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#1 2 years ago

Popeye parts
Coil and bracket assy A-17251-20$
Kicker coil bracket assy A-17774-20$
Wheel assy without motor and opto interupter plastic-25$
Speaker panel+plastic-40$

High Speed parts
Displays driver board D-10877-30$
Plastic ramp assy-25$
2xTraffic lights assy without the plastic house-2x15$
6xSpin target assy+switches(without the gate)-6x8$
2xLock ball assy+metal plate+switch-2x15$
2xRelay assy+resistor board including capacitator-2x10$
2xResistor boards-2x5$

Playboy 35th ANNIVERSARY parts
PSU 520-5000-45$
Sound Board 520-5002-70$
Transformer 010-5002-60$
Wire harness-40$
Lockdown bar-30$
Lockdown reciever-30$
Power switch box-25$
Backbox lights wooden panel assy-40$
3-Bank drop targets assy 500-5055-45$
Mansion Backwall plastic-15$
7-Bank standup targets assy-30$
Left lock ball kicker-30$
Laser kickback assy 500-5080-30$
3xPop bumpers assy-3x30$
2xSlinghsots assy-2x20$
Left campagne kickback assy 500-5053-35$
VUK 500-5067-40$
Outhole assy 500-5082-20$
Shooter hauge-20$
All lamp boards-25$
Ball feeder assy 500-5012-20$
3-Bank standup targets assy-20$

Phantom of the Opera parts
2xslinghsots assy-2x14$
3xPop bumpers-3x14$
2xSuper VUK-2x18$
Shooter cover-10$
Outlet switch assy-10$

TOMMY parts
Power switch box+volume-20$
Wire harness(from under playfield,upper boards,sockets and etc.)-40$
Backbox lamps board-30$
Backbox boards metal plate-30$
Memory protection switches assy-20$
Wire ramps-30$
Steel ramp left-30$
Steel ramp right-30$
Undertrough ramp-36$
Lamp boards-20$
6-ball ball trough assy 500-5683-55$
2xslinghsots assy-2x20$
3xturbo pop bumpers assy-3x20$
Autoball launch assy 500-5769-45$
Autoball launch full assy-70$
Super VUK 500-5116-30$
Super VUK 500-5716-35$
Ball deflector assy 500-5788-30$
Blinders PCB-35$
Shaker motor PCB-24$
2xSpinners assy-2x15$
Left steel ramp gate+plastic assy-25$
2xPop bumpers caps-3x5$
Start button assy-10$
2x3-Bank targets assy-2x15$

Baywatch parts
Speaker panel assy-45
"Ball launch" button full assy-20$
5-Ball trough assy 500-5969-30$
Lockball assy 500-5684-20$
Ball trough exit scoop-20$
2xSlinghsot assy 500-5849-2x15$
3xTurbo bumper assy 500-5227-3x15$
Mini-coil(for upper control gate) 500-5968-25$
Mini-coil(for lower control gate) 500-5957-20$
3-Bank drop targets assy-35$
Dual plastic(right and side)ramp 500-5954-40$
Center plastic ramp 500-5941-30$

Batman parts
Super VUK 500-5115-03-15$
2x3 Jocker targets-2x5$
2xPop bumpers caps "BAT"-2x5$
Super VUK 500-5115-04-15$
2xslingshots assy-2x15$
3xturbo pop bumper-3x15$
Ball feed assy 500-5012-10$
Outhole assy 500-5082-10$
Kickback assy 500-5081-15$
Diverter assy-25$
VUK chute-25$
Ramp switch+gate assy 500-5314-20$
Ramp gate divertor-20$
Up-Down switch assy 500-5386-30$
Target Mtr. Cam assy 515-5224-35$
Lamp boards-10$

Riverboat Gambler parts
Relay board assy general illumination C-11998-1-15$
Speaker panel assy-30$
2xSlingshot assy-2x15$
Backside plastic-10$
Diverter assy+arm-28$
Lamp boards-8$
3xPop bumpers-3x14$
Shoot line ball feeder assy-10$
Upper left kick assy-15$

