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Show us your EM Bowlers, Mechanical, and old Electrical Toys in your Gameroom!


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#398 4 years ago

Hello, posted this under OT, but didn't get much info. Thought I'd see if someone here knows about these. Am going to look at today or tomorrow. I guess there are boards involved, and for something to sit for so long can't be good. I may not be able to test it either. Anyone?

OT: Have a chance to buy this. Say's he has the 'wall style' new in a box. Couldn't really find too much about these. Does anyone here have knowledge of the play, rough value?

image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

2 weeks later
#407 4 years ago

Amazing displays! Too cool.

#411 4 years ago

A video of you operating each one of those would be cool too.

#415 4 years ago

I was just trying to see if you'd 'fall for it'. Wanted to see feats of strength...and the shocker.

3 months later
#441 3 years ago


yes i was yelling that

6 months later
#540 3 years ago

Probably doesn't fit here but I thought I'd show it. A 1965 Hamm's Scene-a-Rama motion sign. It rotates through a camping scene, waterfall etc. Pretty neat. Has an Easter egg, too! *Hard pic to take without glare I guess, for me anyways.


#542 3 years ago

Yes it has the R rating. I've had a couple of these, and have seen maybe 4-5 others, but haven't seen them without it. Possibly the screen was faded/worn to make it hard to see. ??? Or maybe they caught the error at one point. Hmmm...

#544 3 years ago

Wow never knew that. Well maybe I got lucky that my second one had it too. My first one did, but a cat knocked it off a 10' ledge and it went 'kaboom' on a tile floor. I had heard the disgruntled worker story. Makes sense. The bad word is there, and also the 'U' below it.

#548 3 years ago

Interesting. I probably threw out too much! I did save the screen and rollers...maybe a few more things. I'll have to check again.

#552 3 years ago

Keep watching, it'll come around again.

#553 3 years ago

Seriously though, it isn't real clear. Supposedly it couldn't have been to make it past inspection. I do think I have started seeing it more 'clearly' over time, so there's that. Also, seeing one up close, in person, where you can change the viewing angle may make a difference too.

#556 3 years ago

I saw that locked up one too. Prices have gone up!
No worries on the Dancing Lady, Alex. It had the wrong cab etc. *Dirt paid the disco a visit today.

#558 3 years ago

Not I. Gonna have to make, then bring, more money next time.

1 week later
#563 3 years ago

I think 'The Torrence Collection' has one of those, w/ a video. Sorry my vid linking skill are bad.

3 weeks later
#577 3 years ago

I was very happy to add a 1964 Southland Eng. 'Little Pro' to my collection. Thanks to Alexf who is a great seller, game locator, and 'all around guy'. It's the predecessor to Williams' Mini Golf and was made by Harry Williams new company for a few months, before the rights were sold to his old company, Williams Industries. Alex probably showed this one off here before, but it's so nice I have to give you another look.

This game had my kids in the game room last night!!...which never happens because they seem allergic to pinball.
*my kids think the lady on hole 3, bg, is 'twerking' . I had to look that one up.


#580 3 years ago
Quoted from DB62:

I have the 1964 Williams "MINI GOLF" ... these are great and really fun games. Congratulations!


Have you posted pics of the Mini Golf, Dan?

#582 3 years ago

Oh hot damn. 11 strokes - 9 holes

Had 26 strokes the previous game.

Just add beer!


#584 3 years ago

Thanks Znet. As you may know, turning the golf ball rotates the mannequin, and the two buttons on the right side of the control panel are for soft/hard putts. Each hole requires a certain 'touch' to make. All but one hole needs an arc shot. Make all 9 holes in 15 strokes or less = win a free game. The strokes are added in the window, with a 27 stroke max. The pf holes/flags light and advance as you go..simultaneously with the hole indicators on the bg.

#587 3 years ago

That's really nice looking^^^^^ Somebody will be very happy.

Here's a Skill Roll, with custom topper


#590 3 years ago
Quoted from cait001:

That Skill Roll looks super cool.

Quoted from hoov:

That Skill Roll looks great - Love all those nickels "on standby"

Thank you. It's smaller footprint makes it an ideal game when you're trying to shoehorn stuff in. Plus it's addicting! The sounds are just like an em pinball too so it fits right in.

1 week later
#593 3 years ago

A real bowling alley is 60'! WOW!

