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By spfxted

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Hi all. We're having so much fun with the T2 Club, I decided to start one for Scared Stiff. You just need a machine to join...or be a supporting member!

#10 7 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Drove from Ontario to NY state during 'Sandy' (thankfully far inland) to take custody over Buschjs's sexy SS. Love it...it's never, ever leaving.

Now THAT'S dedication! Welcome! Maybe we'll get Robert Winter on here to keep us updated on all things Elvira...)

#12 7 years ago


#42 7 years ago

Great pix! Let's have more with our machines. Welcome new members. If anyone has a contact to make jackets or shirts, lemme know. My guy said tshirts with large graphic on back and small on front would be between 20 and 25 bucks! I'd love to have a jacket made. I have the artists, so the graphics are no problem. .....oh poo!

#45 7 years ago

Oh!...its a BEER ad!

#48 7 years ago

Great pix! Thanks! As soon as I get Internet back, I'll post some of my Elvira stuff.

#51 7 years ago

Hey, hey...leave your Stiff-o-meter out of this...

#54 7 years ago

Cool, Krusty. I'm looking into it...)

#55 7 years ago

Shirts would be $20-25. Jackets, I'm still waiting. My friend had embroidered jackets made up once and they were about $150.

#62 7 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

SS shirts were made years ago by Jim over at pinGame Journal. I have my own stash of them.

Perfect! How much? I want one.

#63 7 years ago

Dennis....if Robert says you're in...you're IN!

#65 7 years ago

You're IN! I hope Cassandra does an East Coast convention soon...

#74 7 years ago

I'm in!!

You are certainly IN, my friend!


#79 7 years ago

Dennis, that would be great! When I saw Cassandra at the last Chiller Theatre convention she said she had a meeting with Jack. She said there was never another meeting. Do you have any more info on this? Would Stern possibly be interested in an Elvira pin.
And, of course, you are correct, Elvira is the Character and can be used with any cool monsters, aliens or haunted house theme.
I enjoy Scared Stiff more than MM or AFM!

#83 7 years ago

Nice, Robert! Hey!...I bought one of those Terminator Toppers...how did you get it to fit the top of the machine? Did you cut off the sides?


#84 7 years ago

oops!...yeah, I see that you did...

#86 7 years ago

Ahhh, cool..they modified it. I didn't get the front light and bought the red eyes myself. Never used it though. I was going to mount it to the wall and connect the eyes to the machine so they flash.

#89 7 years ago

It's a beautiful thing!

#91 7 years ago

I got mine and they work great!

#94 7 years ago

The Flicker IS pretty cool. (get it and sell yours on Ebay)

#96 7 years ago


#98 7 years ago

Nice lookin game!


#101 7 years ago

Yeah! I had the TV on the last SS I had. It only played the slides though. Wasn't crazy about it. But actual movie clips...or horror/sci-fi trailers!....er, where do you live.....

#108 7 years ago

Nice! I'm still missing an Eyeball Shooter for this machine. Got just about everything else. Anybody got any cool Eyeball Ideas for meeeee?


#111 7 years ago

I agree. It is my wife's favorite as well. I think an article in the next issue on the Elvira machines is in order....just sayin'

#113 7 years ago

Hey!...that Eyeball looks pretty darn good! Where did you get it??

#117 7 years ago

Check Planetary. They had one at the Allentown Show...

#118 7 years ago
Quoted from bluevegas:

They are actually shift knobs. Robert actually has a write up about them.http://www.robertwinter.com/pinball/ss/tech/shooter.htmlNot sure why my first pic came across so blurry and large

Are they still available somewhere? The link goes nowhere.
How do you attach it? Rod in and screw down? Thanks!

#119 7 years ago

I just looked around (Google, Ebay, etc) All I could find is those shift knobs with the smeary veins look. I like yours much better.....where ARE they??


#121 7 years ago

Thanks dug...but, no...those are the smeary veins I was talking about. Look up at blue's knob. (er, sorry about that!)

#123 7 years ago

No prob, blue...Hey Robert! Do you know where I can get that shift knob? Hmmmm?

#125 7 years ago

I was thinking that, but the few I saw for shifters were tilted down when put on a pinball rod. When you put it on a shifter it faces up, but on the machine it faces down. The hole would have to come from the back of the skull, not the bottom.....right?

#127 7 years ago

Little Shop of Games...Out of Stock! Bah!

#128 7 years ago

What is Pinballwizard.com ?

#133 7 years ago

Thanks robert...I'm saving your post for future use....

#136 7 years ago

Yeah, I looked all over. Can't find that exact one. All of them now have that smeary vein thing. If anyone finds the Good Ones, please let us know. I WANT IT!


#145 7 years ago

Yes Wise Guy. That's where I got mine. I went for the combo. Nice quality...look great!

#153 7 years ago

How do ya do it??