Hurricane parts
Crown & Decal(topper) full assy-30$
Backbox lights wood panel full assy-30$
Coindoor board A-15689-10$
4x"CAT" targets assy-18$
Speaker panel plastic-40$
Opto ramp switch board A-13901-25$
3-Bank drop targets assy-30$
Ball shooter lane feeder C-9638-15$
Outhole kicker assy A-8039-5$
2xslinghsots assy-2x15$
3xPop bumpers assy-3x15$
Ball popper D-11335-18$
Ball eject B-9361-17$
Disk & motor assy A-14750-30$
Wire harness(from under playfield,upper boards,sockets and etc.)-40$
Shooter rod assy-20$
3-Bank opto board C-13205-28$
Metal upperleft ramp+flap-23$
Lamp boards-15$

Giligan's Island parts
Coindoor board A-15689-10$
Lamp boards-14$
Outhole kicker A-8039-15$
2xSlinghshots assy-2x15$
Bottom arch kicker B-11873-30$
Island Lock mechanism assy A-14651-50$
Island mechanism assy A-14595-70$
Undertrough plastic ramp assy-20$
Incline right ramp+flap-20$
Main plastic ramp assy-35$
Shooter rod assy-20$
Ball kicker assy B-13959-20$
Optop switch & cable assy A-14534-20$

Bride of Pinbot parts:
Lockdown mechanism-30$
Outhole kicker assy-20$
Coindoor board A-15689-15$
Helmet light boards full assy-25$
Line filter A-14744-25$
Ball shooter feeder assy C-9638-20$
2xSlinghshots assy-2x15$
3xPop bumers+caps assy-3x20$
Speaker panel assy without the plastic-30$
Skill shot assy-30$
Backbox light panel assy-30$
Shooter rod assy-25$
Loop assy-20$
Kicker assy-20$
3xRight ramp gate+switch full assy-3x15$
Ball gate actuator assy A-14364-25$
Disappear post assy A-14046-25$
Motor regulator board A-13892-20$
Service buttons-15$

Who Dunnit parts:
Coindoor board-10$
2xslingshots assy-2x15$
Backbox lamp wooden panel-30$
Backbox boards metal plate-30$
3xStepper motor board A-19043-3x40$
Shooter line auto kicker assy A-20439-35$
Ball trough assy A-19963-70$
Ball trough board reciever-30$
Ball trough board transmiter-30$
Eject assy A-20435-30$
Reel assy A-20425(without the stepper motor boards,left and middle motor not moving,right is ok)-90$
Reel full assy with all boards-180$
Telephone assy A-20574-30$
Roulette assy-25$
3-position moving targets assy-60$
Motor bracket A-20483-positon moving targets assy-100$
Ball shooter assy-26$
2-yellow targets assy-20$
Slot machine plastic+spacers assy-30$
Right eject metal assy+flasher-30$
Main plastic ramp-35$
Right plastic ramp-30$
Lamp baords-18$
Trough assy A-20491-20$
Plastic trough assy A-20419-24$
Botton trough assy A-20487-20$

Judge Dredd parts
Speaker panel plastic-30$
Motor EMI board A-16486-15$
Ball guide(under apron)-20$
Incline ramp-15$
Left and Right square buttons assy-2x10$
Liftter opto ball drop(on the plastic ramp)bracket assy-14$
5-diod switch board A-16943-15$
Lamp boards-15$
2xslingshots assy-2x15$
Outhole through boards(Reciever+Transmiter)-60$ for both
Through assy A-16967-20$
Kicker bracket full assy A-16936-25$
Backpanel assy-15$
Lever coil A-16445-25$

Checkpoint parts
Pit stop plastic full assy-15$
Skill shot,Jackpot plastic full assy-15$
Plastics+plastic line guides from left and right-20$

