SF2 Billions Shot?

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#1 55 days ago

I was playing my Street Fighter II yesterday and all of a sudden the knocker knocked twice, awarding me a billion points per knock. I don't even remember where the ball was when this happened (it was sitting in one of the holes somewhere - it wasn't live on the playfield). I have checked the rule sheet and I'm not aware of some sort of super ultimate jackpot. I was not on wizard mode, nor had I even gotten to wizard mode yet during this game. I think I was on ball 3 but I can't even be sure of that...

Does anyone know of such a high point value shot on this game? Any help is appreciate, because I really want to try for it again, thanks!

1 week later
#2 45 days ago

Usually the DMD exclaims BILLION! When you hit the billion point mark. I'm not aware of any "billion point shot" like Comet's million point shot.

#3 44 days ago

I was playing a game looking for ways to get a billion and the other 2 modes that came up that could do it is the "Double Round" where hitting 4 shots doubles your score or the"count up mode" where the score climbs until it hits your score (when it does the mode ends) but if you hit the shot wen the counter is over a billion it'd give you a billion points.

Both ways require having a billion points already.

#4 42 days ago

Thanks for responding. Very strange. I have not been able to do it since (30 or so games).

1 week later
#5 34 days ago

I took the glass off to experiment, and doubling the score the DMD didn't exclaim billions, it only did it the first time I cracked a billion. No double knocker either, if you ever figure it out post it here.

#6 33 days ago

I have played probably 30 games since and it hasn't happened again. I'm so perplexed. I will definitely post here if it ever happens again. I think I will take a picture of the score and post it in the high scores list just to drum up interest/detractors. Anything to shed light on this!

Thanks for taking the time to test it out.

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