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SCHEMATIC VIEW of pinball rules


2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Schematic view of pinball rules

vignettes copie (resized).png

With this post, I will try to graphically analyze the rules of pinball, from various recent flippers.
I want to try to find a system to visualize the progression in the games.
The goal is to see the way to the start, to the final

I have identified 2 major families of progression

- linear progressions, often based on missions to be carried out following

- parallel progressions, where all missions can be played at the same time

I think that in a personal collection, it is interesting to have games of both categories

Here are some games that I analyzed ...
I will continue to analyze other games

iron_man copie (resized).png
lord copie (resized).png
metallica copie (resized).png
transformers copie (resized).png
monster_bash copie (resized).png
tron copie (resized).png
walking_dead copie (resized).png
x-men copie (resized).png
motordome copie (resized).png

#2 2 years ago

Cool stuff! Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the rule sets/progressions of may pins. Do you have a version of those that also calls out the mode being started at each node point?

#3 2 years ago

Without labeling the dots it's hard to follow.

#4 2 years ago

Cool! Like the idea. I feel like you're missing the stacking aspect though... Sometimes the parallel lines can be done at the same time, other times not. The mode graphs of IJ and Tspp would look very similar (just 8-12ish dots next to each other?) but the way you play them is very different. Sometimes it might get too crazy to display though.

Love Iron man, never looked at it like that

Curious how you'd do black rose.

#5 2 years ago

It's a neat way to look at and visualize the game rules, but to be more useful, it would help to see more labels.

#6 2 years ago

This looks like art to me

#7 2 years ago

Neat idea, but needs more labels to even understand for me

#8 2 years ago


IMG_0172 (resized).JPG

#9 2 years ago

Wizard of Oz

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.06.02 PM (resized).png

#10 2 years ago

Anything to simplify learning rules!

#11 2 years ago

My aim is not to represent something too detailed.
Precisely, I want to show the main frame, to see the model of the game

Yes, it is more artistic than technical

#12 2 years ago

Looks cool, can you do one for a 80s game like SkTeball

#13 2 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

Looks cool, can you do one for a 80s game like SkTeball

Unfortunately I can not make a schema if I do not know the pinball perfectly ..
I will test on the MOTORDOME bally that I know

#14 2 years ago

I like the idea but we need a legend to know what the dots mean....additional a label for the shots represented so it also tells you in the schematic what you need to shoot to complete these colored dots. Hope that makes sense but your layout simplifies learning the rules/objectives of a game.

#15 2 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

I like the idea but we need a legend to know what the dots mean....additional a label for the shots represented so it also tells you in the schematic what you need to shoot to complete these colored dots. Hope that makes sense but your layout simplifies learning the rules/objectives of a game.

I don't think learning the rules is the idea

#17 2 years ago

LOTR is slightly off, because TABA is a requisite of Valinor as far as I know.

#19 2 years ago

here are the rules if that helps, a key for each chart would be good to understand / relate to it better

Skateball Rules (resized).png

#20 2 years ago

I think this is a great idea. It appeals to the engineer in me and the wish for ordering and sorting things. It would be fun to develop a standardized syntax using colors and shapes. One could distinguish between multiball modes, hurryups and timed modes - maybe with shapes. It might be trickier to represent things which can be combined like multiball modes in BSD or CV or double scoring.

At the same time I get the desire to simplify to keep the structures simpler and more elegant.

I'm not real familiar with any of the games you have done so far, except maybe a little with Metallica - I assume the gray boxes on the upper right are modes liked Blackened or Lady Justice and the main structure represents the progression through the Crank it Up modes to End of the Line. What about the multiball modes ? - they help reach CIU, but are not prerequisites I think.

#21 2 years ago

How about this for 2 modes that each must be completed to get to a subsequent feature... and the two modes can be stacked.

Stacking (resized).png

#22 2 years ago

As much as I like this idea, it just doesn't hit the mark for me. Like others have said I think that a legend or labels would be beneficial. Although this looks like a cool representation of simple linear games, I can't help but think "good luck" with complex games like GoT or WoZ. Especially GoT, the rules have depth and a breadth unmatched by anything else that I've played. It's a choose your own adventure story, with multiple starting points, and different requirements depending on where you started as well as how you progress throug the game. (I.e. The Hand of the king challenge plays differently depending on what house you start with, and what four houses (modes) you beat before you begin hand of the king.)

#23 2 years ago

The SCHEMATIC VIEW part doesn't fit for me. But that's because I'm taking it literally, but it does give me an idea.

#24 2 years ago

I did like that tron reminded me a little of, well....tron.

images (resized).png

#25 2 years ago

Here's what I thought this would be like. Going with Flash Gordon here, two different objectives - very simple schematic interpretation, sure there are better ways, but here's 5X Bonus and 3X Playfield Scoring:2017-06-18 11.42.27 (resized).jpg2017-06-18 11.42.37 (resized).jpg

#26 2 years ago

Here is a new schema
For the pinball machine: MOTORDOME bally (1986)

The particularity of this game is that at the beginning, one chooses its level of difficulty (1, 2 or 3)

motordome copie (resized).png

#27 2 years ago

WOZ can be done... but it is not nearly as simple as the others... (and this is omitting many of the subtleties).

Note: I also forgot to show that after collecting all the "yellow" boxes (jewels) you get to the final wizard mode (SOTR). So this is really just a quick draft / proof of concept.

GraphicalRulesheet (resized).png

#28 2 years ago

From Papo06 (flipjuke)

Medieval Madness

IMG_0639 (resized).PNG

#29 2 years ago

To me this is where Indiana Jones starts from, to form all of those dots & lines...

crusadeB (resized).jpg

#30 2 years ago

Is it just me, or should the be flipped 180 degrees?

I think the mind map thing on woz and TH is brilliant, and I would love to find the time to make them to other games.

#31 2 years ago

This is a cool idea, but a bit like schematics in that once you know the game only then does the schematic makes sense!

I'm also surprised no one has posted this classic. From the site https://xkcd.com

circuit_diagram (resized).png

#32 2 years ago

Very cool ideas here!

3 weeks later
#33 2 years ago

a new... SPIDERMAN

spiderman (resized).png

1 week later
#34 2 years ago

This is really cool. It's....oddly artistic and really makes sense once I understood what you were trying to do. You could probably sell prints / t-shirts.

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