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    #1 53 days ago

    I am working on a Single Coin Bingo. Six card unit. 25 holes. The motor on the back door runs continually. Where do I start to get this corrected? I also found a burnt 25 ohm coil on a stepper unit.

    #2 53 days ago

    Can you upload a picture? There were no 'single coin' games that came from the factory that way - they were all conversions, typically of six card games. In modified 70s games, the motor spins until the fourth ball is shot. In earlier games, it does spin all the time until the timer runs out.

    In short, that may not be a problem.

    Which stepper unit had the burned coil?

    A photo of the game will help me cross-reference the coil you need. Step up coils were mostly one value, while reset coils were another. Relays could be one of two values. 'Course, this is assuming you have a converted Bally. I've seen a single coin conversion done on a Keeney.

    #3 53 days ago

    Here just a couple of Bally six card games with Single Coin/Play Land back glasses in them. I seen many more different titles on other Bally Bingo Pinball machines six card games too......mostly 1960's and 1970's games.

    Aug trip 092 (resized).jpg

    Aug trip 097 (resized).jpg

    Aug trip 119 (resized).jpg

    Aug trip 133 (resized).jpg

    #4 52 days ago

    Here are some photos. the coil that is fried is on the left stepper out of the pair that are side by side in line with the motor. thanks!

    IMG_5146 (resized).JPG

    IMG_5150 (resized).JPG

    #5 51 days ago

    the cabinet is distinctive - the game is probably Fun Spot '61. Your picture doesn't match the internal pictures for Barrel 'O Fun 61 I have, but I don't have any fun spot '61 pictures to compare to.

    if you want to take more pics on the inside, that would be great. Angles where the wipers on the units are visible would be great, as well as inside the head. Looks like the top stepper is the spotting unit, the middle one the selection unit, and the bottom are the replay counters for each card.

    the two things on the left end of the motor shaft are the 4-5-6 and 1-2-3 search discs from left to right.

    you've got an added relay and associated wiring, probably related to the added red button on the cabinet.

    anyway, the manual and schematic are at

    the manual has the coil part numbers in it (usually E-184-x, c-2794-x or c-7300-x). The search index coils are E-184-119 and the search wiper lock coils are C-2794-303

    #6 50 days ago

    i will have more photos sunday. your helps is awesome!

    #7 46 days ago

    without the coil connected to the top two steppers the machine will register when a ball falls into any of the holes and lite the appropriate number on the card. getting three in a row or more does not register games (maybe I just need the coils). I am holding a good coil from the right stepper. I removed this to compare to the stepper on the left. burnt relay (resized).jpg. This stepper on the top middle looks like it is missing a relay and also a switch as the white gear has a post that would hit a switch after one full revolution.stepper missing parts (resized).jpg. The bottom six units work nice manually. bottom units (resized).jpg. Here is a photo of the "light box".light box (resized).jpg. here are some additional photos. I think we are getting close.sc6 (resized).jpgsc5 (resized).jpgsc3 (resized).jpgsc4 (resized).jpgsc2 (resized).jpgsc1 (resized).jpg

    #8 46 days ago

    pedantically, the two things on the left end of the control unit shaft are search disc contact plates and wipers. Steppers are the units that use a coil/plunger and pawl to turn the wipers one ratchet tooth/step at a time.

    your game is a bit different from most of the descriptions you'll see about bingos. On most machines, the motor-driven shaft on the back door was the mixer/spotting unit, and the contact plate/wipers on the left end were the spotting disc/wipers. The control unit motor/shaft was in the head.

    on your game, there is no mixer/spotting unit. The control unit is on the back door, and the contact plates/wipers on the left end are search discs. You do, however, have a spotting unit that is implemented as a continuous steps up, never resets, and has no "top step". That's the unit in your second picture and it's not missing anything.

    the pin sticking out of the ratchet on the spotting unit doesn't do anything ... it's just a standard part with a pin that isn't used.

    I'm not sure if you are holding a wiper lock unit or a search index unit. The wiper lock unit engages the bakelite cam notch and locks the search wipers in their home position. The search index unit engages the black metal ratchet and locks the wipers on rivets when you are scanning for winners after pushing the R-button.

    if a lock coil is bad, the wipers won't release to look for winners (you won't hear the search relays chattering as the wipers spin). If a search index coil is bad, you won't get payout. Neither of those should stop the card lights from turning on as balls plop in the holes.

    #9 46 days ago

    Great Knowledge, thank you

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