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Sharkeys Shootout----Its dirty, its mine, and sorta free! Who is the club?

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#51 7 years ago

By the way, I got your next project in the mail today Ill bring it saturday! LOL!!!!


#52 7 years ago

What's up with that?

#53 7 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

What's up with that?

Wall art......its actually a pretty nice piece though. Im going to try getting the mylar off and buff the crud out of it with the big orbital.

1 week later
#54 7 years ago

My first gameplay video Ive done, WooHoo! I figured a few havent seen SShootout in action.

#55 7 years ago

Love the strobing effects this game does with its lights! Too bad the person playing was so terrible

10 months later
#56 6 years ago

reviving this thread, any new owners or new mods?

I find this machine is one of sterns most durable/dependable machines out there! I've only had to replace 2 switches (drop target and scoop) and 2 drop targets in 5 years or so. get lost in the web!

#57 6 years ago

I ended up selling it but yeah, mine was rock solid, had no issues with it ever.

I really enjoyed it while I had it.

2 years later
#58 4 years ago

Thought I'd bring this one back to life again. I have a question in regards to locks. The first multiball they're automatically lit and you can start pretty quickly. After that you have to relight the lock shot each time you lock a ball. Anyone know what shot relights them, I seem to be doing it randomly

8 months later
#59 3 years ago

I have two spare plastics
If in need pm me

20180324_160735 (resized).jpg

20180324_160728 (resized).jpg

5 months later
#60 2 years ago

Bump to this club. Took some searching to find the thread... anyway, discovered some cool stuff like an official response from Stern regarding the “tournament mode” not ever being developed and found the elusive “Airball” animation (and +5 mil. Points) when using the right outlane post save to get the ball back in to the shooter lane. That’s such a cool feature. Reminds me of the death save award in Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Anyway, nearest I can come to disabling the randomness of the mystery feature is to allow it once per game by disconnection the 4 P-O-O-L lane switches. That way, you can’t relight it. From my research, that’s all the POOL rollovers award in the game.

#61 2 years ago
Quoted from Thrillhouse:

Thought I'd bring this one back to life again. I have a question in regards to locks. The first multiball they're automatically lit and you can start pretty quickly. After that you have to relight the lock shot each time you lock a ball. Anyone know what shot relights them, I seem to be doing it randomly

To answer this... to relight the locks on subsequent multiballs, you have to collect a hurry up to light EACH LOCK and you can’t stack them.

To light the hurry up, shoot the left orbit all the way around, then to start it, shoot the left orbit again. To collect it, hit the flashing drop target shot. Now, Lock 1 is lit.

1 year later
#62 1 year ago

I'm joining the Sharkey's club this week, looking forward to adding one in really nice condition. I have a question for Sharkey's owners. Has anyone tried installing the white ceramic balls sold by Pinball Life (for TZ and Avatar)? They are the correct size, 1 and 1/16, I believe, but they are lighter, 65 grams instead of 80 grams, so about 81% of the standard weight. I would expect them to be faster, and perhaps cause more airballs, but I wonder if they would work? I'm interested to see if white balls would work like cue balls in this game. I may try it!

4 months later
#63 9 months ago

Ok I'm in the club picked up a working but filthy Sharkey for $1500.00. I don't think the glass had been off in ten years or more and it had the factory Panasonic batteries installed that had just begun to puke but it cleaned up really nice and plays great.

2 months later
#64 6 months ago

Just joined the pinside this year.
I made a mod to the mystery ball which I want to share with you. I added a small LED under the plastic of the mystery ball and hooked it to the mystery ball insert. So the mystery ball is blinking with the mystery insert.
For the pool ball inserts I also used the same color as the real color of pool balls
All LEDs I used are from multiball in Germany.

Regards EBC_62

Sharkey_LED_1 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#65 5 months ago


Sad news....she lived in the Indy area for almost 20 years before relocating to Florida a few years ago....

#66 5 months ago

New owner checking in. Picking it up on Saturday. Anything on the "must do" list? I'll be upgrading the battery board I'm sure. Figured I'd post and see what's a must do. Thanks!

#67 5 months ago

Found an oddity about hitting Lonnie Ropp in the head with basketballs! What the heck? In attract mode: press these flipper buttons L,L,R L,L,R L,L,R L,L,R.

2F6DA29B-0B05-4674-A44A-08A9925D1A16 (resized).jpeg944C1DEC-498E-46F8-A97D-CB805DC1E954 (resized).jpegA1D6C298-17A3-4959-8F44-5C3AA08AF6CE (resized).jpeg
#68 5 months ago

Well I got her home. All original needs a shop out but plays ok. I'll most likely tear it down rubbers, leds, clean, wax, button battery upgrade, and flipper rebuild. Best place for drop targets? Nothing at Marco. One was broken off and another broke in the few games I played it. Also going to need some skirts for the pop bumpers.

50983512673_56d16e9147_o (resized).jpg50983516228_a457bba159_o(2) (resized).jpg50984219291_027644513f_o (resized).jpg50984219601_cd8e799f72_o (resized).jpg
1 month later
#69 3 months ago

Just about done shopping out my SS. Of course the coil sleeves were welded to the coils so I had to order all new coils on my flipper rebuild. But just after the ball enters the PF there is a slot there looks like for a switch. I see holes under the PF for the mounting of a switch but it looks like it was never there. Is there a switch there? My PF is chewed up from the ball landing there on the launch. I cleaned it up a little and put a piece of mylar down but is this the way it is on others? Is there a switch there?

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#70 3 months ago

Almost 100%!

2 weeks later
#71 3 months ago

Head is all painted up and looking sexy again! New black leather t-molding installed on one side. Had to order some more to finish it off. Looks so much better with the black t-molding!

51142975843_dbbc6d99c8_o (resized).jpg51142975858_76c738450c_o (resized).jpg51142975868_686175d771_o (resized).jpg51143866280_b3b1ae2a1e_o (resized).jpg
4 weeks later
#72 60 days ago

My T molding was all cracked so I replaced it with chrome T molding. I think it looks better than white

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