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SCARED STIFF Club...Members Only

By spfxted

7 years ago

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#21 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Now THAT'S dedication! Welcome! Maybe we'll get Robert Winter on here to keep us updated on all things Elvira...)

Well, that's a given.

Maybe someone will do a SSS (Scared Stiff Sequel) version of SS on P-ROC, similar to what's being done for CC/CCC. I could probably arrange to get some custom speech recorded for additional modes and gameplay.

Hey, I can dream...

#56 7 years ago

SS shirts were made years ago by Jim over at pinGame Journal. I have my own stash of them.

#61 7 years ago
Quoted from DennisNordman:

May I join, even though I don't own one?

You're already kind of in Dennis. I own your machine and I'm in the club!

#82 7 years ago

Here's my SS with a couple of friends.


#85 7 years ago

Actually, mine came like that.

Mine was mounted to a metal base plate and has a red front light.

#114 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I agree. It is my wife's favorite as well.

When my wife used to play pins (before kids), the ONLY games she would play were EATPM and SS.

#124 7 years ago

Sorry, that jet-age guy on Ebay was the only source I knew of.

You could always do a skull shooter knob. That's what I did on my EATPM (sorry, don't have a pic)

#130 7 years ago

There is a set screw on the back of the pointer. You'll need an allen wrench.

#142 7 years ago

I *used* to sell them. Now I only sell the Skull Pile LED kits.

Not sure if FreePlay still sells them -

#143 7 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Been looking a while as well - don't want the cheap floaty one!

Actually, the "cheap floaty one" is the kind that Dennis originally had in mind for the game.

#165 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Was there ever a repro Spider for Scared Stiff?

Not that I've ever seen.

2 weeks later
2 months later
#228 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yeah, I just mentioned it in another thread and had a few people contact me about selling it. It sold fast! I only charged what I paid for it. I'll be going to the Chiller Convention in April and can ask about another. They're not cheap though. Unless you just want the kit. I think that was $125 or something...

I have a couple of those statues that I've had professionally painted. I think the last one on Ebay went for $450+. It's actually a very rare statue.

3 weeks later
#327 7 years ago
Quoted from idtattoo:

I need to order a led eye skull pile mod...

As the original creator of this mod, I still sell them. Both multicolor and all red versions available. $65 shipped in the U.S. for Pinside members. PM me directly.

I no longer sell the dancing boogie men ... too labor intensive to assemble.

1 month later
#636 7 years ago

If you could do more than one color on the Elvira pose, I think it would look much better.

I know the spider web is in the backbox of SS, but it just doesn't say "Scared Stiff" or "Elvira" to me.

#638 7 years ago

Great work so far!

1 month later
#694 7 years ago

Already ordered the Sigma display. I'll be running color next Monday!

#696 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Excellent! Are they ready for delivery now??

Just to confirm, I bought a Sigma display, which is the generic version. I'll download the SS file next Monday and update the display then.

I ordered a Sigma display from the ColorDMD site so I assume they're in stock. They normally put up "Out Of Stock" when not currently available.

Then again, you could order a Sigma display from their distributors too.

#703 7 years ago
Quoted from dug:

Prepare to be blown away, it's that good.

Did you see it at the OC Pinball meeting yesterday?

Nevermind, just saw your post in the official thread that you indeed saw it there.

#709 7 years ago

ROM file for SS ColorDMD is now available for download. Updating my Sigma now! WooHoo!

#712 7 years ago
Quoted from dug:

Whatcha think Robert?

I'm LOVING it so far. I was only to play a couple of games before I had to head out so I haven't seen too much of it. But the Dancing Boogiemen mode is beautiful! I'm really looking forward to putting in a LOT more time on the game later in the week to see everything else.

For anyone wondering, I've had a red filter on my original DMD for years so I'm very familiar with that look. Once I got my Sigma last week, I had it running in green dots mode, which was a fun change and looked great. The sheer clarity of these displays far outshines a standard DMD.

I *highly* recommend this ColorDMD to any SS owner. ColorDMD has hit another one out of the park!

#728 7 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

BTW, the more I see and hear about that color DMD, the more I think I want one too. I thought the red DMD cover was more fitting, but now I'm not so sure.

