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Second game advice; currently own SW Comic Premium

By ray3127

9 months ago

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    #1 9 months ago

    I purchased my first game in January, so of course I am now considering a second game. I seriously have room for 2, maybe 3 games, and that’s it (unless I get rid of the pool table or make some other serious changes… we aren’t close to that yet).

    First game was Star Wars Comic Art Premium. I have enjoyed it, and have close to 500 plays on it. It has gotten a little stale, though I know that any single game will get stale over time. Before axing SW, I want to add a second to the collection.

    I have been able to play quite a few games over the last couple of months, including: AIQ (Premium), Munsters (Premium), JP (Pro), MMr, Houdini, Hot Wheels, Oktoberfest, Tron (Pro), Iron Man (Pro), Road Show, Theatre of Magic, Star Trek (Stern), STTNG, AFMr, MMr, Dialed In, Stranger Things (Pro), BM66 (Premium), TMNT (Pro), TZ, TAF, GOTG (Pro), LZ (Pro), Avengers (2012, LE) … Maybe a couple more, but that’s all I can think of. So, I’ve played a wide variety of games.

    When I bought SW, that was “the only one I’ll ever own,” almost exclusively due to the theme. While theme is still really important on a game I would consider owning, I am now learning about gameplay features that I like.

    There are three legitimate contenders to add on: AIQ (Premium), GOTG (Pro), Iron Man (VE). Below I have listed what I consider to be pros & cons of each game, including SW.

    Star Wars Comic Art (Premium) – Pros
    - Theme
    - Audio/Video Assets; feels like Star Wars
    - Smooth flow / gameplay
    - Hyperloop shot
    - Playfield & cabinet art

    Star Wars Comic Art (Premium) – Cons
    - Fan layout w/2 flippers … This set-up is fine, but as the only game in a collection it can get a little boring.
    - Feel like I’m wasting my time unless I choose R2 or Han
    - Upper right area feels underutilized w/3-bank, LCD, and pops
    - TIE Fighter as main toy = meh
    - Death Star is cool, but rarely seen (underutilized toy)
    - HATE reliance on moving the multiplier
    - Ball launch can be a cheap drain
    * I know this is the longest ‘Con’ list, and I am more critical of it because I actually own it … I’m sure I would develop some frustrations with the other games on the list if I owned them.

    AIQ (Premium) – Pros
    - Theme
    - Layout / game play … 3rd flipper, Ramps!
    - Toys … Disc scoop & portal, Avengers Tower
    - Playfield art

    AIQ (Premium) – Cons
    - No bash toys
    - Cabinet art … too much Thanos
    - Music & voice actors kind of suck

    GOTG (Pro) – Pros
    - Theme
    - Groot bash toy
    - Approachable, simpler rules
    - Cleland’s audio mod seems to bring this game way up
    - Playfield & cabinet art

    GOTG (Pro) – Cons
    - Fan layout w/2 flippers
    - Can’t think of much else…?

    Iron Man (VE) – Pros
    - Theme
    - Rising Iron Monger
    - Approachable, simpler rules
    - Cabinet art is good enough

    Iron Man (VE) – Cons
    - Fan layout w/2 flippers
    - Brutally fast game
    - Playfield art is a step behind more modern designs

    As much as I want to like Iron Man, I don’t think I can get past the playfield art.

    My wife and I played AIQ on route several times this month, and she has said it is “more fun” than SW. Between that and my own thoughts, my current conclusion is AIQ (Premium) will give me the varied gameplay that I want, while GOTG is too similar to SW.

    However, I’ve also thought about swapping my SW out for a GOTG Pro and pocketing some $ …

    Thoughts on adding AIQ Premium or GOTG Pro as a second game to SW? Swapping SW out for GOTG? Or just sit tight for now?

    Also note that I will likely be a buyer of JJP’s Toy Story, whenever that day comes… Of course, who knows what else comes out this year that might interest me; this is just where things currently stand.

    I know that the correct advice is to go play and figure out what I like best … I appreciate that, and have tried to do that. Since I am still new to the hobby, I wanted to lay out my current thought process and see if anybody had any thoughts that might help me navigate this decision. I appreciate any helpful advice.

    #6 9 months ago
    Quoted from ralphwiggum:

    My guardians sits next to my star wars pro. They are very different games. I love both. The easiest way to compare them would be that guardians is like playing checkers, while star wars is like playing chess.
    Variety is the spice of life.
    Good luck!

    Good to know! Honestly I'm not sure I want the chess game long term. Do you prefer one of these games over the other?

    Quoted from Kkoss24:

    The pool tables days are numbered that’s for sure...My best advice is if your wife liked AIQ get it .Then number 3 will be a lot easier

    That's good advice! She hasn't had a chance to play GOTG, but I think she would prefer it to SW as well.

