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Selling my WOZ

By eavedesian

6 years ago

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#33 6 years ago

I'm sorry in advance for the long rant, feel free to skip it unless you are bored.

Quoted from eavedesian:

I know people that ordered in the fall of 2011 n spring of 2012 that have already gotten their games.

Well it sure wasn't me - Still waiting for my LE as well, even though Jack told me himself I'd have it in December. Getting pretty dis-enchanted here as well but not quite ready to bail yet. Don't think I havn't thought about it. Heard of several instances of machines shipped out of order - not cool. When we pre-ordered it was under the impression that we would be the first ones to get them. So not the case. Anyone who just heard about the game can buy them on E-bay or from folks who have had them long enough to move on to the next new thing before we see ours.

The game itself looks great, not faulting Jack there, but the whole pre-order thing is something I seriously regret. Total fail. Never again. Wish I would have just waited to buy one when they were available, as I would have had it a long time ago.

I sent my money in, in good faith, as the game looked great and I was very happy to support a bold start up to help give us all an alternative to "The only makers of Pinball Machines in the world" We put our trust, faith and money in Jack and he and his crew built one hell of a machine, but the failure to deliver is really sucking. I'm sure he wants to get them out and done as much as we do, but I don't see the whole pre-order thing working out so good for him in the future. Anyone considering a JJP pre-order can google it and find multiple pissed people ranting. (yes, I know I'm ranting now, but I'm tired of the wait and hearing from my lady how I shouldn't have blown so much money on something I don't even have, and seeing a steady stream of used F/S adds for a machine we were supposed to get first)

I still want my game, and if the Hobbit is all that, I may get one (finances depending) but I will NEVER pre-order again. And if anyone wants to hate me for it, well, go for it. My flame suit is pretty strong.

Still looking forward to getting the call, but the magic is gone somewhere over the rainbow. Hoping when it gets here, it will be soo fricking awesome as to make the wait worth it, but honestly, I just want it over, the journey has not been rewarding.


#39 6 years ago
Quoted from RawleyD:

Why would anyone in their right mind flame you for that?

JJP fanboys take anything remotely negative personally, regardless of facts.

Quoted from RawleyD:

The whole pre-order thing has been a nightmare for WOZ buyers.

You wake up from a nightmare and realize it didn't really happen, can't say that much on this one.

#51 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Good to know tall blondes are still in demand.

Always in demand!

Quoted from blondetall:

I just almost ordered a WOZ as my first pin in June of 2012. At the time I was told it would be shipping starting Nov 2012 and that I was guaranteed delivery before Christmas. This was from Jen personally

I was told August by Jen when I ordered. Two Augusts have past since and looks like months to go yet.

Quoted from blondetall:

I cant tell you how furious I would be if I was still waiting


#57 6 years ago
Quoted from starbase:

Ever time I think I am going to let go of my JJP hate I read a thread like this and want to puke. Sometimes stuff orders are delayed at my business but we don't go blowing smoke up your but about it.

Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not a JJP hater, at all. I wish them the best, I look forward to seeing the Hobbit even if I probably won't buy it over the price (and no freaking way am I pre-ordering it), but frankly the situation is pretty crappy, and I basically feel like they have a lot of faith to earn back even from supporters.

This is something Jack needs to address.
I know someone at JJP is reading this and Jack could do a lot to redeem himself by coming on here and giving an honest explaination for the delays, (no more smoke) and give a real time frame for the remaining LE's. At this point I think it would be an appropriate customer service gesture to apologize for the wait, and to thank those who have hung in to the end by offering some small gesture of ammends. Perhaps free shipping on remaining pre-orders or at the very least to include the Ruby upgrades (Castle Wall, Lollipop targets, twister, toto) in the goodie bag. Something of this nature would go a long way to fixing a tarnished rep that a start up company can't have and survive.
What say you Jack?

#108 6 years ago
Quoted from PEN:

The only announcement I give a crap about, is the one announcing my game is delivered.

There's alot of us in that boat right now. We have been giving Jack the benefit of the doubt for years, trusting all will work out and we'll get a great game. Some of us have been staunch supporters in the face of nay-sayers, some have bailed. For those of us that have stuck it out to the end, we are feeling pretty crapped on by the lack of discourse and non-transparancy.
Crashe's post about the serial wiring flaws is also concerning.
I have stuck it out this long, and don't mind waiting more if there is a GOOD beleivable reason for it, not just more vauge excuses.
Hopefully the announcement will be that the delay is due to them re-working the faulty serial wiring, and that by way of apology, Jack will extend warrantys, or include castle walls or SOME bone for us.

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