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6 years ago

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    #1 6 years ago

    Check out this link to my pictures:

    3-2013wedgeheads 328-552.jpg
    3-2013wedgeheads 334.jpg
    3-2013wedgeheads 337.jpg
    3-2013wedgeheads 354.jpg
    TopCard11-10-13 013.jpg

    #2 6 years ago

    Would love me a Silver Sails. That's a gorgeous bingo.

    Thanks for sharing Vic.

    #3 6 years ago

    Here's mine Vic. The last three photos are future projects. C'mon, let's see some more guys!002.JPG002.JPG002.JPG003.JPG005.JPG006.JPG007.JPG008.JPG009.JPG010.JPG011.JPG012.JPG014.JPG015.JPG

    #4 6 years ago

    Hmmm.....Not sure why the first photo showed up three times! Sorry about that!

    #5 6 years ago


    You have such a "top of the line" collection of bingos.

    GR11-24-136pm 042.jpgGR11-24-136pm 041.jpgGR11-24-136pm 039.jpgGR11-24-136pm 037.jpgGR11-24-136pm 036.jpgGR11-24-136pm 035.jpgGR11-24-136pm 032.jpgGR11-24-136pm 031.jpg

    #6 6 years ago

    Thanks Vic. Yours is also a great collection. I noticed you have a Wlms. Lady Luck. Boy do I regret selling mine! Great game! That 1 card point enclosed bumper will drive you nuts! One of the few games (along with Wlms. Full House and a few others) where you actually WANT the ball to drain during the game!

    #7 6 years ago

    here is my humble offering... Still a work in progress


    #8 6 years ago

    I have a Dixieland for sale in case anyone is interested. Excellent backglass and playfield. $275 in VA.

    #9 6 years ago

    Inside back box of Silver Sails.
    3-2013wedgeheads 131.jpg

    #10 6 years ago

    Careful Vic. You'll scare everyone away!

    #11 6 years ago

    That's the best part. What a great engineering feat and amazing to look at


    #12 6 years ago

    Spent many dimes in those old machines in the 70's!

    #13 6 years ago

    Do you remember the names of those old machines?

    Lower cabinet of the Silver Sails.

    3-2013wedgeheads 116.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 114.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 113.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 112.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 115.jpg

    #14 6 years ago

    Here's a front view inside of Malibu Beach. Bally's last official EM bingo. Similar in features to Silver Sails.

    #15 6 years ago

    Vic & Dennis; where are your 20 hole Mystic Lines machines [ducking for cover]? You can see a glimpse of my Tahiti in the Malibu Beach photo above.

    Love those bingo machines.

    #16 6 years ago

    My Double-Up 20 holer is in one of the above photos.

    #17 6 years ago

    I only have 25 hole bingos in my collection since that what i played growing up.

    #18 6 years ago

    What else do you have there MrBally? I see a Miss America Supreme. Love the Miss America games.

    #19 6 years ago

    Great artwork on the top arch of the playfield on Golden Gate.
    3-2013wedgeheads 140.jpg

    #20 6 years ago

    Here's a pic of the all original condition early 1950's Bally Variety that use to be in my collection. It went to a good home and a great owner.

    I bought the game from a house in Allentown PA from a women who said her husband was a operator back in the 1950's and 60's. She told me that they had it in their home back from the 1950's. It might have been on route for a just short while in its lifetime.
    JoeNewhart2013 008.jpg
    JoeNewhart2013 009.jpg

    #21 6 years ago
    Quoted from DennisDodel:

    What else do you have there MrBally? I see a Miss America Supreme. Love the Miss America games.

    Unlike you pro's, I only have four. Wall Street, Tahiti, Malibu Beach and Miss America Supreme. I would love to have a Bounty, Miss America DeLuxe, Lido and a better six card like Nashville, Dixieland or Hi-Flyer.

    IMAG1254.jpg IMAG1258.jpg
    #22 6 years ago

    Full photos.

