundraries and learn new things. I did some light physics modeling for NGG2.0, particularly the golf balls, but wanted to push more in that direction.

I know most pinballers think the graphics on the display are secondary to what is happening on the playfield and I agree with that 100%. I think animations are really more for the bystanders than the players. Still, I wanted to learn so I have been spending some time on it and hopefully there is a payoff. If not, it is fun.

So I have been playing with getting the characters clothing to sway in the air as the character moves. It is a lot harder than you might think.

Check out the bottom of Captain Maria's jacket as she fires her guns. This is another test video so there is no background.

A little more dramatic in the second video.

Still learning this effect, but it is a lot of fun so far.

#42 3 years ago

got one version of the backglass installed last night along with the monitor and the string lights to light up the picture. Clearly I need better lights but this was just a test for fit. You know, I measured the clear window on the translite to the dimensions of the monitor but I was curious how much offset I needed because of the parrallax of the player's eyes being above the screen.

Here is another video with a rudamentary attract mode playing just to give an idea:

Another thing I was curious about was if the translite and the plexiglass together were going to dim the screen noticably. It didn't. I need to do a few more experiments to determine the optimum brightness settings for the monitor. In that video, I set it at 60 or 70 which appears too bright, I think. The default setting is 50.

#43 3 years ago

Dude this looks really cool! Don't hate on me but it's cannons, not canons. The Pirate Code could be considered a canon but I digress. Just wanted to save you some pain in the final product.

#44 3 years ago

Wow this looks really nice! I think once you tweak your contrast/brightness settings on the monitor its going to look even better.

Quoted from jamescardona:

got one version of the backglass installed last night along with the monitor and the string lights to light up the picture. Clearly I need better lights but this was just a test for fit. You know, I measured the clear window on the translite to the dimensions of the monitor but I was curious how much offset I needed because of the parrallax of the player's eyes being above the screen.
Here is another video with a rudamentary attract mode playing just to give an idea:

Another thing I was curious about was if the translite and the plexiglass together were going to dim the screen noticably. It didn't. I need to do a few more experiments to determine the optimum brightness settings for the monitor. In that video, I set it at 60 or 70 which appears too bright, I think. The default setting is 50.

3 weeks later
#45 3 years ago

spent the last 3 weeks finishing off NGG2.0 so now it is time to refocus my meager programming time on this project. I have a timeline in my head but no way am I going to share it here. Because, you know, the Jinx is watching.

#46 3 years ago

I had previously asked for volunteers who wanted to do voices with the only payment being that you would have your name on the attract mode of a pinball machine. I think that is cool and a lot of other people did as well. I got quite a few volunteers and there were only a few that gave me stuff I couldn't use.

Most of the people submitted voices for several characters so most of them had at least one character that they did really well. Having said that I still have a few more character voice spots if anyone is interested.

#47 3 years ago

here are the descriptions for the 3 remaining characters that I need voices for. And, like I said previously, several people have already given me some of these voices but for some reason they just didn't hit it right as far as my ear so I just wanted to throw this back out there so that maybe someone has something better.

descriptions of characters for remaining voices

Nidale - female enemy character used in only one mode, sink ship. In the sink ship mode, the pirates are attacking a fleet of ships to sink them and plunder their booty. Each of the different fleets the pirates face are either pleading for their lives or fighting back viciously. In nidale’s case, they are pleading for their lives but she is doing it as a sort of subterfuge. The animation is not built yet, but the plan is to have nidale and a grown man with 5 o’clock shadow wearing a diaper. Nidale continues to cry out things like, “can’t you see there are children on board!” she plays this serious of course, and that is what makes it funny. After a couple of her boats are sunk, I was playing with the idea of her giving up that approach and calling for an attack. A few of those lines are there as well.

Tattoo – pacific islander male, enemy. He is rail-thin and has tattoos covering his body and face. He wields two curved swords. Don’t mess with him. His two modes are sink ship and walk the plank.

In Sink ship, the pirates are attacking and he is yelling taunts back so is aggressive and angry. This is war and lives are at stake.

In walk the plank, the idea is that he has been captured and is being made to walk the plank to his death. He is somber, pensive, and has given up. “my story has been written. My fate has been sealed. I wouldn’t change a thing.” But also there is a hint at anger, maybe. “let’s get this over with” and “you’ll see what happens next”.

Garica – male pirate crewmember. He is tall, bald and looks dirty. He has a snarly face and carries an axe instead of a sword. Of all the characters in the animations, he looks the toughest, for sure. He is in three modes, sword fight, sink ship, and the base game.

In sword fight, two random characters fight each other. The idea is that one is on red beard’s side and the other captain maria’s but that is not really spelled out so far. All we need to know is that two are fighting and they hack and slash and occasionally taunt each other. Every character has a few moves, for Garcia, he either does a double slash with his axe or kicks the opponent in the face. Some typical taunts: “my axe is sharp” and “you like the taste of boot heel?”

The base mode runs whenever a special mode is not running so the quotes there are informational for the player as they collect items and build up statuses and achievements in order to start one of the special modes. His quotes here, then, are just callouts of shots hit, such as “fire”, or “fire collected” or “cannonballs collected”, for example.

His sink ship callouts are similar to above, but he is not an enemy but on the side of the pirates, and then the player, so his callouts are aggressive in a positive way. “all hands on deck! We’re going to war!” “fire in the hole!” “bullseye!”

If you want you name on the credits of a machine and you can do a voice, send me a message.

#48 3 years ago

here a list of the finished voices I have so far. Again, thanks to everyone who submitted voice work to me. I received some serious quality work from a lot fo people and it is very much appreciated.

Captain Maria: Lydia Cardona (mutiny, walk the plank)
Red Beard: Jim Cardona (mutiny, pirate’s booty, base, davy jones locker, walk the plank)
Giganticus: Jim Cardona (sword fight)
Chen: Frank Gigliotti (sword fight, base)
Old Dan: Frank Gigliotti (sword fight, base, walk the plank)
Matilda: Asia Cardona (sword fight, base)
Jax: Sean Sennstrom (sword fight, millions, walk the plank)
Valentino: Sean Sennstrom (sink ship)
Two Tooth: Bernie Sennstrom (sword fight, walk the plank)
Scot: Bernie Sennstrom (sink ship, walk the plank)
Brit: Bernie Sennstrom (sink ship)

#49 3 years ago

Neat you are doing this, but saying the backglass is a con and then posting your discount 90's computer game artwork as the backglass?

I get it, 3d modeling is hard (have a masters in new media where I focused on it), but this is painful.

#50 3 years ago
Quoted from dung:

Neat you are doing this, but saying the backglass is a con and then posting your discount 90's computer game artwork as the backglass?
I get it, 3d modeling is hard (have a masters in new media where I focused on it), but this is painful.

correct. translite, not a backglass.

Anyone is free to make their own art. I can give you the dimensions of the cutout if you want it.

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