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Shots that are Satisfying Every Single Time They're Hit

By Billy16

3 years ago

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#51 3 years ago

- Backhand sweeping the drop bank on Space Shuttle - especially if the flipper was fed by the outlane airlock. "Close Airlock" > Rip sweep shot, Oh yeah biatch?! > "Open Airlock"

- Whirlwind scoop for the Mega Door Bonus. The shot's not hard, but that thundering countdown never gets old!

- Ripping the loop ramp on Dr. Who for millions. Some people say this is easy, but I'm not that good yet.

But the most satisfying and hard to nail shot I regularly get to attempt, is Whirlwind's 3-way-combo. All of the shots are easy enough separately, and the first two as a combo are as well... but I've had the game for a year and have only heard that siren maybe 4 times. And you damn well better believe the satisfaction for that combo is personal, because the points it scores are the definition of measly: only 250K!? Holy hell!

#52 3 years ago

Picard maneuver on STTNG and the 5x saucer on Paragon.

#53 3 years ago

TAF vault shot. Love that clunk sound. Drives me crazy when the bookcase isn't level and that shot becomes almost impossible.

#55 3 years ago

Ladder shot on Fire.

#56 3 years ago

1)TRON-the GEM plunge-getting it to just pass the rollover then rolling back over it. Registering 2 hits.

The elusive double tap! Feels sooooooooooo good.

2)GOT----Super jackpot with the battering ram on Blackwater mb......the shaker just pounds. Quite awesome

3)MET-----jamming your ball in the snakes mouth to get ball save/add on and double scoring at that last possible second after you drained your last multiball.

#57 3 years ago

The Picard Maneuver is always a great feeling, every time. I can't think of another single shot that comes close. Most of those mentioned so far require significant setup rules-wise. NGG's hole in one shot is pretty luck-dependent. Picard Maneuver is all skill.

#58 3 years ago

On Abra Ca Dabra. The WHEN LIT lit upper center stand up target. The advancing of the Bonus. The Cha-Chunk of the drop targets re-setting. Is satisfying indeed.

#59 3 years ago

The Warp ramp on STLE. Once is satisfying, but the more times in a row the better!

#60 3 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Hitting the saucer in Paragon after clearing the drops and locking in your 5x bonus. There can be only one!



#61 3 years ago

Hole-in one- NGG
Middle ramp to lock shot combo- AFM
Damsel shot- MM
Bell- AC/DC premium/LE
Mode start- STTNG

#62 3 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

AFM: The Super Jackpot shot. I love how the tanks fires off 3 rounds and the turret portion of the tank turns towards you with each shot, and the tanksman on top of the tank raises his arm on the 3rd shot. The martian lets out the indelible "SUUUUUPPER JACKPAWWWWWWWWWTTTT!!!! OH BAIBEE!" Never ever gets old. I really won't lie, that callout alone made me buy AFM. Well, that and 20+ years of wanting, wanting, wanting.
BSD: The Castle Jackpot shot. Geez man, every time the girl screams as her face melts away and the cross shines in victory, it is just pure awesomeness. Whether it be in regular multiball for a ho-hum 16M, or in triple multiball where the shot can be 480M-640M, holy crap, it never gets old.
TAF: The Multiball startup sequence. All the lights go out, the buildup starts from bottom to top, and Gomez lets out the amazing "SHOW-TIME!!!" callout. That is just something truly special.
There are others I am sure, but these three are just spectacular.

The only one of these I've seen is TAF, but your descriptions of these shots was so vivid I got excited just reading about them!

#63 3 years ago

Reds mouth on Road Show.
Mouse Traps in multiball and Jackpot in backbox mouse hole in Mousin.

#64 3 years ago

Smashing the final castle to start Battle for the Kingdom in MM

#65 3 years ago

Goldeneye satellite shot

#66 3 years ago

The Taxi jackpot shot!

#67 3 years ago

Since I put the brass habitrail mod on the left return ramp of my LOTR, I find the Legolas shot to be the sweetest I have ever hit. I shoot for it just to hit it, over and over, whether I need to or not.

#68 3 years ago

Getting LIONMAN. Especially when your game is set to extra extra hard, like mine is. Damn near impossible but ohhh so satisfying when it happens.

Hitting the Turbo Loop in Indy 500.

Getting the skill shot in Zankor. The hardest skill shot in all of pinball. Never seen anything like it before. But if you nail it. Lights all the pops. Which are worth a crap ton. Played it about 200 games, and i've only done it 3 times.

#69 3 years ago

Good call TB I was going to say the same thing, lightening quick at times, also the storm shot on xmen is great when it connects.

#70 3 years ago

I always liked the center saucer shot on Baywatch. It's nothing spectacular, but I think I liked it because the shot is so far back on the playfield.

#71 3 years ago

Riot shot on twd
Got battering ram jp
Right ramp on stern playboy
Legolas ramp on lotr
Xavior shot on xmen
Black widow on avengers

#72 3 years ago

Center ramp/ring shot on LOTRs especially when it's the final Destroy the Ring shot.

#73 3 years ago

Diner-cup shot
Spiderman-spider sense
Monster Bash-center spinner
Potc-jack the monkey
TF-Optimus bashing shot

#74 3 years ago

Wh20 5 x playfield and tripple jacpot down insanity falls. The feeling is sublime.

Hitting ramps in TAF during seance mode and hearing the knocks.

AFM lock ramp there is something so smooth in the flow and its a bit special as usually the ball divert is on for a lock.

Not so much a shot but the balls launching out of the reel in fish tales is pretty sweet.

venom ramp in spider-man gets hit a dozen times or more in a game and each one feels spot on.

