Schematics for Black Knights? Anyone?

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Schematics for Black Knights? Anyone?

By Blackbeard

6 years ago

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    #1 6 years ago

    I've scoured the net and only can find the Instruction Manual.

    Anyone have the schematics on this? I don't wanna shell out the $30 bucks for a copy on ebay..

    #3 6 years ago

    You want it for the original Black Knight or BK2K???

    I have system 11b schematics on this PC, not sure I have system 7 though...

    #4 6 years ago

    I think there is a Jungle Lord schematic available on the web. It should have largely the same guts, but not exact. Otherwise I think places like Marco sell them, but I haven't found one to download yet..

    #5 6 years ago

    Tom it's Black Knight 1980.

    Thanks Wiz...

    I may have to just order one.. ugh.

    #6 6 years ago

    Check on RGP, someone out there has one. As I looked there and found some older threads with dead links...

    If you plan on keeping the game for a long time I'd just buy one personally...

    #7 6 years ago

    I have one somewhere, but I will have to find it. Did you already find this operator's handbook?

    #8 6 years ago

    I have the operators handbook.. just wanted to grab the schematics.

    #9 6 years ago

    For all the boards, Jungle Lord schematics are identical and IPDB has those available for download.


    #10 6 years ago

    I have a pdf of the System 7 Schematics. Message me your email address and I'll send it off to you.

    #11 6 years ago

    Hans, thanks.. quick question though: As my BK has a system 6 power board, won't there be some differences?

    #12 6 years ago

    Although not specifically BK, check out Richard has redrawn all the System 6 schematics, see the Tech Support page. For the most part, all of them still apply to System 7, and since your BK has a System 6 board it should be the same.

    #13 6 years ago

    Wow stang: Just checked out that link. NICE DIAGRAMS on there boy~!!!!

    #14 6 years ago

    Power supply diagram will be different, just use the standard System 6 diagram for that. There will be an extra relay in the GI lighting harness.... but that's the only real variations from the later Black Knight machines.

    Any questions you may have, shoot me an e-mail. BK is a bit of a speciality of mine.


    #15 6 years ago

    Thanks Hans.

    #16 6 years ago

    Connector that seems to not have a connection on my Black KNight.. Anyone have any thoughts?


    #17 6 years ago

    I believe that one should go to the GI relay. Which is unfortunately right behind your hand, so can't see how it connects.


    #18 6 years ago

    What does a GI relay look like? On what board?
    There are a few GI lights out ...

    #19 6 years ago

    If it's the little box on the right of my pinky finger, there are wires soldered to it.

    #20 6 years ago

    Hans, here is the GI relay (I believe). The only lights out are the lamps under the inlane guides. All backbox lights and other GI are on. I think this connection (in the pic above) would connect to a system 7 power supply, but as I have system 6, it's not a necessary connection. Then again, I don't know...


    #21 6 years ago


    Anyone know if that connector is used when using a system 6 power board in a system 7 BK?

    #23 6 years ago

    Yep, that's the GI light relay, and it's missing two wires. The yellow wires on there are the AC power for the GI lights, but the two wires that activate the relay are missing. They would normally connect where that diode is.

    I'll have to check my schematic to see which way they are supposed to go.


    #24 6 years ago

    Weird. Things seem to work fine though ? Most GI light work!

    I mostly see a black and red wire on pics on other machines connected to the relay. I don't seem to have those though

    #25 6 years ago

    Doesn't the GI come on when you power up the machine ? I thought GI were always on. Why the relay?

    #26 6 years ago

    I think I also replied via e-mail, but will put it here too.

    The GI lights are normally on, but in some instances the relay is there to flash(strobe really) them off as part of the visual effects, such as before starting multiball. Black Knight was the first Williams game to do this. Makes a big difference to be honest, once you see it work properly.

    The red wire will go to the banded side of the diode on the relay, white the brown/orange goes on the other side of the diode.


    #27 6 years ago

    Wow Hans! You think I should just cut the connector and solder those wires on there?! This would be my first soldering experience.

    And I should just leave the diode on there correct?

    I wonder why those wires are housed in a connector with the relay on the backbox? If this is an early run of BK, shouldnt those already be soldered on?

    #28 6 years ago

    I'm curious myself why it's disconnected, it should have already been connected. I'm not sure if there was another pigtail that would have gone between there or not for the early style machines.


    #29 6 years ago

    Thanks hans. You've been a great help. I saw your BK website. Pretty cool info on there.

    I'm gonna try to solder those wires on when I get back to ny ... I'm in Ohio w the in laws for the holidays.

    I'm guessing a standard soldering iron will do.

    #30 6 years ago

    Is there anyway to test the relay prior to soldering the wires on? Would holding the wires on the correct lugs w electrical tape and causing the relay to work ( by getting multiball perhaps) be enough of connection to test ?

    #31 6 years ago

    If I was going to test before soldering, I would use test leads with alligator clips. You can just connect whatever wires you want as experiment before soldering.

    If you aren't familiar with these, they look like car jumper cables but MUCH smaller.

    #32 6 years ago

    Interesting. And theyre called "test leads"?

    Where do I find these? Radio shack?

    I'd love to test prior just to make sure the relay does indeed work.

    #33 6 years ago

    Yes on all questions. Radio shack does carry packs of test leads. Some GOOD auto parts stores will also have them. Personally, I find them overpriced and usually make my own from the packs alligator clip and lengths of scrap wire.

    This would make for good soldering practice too.


    #34 6 years ago

    You can get them at Radio Shack or any Autoparts store.

    #35 6 years ago

    Honestly I can't believe how much I'm learning.

    Thanks fellas. I'm gonna test out that relay first. Who know, maybe there is a reason those wires aren't connected.

    #36 6 years ago

    So tried w the test leads and voila! That relay works.

    Next I'll solder.

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