1 month later
#615 2 years ago

Sweet, Dan. I like.

#620 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballAir:

I wonder about the different bat strengths.
I am setting up my Upper Deck with an alternative player console with multiple pitch choices.
The game has varied batting strength now and it is assigned at random. (as are the pitches)
I dislike the random bat strength because as the hitter you are handicapped by the random strength of the bat.
How often do you use less than the maximum bat strength.
I just want to bash the ball to the home run target.....

It's an intrigal part of the game. (I have the Star Slugger). If you get a homer in all three levels, in one inning (you'll notice this is recorded on the bg) you win 30 runs! This determines who wins. Yes you can bat the ball around and get good bounces, but if set up properly...a good solid hit from Weak-Medium-Strong can get you to the low-middle-top bleachers. 3 bleacher levels, 3 bat strengths. Yeah, the game can turn around quickly. I've scored 40+ runs in the 3rd inning, with two outs! Since Star Slugger is more run friendly (3 innings, gobble holes behind ramps that load bases)...it's a wild ride!

As far as value... ??? I'm slightly embarrassed about how much I have into it (because of the money difference compared to em pins). But, looking at other sales...I'm still above water by a ways. . It's all good.

#623 2 years ago

Lastly...homers to the lower deck scores one run, hitting the middle deck scores two runs (and all runs batted in will now score x2 also), and the third deck scores x3. So a grand slam to the upper deck gets you 12 runs! Now, if you already had the low and middle decks lit..you'll be getting 42 runs! Medium bat strength gives me much more control and higher scores. The strong bat strength is tough to be consistent on, for me. Weak bat strength is only used for me when I want that lower deck lit. Has to be a perfect straight shot up the middle though, because if you hit a side ramp...the ball just rolls up and over and plops into the Out hole.

#624 2 years ago
Quoted from bintzknocker:

I've seen them pop up every so often. Theres on on cl in my area. minneapolis.craigslist.org link

It's gone now. How much was it?

#633 2 years ago

You can add these to your Pinside collections now. Right now it's just me! ...and holding at number #1.

I'm king of the world!!! Haha


3 months later
#685 2 years ago

Yep close to a '39 Bally Alley, but no cigar.

#687 2 years ago

Same guys were in office 9 years later.

(1964 Southland Little Pro)

*Maybe the tags were good for a couple few years??

IMG_2006 (resized).JPG

#689 2 years ago

Good story Alex. It's condition backs that up I think. '66 my bday year, I like it too!

2 weeks later
#712 2 years ago

That's great. The first 'musak'!

2 months later
#737 2 years ago

New (to me) Hamm's Scene-a-Rama with clock. Installed some replacement panels and hung it up in the disco. Almost 6' long!
Thanks Alex!

Disco pic of sign not good, so included one of it down.

IMG_2151 (resized).JPG

IMG_2140 (resized).JPG

#740 2 years ago

Well this one came in on a trade (it cost me one of my babies , and I haven't seen any others for sale. The 3' signs I've seen go between $1000-$2000. ??
Usually a small number of these can be seen on eBay etc.

#742 2 years ago

Thanks! Nice collection you have bek1966. I'm a '66 er too.

1 week later
#749 2 years ago

Nice!! You may find yourself playing this more than your pins. Don't know how many p&bs can do that!

#754 2 years ago
Quoted from bek1966:

time to see if anyone is interested in a traveling baseball league. How about it guys, it seems that we have the games, do we have the interest?
In between innings we can bowl & shoot!

Picture of bar please.

#757 2 years ago
Quoted from bek1966:

Well, it's more of a Kitchenette and it's around the corner. But I do have the back fender and seat from a Cushman scooter (you can just barely make it out in the first picture above) that you can use for a bar stool!

Well alright it looks like we have a league forming

#763 2 years ago
Quoted from bek1966:

"Northwoods tavern" is my state of mind!

