Seeking advice on Bally Turf King Mixer Assembly

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    #1 63 days ago

    Hello. I working on a Bally Turf King Mixer. Mixer before disassembly This machine has been idle for countless years and the mixer is gummed up, so I thought I would give it a cleaning. This is my first bingo game, so the mixer is new to me. I have read about the leather washers providing the clutch mechanism, and noticed after disassembly there were no leather washers on this assembly. Not knowing better, I ordered a NOS set of 8 washers, soaked in neatsfoot oil and installed between the Index Wiper Disk and the key washer. But this adds 3/4" to the length of the assembly, and doing so puts everything out of alignment and doesn't allow the tension spring to fit anymore. So I'm not sure if the leather washers belong or not? The key washer is shown below with sides labeled 'A' and 'B'. Which side goes next to the disk? Key Washer on each side of diskWithout the leather washers, how is the disk supposed to slip? Help appreciated. Thanks, Gary.

    #2 62 days ago

    This is not like a bingo pinball, exactly. In some ways less complex, in one way a bit more (the single motor assembly).

    I don't recall leather clutch washers on my game. I'll take a look in the next couple days and let you know. I didn't completely disassemble my mixer, so I'm not sure how those are installed. If I can tell from my game relatively easily, I will let you know.

    #3 62 days ago


    It's pretty much the same as a mixer on bingo. There is even a 'score extra step unit' on the end of it !

    The leather clutch washers fit between side A in your photo and the rotating plate. Generally speaking the 'rough' side of the washer touches the rotating plate and the smooth side on the metal clutch plate (side A).

    If you need more information, have a look at Phil Hooper's great website Go to the overhaul section and general procedure, you will find a mixer strip down and rebuild in great detail.

    Hope that helps.


    #4 62 days ago

    Chris, I learned the leather washers were to be smooth side to the phallic - rough to metal.
    I've seen the bakelite deeply worn.
    The dust and crud have a place to get caught up in on the rough side ... Smooth side - less so ...
    2-3 drops of Neatsfoot COMPOUND on the bakelite side twice a year should keep you ship-shape.

    #5 62 days ago

    Thanks for replies. Seems like the original design didn't have the leather washers. I'm waiting to see if 'bingopodcast' can confirm them or not. If I use them, I'd have to replace the larger metal spacers with a spacer that was thinner by the width of the leather washer. This would allow the rotating disks to align with the solenoid activated armatures that stop the disk. But modifying the design doesn't seem correct.

    #6 62 days ago

    There are no clutch washers in the mixer portion of the combined motor (on my game, anyway).

    There's nothing to 'clutch' there - the mixers move at the same time and stop independently based on the arms behind them that are controlled by control u it movement. All the clutches are further up in the control unit. At least on my game. And I think it makes logical sense?

    1487735190953630602298 (resized).jpg

    2 weeks later
    #7 47 days ago
    Quoted from jackie3896:

     Generally speaking the 'rough' side of the washer touches the rotating plate and the smooth side on the metal clutch plate (side A).

    There's a lot of speculation (well, three people) about whether the rough side goes against the clutch disc/plate or the cam/rotor.

    I updated the bingo site to say this:

    I'm now leaning in the direction of rough side against whichever surface you want to slip. Seems like the rough side provides less resistance. This is kinda the opposite of what you'd expect, but the theory is that the rough side exposes more oil on it's surface, so it's got more slip.

    When using leather belts to drive pulleys, you put the smooth side against the pulley surface. The smooth side grips better.

    A service bulletin and update for Frolics and Bally Beauty (now on the site in machine listing) changed some cam switches and upsized the clutch washer and plate. The new switches required less force to lift, and the larger clutch surface meant less clamping pressure needed, so less wear. In that bulletin, they said to put the rough side against the clutch plate.

    There's a few different styles of clutch plates:
    - basically smooth with a indented ring that wouldn't effect grip (above pic) - rough side to clutch plate.
    - nubs that fit into holes in the washer - smooth side to plate
    - plate has a hatch pattern etched into it - smooth side to plate

    I still have no proof for this, but it's consistent with the service bulletin and my mood at the moment. It also makes Muggle happy since the smooth side would be more likely to stick to the bakelite and the clutch plate side would slip, so no wear to the bakelite.

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