Dracula parts
Hight current driver board A-16697-20$

Demolition Man parts
Motor EMI board A-15542-20$
Knocker assy-20$
Tilt mechanism assy-10$
Service buttons assy-15$
Outhole through assy-40$
Outhole through boards-60$
2xslinghsots assy-2x15$
Incline ramp A-17291-20$
Ball eject assy B-9361-R-15$
Kicker bracket assy A-14525-20$
All Lamp boards-30$
Elevator assy A-17597(without the motor and board)-70$
Cryoclaw assy A-16989(without the motor and board)-80$
EYE Gate assy-15$
Left ramp enter assy-17$
Left ramp exit assy-17$
Right ramp enter assy-15$
Right ramp exit assy-15$
Side ramp enter assy-15$
Side ramp exit assy-15$
Super jackpot assy-25$
Demolition time assy-20$
Feed ramp-35$
Cryo-Bracket full assy A-18057-50$
Cryoclaw base-25$
Ball popper assy rear A-17215-30$
Ball popper trough underplayfield assy A17823-30$
Wire drain-cryoclaw switch assy-10$

The Getaway parts
Outhole kicker assy-20$
Ball shooter lane feeder C-9638-15$
2xSlinghsots assy-2x15$
Accelerator Tray A-15300-35$
Knocker assy-17$
Kicker assy A-15708-20$
Accelerator entrance ramp assy A-15297-30$
Stop light assy A-15283-30$
Divertor accelerator ramp assy-40$
Metal main ramp assy-45$
Supercharger assy-30$

World Cup Soccer 94 parts
Speaker panel plastic-30$
Ball trough assy + coil A-18753-30$
Ball gearbox+metal plate(without motor)-30$
Front (right) ramp assy A-18011-30$
Bottom (left) ramp assy A-18009-50$
2xBall shooter rod assy A-17730-2x25$
Spinner "Ball"+gate+switch full assy-2x15$
8xRollover switches assy+base-10$ for 1,55$ for all
2xGoal Bracket -2x5$
Spin ball base-10$
2xBack panel assy-2x15$
2xCoin toss assy-2x20$
2xSlinghsots assy-2x15$
Goalie unit full assy-65$
Ball eject A-17908-20$
Ball eject B-9361-R-5-20$
Knocker assy-15$
Up/Down post assy A-18155-30$
Ball full assy A-17569-50$
Motor ball assy-40$
Diverter assy A-18138-25$
2xJackpot boards+plastics assy-2x21$
Playfield assy A-18750-24$
All lamp boards-20$
Backbox lamps wooden panel assy-35$

Jurassic Park parts
Flipper board 520-5080-40$
Power Switch box-25$
Dino collar-20$
Dino metal grass plates-20
Ball eject 500-5664-20$
3xTurbo pop bumpers assy-3x18$
Undertrough plastic ramp-30$
Ball eject(dino) assy 500-5665-25$
Shaker motor board 520-6803-25$
Kickback 500-5081-20$
Knocker 500-5081-20$
Ball launch assy 500 5477-30$
Diverter assy 500-5661-30$
Double scoop assy 515-5772-45$
Ball trough full assy 500-5683-50$
Backbox lock assy-15$
Wire harness-40$
3-Big targets assy 5005640-30$
Shoot T-Rex metal plate assy-20$
All lamp boards-25$

Maverick parts
Service outlet assy-15$
2xSlinghsot assy-2x25$
Coindoor switches assy-15$
Lamp boards-15$
Backbox lock assy-20$
3xOriginal paws-3x7$
3xTurbo bumpers 500-5227-15$ for 1
Lockball 500-5684-20$
2x4-ball trough assy-2x40$
VUK assy 500-5839-28$
Paddle whell assy+motor-50$
Paddle wheel/Left orbit ball deflector assy-40$
Plastic ramp divertor assy 515-6139-30$
Ball shooter rod full assy+plate-35$
VUK 500-5839-20$
Laser kickback 500-5838-20$
2xMaverick 5-Bank special D.T. assy 500-5912-2x30$
2x4-bank assy-20$
5-Bank drop targets assy-35$
Auto drop assy 515-6111-20$
Ball lock assy 500-5867-30$
Plastic ramp deverter 500-6139-20$
Ramp enter plastic+gate assy-20$
Lockdown assy-30$

