SF2 DMD dead

By brianmcculloh

11 months ago


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#1 11 months ago

The DMD has been working fine with absolutely no issues since I got this Street Fighter II pin a few weeks ago. Then yesterday I had the playfield up for service and, long story short, it crashed back down to standard position. I was absolutely horrified that I had completely wrecked the thing. That was not the case though because when I turned it back on everything worked except the DMD. Then I made sure everything was still connected, checked under the playfield, and I didn't see any issues. I turned it back on again and voila the DMD was back up and running again! I played a few games just to be sure, and everything worked.

Then, I carefully resumed my LED bulb swapping that I had been doing previously. However, when I turned it back on again, the DMD was dead - again. And now nothing I do brings it back.

My first reaction is to check the F3 and F4 display fuses. But the fact that it stopped working, then started working again for a while, and then stopped working for good makes me wonder if it's fuse-related. If it was fuse related, wouldn't the fuse(s) just have blown completely and it would have just stopped once and for all until I replaced the fuse? Thanks for any insight a noob like me can get on this!

#3 11 months ago
Quoted from dung:

Do not under any circumstances unplug the dmd while it is on. This is specific to gottlieb's as it can and will blow the u8 gal chip.
With that out of the way. First check that the pins for the ribbon cable and the dmd power plug are clean with the game OFF. Try disconnecting the plugs and reconnecting them multiple times. If they are really dirty clean them up first.
Try it now, does it stay on? No? Then open up your starship troopers and use the ribbon cable from its dmd in street fighter. Ribbon cables go bad and if it has a broken wire it can work if its in the right position. If this fixes it order a new ribbon cable. If not you eliminated it as a problem.
If it still doesn't work wait for it to fail again, open it up and measure the power at the dmd power plug.
Start there and if the connectors, ribbon cable, or power are not the problem there are other things to try. If it is a power issue then someone who still owns a gottlieb can point you to where you can check the power going into the dmd driver board to see if its that or if the board needs a rebuild kit.

Thank you for the tip on not unplugging the DMD while the power is on! I just came across that here as well: http://www.pinrepair.com/sys3/

I will make sure the power is off. I've never disconnected a ribbon cable and I wasn't aware I could swap it between my two pins, that is very helpful. Is there anything I need to know as far as disconnecting ribbon cables? Is it pretty self-evident, or do I need any special tools to disconnect them? Basically, is it just "plug-and-play"? I don't want to force it and end up breaking something...

#4 11 months ago

Alright, I switched the working ribbon from SST to SF2 and no dice. I purchased a multimeter and ran a continuity test on both the F3 and F4 display fuses and they are both working fine. I also noticed a previous owner replaced the F3 vertical fuse holder with a standard horizontal fuse holder. I'm wondering if the force of the playfield crashing back down knocked something loose.

So I suppose I want to check the power coming into the DMD as my next step. I'll give that a shot. Any quick steps or a link to a tutorial so I can see how to do this? I have owned a multimeter now for a total of about 27 minutes, so needless to say I'm a complete noob when it comes to electronics. Thanks!

#5 11 months ago

I referred to this guide for info on testing the power coming into the dmd: http://www.pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gottlieb_System_3#Power_Issues

Sure enough, pins and 1 and 2 turned up nothing, but 6, 7, and 8 had correct readings. So I'm wondering how to use my multimeter to test the F3 fuse holder (since I know the F3 fuse itself is good). Any advice on testing the fuse holder would be much appreciated. Thanks!

#6 11 months ago

Anyone have any advice at all on this?

#8 11 months ago
Quoted from dung:

Not ignoring you on this, but since I no longer have a gottlieb so think its best for someone who has one to refer you on next steps.

No worries, I definitely appreciate your help - you helped me rule out several culprits and probably saved my u8 gal chip, so I really appreciate it!

#10 11 months ago
Quoted from T7:

Use your multi-meter to make sure the replacement fuse holder has good connections.
You will likely need to remove the board from the game to do this. Take pictures first so you can refer to them when reconnecting the cables.
If you find a bad connection, you will need a soldering iron to re-flow the solder for that connection.

Thanks for the tips! However I never got around to trying that because in the process of finishing my LED bulb swap out, I must have jiggled something somewhere and now the DMD is working perfectly again. I have no idea why. So consider this case closed for now, but I will star this topic for down the road when/if it goes out again.

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