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show off your powder coated machines here!

By stones

3 years ago

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#125 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

That powder looks like it was done in a backyard with no surface prep. The orange peel is some of the worst I have ever seen. That's due to a multitude of factors:
Poor surface prep (no chem dip for example)
Not enough charge (Like someone using an eastwood gun or something from harbor freight)
Uneven heating or low temp melt. ( < 400 degrees evenly )
Too thick of an application coupled with poor heating.
I would take that to whoever did it and rip them a new one and have them re-do it. It should be smooth as glass.

Thank you for your unsolicited professional critique of my backyard work with a harbor freight gun. I'd take it back for a redo... but considering it was done by my alter-ego... he's an ash-hole and doesn't have a customer support bone in his body.

You also forgot to mention that the powder was like 5 years old w/out any humidity control... so the black wouldn't stick because of that. That it was done last minute at Techshop on Sunday evening before TPF.

Quoted from SuperPinball:

You forgot to mention the misaligned flippers.

Or that the flippers were also powdercoated and laser etched.... or that the machine was still in active assembly when that picture was taken.

You guys go right on ahead and rip on a "best pinball in Texas" award winner for 2014 if it makes you feel better.

#130 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

That's the "best pinball in texas"? You guys have low standards

Whateves. I stand by my work; regardless of how clueless you are.

And, everyone... if you are in the market for awesome powdercoating... contact that yahoo... and then nitpick the crap our of his work. Make sure it's defect free... clean, and "like glass". And demand he redo it - if it's isn't perfect. You know... since he's a professional and all.

#132 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Shall I get the popcorn or not?

Nah - I'm done feeding that elitish-professional troll. Clearly he does perfect work... as people in glass houses don't throw rocks.

If anyone really thinks I do "backyard" work... Thanks. I pride myself on actually doing what I need to do to make a project a success. I'd challenge anyone to best the work I did on Star Trek: Mirror Universe.

#138 3 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

How much more durable is powder coat compared to a good paint job with clear ?

In my experience; much. A good powdercoat is very robust and hard to even sand; much less remove without a lot of effort.

You have to remove the existing coating first.

This site has good info; but I haven't really tried their recommendation yet.

#142 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

However, he is not clueless.

Clueless - as in the amount of work in STMU... not in Powdercoating.
IE in RE: to "best pinball in texas? You guys have low standards"

Sorry; but any professional that proceeds to rip into the homebrew crowd because they feel like they are elite; is clueless... and well; someone that won't be getting my business.

#179 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

You at no point in your original thread said YOU did the powder.

Wha? There is an entire post devoted to the powder coating of the lockdown bar and siderails.

#181 3 years ago

You really aren't doing yourself any favors.
Before I proceed to rip into someone's work... I make sure to read the reference material so I don't go off half cocked.
Oh - Wait; don't feed the troll.

I do appreciate the ?attempt? at offering advise here... I think the delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

1 month later
#354 3 years ago
Quoted from Stretch7:

Here is my pink panther.......I went a little to dark on the pink but when I get some custom decals for cab I'll have colors to tie it all in.

I spy... with my little eye... my clear Early Solid State button housings. Are you planning on backlighting them with an LED?

#361 3 years ago

Can we take the button discussion to an on-topic thread?

Quoted from bcrage88:

Yep that was the plan, however, we had our YEGPIN tournament over the past weekend and three of these plastic housings broke during the tournament so might be rethinking the whole backlighting thing for the flippers as the plastic housing doesn't have the reliability we hoped. Might have to go back metal housings for them too bad as they are such a great design.

First I've heard of this...
The housings themselves, or the clear strap?

In tournament play; I can see how the competitive spirit would cause people to punch on them buttons. The straps might crack... then cause stress on the housings. A Metal backing plate would prevent that for sure.

Quoted from Stretch7:

Yes that is the plan and guess what colour....PINK!! I also have them on my Flash Gordon, Haunted house and have the decals for it as well.

my mine is if i can is double them up or if you can make them with a stronger plastic might be the key....never had any issues with them so far in home use though.

FR4 (PCB material) would be much more resilient than the clear acrylic strap. Something like:

Quoted from Stretch7:

Quick question ...do you think you can or will be making a 1 piece backing for the double buttons like in haunted house?

Haven't even looked into it as I don't have a HH to look at. Given your report about the straps breaking under tourney play... I wouldn't want to try it.

I may have to consider having some Lexan WaterJetted in the design. My concern tho is that will be very expensive.

Let's take this to the my thread:

#383 3 years ago

Maybe the slimmer color doesn't photo well... but I just don't like it. Feels more fluorescent than a green.
But as along as you're happy.

#392 3 years ago

Right... the candy apple green does look good on the LE... but whatever that color is in the pictures above looks... different.

1 week later
#428 3 years ago

I think the white is better than the green I saw. Glow-In-The-Dark... would be interesting.

1 month later
#529 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

My Scared Stiff is in the works. Here is the lock bar and legs.

That's pretty good... sorta along the lines of what I thought about on my Star Trek Mirror Universe project.
Are you air brushing over the black powdercoat ... or airbushing powdercoat onto the legs?
I assume the former.... as the latter would probably require some liquid powdercoat which I've done in the past.

#532 3 years ago

Ouch. I've been there... done that Paul. Sorry to hear that; despite the non-professional rant earlier in the thread... I still prefer to do it myself so I only have to blame one person. :S

#557 3 years ago

yeah... umm... not a fan of those legs. 1Million uses for Contact paper apparently.

3 months later
#682 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I think purple or metallic purple on Stern Drac might be a bit much with the amount of purple in the cab already.

What about "blood" red?

4 weeks later
#724 2 years ago

idk. I woulda went with red to match the PF and t-molding.
Or maybe the t-molding needs to go black.

It's better than the stainless... but doesn't flow to me because of the tmolding.
But hey; it's his machine - as long as he's happy

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