#158 7 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Has anyone else forgot about the leapers when playing with the glass off? I had to laugh when the first one flew into the air.

YES! Testing the game and that sucker flew up and beaned me! Oh poo!!

#159 7 years ago

I'm checking out a Scared Stiff t shirt on Ebay!

#161 7 years ago

They just came in the mail!

#162 7 years ago

Was there ever a repro Spider for Scared Stiff?

#164 7 years ago

One of the best Pinball Gotcha's out there!

#166 7 years ago

Thanks Rob!
Let's get these Repro Guys on it!

#167 7 years ago

I'm gonna have some real interesting Scared Stiff info coming soooon!

#170 7 years ago

Should be ready by next week...

#173 7 years ago

They are nice, but I like the red and yellow as well....

1 week later
#177 7 years ago

Hey Vinny!...let's see some pix..
And, yes, Honch, I always try to help...heh...heh...heh

#179 7 years ago

Hey people! We did an interview with Dennis Nordman and are transcribing it now. I'll let you all know when to expect it on PINBALL411.com....lots of fun stuff about Elvira, Scared Stiff, Party Monsters, behind the scenes stories and photos!


1 week later
#194 7 years ago

Yes, in attract mode as the Spider spins, the lights come on as the point passes them. As you collect them, they stay on.
...ALSO...there is STILL a SS for sale here ($4,700 OBO)...somebody please jump on it! It has all the mods...

1 week later
#195 7 years ago

Did anyone here get the Ebay Scared Stiff for $4,400??

1 month later
#201 7 years ago

I've been looking for that shooter as well. They told me they stopped making them. Where is 2 bits?

#205 7 years ago

Pix when you get it, please....

#209 7 years ago

Cliffy, you are ALWAYS welcome in the Club!

3 weeks later
#210 7 years ago

My cool Elvira Model is going to a new home. Enjoy!

#211 7 years ago

My cool Elvira Model is going to a new home. Enjoy!


#217 7 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

Hey Ted, is that one of those statues, that you paint yourself? If you did that, you have a good eye. Or did you recruit your wife for that one?

Hah!...No, it was painted by the owner of the company that makes them. Wise ass!

#220 7 years ago

I have a number of things I can use for a SS Topper...also a Laseriffic will be coming my way soon. It's good that it's going to a loving home ...

#222 7 years ago

Sorry! Not you Limpy....

#224 7 years ago

Yeah, I just mentioned it in another thread and had a few people contact me about selling it. It sold fast! I only charged what I paid for it. I'll be going to the Chiller Convention in April and can ask about another. They're not cheap though. Unless you just want the kit. I think that was $125 or something....and you're right Honch, Harriet could have probably done it. BUT...she's doing so much Real Estate business, she has no time. And that's ok...she has to keep me living in the manner I'm acc...oh never mind....
When are you coming back for another visit?

#230 7 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

I have a couple of those statues that I've had professionally painted. I think the last one on Ebay went for $450+. It's actually a very rare statue.

Thanks Robert...the guy who bought it will love to hear THAT!

#231 7 years ago

Here's the Chiller website. They are beginning to put up the Guests.

#234 7 years ago

No problem. Send pix when you get it set up. It should go to the PO tomorrow.

#238 7 years ago

Looks great!

#240 7 years ago

I just bought a pair from Ebay!

#247 7 years ago

Yeah, I got the package of all the stuff from them!

#254 7 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I'm at work now Skypilot. If I was at home I'd go down to my gameroom and take a picture of my SS's serial number picture and I'd share it with you. It's pretty easy to read mine. It's mostly all zeros with a 43 on the end. It also lists the date manufactured. My machine has the early production playfield art and the early production apron art, that coupled with the 43 in the serial number, should (I say "should" - from what I think I know) indicate that the SS I have was the 43rd made (unless I'm misremembering and it's the 48th). It's 40-something for sure, LOL.

Yeah, please take a pic. I'd like to look at mine too.

#257 7 years ago

Checked mine too...yeah...no spider, but another set of eyes! (I like the spider!)

#261 7 years ago

Velcome, Jules! We even have our own Sticky Happy Face Thingy for Elvira

#268 7 years ago

I thought someone said that Plasma Thingy somehow screwed up the electronics after a while. Was it on a Xenon?

#273 7 years ago

Lookin' goood!

#283 7 years ago

Honch is the Best! He's helped me over the phone AND in person!

#285 7 years ago

Welcome, herg! elvirateehee.gif

#290 7 years ago

I have one of the new translites, I believe from Planetary. Looks great. Did anyone ever make repros of those other plastics?

#301 7 years ago
Quoted from bluevegas:

I'm still looking for a spider pointer if anyone comes across one

I think Planetary had 2 of them at the Allentown Show. I thought they were too expensive, so I passed. DOH!!