Yes, the colors are VERY vivid. I have every CDMD except STTNG and I think SS looks the best.

Ditch that red DMD - you won't be sorry!

#757 7 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

They do look better (in the light) than the bone white originals, but the glow in the dark aspect is worthless. They only glow in pitch darkness.

That's the only time I notice mine - when I turn off all the lights and am leaving the game room.

I tried putting a black light on top of the backbox to make them stand out more, but the ambient light of everything on the playfield nullifies the effect.

Just color wash the originals.

#773 7 years ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

Hello guys!
I have a little problem with the 3rd dead head the one on the right.
The light stays on all the time...any idea where i should start looking.

Does it stay lit even in test mode? Does it go on/off with any other lights? Are any other lights on the same row or column affected?

#777 7 years ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

Thanks for the reply!
In test mode it goes off and on like the other lights.
But in game play it stays on all the time.

Sending PM to continue troubleshooting...

2 months later
#837 7 years ago

It's very simple actually. No need for extra long Allen wrenches.

Just remove the left lamp board and rotate the spider so the set screw is on the left side. It's only about 3 inches in - close enough for a standard Allen wrench.

The pictures show the wrench I used, and how far it needed to go in to reach the set screw.

And as others have stated, I can't over-emphasize enough - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN that screw. It's way too easy to crack the plastic. Just snug it down.

ss_spider1.jpg ss_spider2.jpg ss_spider3.jpg

#839 7 years ago

Speaking of pictures, here's one of my machine.


#844 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Robert...can that Topper be had for a reasonable price somewhere?

Unfortunately no. They pop up on Ebay every so often and always sell for $500+.

I've bought/sold probably 12+ over the years but my supply of them ran out (I'm into slots somewhat too). I decided to have my keeper custom painted to look more realistic than the standard factory-quickie paint job, which is passable, but doesn't really do the sculpture justice.

A better picture of my topper can be seen over at this thread. You can also see the stock version a few posts down on aberdeentp's machine, whom you've also queried -

#846 7 years ago

Yes, the first IGT Elvira slot. Problem is, now all the slot guys know how much these are worth on the open market.

There's an Elvira topper on Ebay now - item 170849131282. Current asking price is $1K. They started at $1500 a number of weeks ago with no takers. I would expect $700-$800 for a stock one in perfect condition.

#849 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted: used to be able to get the machine for that!

What machine are you referring to? The slot was never for sale and I've never seen an SS that cheap.

2 months later
#985 6 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

You guys are Elvira fans - which is the better looking/more realistic sculpture? Which would you use as a topper (if either)?
Jeweled dagger?

Or coffin?

I have pretty much every Elvira sculpture ever made. Having said that, the Tweeterhead (jeweled dagger) face likeness is slightly better than the Premium Format coffin version. Then again, the coffin is a larger scale, and the sculpture can be a little more revealing should you choose to remove the dress and display her undergarments.

BTW, both are available for purchase here -

#1014 6 years ago
Quoted from rpageler:

Just picked up SS this month. Love it!
I have a quick question though: in a recent game i hit the crate enough times to have it unlock for multiball, when i went for the shot i missed and ended up putting the ball in the skill shot hole - at this point terror from the crate multiball started. Is this normal? I'm using version 1.5 of the software.

I believe it's the same switch under the playfield that gets triggered when the ball goes in either the crate or the skill shot hole. So yes, that would be normal behavior since the game "thinks" you shot the crate.

#1017 6 years ago

Better link -

1 week later
#1038 6 years ago

If anyone is looking for the slot topper for their machine, there's one on Ebay right now (not mine and I'm not associated with the seller) with a good starting price - $645 shipped. They usually go for $700-$1000. link

1 week later
#1088 6 years ago
Quoted from brucipher:

Ok...I need advice...I would really love the ColorDMD, but $400 is a hard pill for me to swallow. For those of you who have installed it, do you think it is worth it? I wish they were more like $300...somehow that doesn't seem as crazy to me

Yes, it's worth the $400.

And you can sell your used DMD for $100 (assuming it works), so it's only really $300!