    Quoted from dsmoke1986:

    Get a 3 or 4 flipper game that isn’t so fast and flowy. Will break up your collection and make SW a good complement.
    JP and Wonka are good options.

    JP was on the short list, but I played it on location alongside AIQ and just can't get there with the theme. It was fun to play, but the artwork and theme do nothing for me. Wonka theme is also a non-starter.

    Quoted from Thomas3184:

    Buy aiq prem AND swap sw for gotg.

    Considering it! Thanks.

    #11 9 months ago
    Quoted from nicoy3k:

    I think iron man and guardians are pretty bad choices to compliment SW in a small collection. They are both two flipper fan layouts with speed and flow and space/tech themes. They can both be brutal with very short ball times. The theme/theme integration and assets in AIQ is so bad that to me it’s a non starter.
    I also have a small collection and sw premium, and so far I’ve chosen GnR (SE) and Deadpool (pro) as compliments. Iron Maiden pro will probably be my 4th game, though I am considering a stranger things and tnmt.
    SW is an incredible game and I think you will find that it will spoil you in the future. In terms of assets and theme integration there are very few comps. Things like the Death Star being rarely seen are actually great features that motivate you to come back for more (seeing any toy over and over gets old). Yes R2 and Han are good but 99% of other games don’t even give you a choice of character, SW offers much more path variety than most games. Lastly, the multiplier feature on SW actually creates a ton of depth and longevity. You can create your own mini games with it like trying to get the biggest video mode or hyperspace shot scores.
    Back to Deadpool, have you considered it? I think you’ll find that it will check every box.

    I agree about SW's assets & theme integration. Some other games I've played fall pretty flat in this regard.

    Haven't played Deadpool, as nobody around me has it. Hate to say it, but have not seen the movies...

    Quoted from dsmoke1986:

    You are missing out on Wonka. Best pin out of the bunch.
    GOTG is a better pin than SW Prem by the way, I’ve had both, GOTG is more fun long term, not as frustrating.
    Also, Don’t be too picky, you will eventually have 6, 12, 18 pins over the years. You aren’t going to have your first two pins bolted to the floor. Wont happen.

    I could see agreeing on SW & GOTG once I played GOTG more. Thanks for the perspective, too. I don't want to be doing this (buying/selling) too regularly, but I gather it will happen a fair bit.

    Quoted from grantopia:

    Of the games you detailed out, AIQ is probably the least similar to SW. Deadpool is my favorite Stern game since Star Trek (which is my favorite Stern release ever) and definitely worth a look if you're open to it.
    Not knowing much else about your preferences, a 90s Bally/Williams DMD would be a great compliment to a new fast game like SW.

    Wife and I just finished the MCU marathon, so we are "free" to watch Deadpool. If we like it I may try to locate a machine to play.

    Quoted from ralphwiggum:

    I prefer guardians but only for my family. The theme is awesome and the game is easy to understand. I enjoy playing it with my kids. I like the layout but find the rules uninspired.... And that is actually okay. Hitting flashing shots mindlessly on a timer is plenty fun.
    Star wars as a theme does nothing for me, and I am not a huge steve ritchie fan, and I play star wars 10x as much as guardians. I love the game. I learn something new about it everytime I play it.
    That all being said, I would find something completely different for your second game. Something that isn't a new Stern.
    New Sterns are amazing, but mixing it up is really fun too.

    Appreciate this. I'd really like to go in a non new Stern direction... But the current offerings from the other manufacturers are not speaking to me. I like my neighbor's Theatre of Magic, but I just can't wrap my head around paying that kind of $ for a 25-year old game. So I'm drawn to new, and Stern happens to have a bunch of themes I am interested in. If/when JJP does Toy Story, I'm in. And I'm anxious to see what the other companies come out with, too.

    2 weeks later
    #13 8 months ago

    OP here. Much thanks to all who provided input. We went out and played several more games, including Guardians again, Iron Maiden, Deadpool, and more.

    We ended up deciding on the AIQ Premium, which arrived last Friday. We have really enjoyed playing it; my wife says she isn't playing Star Wars again. Though AIQ is a deep, complex game, I don't think it is too similar to Star Wars. The shots are very different/unique, with tons of ramps and a theme that we enjoy. The integration/assets are not perfect, but it is still the Avengers. And the art really is phenomenal.

    I had actually listed Star Wars for sale, but have since pulled it back. I had a mental block of owning two games, but now that we have two it feels a lot better. But I find myself going back to SW and enjoying it more now that we have a second game. So all is good for now!

    It is still a chunk of change to be invested in a couple pinball machines... but the added variety has made me appreciate both machines more than I would individually. If/when BTTF, Toy Story, or (gulp) Harry Potter come out, then we'll have a decision to make. But for now we are quite happy with these two games.

    While I'd like to have gone in a non-Stern direction, the other offerings out there just didn't speak to us.

    Thanks again for the help/feedback.

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