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Shortest distance traveled for a pin...

By SirScott

3 years ago

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#51 3 years ago

Go my ST pro and BMDK 8 blocks from my house.

#52 3 years ago

About 60 seconds away (two stop signs) picked up Four pins
10 vids, a skee ball, a chicken machine, three claw games
Four or five bubble gum machines and a sticker machine

#53 3 years ago

closest literally across the street minty Checkpoint . and second closest two doors down a Mrs pac man and a count down. (i cut there Grass for a month)

#54 3 years ago

The Stern distributor for Australia is literally in the building behind my warehouse. It's like living next door to your drug dealer.

#55 3 years ago

My 2nd Dataeast machine was there playing pinball like my usual self and right behind me was my next project machine. So i call it behind door #3 7 foot to the truck i was driving that night. Some will call it cheating in the sense its a pinball joint and there almost is always something for sale you just have to have right amount of money and ask.

#56 3 years ago

My 1961 Williams Skill Ball came from an estate sale a couple blocks from my house.

Even better, my Ship Ahoy was free and delivered into my shop! But technically that did not involve travel on my part. Some of you guys need to review the definition of travel.

#57 3 years ago

I bought a Black Knight 2000 exactly 0.3 miles from my door in San Francisco. I walked it home on my dolly.

#58 3 years ago

Less than 5 miles for a game posted on Letgo this past March that was actually on my wish list. It was buried in a room with a ton of junk. Paid $350. It will be a light project over the winter.

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C79886EF-9213-4F1F-834E-93282B4451A7 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#59 3 years ago

I checked out 2 machines that were a 2 minute walk from my house... ended up not buying them, but they were very tempting.

#60 3 years ago

I’ve bought 3 games from a friend over the years not more than 3 miles away

1 year later
#61 2 years ago

I was walking my dog about three blocks from home, and I saw a couple of pins in a guy’s garage. I knocked on the door, but the guy wasn’t home. I left my name, number and address with the guy’s wife. About two weeks later the guy pulled up in my driveway with one of the games in the back of a pickup truck. “It’s yours if you want it... free!” That’s how I got an EM King of Diamonds game. (The other game was a Sweet Sioux, and he gave that one to a relative.)

#62 2 years ago

about 4 miles, picked up a jokerz! for $600 off craigslist. Man I miss those days.

#63 2 years ago

bought from a fellow pinsider ,,,,,,,,,,less than 1 mile away

#64 2 years ago

My first pin, which I stumbled upon as a fluke, was 10km away (6 miles). If it hadn't been that close I don't think I would have ever gotten into the hobby. It was fortuitous, it was serendipity, it was too perfect to pass up.

#65 2 years ago

1.4 miles down the street, Black Rose was being stored in the back of a neighborhood bar!

#66 2 years ago

Both my BMX and Star Trek The Next Generation were about 15 miles away (different sellers).

#67 2 years ago

Four of my pins were picked up less than 2 miles from my house

#68 2 years ago

I picked up a Big Guns less than a mile from my house.

#69 2 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Both my BMX and Star Trek The Next Generation were about 15 miles away (different sellers).

Still bummed i missed on getting that bmx.

2 weeks later
#70 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Still bummed i missed on getting that bmx.

Fun rare game, but if you can stomach the theme I still prefer the gameplay on Hardbody. I think Jay still has both.

#71 2 years ago

About a mile. 3 turns, 2 of them were for driveways.

#72 2 years ago

Bought my FT from a friend less than 2 miles away. Wish all pin purchasing was that easy.

#73 2 years ago

Got a Williams Gulfstream out of a tavern a few blocks from my house. It had gone out of business many years ago and a buddy got a Pole Position cockpit and a deluxe Sega Hang-On in the same visit. The pin and Hang-On both worked fine, but like many Pole Positions it didn't work. Funny thing about the ordeal was the old man who owned the building couldn't find the correct key to unlock the main padlock on the sliding gate. I waited for an hour until I decided to try the keys I had as a joke. I had a Masterlock brand key and it worked. That old man about had a heart attack on the spot. The building is still there but boarded up now. Probably condemned.

#74 2 years ago

Across the street....neighbor put Bally Globe-tro-ters out for trash pickup. Weird

#75 2 years ago

Picked up a Gottlieb Wild Life on Sunday... 1.5 miles from my house... had it working in about an hour... came with no legs...

#76 2 years ago
Quoted from Lathroum:

Picked up a Gottlieb Wild Life on Sunday... 1.5 miles from my house... had it working in about an hour... came with no legs...

Lt Dan (resized).jpg
#77 2 years ago

About 5 feet. The neighbor in the other half of our duplex had a Bally Black Jack I traded some car work for. It was my first pin.

#78 2 years ago

Picked up a game across the street from the house I grew up in and another in the same neighborhood. It is about an hour and a half from where I live now.

#79 2 years ago

I once wheeled a Street Fighter 2 pin down the street from my last place.

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