Yeah take a look at Alex's game room pics . I might have to rip out my 'disco' and start over

#769 2 years ago

Yep, a Super Homer to the stars

1 week later
#771 2 years ago

Here's a little 1937 Groetchen 'Ginger' trade stimulator. Simple game as a slot, but I thought the original condition was great. Thanks for the lead AF A nice little art deco piece. A penny can win you 1,2, 3, 5 or 10 packs of cigarettes! You need to get three packs in a row, and then a token showing the winning amount will be paid out the side. This would then be given to the store/bar owner for a payout. 7 brands on the reels. Chesterfield, Old Gold, Twenty Grand, Kool, Wings, Camel and Lucky Strike. Since the packs of cigs advertised on the machine were at 15 cents, I decided to try the odds. 200 try's, 2 wins!
Pretty good return for the operator, as long as the big hits were limited

IMG_2251 (resized).JPG

IMG_2252 (resized).JPG

#774 2 years ago
Quoted from cait001:

The odds of 3 of a kind, if totally random, would be 1 in 49. I wonder if there is a design to cut the odds in half, or if you just had some bad luck?
Would the value tokens be inserted randomly and evenly? That is an obvious and easy way for an operator to reduce payout costs.
If there was even distribution of token values, the expected value of a win would be a 4.2 ([10+5+3+2+1] / 5), or 63 cents.
If there is no... what's the word the bingo machines use to change odds? proportioning?
63 / 49 gives an expected result value of 1.28 cents per penny played, so chances are the distribution of the tokens is such that an expected win value would be closer to 1.5, or 22.5 cents. (i.e. mostly 1 tokens, a few 2, and just a single of 3, 5, 10, if included at all)
That would reduce the expected return to under half a cent, so lots of room for operator profit.
Cool item!

Thanks! You know, if I ever go to Vegas I might invite you along

Purely mechanical randomness, so I guess I was 'unlucky'. The person with the keys sets the rules with these, so if they wanted to fill the token chute with all 1 and 2 pack winners they could. Although folks may catch on after winning, and hearing about other winners. Then the proprietor would be known as a cheapskate! And everyone would say, "That guy could put coal down his shorts and end up with diamonds..etc". Then you'd have to put in a 'big win' token once in awhile just so you could say, "hey, see?, it's all random, try it again, they're in there". I assume this is how it all went down.

#775 2 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

I think you miscalculated the odds. 1 in 49 would be correct only if one wheel had only 1 type of cigarette. I believe true odds would be 1 in 342 because it would be 7 x 7 x 7? Yes, no?

If one reel had only one type, then the odds would be pretty big then to match three reels together.

edit: Just ONE reel having one brand. I see what you mean now.

#778 2 years ago

Yep caught that, thanks. 1 in 342, mine is too loose! Actually the person I bought it from was testing it, and I saw he had won and a coin rolled out. I said, "hey you won". He said, "huh". I said, "yeah, right there, you won". He was very surprised. He said it had only happened once before, and he was glad to see it still works.

#781 2 years ago
Quoted from cait001:

That would be the odds of winning a specific brand. The only consideration is if wheels 2 and 3 match wheel 1, which can be any brand.

If that's for a specific brand, and there are 7 brands.. 342 div by 7= 49 ish ??

Sorry to fill this up with math..but I do find it interesting, even though I'm bad at math myself.

#793 2 years ago
Quoted from pacmanretro:

If johnny trades his lucky quarter to Jane for two nickels, one dime, and five pennies (assuming she traded fairly this time)...what ratio of Johnnys coins will wind up in this stamp machine vs spent on attempting to win free packs of his favorite cigarettes?

Since the cig machine takes cents only, I'll say 5 goes into there, and then probably zero coins into the stamp machine

Cool little machine. The 'sanitary' part threw me off, and I had to look real close to see what it was selling.

#797 2 years ago

1934 Groetchen 21 Vendor / trade stimulator.
A Black Jack 5 card slot that takes cents thru quarters. First two cards given, then you need to try your luck flipping open up to 3 more windows. Payouts for 19,20,21 and Black Jack on the 'last coin played' value, shown in a little side window. I believe a quarter was about $4.50 ish, and a payout of 20 for a Black Jack would pay close to $90, in today's money. But even if you lost you'd still receive one piece of gum, since it was really just a fun gumball machine. wink wink

IMG_2293 (resized).JPG
IMG_2300 (resized).JPG
IMG_2302 (resized).JPG
IMG_2306 (resized).JPG

#801 2 years ago

One of the smallest trade stimulators, an early 1940's Groetchen IMP. A one cent 3 reel slot disguised as a gum ball radio. Not sure how well this threw off the Feds, but they did make a lot of them. This one has the cigarette reels where you need to match three to win (an early grave). The radio dials flip over the reels so, "hey we're just listening to the big game on this gumball machine".
Added a pic of one in the wild.

