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scared stiff realistic eyes for bony beast


2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Hello everybody
I made a mod for the skull "bony beast"
the eyes are animated and watch you.
it is a program controlled by a microcontroller ST which sends the images
  on two color screens.EYES BONY BEAST (2) (resized).jpgEYES BONY BEAST (1) (resized).jpg
a video in operation

#15 2 years ago

thank you all, for those who are interested in this mod, you will find all the information on my website.
there are 4 available but I'm waiting for an order to assemble other.
I hope to receive within 15 days because it goes on sale very quickly.
If you have any questions do not hesitate
Franck Niro

#26 2 years ago

wow, I did not think I had such success, I have more stock and I even believe that I sold a kit too, not had time to block my site, everything happened so quickly. I will contact the last person who ordered and arrange with her, I should receive in no time log my next order and I made a second with a larger stock.
so for the moment out of stock, I will warn here when this sear disopnible again.
can someone tell me if my site is automatically translated when you viewed it or is written in French
thank you in advance

#27 2 years ago
Quoted from xeneize:

Awesome mod! Still don't have a SS but would order one of these to have on hand for when she finally lands in my lineup!

Quoted from spfxted:

VERY cool! Could you explain a little more about how it's installed? Thanks!

here is a video of the editing, so of course I speak in french but with the pictures, we guess how to proceed with the installation

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from Gregc:

Can you made the eyes red?
Thanks Greg

yes why not, I will make changes on the code and see what I can get out as a color, I will try to do this tomorrow
I post here a video of the eyes as soon as it will be done

#39 2 years ago
Quoted from mgpasman:

Très intéressé. Je vois que vous avez supprimé le produit de votre site, pourquoi ne pas le conserver afin que les gens puissent pré-commander?

I have a free and restricted business plug that does not allow me this feature.
I am a pinball restorator first and I start making mods, if I have a good financial income I will be able to invest in new functions for my site.
go through mp if you want a reservation, I put a mod blocked for you

#40 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

How do the wires hook up? And to where?

my mod runs in direct current from 5.7volts DC up to 36 volts DC
so you can connect it to a 12 volts DC under the playfield without any danger, the regulation system that I provide is of very high quality and the consumption is 80 mA, so 1/4 current of a filament bulb.
it is important not to connect to the general illumination which is AC current AC, it would destroy the regulator.
I have a friend who has to send me a photo of the location he chose, I will put here when it will be done

#43 2 years ago
Quoted from Dante:

Je ne l'ai plus vu sur le site et à partir des commentaires ci-dessus - je suppose qu'il est épuisé.
Quel était le coût et combien de temps jusqu'à ce que vous en avez plus?

the delivery of components is very random, it happens that in 10 days it happened, from 3 weeks and it can have a maximum of 2 months, in front of the extent that it takes, I have 3 order in progress and hopefully receive the first one quickly.
for the price, I do not know if I have the right to talk about it here.
I answer you by MP and to all those who request it.
I post my results later with red eyes.

#46 2 years ago

I spent a lot of time programming to get the best result possible.
by setting the numerical values ​​of red to the maximum, I get a red / orange.
So I thought to put what is called in France "gelatine " it is a colorful filter that is used in the world of entertainment to put in front of the projector to colorize the scene.
I tried by putting the filter on the red / orange and it turns more red.
I then thought to put the bottom of the screen in white, no difference, and even on the yellow of the departure, it is for all the same.
I attach the results, on left the red screen, in middle yellow and right screen white

If the colors suit you, choose the yellow as the background color, so you can choose between red (with filter) or yellow (without filter)
I also have products to make custom paint, for those who know, it's American and it's called "candy apple red" it's highly concentrated ink that mixes in the varnish, I'll try on the eyeballs as soon as I have a moment.
tell me already what you think of these results.
une little picture but the camera dont translate the real colorred eyes_moyenne (resized).jpg

#54 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yes, the blink really makes it. I thought I saw in one video where the eyes weren't moving together.

the eyes move together, and for the blink of the eyelid, it's up to everyone to go in the direction he prefers, I like from the bottom up, the video is the pinball of a friend who has favorite like that

#56 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

When will they be available again? And will you still have the option of sending in your skull?

it's unfortunately quite long, I have 3 orders in progress, an order that is more than 15 days old, another one that is one week old, and I replayed a third order yesterday.
I do not understand your question for the skull, in any case, if you want this option, you must send it to me, I do the installation and return it within two days after receiving it

#57 2 years ago
Quoted from ibuypinballs:

Would be really cool if the eyes follow the ball around the playfield like Rudy's eyes on Funhouse.

it is possible to follow the ball with the eyes, but it would be necessary to have the pinball at home to be able to work on it.
but the concern is that it would become complicated to plug in and there would be many days of research devellopement to do this kind of program.
this would make the project very expensive and, by experience, it is not valid.
I made with my son who is studying electronics / computer engineering,a mod for the AFM, it's really beautiful and I presented on all pinball show in France, everyone wanted one.
but once the price announced .....
it's a kit consisting of 7 parts, (flying saucer) everything is plug and play, less than an hour to install everything, extraordinary light effect, 10 days of work to assemble a kit when all the parts are ready, it will have took more than 6 months of research to get what we wanted, I never presented it for lack of time and only sold 7 copies, I would sell again but I wanted to do something very extraordinary and thought to be overwhelmed with command, in short not profitable at all.
a link for the curious ^^

morality, we must make the simplest with beautiful effect inovant and like eyes mod scared stiff, I have other ideas just as fabulous.
I'm currently working on a lightsaber for the star wars that should be successful
sorry for this little off topic

