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"SILVER BULLET" - Custom Conversion Game

By Silver_Bullet

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Greetings All -

I have spent the last seven months creating a custom conversion pinball machine called "Silver Bullet". The artwork was done by Brian Holderman, an artist from Pittsburgh, who some pinheads may remember from his work with PAPA and the custom game "Luther's Vendetta". The game will debut this weekend at The Gallery 4 in Pittsburgh:


The playfield is hand-painted by Brian Holderman with a remarkable clearcoat by Christopher Hutchins. The backglasses are silkscreened on glass (backglasses will be available for sale). These photos are just teasers, and do not show the playfield plastics, cab art, and some other finishing touches.

It was a huge undertaking, but I am very happy with the results. Happy Halloween!

IMG_6807.jpgIMG_6807.jpg IMG_6696.JPGIMG_6696.JPG

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#2 10 years ago

Great work!

Nice detail on the moon phase.

#3 10 years ago

Whoa. Awesome classic-looking backglass. Seriously.

#5 10 years ago

Very impressive... nice work! Love Brian's style!

#6 10 years ago

super awesome

#7 10 years ago

Killer. What is it a conversion from?

#8 10 years ago

Nice! Does it have a credit dot? the 01. in the image ;D

Looks AWESOME! Nice work, I always appreciate seeing this sort of art. Very nice.

#9 10 years ago

Wow. Great art work. Any videos of it in action?

#10 10 years ago
Quoted from Av8:

Killer. What is it a conversion from?

Mata Hari?


#11 10 years ago
Quoted from Av8:

Killer. What is it a conversion from?

Mata Hari

#12 10 years ago

Mata Hari I believe would have been the source pin

#13 10 years ago

Great work, looks fantastic!!

#14 10 years ago

Oh, and how much will the back glasses sell for? I'd love to support the project.

#15 10 years ago

Awesome! Nice art!

#16 10 years ago

looks like a mata hari. Looks awesome.

#17 10 years ago

Looks beautiful. The girl on the backglass has great tits!

You ought to go into production with these machines. Be a new manufacturer!

Any pictures of the cabinet graphics?

#18 10 years ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

You ought to go into production with these machines. Be a new manufacturer!


Then Stern could not say "STERN PINBALL, INC. is the only pinball manufacturer in the world!"

#19 10 years ago

I like it
Not over done like some projects

Backglass looks great

#20 10 years ago

Great art, great job. Period.

#21 10 years ago

Would buy the backglass in a heartbeat. Where do I send my money?

#22 10 years ago

Nice work! I still have the flyer for this game from PAPA 15. I kept it because I liked the artwork so much. Any plans to do custom sounds?


#23 10 years ago

Looks fantastic. Stern should commission Brian Holderman to do one of their pins instead of the photoshop gang

#24 10 years ago

Looks great Mark.
Here is a link to the process of the playfields.Quite a bit more involved than just clearing.Definetly one of the more stress full jobs I have taken in because of all the unknowns at the begining .
Swapping inserts,stripping playfields,smoothing them, eliminating edges and brush marks,retouching etc.

Christopher Hutchins

#25 10 years ago

Awesome work guys!!

#27 10 years ago

Amazing art! Thanks for sharing...boobs

#28 10 years ago

Thank you very much for all the kind words!!! Brian is an excellent artist, and he has a real eye for design of the past (with a modern sensibility). We could not have completed this project without Christopher Hutchins, his topnotch playfield work and vast knowledge of all things pinball.

Backglasses are $350 shipped in the USA, payments can be sent directly to Brian Holderman via Paypal at [email protected]. Brian had 25 of these backglasses screenprinted, and less than 20 will be made available to the public.

More pictures and details will be released after the gallery show debut this Saturday November 3rd.

- Mark Baker

#29 10 years ago

Just awesome!

#30 10 years ago

very nice work, great looking machine.

#31 10 years ago

I love the art style. Finally some girls back in pinball!! It will be neat to hear the details of how this came to be.

Chris lays down the straightest clear... look at the reflections in that. Its amazing how it leveled out and you can't see the brush strokes any more.

#32 10 years ago

Bravo! I think NIB runs of machines like this would sell very well. They would cost less than current sterns and look cool as heck. Retro! I'd buy one if a run of them were ever made. They sure would outsell the 3/4ths transformers machine they are making at stern now.

#33 10 years ago

that looks freaking sweet mate!

#34 10 years ago

love Love LOVE this!!! Fantastic job, and congratulations on an incredible looking game!

#35 10 years ago

One of my favorite games just got better!

#36 10 years ago

Wow, it looks great, I see Mata Hari's selling for cheap on Craig's List all the time...

#37 10 years ago

Just a small update - the complete playfield with plastics:


#38 10 years ago

Looks great

#39 10 years ago

For a second, I thought this was going to be about a Coors Light pin.

#40 10 years ago

NICE looking pin. (and the dame ain't too bad either!)

#41 10 years ago

Looks great

2 weeks later
#42 10 years ago

I just saw this on FB yesterday then found this thread here. I want one!

Very nicely done.

#43 10 years ago

Looks good but the backglass imagine and playfield imagine are too close or if not the same thing. Mix it up a little just a thought.

7 months later
#44 10 years ago

Man I am in love with this machine. A damn fine job!

#45 10 years ago

That's the best thing to ever happen to a Mata Hari.

#47 10 years ago

Very cool.

#48 10 years ago

I saw this thread resurrected from 7 months ago and thought *maybe* they were now producing a kit. Darn.

At least I got one of the backglasses.

2 years later
#49 8 years ago

Silver Bullet won the "Best in Show - Re-Theme" award at the Replay FX show this past weekend in Pittsburgh! Silver-Bullet-Award.jpgSilver-Bullet-Award.jpg

#50 8 years ago

WOW !!!!!!

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