IMG_2315 (resized).JPG
IMG_2316 (resized).JPG
IMG_2313 (resized).JPG

#805 2 years ago

Wow, that's neat. You need that one Alex!

#807 2 years ago

This is the Exhibit Supply Company's 1932 'Spel-it''. A dice game trade stimulator that uses lettered die to spell the winnings. Spell ONE, win your last coin back (shown in the window). Spell TEN, 10x your money back ect. It plays cents thru quarters. The little ball bearing/pedestal tilt resets every coin to guard against shaking. Push the coin in, and when released the bottom board will spin to scramble the die. It also gives gum balls because gambling is bad

IMG_2372 (resized).JPG
IMG_2375 (resized).JPG
image (resized).jpg

#809 2 years ago

One of yours? Let's see a couple more since this thread has slowed down a bit. Beautiful machine. These small counter games can fit into a lot of little places, which's a good thing when you're pin stuffed.

#812 2 years ago

Great colors on those, a lot of fun I bet. I was thinking about getting to the Chi show early. Not 100% now, but would try to pick up a few older lighted beer signs if I did. Hopefully I'll be focused like that I went for the first time a year ago or so. I could've spent $100k there, if I had that with me.

#817 2 years ago

The Art Show is great. The origin of the internet

2 weeks later
#827 2 years ago

I'll come over with a saw and we'll get it in

#832 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

You'd think if a disassembled ball bowler can fit in my Mercury Mountaineer, then an assembled one should fit in my basement. Right?

Or maybe it's time you expanded out into the garage

#849 2 years ago

Here's a 40's Pace Comet slot machine. This one takes nickels and has the jackpot windows, but it also gives fortunes in the reels. The fortunes are odd though. One says you'll die a painful death, another says you'll lose your teeth. But one does say that I will drive a Ford someday, and I do!

IMG_2448 (resized).JPG

IMG_2463 (resized).JPG

#852 2 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

MAN the inside of that is cherry!
Well cherry cherry cherry KA-CHING!

Yes, thanks. The previous owner said he did that work in 1988, almost 30 years ago.

#860 2 years ago

Brought this home from the Chicagoland Jukebox show this past weekend. From the 40's, a Pulver candy machine with the cop and robber (they had multiple colors and animations). Push in a cent and the cop hits the robber over the head with his night stick. The robber's eyes spin around and his tongue goes in and out. And you get a piece of gum, too! It works on a clock like mech that needs to be wound during gum refills.
*interestingly it works only 1/2 time (or less) using newer cents, since the coin weight triggers the mech. Works 100% with the heavier wheat cents which it was designed for.

IMG_2475 (resized).JPG

#862 2 years ago

Thanks. They're porcelain and came in some bright colors, red being the most common. Others are blue, orange and green I think. Supposedly they were made really well so a lot have survived. Doesn't take up a lot of space either

#864 2 years ago

Well..there are some on eBay I see at varying prices/condition. But this was a Friday Chicagoland show 'parking lot special' (a deal worked out in advance). Beautiful weather that day so the lot was busy.

1 week later
#871 2 years ago

With a custom stand/storage built-in for schematics? Genius!

#879 2 years ago

Let's plan a trip

1 month later
#935 2 years ago

This one is pushing the envelope for 'mechanical', but it is coin operated. Gravity comes into play here, as a nickel inserted up top will fall inside and catch a groove causing the wheel to turn. The coin falls into the viewing window so the operator knows it's not a slug. The operator then clears the coin and it drops into the glass coin box at the bottom. Came with the original key that opens a little wooden back door.

1895 'Fairest Wheel' cigar store trade stimulator, made in Decatur IL.

Your nickel always gets you one cigar, but you can win up to three!

IMG_2694 (resized).JPG

IMG_2697 (resized).JPG

IMG_2698 (resized).JPG

IMG_2700 (resized).JPG

#936 2 years ago

*The collector I bought it from passed on some words of wisdom to me. We were discussing (trying to justify) the expense of having all these silly toys. He said, "Spend all your money having fun. And you'll know you did it right when you're happy to the last day, and then the funeral home check bounces".