Right hand side ramp in kiss always feels like it to steep to make Borg is a master at making shots that seem to defiy Gravity.

Ahh to many to list pinball is all about special shots.

On a side note. Shot that sucks extra ball on WH20 seriously it just lame and impossible.

#75 3 years ago

Monster Fish on Fish Tales.

Cannon on T2.

Mashing the bonus spinners on Harlem Globetrotters.

Any successful backhand on Future Spa, particularly to the the inline drops.

#76 3 years ago

Black knight, the perfect shot towards the left ramp, smashing through the spinner hoping it has enough speed the reach the top & turn around, icing on the cake if the extra ball is lit

#77 3 years ago

I find satisfaction in Firepower's shot through the spinner up to the top lock hole when it is last ball lock for multi ball. Ball locks & countdown for the releases begins...

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#78 3 years ago

Bell shot Ac/DC
Damsel shot MM
Power shot TZ
Right ramp around both heads shot RS
Volcano shot congo
Either ramp DH
War machine shot IM
Third flipper ramp shot Corvette
3rd flipper ramp shot DM

#79 3 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Riot shot on twd

That one doesn't seem to do it for me, though I do like nailing the right ramp from the crossbow (prem/le) and the Woodbury shot with the spinner (as a side note, I question if that's a play on words of some sort--"would bury"...but they aren't dead yet?).

Otherwise, I would have to give the most praise to BSD. I've had it over a year now and still find both ramps, coffin locks, and mist ball to be quite satisfying (of course the castle jackpot as well, etc.). Coffin locks and the mist ball being a couple of my favorite things in all of pinball.

Only commenting on machines I own as it would be hard for me to judge longevity on most others.

The left ramp on Black Knight isn't too hard to hit, but does take a pretty perfect shot, then the spinner (particularly with the bonus sound) and extra ball bell put it over the top.

Nearly every shot on MET at various points in the game...

#80 3 years ago

Right ramp on Tommy, ES, DW - Rudy shot
Full Vari hit on Genesis
Any of the right drops on Flash Gordon
Warp ramp on STTNG or ST
Khan shot for TS
Crystal Ball Shot on WOZ
Top Drops on Fathom
Activate MB right shot on Centaur
Saucer shot on Paragon after clearing a gazillion drops

#81 3 years ago

As others have said, the warp ramp on Stern Trek but also the away team! That's almost harder to hit than the warp ramp.

#82 3 years ago

Metal ramp taf it's somewhat tight and I love the sound it makes as the ball flies up the ramp and is suddenly stopped zip-click-CLACK!

#83 3 years ago

Almost any shot that requires me to thread a ball between pop bumpers. ie Dead End shot on TZ

#84 3 years ago

Congo volcano several times to light extra ball.
I actually find the jackpot shot in NGG much more exciting than the hole in one shot and hitting super jackpot is the best of all.

#85 3 years ago

Instant Rematch on Banzai Run. High pressure, hard shot but oh so sweet when you get it.

#86 3 years ago

The right ramp on Stargate. It's a strange shot, as hitting it requires just the right angle, but when you make it up and around it just feels really nice!

All the ramps on LotR. I'm not sure why, but all of those ramps seem extra satisfying to hit. The left ramp is so smooth and quick, while the right ramp is harder to hit, but I love the way the ball hits the target on the end and falls back down. And of course, the ring shot, especially on the fly!

#87 3 years ago

I should also mention the AC/DC ramps - the most silky-smooth ramp shots on any game ever made.

#88 3 years ago

Robocop ramp and spinner, great shots.

#89 3 years ago

Dungeons & Dragons 'Mystical Millions': a nerve wracker, it is hard enough to enable the shot and then you have three seconds to get it

Black Rose: sinking a ship never gets old for me, always some hootin' and hollerin' involved when a ship goes down

#90 3 years ago

LOTR - the shots during the destroy the ring mode are exciting and extremely satisfying...

#91 3 years ago

DM - Hitting that really narrow left loop shot to start multiball

ST (Stern) - Stringing together a few of the warp ramp shots

#92 3 years ago

Getting a solid hit on the bell in AC/DC, and making it swing is almost therapeutic for me!

#93 3 years ago

TWD: Riot shot
ST: Warp
And +1 ACDC bell
And +1 GOT ram shot for BW SJP's & HOTK hurry up SJP

#94 3 years ago

Super Duper skill shot on POTC, Tower lock shot on Baywatch, Picard maneuver on STTNG, the final target standing on Sinbad, ripping any EM early SS spinner that is lit.

#95 3 years ago

Left loop on WCS when ultra spinner is lit.

#96 3 years ago

Super, keep it coming! It amazes me how many really-satisfying-to-make-every-time shots pinball designers have been able to come up with! How do they do it, I wonder...

#97 3 years ago


#98 3 years ago

Getaway S U P E R J A C K P O T shot
TOTAN Lock Shot - The way the magnet stops the ball, the sound and display on the DMD at the same time.
TOTAN Hitting the lamp perfectly to get 14+ lamp spins
Fish Tales - Monster fish maxed out after 6 back-to-back boat ramp shots.
Fish Tales - Long Cast and/or Fast Cast
AC/DC bell never gets old
WOZ - Toto ball save
WOZ - Mini wizard mode shot to liquidate the witch
Tron - Left ramp while ZUSE mode is going. Shaker motor + sub woofer go crazy.

#99 3 years ago

Getting into a groove and nail jump after jump on No Fear - especially when it's for Super Jackpot.

#100 3 years ago

RS - Bob's Bunker/Ball Lock shot
W?D - Catching the killer by shooting the phone after left or right orbit is made

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