#308 7 years ago

I have to look up the place...but they have a Special where you can get both...Great stuff!

#315 7 years ago

Hey! I thought idtatoo HAD a SS.....

#316 7 years ago

No worries fireman...you'll be back...

#323 7 years ago

Welcome!! Funny thing... I played Party Monsters, Attack From Mars and Revenge from Mars this weekend, and ya know what?....I STILL think Scared Stiff is the better game!! ...Just me.

#325 7 years ago

Ok...are we all going to get SS tattoos?

#330 7 years ago

I think idtattoo can hook us up!

#336 7 years ago

Hey J! You better have 2!

#340 7 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I really need to up my game as not done the stiffometer yet....

Me too!

#342 7 years ago

I have to admit, I cheated when my tech was over with the glass off. He yelled at me! ''It HAS to be EARNED!!'' gee....

#348 7 years ago

You are IN! Storage?? wtf

#350 7 years ago


#351 7 years ago

I think I'm gonna have the legs powder coated by the Chromster! Love that green and yellow thingy he does...

#354 7 years ago

I like the way you think! How's our girl??

#356 7 years ago

Excellent! Yeah, I love those color changing/fade in and out LED's for the candle and TV!

#359 7 years ago

Congrats, Dale!! Ya know, the more I look at that Spider Spinner, the more I think a great clock can be made! The rubber spiders are available...put a pointer on it. PhotoShop the Spinner art, put some numbers on there. Attach the spider to one of those clock mech thingys and frame it. hmmmm

#360 7 years ago

Yeah! It looks great....and now he will be just over an hour from me!

#362 7 years ago

AND I'm on 5 ball!!

#364 7 years ago

I'm glad my pain and ineptitude brings you pleasure....

#368 7 years ago

5 ball IS pinball....

#373 7 years ago

I thought someone said Robert stopped making them. (I hope it's not true)

#377 7 years ago

I have some very interesting Boogie-Men replacement Monsters. I'll post a picture when I get back from trip.

#378 7 years ago

Yes, herg, those are cool...and seem to be pretty well made. Buy the whole set and swap them out...

#382 7 years ago

Yes, J, please let us know. (a PM is fine)
...and, by the way, I just got home...the new lady is In Da House! ...pix sooon...oh poo!

#384 7 years ago

The eyes that turn you to stone....

#385 7 years ago

While I was picking up the new SS, the guy had another machine there that was pretty darn cool. I forgot the name though. It was Class of 1812 or something. Monsters, pumping heart, chattering teeth...a fun game!

#390 7 years ago

Yes! The second one goes out tomorrow. Third just got here. (used to be owned by one of Jersey Jack's guys!) Pix tomorrow as I'm on my way to Green Oblivion!


#391 7 years ago
Quoted from idtattoo:

Class of 1812 is awesome, I Have been looking for a decent/nice one for a pretty long time.

Well, know where an EXCELLENT one is! Just played 3 games on it!
PM sent!!

#392 7 years ago

Here's a few pix of the new game. NOT the one I was originally going to get. (He's no longer selling!)
This game is not HUO, but pretty damn nice!

IMG_1909.JPG IMG_1912.JPG IMG_1914.JPG

#393 7 years ago


IMG_1915.JPG IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1920.JPG

#394 7 years ago


IMG_1921.JPG IMG_1926.JPG IMG_1928.JPG

#395 7 years ago


IMG_1930.JPG IMG_1933.JPG IMG_1936.JPG

#396 7 years ago


IMG_1938.JPG IMG_1939.JPG IMG_1943.JPG

#398 7 years ago



#399 7 years ago

Yeah, bigdaddy...and the Flickering Candle...

#404 7 years ago
Quoted from PiNDoCToR:

Man, that is one GORGEOUS Scared Stiff!


#405 7 years ago
Quoted from ctozzi:

Looks great, hopefully your old one that's headed my way looks close to that one.

Oh yeah, except for that small dinker by the Crate, it's really nice! AND you got plenty of LED's in there including the super-cool slow multi color flasher behind the TV! (love it and can't wait to get it for the new SS) It's not as clean as this one, but certainly nifty! And I love the SS Poster!...I sent my extra copy! It's just a fun game all around!

#406 7 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

And paint those bones to match the skull.

You are correct! I didn't even notice that! Grrrrr!

#408 7 years ago

Yeah! Some of the stuff is easy to repair...er, except for me. Hopefully this will be the last one....hopefully....

#414 7 years ago
Quoted from idtattoo:

Go buy some basic black acrylic paint at the craft store. Mix it up with water till its about pudding or milk consistency. Dip or brush the bones in the black, wipe off the paint with a rag or paper towel. I am considering using glow in the dark paint as well on my next set after the black. It is clear when it dries and might glow better than the glow bones.