#937 2 years ago

I think I've seen one or two of these here. 1947 Exhibit's Automatic Mauser Pistol Shooting Gallery. Just four targets and it's pretty simple in play, but the aesthetics were so cool and the size was right. I did a close up pic of a target, but when playing the mirrors make it seem like a distant shot. 50 ft (?). The pistol has a kick to it, too. Paul Reno restored this beauty.

IMG_2703 (resized).JPG
IMG_2705 (resized).JPG
IMG_2710 (resized).JPG

#939 2 years ago

Thanks to threads like this my 'tastes' have gone a lot of different ways! But I mostly blame Alexf and Dirtflipper for steering me down these roads

Paul farmed out the painting for this (auto paint place), but I don't think he regularly paints cabinets. ?? Well I guess I know he doesn't, but maybe he has other connections.

Nice Genco!! Very cool. I wouldn't of even had room for that one, I needed smaller. I'm packed to the gills but this one just fit. I still like to be able to move games in/out, remove pf glass etc
Good luck with your game.

#942 1 year ago

Another small Trade Stimulator. A 1941 Groetchen 'Klix', made out of Chicago Illinois. A nickel per play and you'd win up to 20x your bet (paid by the operator). First two windows initially are shown, then you press the buttons to reveal one to two more cards for a high 21 hand. This one has a twist where the dealers hand is revealed last, and you'll want to beat 17-21. The viewing window on the side shows the last coin played (no slugs!), and would be cleared after a win by the operator. This one also gives a gumball after every play (gumball supply seen in little window).

IMG_2778 (resized).JPG

IMG_2801 (resized).JPG

#943 1 year ago

Okay, not vintage...but they didn't make robot vacuums 50-100 years ago! A must for cleaning under/around all the games and legs etc. I can set it to clean at a specific time, and always walk into a clean room. Prices are coming way down on these. Highly recommended, by me

IMG_2816 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#958 1 year ago

Are you keeping it chrome, or painting? (I think these were all originally chrome)??.
I really like those. I've seen people put period correct diner menus with them, too. Show it off here when done!

#967 1 year ago
Quoted from wayner:

Not a lot of interest in the NFL downunder

The 'W' is for wayner, then. Which I suspect was the original draw.

1 month later
#994 1 year ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Took a day off and picked up this neat little ball bowler today. Fairly rare it seems and pretty nice cosmetically.
Yes, I know I need to stain my house.

That's cool, Alex. The 'Beer Frame' is a nice added touch

1 week later
#1017 1 year ago

That is pretty cool. I'd find room fast for one of those. Thanks for posting pics.

1 week later
#1027 1 year ago

Very nice, Dan. It's a beaut!

1 month later
4 months later
#1101 1 year ago

Found a nice Ask Swami fortune machine finally. Had been keeping an eye out for a couple years.

As you may know they were made in the early ‘50s for diners as a novelty napkin and menu holder. A cent will give you a little paper ticket showing the answer to a Yes or No question, along with a few jokes and sayings on the opposite side.

A ‘50s Woolworth’s menu added.

*I see around post #957 the arm that pushes out the paper slip was discussed. Mine works reliably with a piece of sand paper attached.


#1107 1 year ago

A 'Mystic Seer' probably over the guts of a Swami. Then repos were made of the Seer.

*I reviewed some older posts here and just realized EM-PINMAN started out this whole thread with a Swami. Pics of the fortunes too. Well... great minds think alike

#1109 1 year ago

Pics please
I know there’s one pictured elsewhere in this thread, but too many pages to go back and find.

1 week later
#1141 1 year ago
Quoted from wayner:

Just completed a full resto including repaint of a 1940s Gottlieb Deluxe strength tester using fresh decals from Crow River Trading.
Over the last few years I have accumulated sufficient parts to restore three machines-this is the first. It is noticeable on ebay sellers are asking ridiculous prices for strength testers with missing or broken parts. The mechanisms on these machines are prone to fracture due to relative fragile alloy castings in some components. Supreme care must be taken in disassembly of these machines due to freezing of components.
The machine is fully operational using a 1c coin & includes a very rare original coin box. The stand was fabricated from pieces picked up at a local Recycling Centre
I have included a number of pics which hopefully will assist anyone wanting to understand the mechanism of these machines.

That’s beautiful. You have a very nice variety of trade stimulators. They’re fun, interesting, and nice accents in a pinball room. I really like your stands too. Works of art, very creative.

1 month later
#1169 1 year ago

Looks in great shape, Alex.

