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Schematics for Segasa Casino Royale?

By frsj8112

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Hi guys, I've been a long time lurker and I'm now helping a friend with his Segasa Casino Royale. Does anyone have the schematics for that game?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.

#2 4 years ago

Tried Pinball Resource?

#3 4 years ago

Yes I've checked with Steve but he didn't have any I'm afraid :/

#4 4 years ago

Hi frsj8112
did You find an schematics ? Please write. I asked around - a friend says "have paper schematics - will send to You (means to me)". I then can make an copy (JPG and/or PDF) and show here in pinside. IF (if, if) You already have an schematics: No need to do "my work" ...
Write if You still need the schematics. Greetings Rolf

#5 4 years ago

Thanks rolf_martin_062 i haven’t found them, so i would appreciate if you get them scanned!

Vielen dank

#6 4 years ago

Hi frsj8112
the paper schematics came this morning. Here is "first try - an reduced PDF" --- better than nothing. I will freshen-up my JPG and post again. I do not want to post MB of data in pinside. The resulting JPG will be some 5MB data --- an PDF made from it will be around 3 MB data. Write me an personal message in pinside --- with an EMail-Address and (once I have finished my work***): I send You JPG and or PDF. You may have to download / make an copy to Your computer when You want to see "first try" --- I say "good enough for looking up stuff".

work***: You can get "first try" as JPG (4.7 MB data) or as PDF (2.6 MB data) --- bigger in size - but not much better to look-at compared with what I show here.

By the way - what are the problems (in the pin) ? Greetings Rolf


#7 4 years ago

wow that was fast rolf, many thanks!
i'll pm you with my email address

first of all, when the game started up it went just into a started game, even if we hadn't put in any credits. found that some previous owner must've tried making it go into free play mode by running the coin stepper over one of the leaf switches.
i sorted that out, but the game still goes into game play mode when adding coins in the coin mech. like this:

add coin on the switch in coin mech -> game starts immidiatly for player one.

#8 4 years ago

Hi frsj8112
(I will send the schematics). Adding Replays to the Replay-Counter and also starting a game: Some pins do this "as normal" --- a friend has an "Gottlieb Liberty Belle" --- throwing in a coin adds one replay to the counter AND starts a game.
Look in the schematics at "C-3" --- an Adj-plug / switch --- when in position "6": Throwing-in a 25-Cent-Coin will add five replays and makes the Coin-Relay to pull-in and the pulling-in Coin-RELAY makes the pin to start a new game. WHAT is the setting on Your 25-Cent-Adjustments ? Greetings Rolf

#9 4 years ago

schematics / copies --- in Switzerland we do not have "Staples" - we do not have "Kinko". We have Copy-Shops - small, invidually / privately owned. Switzerland is high-price country. When I want an copy they charge me some 20 Swiss-Francs is +/- 20 US-Dollars. So either buying an schematics or DIY - printing out an JPG or PDF in (roughly) "Letter-Format" on my printer - then taping the pages together ...

I wonder how pinside can store all the stuff we upload - KB's, tens - hundreds of KB's - MB of data --- I really wonder. I realized - when an PDF is of reasonable quality: I can use an free PDF-Reducer (reducing size maybe by 95%) --- the "reduced PDF" is okey, yes - readable.

I can freshen-up an JPG - I can clean-out dirtmarks - I may redraw a wire / line - I may (in paint.net) turn the schematics some degrees to have stuff horizontal / vertical. I can make "grey lines" to "black lines" - I can "bleach" or "blacken" - I can have "more contrast" --- here https://www.getpaint.net/ this is Deluxe (MS-PAINT is simple). ATTENTION: https://www.getpaint.net/ there are many places You can click-on and You are buing stuff - ONLY CLICK on "get it now (free download)" !!!

When You do not have the pin but You like to have the schematics - the "reduced PDF stuff" I show here: (Plenty) Good enough.

Once I have done my "freshen-up": I will post an "reduced PDF". Greetings Rolf

2 weeks later
#10 4 years ago

Hi frsj8112 +
my friend gave me the paper schematics to show in pinside. I assume he (also) will donate to ipdb.
Here I show the "freshened-up" - a PDF reduced in size. To look at it You may have to copy it down to Your computer - then look-at it.
frsj8112 --- is Your pin fully running ? Greetings Rolf


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