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Should these green wires be connected to this ground hub?

By embryonjohn

5 months ago

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#1 5 months ago

Did these come lose off of the ground hub?
Should I connect them?
Also what do you make of the second picture regarding the ball roll tilt?
I ask all these questions on behalf of a friend who just brought home a nonworking El Dorado.

92ECC5A0-BD38-4676-8EA4-E8E425567EA6 (resized).jpeg6138653F-18E9-4085-A429-3469ED4A6784 (resized).jpeg
#2 5 months ago

On Gottliebs the Green wire with the yellow is a ground wire. Sometimes just green. Most of the time green with yellow. Plastic insulation is used on high voltage.

#3 5 months ago

Yes to green- they should be soldered back onto the existing ground point.

As for the tilt- was the whole thing cut out?

Can you get a better pic showing more of that side of the cabinet and maybe a bit of the coin door as well- would make figuring out whats there and whats missing a lot easier. Probably somone just knows looking but For myself I need a wide angle shot to help orient and establish missing parts. Seems minor so far.

#4 5 months ago

The 2nd photo shows the interlock switch and the wires to it have been cut. The wires wrapped together by-pass this switch. The Interlock Switch cuts the power to the game when the coin door is opened. It was an option on some year Gottliebs, it also came with cage around the transformer.

#5 5 months ago

Cool- my Gottliebs dont have that. I can actually see why it would be removed and also why you might want it!

If the rest of the game is intact seems like its totaly minor stuff!!

#6 5 months ago

The second photo shows the true ground wire: plastic insulation, yellow tracer relatively sparse. The first photo does not look convincing, so it would be a good idea to follow those cloth-insulated wires as best you can and then find the green-yellow wire on the schematic. On the schematic, determine how many points the wire runs to, then check each point to see if the wire is present. If you find exactly one point with no wire attached, that's probably where the dangling one belongs, but check your conclusion with common sense.
.................David Marston

#7 5 months ago

Yea cloth green with tracer yellow is not a ground. PVC green with yellow is! Another posting without the game name...

#8 5 months ago

OP said El Dorado in the body.

#9 5 months ago
Quoted from Darcy:

The 2nd photo shows the interlock switch and the wires to it have been cut. The wires wrapped together by-pass this switch. The Interlock Switch cuts the power to the game when the coin door is opened. It was an option on some year Gottliebs, it also came with cage around the transformer.

Pretty sure the interlock & cage was to meet Canadian specs. I have had two pins from Canada that both had this.

#10 5 months ago

Thank you so much. She’s coming alive now!

#11 5 months ago

Thank you everyone, I truly appreciate your help!. I'm just learning about the unit now. been doing a lot of cleaning and finding jumped wires. From what I'm thinking. It was an arcade game years ago and repair guys back then hot wired things to keep them running. Now to undo those repairs and find out why they were done. And yes Darcy, you are correct. It does have a cage over the transformer. Pretty cool actually.. The machine was on ebay. I asked the seller some details. They told me it's been sitting in storage for over 15 years. That got my attention so I purchased it. It's in decent shape. The cabinet is yellowed I would assume from being in smoke filled places years back. Also found some 43 year old gum underneath...LOL....... I'm new to EM, so I'm not as experienced as you guys. So please bare with me. If I have any questions. Would it be okay to ask you as I proceed?

#12 5 months ago
Quoted from Cylon02:

please bare with me

Quoted from Cylon02:

If I have any questions. Would it be okay to ask you

Baring with you is a little farther than most of us are willing to go. (Couldn't resist)
But ask us questions any time. We' re glad to help.

#13 5 months ago

Ha hahahaha ...

Thank you HowardR, I did get that one wrong!...LOL

#14 5 months ago

Hey Guys

Looking for some insight. Have trouble with El Dorado. trying my best to fix the problems but it seems to be getting worse. I cleaned all the steppers and Jones Connectors Both male and female. The 10 Target will not reset, the 5 Target does. I use jumpers from the 5 target to the 10 and it works. But try from the G Relay and nothing.

Also. Hit the little coin bar and it jumps 3 games every time. I moved the peg and does not correct itself. And, When I hit the start button, only thing that works is the playfield light come on and the 5 target relay jumps. Flippers work, rollovers work, rubber contacts also work. The game will not reset. Score reels will not reset. But hit the relay bank and things "do" work. Just not the 10 target.

What am I doing wrong? Transformer is on "normal"

The seller told me it hasn't been turned on since the 80s. It is dirty and cleaning up nice. Just wont run correctly. I know it must be me, just can't figure it out..... Any direction I need to start from?

#15 5 months ago
Quoted from Cylon02:

I cleaned all the steppers and Jones Connectors

Sorry but that was a mistake. This forum is full of posts from people who tried shotgun cleaning & adjustments, and caused more problems than they were originally trying to solve.
What to do instead: Slowly and carefully diagnose one problem at a time and then fix only that.

Quoted from Cylon02:

The 10 Target will not reset

Inspect and diagnose this circuit with Alligator clip jumper wires, starting with this switch on the motor.
Be careful because this circuit runs on 120 volts

Pinball (resized).png
#16 5 months ago

Thank you Howard,

I'll do my best to follow your instructions. Mark G who is "most" kindly mentioned something about shotgunning. I guess I've got a lot to learn still. Gets frustrating. It's like one step forward and two back. I just read the link you so graciously posted. I did just what it said "not" to do! Lessen learned. I'm almost ready to give up. But will go back in and try again. I'm going to read more of the links you sent and cross my fingers......

#17 5 months ago

Hi Gary,
If you'd like to try a phone call, send me your phone number in a private message. I should have some time to talk over the next few days.

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