Thanks bigdaddy and tatster! I will have my wife do this. She does faux finishing, etc. Perfect!

#415 7 years ago

Love the glowing eyeball!....except if it's gonna come off!

#416 7 years ago

I'd love to get the legs to Alex for Powder Coating...but I have no Pinball Equipment. I need something to lift the machine and put it on while the legs are being done. Sawhorses??

#418 7 years ago

Good point!...I think the ones my wife had (that's right, she's the Toolbelt Diva, not me!) are not to sturdy...and plastic....

#420 7 years ago

Yeah, I wanna play it. I have to put it up on something anyway to take the legs off. Buying a second set of legs is not a bad idea either...BUT the ones on there are brand new! ....this should be my only problem!

#422 7 years ago

Good idea! I think Alex said something about stocking legs soon. I'll find out.

#424 7 years ago

Honch!! Can ya help this guy??

#431 7 years ago

Membership has its priv...er, never mind...

#435 7 years ago

hah! I just got back from Bask Bar and played AC/DC (7 games) Multiball was fun, but it can't hold a Flickering Candle to Scared Stiff!

#441 7 years ago

Nice! Where did you get the Flickering Candle Mod from. There are 2 on Ebay. One is Judge Dredds ($40 free ship)and the other at $20 more. Is it better??

#443 7 years ago

Thanks, but it's ok. Just got another one from Judge Dreads. He's a Good Egg!

#449 7 years ago
Quoted from ctozzi:

That rodney mod is a top 5 mod for me.

What's that?

#452 7 years ago

Honch...you goin to the Allentown show?

#454 7 years ago

I know they have a glow thingy for the Spider Hole.
There is also a mod to have the ball returned from the left side. (another thing removed for cost)
There is a TV Mod.
I saw one with those light things on the ramps.
One thing I really like is the slow fade in and out color changer LED for behind the Backglass TV. There is also a fast flicker one for behind the candle.

#455 7 years ago

Ordered the Flicker Candles....AND I may just try to put them in myself! I know, I know...

#458 7 years ago

Gee, got a list to prove it?

#465 7 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen...Let the MOD WARS begin!

#466 7 years ago

MOD WARS...now THERE'S a new A&E Series!

#470 7 years ago

Recovery is always ok with Elvira!

#474 7 years ago

Nice, bigdaddy!
Honch...I'm goin on Saturday. Beverages will be flowing! ...and cigars?

#478 7 years ago

This is the second set I've ordered from Andy at Judge Dredds in the UK. (he ships fast!)

#479 7 years ago

I'd love to get my coin door done up...any advice?

#486 7 years ago

How much was it?

#494 7 years ago

I still have to show youz the crazy ones I found. I'll try to post them tomorrow...

#498 7 years ago

I'll sell for 7K

#499 7 years ago

Finger Puppets!

Picture_003.jpg Picture_005.jpg Picture_006.jpg

#503 7 years ago

They are really cool. Would they fit on the Scared Stiff Boogie-Men stalks??

#504 7 years ago
Quoted from bluevegas:

you have lovely nails Ted

You got me! That was literally 10 minutes before I had them done!

#505 7 years ago

Hey Dale! Over the weekend, can ya possibly talk me through the SS Menu? I just wanna make sure everything is set up right.

#507 7 years ago

Somebody gave them to me when I was a guest at a film convention in Maine. Someone here said they just bought some...

#508 7 years ago
Quoted from idtattoo:

I just picked up a set of those On my way back from Mgc.

Where did ya find them?

#511 7 years ago

That's it!! Great! Now, can we use em' on Scared Stiff?

#513 7 years ago

Hi. Yes, I found a local one. Nice and clean. (as are my pockets!)
...and, yes, $6-7 for a super clean one with mods...

#515 7 years ago

What was wrong? How did you get it on there?

#519 7 years ago

I would NEVER trade a great SS for TZ. Just me, but I think SS is the better game. Sure, there are tons of mods for TZ, but so what. AND Invisiglass looks great on a Scared Stiff. Keep what you have and pick up a TZ sometime in the future.

#521 7 years ago

If your's is truly excellent and clean...6K plus (mods)

#527 7 years ago

Hey, the guy that does those embroidered machine covers said he'll work on a Scared Stiff Embroidered Patch for me. I told him to make a bunch as I'm sure a few of youz will want one. It's on a thread somewhere below this one...

#531 7 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

I have those zombies on my Scared Stiff right now, put them on about a week ago.

Do they fit? Do they work? Do they look cool?

#532 7 years ago
Quoted from ctozzi:

I finally got my SS today, I didnt have much time after work but I did install the Laseriffic topper. Thanks Again SPFXTED !

Looks great! Thank YOU! I'm glad you're enjoying it. shhhhhh...but I enjoy this game more than AFM!

#534 7 years ago

Great! Please post a pic when ya get home. Thanks!!