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The Simpsons Pinball Party Vs. Jurassic Park Pro

By sataneatscheese

3 months ago

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“The Simpsons Pinball Party or Jurassic Park Pro”

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#1 3 months ago

Another fun and simple question, The Simpsons Pinball Party or Stern Jurassic Park Pro. Both cost the same in the market around now, both are amazingly fun, and both could be easily moved when my Rick and Morty is ready.
Positives for both:
• Amazing themes
• One of my kids is obsessed with dinosaurs and they both love the Simpsons, the pin is mostly for me but it would still look good in the basement.
• Deep rulesets on highly regarded machines
• 3+ flipper games
• I can’t help modding my machine with crappy little toys and both machines are perfect for this
Positives for Jurassic Park
• It’s new and the code is still developing
• The Data East Jurassic Park was my favorite machine for a long time, I loved the dinosaur eating the ball (but it’s not on the pro)
• Full motion video gets a point.
• The sound package in this is way better than the Simpsons
• Unique layout
• My middle kid would play this
Positives for the Simpsons
• I’ll never beat it
• My oldest kid will play this one more
• I’ll never learn everything there is to do on it.
• Playfield toys gets the point
• Playfield art gets the point
• Cabinet art gets the point
All in all both are amazing games I’d love to have. I’m not in the market for one just yet (I have about 2 months of pinball projects to finish first) but wanted to hear the crowd consensus on this one. Neither would not be forever pins and would probably only stay 6 months, but I really like both and have some extra pin money I’d rather have in pins that in cash. This would be in a lineup next to ST:TNG, an arcade, and replace either Whirlwind, High Speed, or Taxi.

side by side (resized).png

#3 3 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Simpson’s is the game everyone regrets selling. Compared to the jp pro it’s a no brained getting Simpson’s. Now if you compare a premium jp it’s a toss up on theme preference imo

Totally agree on the JP Premium and it would definitely put it over the top, but it's in a different price band.

Edit: Going strictly off of pinside ratings it's JP Premium, TSPP, JP Pro

#7 3 months ago
Quoted from Boatshoe:

How is the sound package of JP better than Simpsons? I'm not sure who is doing the callouts of JP, but Simpsons has the main actors. To be fair I can't hear the JP music at the bar.

I've only ever played the TSPP at MOM's in College Park MD, but the sound on that always really bothered me. The callouts and music are great, but that game (along with the Twilight Zone) always seemed to have poor sound. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but it always sounded overly compressed like downloaded music in more compressed formats at lower bitrates sounded off of Napster back in the day.

#8 3 months ago
Quoted from JimFNB:

You like to move games. So I would start with TSPP and then get JP down the road when code is hopefully even better than it is now and prices may have dropped. TSPP code is obvs done and prices are stable. Who knows what the future is for JP but it seems unlikely to go up bc there are plenty available.
I know this is not the optimal way to look at your decision, but again in your case, I think it’s at least a little relevant.

Excellent points. The Simpsons is great, and JP will only get better. I am price conscious after my own fashion, and you are right that TSPP is likely the better "pinvestment".

#21 3 months ago

Man, this one is neck and neck. At the same price TSPP edges out but if people are really getting JP Pros for $4500 that puts JP solidly in the lead. Anyone know when JPs go back on the line at Stern?

#23 3 months ago
Quoted from Wanimal:

Thinking about trading up my WCS for a JP pro. Any opinions? Didn't mean to hijack the thread but I figured it's relevant[quoted image]

WCS is a great game and was my first pin. JP and TSPP are both way deeper that WCS. All 3 titles are family friendly fun. TSPP and JP both take much longer to play a game than WCS. TSPP and JP are both also not as approachable as WCS. On WCS everyone understands what to do, where as it is not always clear on TSPP and JP. Your WCS is probably worth about what you paid for it, but JP Pro will depreciate in the next few months. With that said, if you've made it to the World Cup Final you'd get more out of a JP Pro. My 2 cents.

#41 3 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

I would suspect some of those bargains on JP2 pro's may have had pooling or chipping issues that the first runs had. I wouldn't count on finding one for that cheap as the norm especially with the newer runs. I was originally looking for a JP2 premium but saw some were having calibration issues or pieces falling off the T-rex so went with a pro and love it.

Honestly the chipping and pooling doesn't bother me that much. I'd take one at a discount any day, but feel bad for the NIB guys.

Quoted from Boat:

I owned a TSPP in the past, it's a great game but when it comes to ball times, they are too long. Maintenance on TSPP would also be more honerous. Also careful about spending money on mods, TSPP can destroy your wallet in mods. Based on that I would say JP. TSPP is still a great game though

Long ball times might be an issue. I had to open up the lanes on my Whirlwind (games were taking 30+ minutes) and the Hobbit took forever to go after a high score. Not too worried on maintenance as I seem to enjoy that sort of thing.

Quoted from FalconDriver:

TSPP. Now,if the kids enjoy the Simpsons. If your the Dino type I would consider going with Premium and get the full effect while you are at it.
Of course when it’s right for you financially. I just think for the money, fun factor, yes long ball times are there, go with TSPP. More bang for the buck with playability and depth for at least 6 months of use .They’ll be plenty JP pros when “next” pro is released! Better pricing too I’m sure for second hand machines. Whatever you do keep that Whirlwind!

But one kid loves dinos and one loves Simpsons! Which kid do I love more! I've gotten more bang for your buck out of that Whirlwind than any other Pin I've had, possibly excepting my old DE JP which is a complete ripoff of... Whirlwind.

Quoted from emkay:

One is going up in value, the other is coming down. My TSPP isn’t going anywhere but I couldn’t see JP lasting here more than a year. Fortunately there are a bunch on location so I don’t have to decide.

There are a ton of pins around me but it's a 2 hour round trip to play JP Pro for me for some reason.

Quoted from guitarded:

Well, not if your kids aren't cool. No.
But a 12 year old me would have thought he had died and gone to heaven if there was an Iron Maiden Pin within 2 hours of my home!

My 8 year old and 6 year old could care less about Maiden, and my 3 year old is scared of the artwork.

#73 3 months ago
Quoted from V4Vendetta:

JP pro looks so barren compared to TSPP. JP premium is better matchup.

Completely agree, but the Premium JP puts it in a different price category, JP pro and TSPP are running roughly the same price and this would be temporary.

After all of this on the thread I'm leaning JP Pro but we will see what's available in a month or 2 when I finish my current projects (High Speed boots again!).

The way I see it, if TSPP averages 5200 and is in good condition, JP PRO wins out at $4800 or less. JP premium wins at $6200 or less (not going to happen in 2020).

Hoping for a Stern grand slam TNMNT as the next release to drive down prices on JPs as people move on to the next big thing.

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