#61 2 years ago

Quoted from Dr-Tommy:

Hi Franck,
I'm curious about the 3 stock lights that are in the head. Of course the new eye screens replace the original red eye light bulbs. But there is also the third flasher orange light in the middle that makes a really nice light show during game play.
Is there still enough clearance to keep that middle flasher light once the eye screens, wires, and controller board are installed in the head?
Thanks, and keep up the great work!

indeed, I do not know this game and some may wish to give this flash orange.
I realize now that I have been asked the question, here or on FB, I do not know, and I did not understand.
now I understand .
so yes, we can leave this flash orange
here is some photosDSC08662_moyenne (resized).jpgDSC08661_moyenne (resized).jpg

#62 2 years ago

my friend made me pictures of the location he chose to connect the eyes.
here is a photo to locate the card that he says to me is the 'sensor card' of the crate.
(encircled in red)1 (resized).jpg
closer2 (resized).jpg
look the J1 connector3 (resized).jpg
he had plug the positive ( red wire off the mod ) on the grey /yellow wire and the négative ( black wire of the mod ) on the black wire of the connector J14 (resized).jpgHope this helps you

#64 2 years ago

thank you for this feedback

#68 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Tommy:

Salut Franck, pour votre référence, voici à quoi ressemble le support de tête de série avec les 3 ampoules encore attachées. Je ne sais pas si votre ami a déjà retiré les ampoules du support avant qu'il / elle vous l'ait donné.
Vous pouvez voir que tandis que la douille de lumière orange moyenne se fixe près de l'arrière (où la flèche pointe dans votre image ci-dessus), l'ampoule elle-même se trouve beaucoup plus en avant à l'avant du crâne.
Étant donné que cette ampoule moyenne est proche des yeux, le dégagement semble un peu serré avec les écrans, le contrôleur, etc. de votre mod.
Cependant, il semble que tout votre matériel de mod se tiendra toujours au-dessus de cette lumière clignotante orange. Pourriez-vous peut-être vérifier avec une vue frontale du crâne avec le mod ci-joint? Je pense que ça devrait encore aller très bien.

I would have to look, in case it's right, we have to drill back to gain some space

#69 2 years ago

I replaced the socket with the bulb, there is room, we can even have more space by flipping the screens but we would have the blink of the eye from top to bottom, it can of course be reversed in the program, but honestly blinking from the top and from the bottom we both a nice effect
DSC08670_moyenne (resized).jpgDSC08669_moyenne (resized).jpg

#72 2 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

You do very fine work, Franck.
Très bien!

thank's guy

Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

When is the next batch of these going to be available? I think I need it. Very cool.

i hope before 15 days, i 'm waiting my order

1 week later
#74 2 years ago

yes, for safety, check that you have 12 volts DC and make sure you do not go wrong with the polarity

#80 2 years ago
Quoted from TheMickster:

Yes a great mod, I received mine last week but haven't had a chance to install....and in seeing this last installation, it seems that the pupils are not matched, (symmetrical) ...not sure why that would be.....Franck?

the screens are wired in parallel, so they are perfectly symmetrical.
then if the screens are not well placed, there may be a slight shift of symmetry, but this is not seen

#81 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Tommy:

Red wire = positive (even for battery)
Black wire = negative


yes correct

#82 2 years ago

I was waiting this week for my control modules and instead I received a message from the seller that the order had just left.
bad period for buyers during Chinese New Year.
I have a few screens in advance, and I will order in France to buy control modules that cost 4 times more but are delivered in 72 hours, just to not wait for the few pinsiders who have make pre-orders.
I will post here when I receive my big order

#84 2 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

Alright... what did I eff up? I did black to black and red to yellow/grey at J1. Both on the side of the connector closest to the boney beast.

*edit - I undid it, and the game’s back to operating error free, but I want to get these eyes going. So do I need to splice into the other side of the j1 connector... or is it one on one side, and the other wire on the other side (and if so, does it matter which?)?
Sorry for the question... I’m still pretty dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff.

am not sure to understand, can you put pictures of your connection

#86 2 years ago

when you cut the wires to connect those of the mod, there is always continuity.
for example, when you cut the black wire to connect the mod's black wire, the two original black wires are well connected to each other
in total, it's three wire, the one you cut, that's two, and the mod, three in total.
I do not see well on your photo
also check if you have 12 volts between the gray / yellow wire and the black

#89 2 years ago

you have to put the red pin of your controller on the gray / yellow wire and the black pin on the black wire and you should have 12.9 v and not -12.9v

#94 2 years ago

the best would be to recover the original connector from the flasher and solder two new wires to the flashlight bracket,
you can thus keep the old wires system in case you want to go back to the origin

#99 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

I need to order some of these. Posting so I see when more are available

I am waiting for a big order, I will warn here when it will be available

#100 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Extremely cool mod, but costing way north of 100 euros.... well, too much buck for the bang IMO...

in view of what is done in the world of mods, the price is very low and promotional.

#111 2 years ago

I received my order, it is available again.

1 month later
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