Flipper Football (Capcom) parts
Right playfield rails assy+pivot-18$
Left playfield rails assy+pivot-17$
4x3-Bank drop targets assy-4x20$
2x5-Bank drop targets assy-2x30$
3xLeft flipper assy-3x30$
3xRight flipper assy-3x30$
6xPop bumper assy-6x15$
2xGoal assy-2x27$
4xSpinning target assy -4x12$
4xSlinghsot assy-4x18$
8xSingle ball ejector assy-8x17$
2xDrain/kicker assy-2x30$
2xPlayfield left wheel assy-2x18$
2xPlayfield right wheel assy-2x18$
22xLamp board-22x4$
2xPlayfield support brackets left & right-2x15$
2xUndertrogh ramp-2x20$

Grand Lizard parts
Lizard plastic ramp assy-45$
4-Bank drop targets D-10883-35$
Wire harness from the playfield-30$
3-Bank drop targets assy D-9355-27$
2xBall trough feeder assy C-6492-2x17$
Wire ramp-18$
Ball drain assy-17$
Shooter cover-15$
Left playfield pivot-10$
Right playfield pivot-20$

Space Station parts
PSU D-8345-557 (untested,measured BR,transistors,fuses,traces,resistors,diodes-ok)-30$
Space station Opto board C-11872 (untested,measured optos,traces-ok)-30$
Aux power driver board D-11813 (untested,measured BR,transistors,fuses,traces,resistors,diodes-ok)-45$
Interconnect board C-11762-40$
3-Bank drop targets assy-30$
Left Re-entry kickback B-11873-17$
1-Bank drop target assy-36$
2xSlingshots assy-2x17$
3xPop bumpers assy-3x18$
2xBall popper D-11335-2x27$
Wire harness(from under playfield,upper boards,sockets and etc.)-40$
Backbox lamps board-30$
Wire ramp-20$
Space station assy-37$
Backbox lock mechanism-28$
Backbox boards metal plate-35$

Apollo 13 parts
Ball through enter/exit scoop-10$
Up/Down post assy-8$
Super VUK assy 500-5880-10$
8-ball through assy(membrane is not working)-10$
Dual exit to Lt Return wire ramp-10$
Exit to right return ramp-8$
8-ball through exit ramp-6$

Dr.Dude parts
Gear D-13793-20$
Driver board C-13509-20$

Kings of steel parts
5-bank drop target assy(wihout the coils)-20$

Road Kings parts

Big Guns parts
Ball shooter lane feeder assy-15$
Left eject-12$
Right Eject-12$
2xslingshots-15$ for 1
"Forcefield" post assy-25$
2x3-bank drop targets assy-2x20$
Ball popper-25$
Cannon assy-30$
Backbox inside locking assy-20$
Backbox backside locking assy-20$
Plastics from two playfields-50$

Dirty Harry parts
Eject full assembly A-20024-15$

Various parts:
Williams System 11a-120$(untested,all ROMS High Speed,transistors-OK,ICs like 7402,7406 and etc.-OK,no battery corrosion,original battery holder,no hacks,very nice and clean board,without CPUs for sound and game section,they were there but I used them for another machine)
Bally 6803 MPU-100$(untested,all ROMS and CPU ICs,transistors-OK,traces-OK,no battery corrosion)
DE MPU 520-5003-03-80$(boot normal,sound is OK,don' accept coins,cut upper left side where is the batter holder,no hacks)
Capcom Flipper Football Sound board A0015004(untested,all ROMs and CPU)-30$
Capcom Flipper Football CPU board A0024900(untested,all ROMs and CPU)-50$

7-Digits display from HS perfect condition-45$

Translites-40$ each
2xTwister,Playboy(DE),Rollergames,TAXI,Stargate,No Fear,Flipper Football,Whitewater,Jackbot

Xs & Ox

Plastic backglasse-35$
Road Kings


Time machine speaker panel full assy-30$

Cabinet parts-Williams,Bally,Data East,SEGA

2xIndianapolis 500 (Bally) Illuminated Target PC Board 5768-14506-01 NOS-2x30$

Coils NOS-7$ each
Gottlieb A-26642
3xGottlieb A-17876
Data East 10x090-5015

If someone wants something individual from other parts just ask

Delivery information
International and Europe
-Begins from 10$ depending in the country

I work with PayPal:

I can reduce the price for multiply items
Everything will be packed very well and safety

2 weeks later
#2 2 years ago

New prices

#3 2 years ago

Do you have a speaker panel for data east Royal rumble pinball or any other parts for Royal Rumble?