2 weeks later
#1106 6 years ago

People have had issues with those flipper protectors in the past. Seems the adhesive sometimes removes artwork when you try to remove the protector after a period of time. I've not used them myself, but have seen pictures of the problem. It was well documented on RGP.

2 months later
#1236 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I think Robert has one...not sure. I was going to have this done until I realized that the game just fires another ball rather than the kickback. Almost the same thing, so I never went through with the conversion.

No, mine is a sample game, which also does not have the kickback. No need for it since autolaunch accomplishes the same thing.

1 week later
#1259 6 years ago
Quoted from Stuby-Doo:

Did any of you see Elvira on Counting Cars (season 1, episode 7) from 2012? I'm probably just a little late, but it was a cool car Danny did for her!

Cassandra has owned the Macabre Mobile for years. Danny just did a refurb on it.

And to think I had the chance to buy it at one point...

#1278 6 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

Would you mind saying what the asking price was on that, Robert?

$30K, IIRC.

#1282 6 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

WOW! Seems relatively cheap considering it's Elvira's and it's a one of a kind. I don't consider 30K peanuts, but I would have definitely ponied up the cash for that puppy. BTW, thanks for the info.

It *was* peanuts. The only thing that stopped me was lacking somewhere to store it, and it was in dire need of restoration. Hence its ultimate visit to The Count.

And really, what would I do with it? I'd look nowhere as cool as Elvira driving around in that thing!

1 week later
#1321 6 years ago

I have some NOS ramps if anyone is interested. PM me for details. I can post pics tomorrow if I remember...

1 month later
#1371 6 years ago

I have a black Scared Stiff shirt available if anyone wants it. Size XL, never worn or washed. $25 plus shipping.


#1373 6 years ago

Looks like it's sold!

#1376 6 years ago

Sorry, that was my last one. And I never had any 2XL.

2 weeks later
#1401 6 years ago
Quoted from rpageler:

Anyone know where i can get a color dmd for SS? Seems like everyone is out. Thanks!

Just buy the standard Sigma display from which looks to be in stock. You can install the SS file into it with a USB stick.

1 month later
#1446 6 years ago

It's no worse for the motor than it being used during game play. If you have your game on 24/7, you *may* want to disable it in attract mode. If the game is only on when you play it, I'd leave it enabled.

1 week later
#1452 6 years ago
Quoted from tomypin:

im thomas from germany and i want to be also in the club

Nice setup! I also like how you've arranged the games on the side for display.

#1467 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

There is a Scared Stiff machine on Ebay. It has a story...not sure if bull or not...

Are you talking about this one? link

Looks like it *may* be a very early production game since it has a sample playfield and the glow parts, but there's nothing special about the cabinet as noted in the auction. If there were NO claw marks, THEN it would be special.

1 week later
#1496 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yes, I saw that. Was there LED"s? Dancing Boogie Men? Flickering Candle Mod? Skull Pile Mod? The front looked totally washed out. The sides looked light to me as well. AND a hole by the Crate. Robert, what did you think?

It did have LEDs, although I don't recall seeing any other mods.

It looked to be a solid game, although the front cabinet fade, the center insert wear and the wear in front of the crate are definitely things that would affect the price.

I think $4500 might have been a more realistic price, but hey, it's Ebay!

2 weeks later
#1507 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Depending on condition and mods...$4-7k

$4K is definitely the bottom price. CQ would easily be $7K if not more. I sold my NIB for more than twice that!

3 weeks later
#1544 6 years ago
Quoted from CptAwesomest:

Is this still the best ? only place to get the dancing boogie man mod around?

Since I no longer sell them, yes, that is the best/only place to get them.

I agree with Aurich on the plastic puppets. The rubber ones are around if you look.

2 weeks later
#1572 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Finally got the beautiful EATPM Robert Winter sold me set up next to SS!

Looks great! Someday I'll get mine set up together!

5 years later
#3434 11 months ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Paint them yourself. Bone is super easy to paint. It is a dry brush technique. There are YouTube videos on how to do it.

It's actually a color washing technique.

Paint the flipper with a watered down black/grey color, then lightly wipe off the excess leaving the paint in the detail areas.

flippers (resized).jpg
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