2 months later
#1245 11 months ago
Quoted from seshpilot:

Guys I don’t own any non pin EM stuff but really want to. I never seem to find any of that stuff around here tho. Any suggestions on where to look/how to search for these kinds of toys? I know y’all have secrets about finding things, but anybody willing to share search tips?

Google- coin-op collectibles, trade stimulators, antique coin-op, antique candy machines etc...

4 months later
#1328 6 months ago

Another Pulver gum machine (Stop and Go Cop), made from the 20’s thru the 40’s. A cent gets you a piece of gum, and triggers a mech that makes the policeman swivel.
B8FFF6C5-E064-4234-9263-2D0233FE830F (resized).jpegD5028617-B0B4-4D4C-B398-D6A964D5B535 (resized).jpegE5FF62B4-1D7E-428D-BC07-4EED8FF5F587 (resized).jpeg

#1329 6 months ago

One more. This is a later crinkled paint version. They were painting old units instead of making more. These later ones used different characters. This one has Woody Woodpecker (swivels back and forth).
3ED8B943-3842-4AB5-874B-D6EB9F114D3C (resized).jpeg3A37941A-E103-43DD-B362-086B71EC092B (resized).jpeg

#1331 6 months ago
Quoted from wayner:

Beautiful condition Pulvers-congrats.

Thanks wayner
These have different levels of restoration. The green one has an original porcelain cover, the red has been repainted.
They were banged around a lot, being in bus and train stations etc, and being 70-90 years old they are hard to find in good shape.
I like the bright colors of the Pulvers.

#1332 6 months ago
Quoted from presqueisle:

One more. This is a later crinkled paint version. They were painting old units instead of making more. These later ones used different characters. This one has Woody Woodpecker (swivels back and forth and the head bobbles a bit).
[quoted image][quoted image]

#1339 6 months ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Where the Hell do you guys find this cool stuff?

They’re out there. eBay of course, but I met a collector who has connections and passes along deals.

Quoted from Budman:

What brand of gum is in there now, or are they just props ?

My friend also has connections for the gum pieces. Out of Ca I believe. Not real gum, but looks real and smells minty. The (original copies) wrappers are printed, cut, and hand wrapped. I did eat one once and didn’t get sick...that’s all I know
$.50 a piece! But since they’re NORMALLY not eaten, they just get put back of course. Allows you to ’excercise’ the mechs. Kids want to eat them, but I just point them to some real gum in a different machine.

#1352 6 months ago

I see a few ‘favorite grandpas’ here

2 months later
#1398 4 months ago

A couple more Pulver pick ups. I believe I have all the colors and mechs now. I like the bright colors of these.

6A97120D-05A5-427C-B599-7A4EFB29CA71 (resized).jpegB59CE8E6-755D-40DC-BC63-E9C4E3DC85DA (resized).jpegD8D39198-7CF5-4D14-9885-63261ADF274F (resized).jpeg
#1400 4 months ago

I believe (although I’m no expert) the yellow and red ‘painted’ versions only used Mint/Spice for the flavors.

My painted red (restored by someone else) also came with an error. I got a deal on it and just haven’t messed with it yet. Can you spot it?

BB0BA2E0-640F-4E34-8527-DBACE682EBC0 (resized).jpeg
#1402 4 months ago

Nope, painted ones had black dispensers, different characters and gum.
They were painting the damaged ones they had in storage instead of making more porcelain ones. A cent was getting to be too little for a profit, and they weren’t going to change mechs to accept .02 etc...and the writing was on the wall that these machines were coming to an end.

#1403 4 months ago

“Here’s a clue”

#1406 4 months ago
Quoted from ramegoom:I am not a fan of either gum,
[quoted image]

I’m not either, if you can find them they’re 80 years old and hard as a rock.

No one should know/care. The guy who sold me mine disclosed the issue so I was fine. I also knew it was restored obviously. Anyone using the stencils to paint their own should know they’re not correct I guess.

Your machine looks great. I like the light.

2 months later
#1455 57 days ago

Finally scored a 9 on Little Pro. I, coincidentally, had bought a six pack of Two Brothers Pinball beer earlier. Not saying drinking them played a role in it, but it definitely did I think

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#1459 56 days ago

A coffee/wine place near me has a small selection of beer too. I saw this brand and had to pick it up. I liked it! Kind of orange/grapefruity. Would buy again.

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