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Silverball Mania, worth a new playfield?

By Riptor

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I have a silverball mania and it needs a restore. I have many parts already and I plan on repainting the cabinet. The playfield has factory mylar which protected most of the art but there is still much wear everywhere there is not mylar. Also most of the inserts are sunk under the mylar. So I am debating on whether this machine is really worth another $600-$700 for a new playfield or if I should just live with what I have.

#14 3 years ago

Vid I saw the page where you made the new horseshoe, it looks great. If I do go for a new playfield would you sell me a horseshoe?
I already have many parts to restore this such as stencils, pop bumper caps, ring kit, plastic set, flipper buttons, legs, shooter rod, coin door skin, etc etc.
My issue is that I already have a bunch of money in this and I am not sure if it will be a keeper. Im at the point now that I can fix it up without a new playfield and still make a little money if I decide to sell. Once I buy a playfield I would loose loads of money if i were to sell it.
I dont know, gameplay is not very exciting to me so far. Maybe with a fresh playfield and rebuilt pops, slings, etc my opinion will change.

Here are a few pics so you can see what I am working with. The cabinet is in bad shape, someone put angle brackets on the bottom because the bottom panel was broken. Easy enough to fix since I will be stripping and repainting anyways.
The playfield is not that bad because it has factory mylar. However, under the mylar all of the inserts have sunk and there is a lot of wear everywhere there is not mylar. Backglass is perfect.


#18 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

You just have to do it because you love it, cuz you ain't gonna make any money when it comes time to sell.

What I should have said is I would rather not loose a bunch of money if I decide to sell it. I fix these games up because I enjoy doing it.

I will get some pics of the wear tomorrow and post them. Its mostly at the top arch and around the horseshoe. It also has heavy planking on the lower area around the apron. The inserts are not so much sunk as they are cupped. Warped from the heat of the lamps.

#23 3 years ago

I already have a set of stencil I got from Marco. Not sure of the quality but they have to be better than the Kiss ones I got from Arcade Adventures. They did not line up well at all. I had to cut out and apply each individual face then mask them together. Worked out well in the end but damn it was a lot of extra work. The proportions are off on some of the flames too. The one where the ball shooter is almost completely covered where the original just slightly went under the shooter bezel. The quality of the materials were great, they just need to tweak their files some to make it right.
I will try pinball pimp stencils next go around. Anyone know who makes them for Marco?

#25 3 years ago

Vid, what is this picture supposed to be?

#31 3 years ago

Im not really a flipper but I do sell games occasionally when I get bored with them. This usually takes several years. The thing is im really not getting into the gameplay on this one.
I have almost ordered the playfield several times and backed out. I guess I should buy it and if I dont use it I can always sell later.
Right now I have a xenon machine that has my attention. Would love to find a new playfield for it.

#35 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Riptor!!!! Hey, remember me from Klov?? Tim and I were talking about you a few weeks ago and he mentioned that you were into pins now.

Hey man how's it going. I have always had a pin or two, I just beefed up the collection recently and I am thinning out the arcades. I now have seven pins plus bably pac and ice cold beer.

Vid, where can I get the "new SB roms? What is the difference in the two?

#38 3 years ago

Thanks Vid, will do.

Quoted from sohchx:

What!!?? You actually parted with all those rare Pacs that you had?? No way

Not yet but sold about 6 other games. Im selling pacman, pac plus and super pac. Keeping baby pac, jr pac, pacmania, professor pac, pacland, mspac. Selling burgertime and operation wolf too. I never play them anymore so decided to let them go. The games I do play im keeping. May sell more later or just put them out in storage for a while.
Not including the pinballs I am down to just 18 machines. I had over 30 not too long ago.

