Selling pinball parts

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#201 6 months ago

Some prices stay the same because they are enough low.If you want something you can always write me,but if you think that I give them free,I'm not your man.

#202 6 months ago

Could you post or PM the cost of each part individually (if you have them) that I have attached. I need multiples of some. From left to right:
01-12624 Bracket for apron mounting
01-12676 Interlock Switch Bracket
01-11408 Spacer Plate Cab
01-10714 Cover-line cord
01-8169 Cab Vent Screen
01-6645 Backbox Vent Screen
A-19562.1 Stay arm
A-17749.1-2 Playfield slide assy-right
A-17749.1-1 Playfield slide assy-left

100_0010 (resized).JPG

#203 6 months ago

PM send

1 week later
#204 6 months ago

Added parts from TOMMY,Space station,Grand lizard,Flipper football,Maverick

#205 6 months ago

I want the CPU from tommy but can't send pm till done at work

#206 6 months ago

Send you a PM

#207 6 months ago

PM sent

#208 6 months ago

do you have TOMMY translite?

#209 6 months ago

PM send

#210 6 months ago

I am looking for transformer 5610-13953-00 it was used in a couple of the machines you have listed world cup soccer and demo man.

#211 6 months ago

Don't have at this moment,sorry.

#212 5 months ago

Added Capcom,SEGA,DE boards at various parts section

#213 5 months ago

Who dunnit parts

Main plastic ramp
Right plastic ramp

Do you have translite too?
Battery holder board?

Pm me if you have these with prices please

I may take all the parts you have pm me a current list for this game and a price

Thank you

#214 5 months ago

PM send

#215 5 months ago

New prices

#216 5 months ago

Baywatch parts still for sale? Any plastics?

#217 5 months ago

Do you happen to have another wpc95 power driver board for sale?

#218 5 months ago


1 week later
#219 5 months ago

Only today-30% off for everything.
You just need to calculate it from the parts list.

1 week later
#220 4 months ago

New prices

1 week later
#221 4 months ago

Put a important message for the delivery time at the first post.

#222 4 months ago

What do you have left out of the Diner and whirlwind parts you had listed. Send pm if possible.

#223 4 months ago

PM send

#225 4 months ago

Update for the delivery info at the first post.

1 month later
#226 3 months ago

Delivery update:
Now US post begin slowly to take the packages,but still may have little delay.

1 week later
#227 84 days ago

Now all packages arrive with normal time of the delivery.
All packages are already send to everyone and you will have the tracking number until the and of the week when I go to the post to get them.

1 week later
#228 73 days ago

PM sent.

#229 70 days ago

Added Playboy 35th ANNIVERSARY parts,MPU DE,7-Digits glass

#230 67 days ago


Looking for Data East Star Wars parts, please let me know.

#231 67 days ago

Maybe check the opening post? He doesn't have Star Wars parts.

1 week later
#232 58 days ago

Added untested System 11a,Bally 6803 MPU and one display from HS at various parts section

#233 58 days ago

Any Bally Black Belt parts for sale? Any plastics? Ramps?

#234 58 days ago


#235 56 days ago

Just received a translite I bought from arakissun. Just as described, matches pictures, easy transaction and very satisfied. Buy with confidence!

#236 55 days ago

I have a Capcom Airborne. It's missing the backbox lock assy. And all the coin mechanism parts. Do you have any of those?

#237 55 days ago


#238 55 days ago

Do you have a Jokerz Translight?

#239 54 days ago


#240 49 days ago

Received my Jurassic Park part with no issues. Thanks again!

#241 49 days ago

You welcome,Crash.

2 weeks later
#242 29 days ago


#243 27 days ago

Hey Arak, any chance you have a Classic Stern slingshot metal arm lying around?

#244 27 days ago


#245 20 days ago

Added WPC boards and transformers at various parts section

2 weeks later
#246 1 day ago

Added several WPC boards

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