#4 2 years ago


#5 2 years ago

Do you happen to have sling plastics for Family Guy?

#6 2 years ago

Do you happen to have the banner for the back of the Jurassic Park pinball "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth"?

#7 2 years ago

Do you happen to have anything you did not list..........

#8 2 years ago

I know seriously, this guy types up 6 pages of parts yet people still ask about things they know he doesn't have.

#9 2 years ago

I may have parts of the machine that I listed but missed to show,but I don't have parts of other machines

#10 2 years ago

How much for the lot of adventures of rocky and bullwinkle and Friends parts and shipping to the US?

#11 2 years ago

For No Fear do you have the 2 position stationary target A-19952?

#12 2 years ago

Yes I have it tmontana,but is welded
PhillyNJ,you have a PM

#13 2 years ago

If the rocky and Bullwinkle metal ramps are available, is there any paint chips?

#14 2 years ago
Quoted from arakissun:

Yes I have it tmontana,but is welded

Can you post a pic of the weld? Also, how much would you want for it?

#15 2 years ago

PM sent for Checkpoint parts.

#16 2 years ago

tmontana,send you a PM

#17 2 years ago

I would be interested in: "All upper playfield parts(plastics,ramps,deflector and etc.)-40$"

Could you make a picture of this lot?

#19 2 years ago

PM sent for NF mountain, plastics, launch button.

#20 2 years ago

skygualker,send a PM to you too

#21 2 years ago

Still waiting for photos ...

Kind regards

1 week later
#22 2 years ago

Added some parts and new prices

1 week later
#23 2 years ago

Added parts from Baywatch,Maverick,Theater of magic,Johnny mnemonic,Big Guns that I will part out these days

#24 2 years ago

Hello, were the checkpoint parts mailed? Thanks!

#25 2 years ago

He always ships even if he won't tell you. Free bump for a great seller.

#26 2 years ago

Yes,already send.Thanks to everyone for the good words.I try the best I can do for everyone to be pleased

#27 2 years ago

Johhny Mnemonic is sold

#28 2 years ago

Paid in full for a part Jan 5th.

Still waiting on delivery.

(I know over-seas purchases take a while to arrive, but a month?)

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

Paid in full for a part Jan 5th.
Still waiting on delivery.
(I know over-seas purchases take a while to arrive, but a month?)

My parts were shipped on the 5th as well, and they just arrived yesterday. Give it time.

Thanks, Arakissun, for my WCS parts and wire harness, just as described!

#30 2 years ago

Do you have a widebody lockdown bar? I am refurbishing my Twilight Zone. Not sure what other machines fit. Thanks, Lee

#31 2 years ago

New prices

1 week later
#33 2 years ago

New prices

#34 2 years ago

Do you have Dirty Harry metal part with police car sticker which covers the launch ramp?

#35 2 years ago

Send you a PM

1 week later
#36 1 year ago

Prices down

#37 1 year ago

Do you have any of the slide-in Data East speaker panel hooks? They look like this. Nobody makes them anywhere.

#38 1 year ago


#39 1 year ago

Added Dracula and WCS94 parts

#40 1 year ago

How about a bally night rider EM back glass? Possibly the whole back box if avaliable>

#41 1 year ago

I didn't fully read through your list but do you have any EM parts?

#42 1 year ago

No EM parts,sorry

1 week later
#43 1 year ago

Prices down

1 week later
#44 1 year ago

New prices and added Demolition Man parts

#45 1 year ago

Hmmm let me look.

2 weeks later
#46 1 year ago

Prices down

#47 1 year ago

Do you have any Williams lockdown bars left?

#48 1 year ago

fwiw -- I purchased a WPC sound board from arakissun; shipping and communication were very prompt. I think my package got stuck in customs in Chicago for a while, but it arrived safely in the end. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again in the future.

#49 1 year ago

Anything for a Data East Lethal Weapon 3

#50 1 year ago

Thank you for the good words.
No LW3 parts,sorry

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