#39 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Riptor!!!! Hey, remember me from Klov?? Tim and I were talking about you a few weeks ago and he mentioned that you were into pins now. I too own a SBM and am in the restoration process. I just cleared my PF this morning. I got my machine for a song, fully functional and with mint BG. I too contemplated the PF swap but the one that I have was so nice and had so little wear that I just touched everything up and cleared it. It needed all new rubbers which strangely there was a new full set in the cabinet, yet no one installed them and over time they all yellowed, needs all seven bumper caps and bodies replaced due to yellowing. I'll pick up a new horseshoe from Vid eventually when it goes back together. You mentioned that you have full factory Mylar? My machine only has it in front of the slings
Picture is pre-restoration

It has mylar from the flippers up to the horseshoe but it does not go up inside the horseshoe. Then there is a second piece that butts up against the seam of the first piece and that one extends up to the lanes. So basically the art is in good shape everywhere except inside the horseshoe, next to the right flipper and above the lanes at the arch. There is planking on the lower portion below the flippers.
The biggest issue I can see is ALL of the inserts are really cupped.
Im still undecided on what to do with the playfield. I know this one can be touched up and repaired. Here are a few wear pics. Yeah I know, its actually not too bad. If the inserts were not cupped I could live with it after some touch ups.






#40 3 years ago

Sohchx, let me know if you need any plastics. I have a new set for mine so these will be up for grabs. Its missing one small piece and the two top pieces have the typical warping. I think there is a small crack on one of the slings but the rest are presentable.
I also have new pops and caps but mine are burnt and yellowed too.

#45 3 years ago

Sochx, the clear job looks great. Very nice looking PF on that one. I see you have mylar on there, is it over the clear or did you clear over it?

Vid, yes I have used clear to fill low spots before. What is your opinion on clearing over mylar? So long as the mylar still has good adhesion?

#46 3 years ago

Ok I bit the bullet tonight and ordered a new playfield. Once I make the swap I plan on refurbishing the old pf to sell.

1 week later
#49 3 years ago

Got this in the mail today. Cant say im real happy with it, the quality of the finish is crap. Check out the second pic and you can see how bad it is. Its much worse in person, it took a dozen pics to be able to capture it in the pic. It looks like the wood was not sealed in any way prior to the art application or was not sanded very smooth. It almost looks like planking to me. Other small (mostly un-noticable once installed) issues are a bug in the clearcoat and some specs of missing color in various places. Also the white where the horseshoe goes is really thin and I can actually see the wood peeking through.
I guess now I need to know what kind of finish they use and if I can spray automotive clear over it.



#53 3 years ago

I managed to get some pics that show the issues better. I also noticed many inserts are slightly raised and the playfield is slightly warped as well. Looking at it a little closer I am going to guess the clear was laid on too thick and it wrinkled when it dried. There are a couple smudges where it looks like someone touched it before drying.
Another noticable blemish is an imprint of a star insert right between the two star roll-overs. Looks like someone laid it on the clear before drying. Its somewhat visible in the second picture but really noticeable in person.
So tell me, if you spent $700 on this would you be satisfied? Is this typical CPR quality? If so I wont be buying any more of them.


#65 3 years ago

No, it does not have the Bally sticker on it. I bought it from Planetary Pinball.
I didnt pay an extra $50 for the "guarantee" not to get a crappy product.
Im buying a xenon playfield from Kruzman. I already have too much $$ in this SBM so im going to take care of this one myself.

#73 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Unless I missed it, we still don't know who the op bought the playfield from. Not that it really important, but the kicker for me is the missing hologram.

A few posts up...it came from planetary pinball.

#74 3 years ago

Ok, I spent around 5 hours on this tonight and got it done. I was able to get it straightened out without respraying it. Here are some shots after flattening with 800 grit.




#75 3 years ago

Here are some shots after sanding, polishing and wax. Sanded with 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000.
Its hard to get good pics because of the glare, but thats a good thing


#77 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Sucks you had issues, but that playfield turned out very nice!

Thank you, I am satisfied with it. No way was I putting it in the game as it was.

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