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Saving Star Pool

By WillG

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

My friend found a Williams Star Pool at a garage sale and called me. My brother and I went to see it and brought it home. It lit up, but that was all. It's in rough shape, but I like player machines. One of my dad's retirement hobbies is to work on pins. So I buy them, and he fixes and plays them....and then he keeps them at his house.....and sets all of the high scores. This one, will be a challenge to get running.
Here is the day's recap: We checked a lot of things with the meter and schematic.The coin mechs are gone, someone wired a "credit" switch in the door instead. When it turns on and we push the "credit" switch, the .25 relay goes on. The score reel reset motor does not work, so the reels don't reset. I switched the game over relay and it allowed us to try the flippers, bumpers and scoring. Almost all are working. The reels work, but not perfectly. So that's encouraging. It lit up as player 4. So, right now we are stuck. It's kind of fun figuring this stuff out. But, if anyone can recommend what to look at, it would be appreciated. Thanks for any help!

#2 8 years ago

Im famous, those are my hands in the first picture.

Theres a few technical bugs to work out, but its a great pin for the price WillG paid. Right place/right time gets you a great deal. Looking forward to having a new pin to enjoy.

#3 8 years ago

Nice find. That should be a nice fixer-upper to work on and keep you off the streets. Keep us updated with pics of your progress. I love reading threads where guys get a good deal on a half-dead pin and polish it up and bring it back to life. Have fun getting it going.

#4 8 years ago

I picked up a Star Pool in similar condition about a year ago. It took a little bit of troubleshooting and a lot of elbow grease, but when I was done I had a fun machine for cheap and the satisfaction knowing that I had brought it back from the dead. It is a real fun game to play.

#5 8 years ago

I have a buddy that found one also BUT the score motor must of caught fire and burned al the wires at the score motor other that that it is in good shape. to save it I need to find him a bottom board for it.
not sure if that will be a easy find or not

#6 8 years ago

We worked on the Star Pool tonight. The stepper disks and rivets were cleaned and move properly now. One stepper had the leaf switch on the wrong side and would not allow it to snap back to the starting position. I thought this may help it start, but we are at the same point. We get the .25 relay to work when the credit button is pressed, but nothing else happens.
What should we check next? Thanks for the help!

#7 8 years ago

When you start a game, does the scr motor start to turn. Make sure there is some credit on the Credit reel, and press the red button on the front left of the coin door, what happens.

We need to know where we are at before we can help.

How much of this (See below) happening?

Start at the top and make sure each step is working as described. don't move on till you have the previous step working correctly.


#8 8 years ago

As was posted by my brother WillG, the coin acceptors were previously removed and replaced by a button to get credits. When this button is pushed, it triggers the 25c relay in the machine. The red button (to start a game) does nothing when pressed.

We took some time to clean/check every switch and stepper on the game, so that when we get the bugs worked out it should work just fine. If we get time, we'll get to cleaning up the score reels and run through the reset procedure and get it going. Cant wait, fixing these machines can be fun if you don't let it frustrate you.....

#9 8 years ago

First thing, we need to get to a known position.

Now you said the red button does nothing, do you have credit on the credit wheel? Is it a number other than zero. Set it to 10, good round number mid-way on the reel.
Is there signs that the wires to the red button have be cut or changed?

When you turn off the machine, then turn back on, the Game over Trip coil should fire. When you press the left flipper button the Lock RE should energise and stay energised. Does this happen?

I’m assuming you have a copy of the schematic and manual?

#10 8 years ago

Chrisbee, thanks for helping! We set the credit wheel to 20. When we turn off and on, game over does not trip. The left flipper button turns on lights, but I don't think Lock relay trips. I'll check that next time I get to dad's house. I have a PDF of the schematic and manual that I printed out. Thanks everybody for the stories about your machines.

#11 8 years ago
Quoted from WillG:

The left flipper button turns on lights, but I don't think Lock relay trips.