    IMAG1263.jpg IMAG1264.jpg IMAG1267.jpg IMAG1268.jpg
    #23 6 years ago

    Whats with that big prize card? Is that from NJ where that type of payout is legal?

    #24 6 years ago

    Were these ever cash-payout games in legitimate casinos? Say in Atlantic City? I would have played the hell out of them! Haven't ever seen one on location anywhere in my life time.

    #25 6 years ago

    Have three, no room for any more. All have been restored. The Sun Valley was in very bad condition when I got it. The County Fair was restored in Holland and the Silver Sails cosmetic work was done by a mate. I've just gone through it so everything works as it should. I really enjoy playing them, there is so much more to a game on a bingo compared to a flipper.

    I've since added the correct cigarette holders to Sun Valley.
    Sun Valley Restoration 013.jpg
    Sun Valley 031.jpg
    Sun Valley Restoration 015.jpg
    Silver Sails 7.jpg
    Silver Sails 2.jpg
    Some really nice art on the Silver Sails playfield.
    Silver Sails17.jpg
    Silver Sails 18.jpg
    Silver Sails 4.jpg
    Notice the operator added a ball roll tilt in the top of the head, just visible top right. Must have had trouble with punters trying to add a little side lean.
    Silver Sails 22.jpg
    Silver Sails 21.jpg

    #26 6 years ago

    Here is my entry into this,yes its a bingo machine,no flippers.A restoration work in progress.It was headed to the scrap heap but it was so unique I had to save it.steeplechase1.JPGEverything works,horses all work perfectly.Someone cut out all the gambling portions of this a long time ago.Pity...steeplechase1.JPG

    #27 6 years ago

    Sorry about the double picture,I have no idea why it did that.

    #28 6 years ago

    I like the Seeburg Phoenix you have as well.

    #29 6 years ago

    Good eye...not too many people would have spotted that and known the exact model...

    #30 6 years ago

    When I worked for a route op we had several Phoenix and Disco models with the dreaded MCU system. Give me black & grey box microlog systems any day...

    #31 6 years ago

    What's with that big prize card? Is that from NJ where that type of payout is legal?

    I sold a extra Lite a Line i had in my collection to the owner of the haunted house( Mr. Nickles) that burned down i think back in the 1970's on the Wildwood boardwalk. Mr. Nickles put the Lite a Line in one of his arcades and thought he might strike it big with people wanting to play bingo pinball and get a prize/points from his arcade.

    Well, even after my buddy who's in the coin op business here in NJ put 4 of his Dixieland 6 card bingo for a 50/50 split the turnout to play the bingos was poor. So we went and got the 4 Dixielands back and i asked Mr. Nickles for the sign to bring home to my bingo pinball room.

    1 week later
    #32 6 years ago

    At the end of this video is a real nice collection of bingo pinball machines if you haven't already view it.

    #33 6 years ago

    Here's JR's Bingo...Mike K wanted to sell it to me and i passed and had way too many bingos at the time..So JR PINBALL gobbled it up.
    vacation 032.jpgvacation 031.jpgvacation 030.jpgvacation 029.jpgvacation 028.jpgvacation 027.jpgvacation 026.jpgvacation 025.jpgvacation 024.jpgvacation 023.jpgvacation 022.jpgvacation 021.jpgvacation 020.jpgvacation 019.jpgvacation 018.jpg

    #34 6 years ago

    Lyn Durant would be proud!