That's correct, the lock RE is energised and turns the PF lights on when the left flipper is pressed, and the Lock RE should stay on from this point. Note other relays can make the lock RE energise too.
There are two coils on the game over RE, one latches and the other releases, the releasing coil (Trip Coil) should fire on power up. Now you have credit, does the Red Button work?
Hope it does as it is a good place to start fault finding.

4 weeks later
#12 8 years ago

Chrisbee, thanks for the help! We have not really had time to work on it....until yesterday. Following your advice, everything seemed OK up until the score reel motor should turn. Then, we tried using the motor test port. The motor works. Then, I noticed a sticker that shows the test port on or off. We put a jumper on the port and that game starts and works! So, the problem was the pin that goes in the test port "on" is missing. Now, it starts and plays. Next we need to adjust switches, put on new rubber and work on the score reels. The 100 and 1000 reels are not working right. Thanks again! I'll keep you posted.

#13 8 years ago

Your posts kind of confused me because you kept refering to a "score reel motor" so I wasn't sure if you were talking about the score motor or the score reels, which do not have a motor.

Glad you found part of the issues. Not a bad looking game, sort of a four player version of Triple Action, which I owned and found to be a fun and fast game.

#14 8 years ago

In the fourth photo from the top, it looks like someone's coke stash blew up inside the game!

My buddy and I found a really nice one of these many years ago. The cabinet cleaned up and looked like new. Some of the steppers were stuck (probably had WD-40 sprayed on them long ago), but we had it all prettied up, shopped out and playing great in one night. I think my friend made about a 1000% profit on it when he sold it shortly afterward.

#15 8 years ago

Something tells me that 46k game count is really 146K.

Still, not in bad shape, certainly worth saving.

#16 8 years ago
Quoted from EMsInKC:

Something tells me that 46k game count is really 146K.
Still, not in bad shape, certainly worth saving.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly when I saw the playmeter.

#17 8 years ago
Quoted from WillG:

thanks for the help!

The best thing now is to play and play, the game will get better with use, and new rubbers.

#18 8 years ago

WillG is on vacation this week, so I took a little time cleaning things up and getting some Novus on the playfield. New rubbers are on order. Id call it a big win!!

#19 8 years ago

Star Pool is a fun game. Played it quite a bit in a bowling alley back when it was new until it was replaced by a new Gottlieb Buccaneer a couple years later to my dismay as I did not like the game. The spinner is beautiful lit up on Star Pool and nailing it would really get it spinning fast! Loved the Playfield colors too.

Decided I wanted to go to a different bowling which had a new Gottlieb Spirit of 76 which I liked better than Buccaneer so I never went back to the other bowling alley.

The other bowling went out of business years later, probably due to them keeping Buccaneer.


#20 8 years ago

Still have a few problems with the scoring wheels. Yesterday we cleared the problem with the hundred and thousand relays sticking "on". They now work properly, ckicking on and releasing, no sticking.

The tens reel scores perfectly, and "rolls over" onto the hundreds reel.
The hundreds reel scores, but doesn't "roll over" to the thousands reel.
When we touch the thousands relay, it hits the chime, but doesn't score on the thousands reel at all. We also get a chime when we touch a 1000 point score on the playfield, but no score on the reel.

Any ideas??

#21 8 years ago

check for continuity between the 1000 point relay and the score reel...

#22 8 years ago
Quoted from curly826:

The hundreds reel scores, but doesn't "roll over" to the thousands reel.When we touch the thousands relay, it hits the chime, but doesn't score on the thousands reel at all.

If I understand correctly the 1000 reel isn't working at all. Does it happen on all 4 players or just one of the players? If you manually operate the 1000 reel and take it off of zero and reset the game, does the reel reset to zero?

If it resets to zero then the reel itself is probably good. If not then check that reel solenoid for an open condition. If it happens on all players then check/clean/adjust the 1000 relay again. I'm not sure what the player unit is on that game but be sure that is also clean and operating properly. Also the EOS switch, and the 9th position switch on the 100's reel(s).

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