    #35 6 years ago

    wow mind blowing photos

    #36 6 years ago

    Here are some pic's i found back in 2007...Bought this excellent original condition 1955 Bally Bingo in PA.
    Gaytime9-23-07 047.jpgGaytime9-23-07 044.jpgGaytime9-23-07 043.jpgGaytime9-23-07 041.jpgGaytime9-23-07 037.jpg

    #37 6 years ago

    Bally Bingos and Gottlieb wedgehead pinball machines mixed in my gamerooms in 2006.
    Time is flying by...Less than two weeks away is 2014.

    gameroom 6-26-06 117.jpggameroom 6-26-06 111.jpggameroom 6-26-06 108.jpggameroom 6-26-06 086.jpggameroom 6-26-06 085.jpggameroom 6-26-06 028.jpggameroom 6-26-06 024.jpggameroom 6-26-06 008.jpggameroom 6-26-06 041.jpg

    #38 6 years ago

    Here's a picture of the all original condition Bally Variety i had in my bingo collection for over 5 years. Man was she in excellent shape all around. I am glad it stand proud now in Joe Newharts sensational collection in PA.

    carpetOct27th2005 062.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 061.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 060.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 059.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 058.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 057.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 056.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 055.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 054.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 053.jpg

    #39 6 years ago

    That Seeburg VL200 jukebox in the background is pretty sweet also.

    #40 6 years ago

    Can't load pics for some reason, but have a Bally Broadway and Gayety in the current
    line up (restored & playing). Also have a United Showboat and Bally Beauty in storage.
    Would like to find any Florida themed bingos (Key West, etc) and a magic screen game
    someday to round out my smallish collection.

    #41 6 years ago

    Every EM pinball machine collections needs a 1950's juke.

    3 weeks later
    #42 6 years ago

    Wow. These are some beautiful machines and serious collectors. I am new to the bingo pinball world having picked up my first (non working) GAA Magic-Dixieland a couple of weeks ago. Very limited documentation and no schematics to speak of has made this very challenging so far. I am praying that someone here can help me since I have exhausted all resources. I was able to get the security errors fixed (mostly reed switches on doors not closing). But I still can't get the game to start. All I get is an alarm on start up with the HELP message and 0C or OC on the display. There is no such error code in the table, but when I go through the game setting I see a 0C which is the credits for the coin acceptor. The machine only has a bill acceptor (According to the person I bought it from that is the way it has always been).
    I have been to Danny Leach's site (very informative, but no luck). If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. I would hate to junk this machine, since it is in otherwise great condition (plus it's heavy as hell to move).

    Thanks in advance.

    #43 6 years ago

    Does the game have 10 balls in it?
    In order for the game to start all 10 balls must be in the ball trough.

    #44 6 years ago

    Yes, and all the sensors were checked and are working.
    Thanks for the quick response.

    #45 6 years ago
    Quoted from Vic_Camp:

    Does the game have 10 balls in it?
    In order for the game to start all 10 balls must be in the ball trough.

    I had 11 solid state bingos. Nine of them were Miss Bowling Turbo's and two were New Continental Golden's.
    I have a home-made manual of these machines and made extra ones. If you want one, i could mail it out to you. I think GAA is the manufactured too.

    There is a posting here on pinside with a ton of information about a New Orleans 6 card solid state bingo. Did you see the posting ? If not, find it and check it out. Its a must!

    Can you post some close up detailed pictures of the game?

    #46 6 years ago

    Here are some pictures of my game to compare.
    NCG full view 009-935.jpgNCG front door open 032-618.jpgNCG playfield top arch 050-38.jpg
    [attachment=1382954,null][attachment=1382954,]Continental backglass full 017.jpgContinental platflied full 022.jpg

    #47 6 years ago

    Thank you very much. Just let me know how much you want for it.
    Here are some pics.

    Dixieland1.jpg Dixieland2.jpg Dixieland3.jpg Dixieland4.jpg Dixieland5.jpg Dixieland6.jpg Dixieland7.jpg Dixieland8.jpg Dixieland9.jpg Dixieland10.jpg Dixieland11.jpg Dixieland12.jpg Dixieland13.jpg
    #48 6 years ago
    Quoted from Vic_Camp:

    Here are some pictures of my game to compare.

    is that key pad like the old bally ones?

    #49 6 years ago

    What keypad? I don't have a keypad. I have the interface for it, but not the keypad.

    #50 6 years ago

    so that silver box with the cable rapped around it is missing the keypad?

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