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Rush or Motley Crue

By Rascal_H

44 days ago

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    #8 44 days ago

    Both sound great but Rush for me.

    #10 44 days ago

    Two threads are better than one! /bad joke What is the highest selling music pin?

    #97 44 days ago
    Quoted from Jaybird815:

    Crue is currently more popular than Rush, according to sales/downloads. I don’t really care much for either though. But like Rarehero was saying popularity doesn’t always equate to pin sales.

    Guess you have never heard the necromancer

    #98 44 days ago
    Quoted from Squizz:

    Don't know who the F#ck Rush is, and not going to google to find out!
    Just a very easy passsssss
    And I'm sure that I'm not the only one in Australia regards who is Rush! Other than the Racing Movie - Hunt
    Bring on Jaws and BTTF and I'll be more than happy!

    Rush would bring more sales than midnight oil mate

    #101 44 days ago
    Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

    Rush maybe has a little better lead singer, but with what Vince lacks in vocals, Mick and Tommy more than adequately make up for. You could pull almost any 3 songs from each of the first 4 albums and have a kick ass pin.
    Have a black shout at the devil cabinet with Allister Fiend on the sides of the head and pentagram on the sides of the cabinet with shout at the devil written below it.(won’t happen though).Have a Theatre of pain cabinet, or a Dr Feelgood cabinet.
    I don’t want the naked Rush Dude. So many Crue songs I can name off the top of my head, Rush, not a chance. Rush puts off a gay vibe in my opinion. Sorry Rush fans.
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    You need to get your head examined

    #164 42 days ago
    Quoted from Jamesays:

    Exactly how do you know if you never heard the music.They usually dont play Rush on the same station you hear olivia newton john.

    U tube The band Buffalo (live in Australia video 1974) and Rush on The same ticket would of been awesome. Shows Aussies like rock so it would be impossible if no Rush fans in Australia.

    #165 42 days ago

    I would argue Buffalo is a better band than midnight oil but I'm an old rocker

    #168 42 days ago

    Don't forget the record companies grip and payola. ..just listen to zappa joes garage.

    #199 41 days ago

    Rush = brilliant musicians vs Crue brilliant entertainers

    #201 41 days ago

    I think both pins are worthy

    #221 40 days ago

    There are so many songs equal or better than tom sawyer...I highly recommend listening to my favourite and most underrated of all rush songs, the necromancer. A perfect song for a rush pin I.m.o

    #222 40 days ago
    1631114106720458613904 (resized).jpg
    #229 40 days ago
    Quoted from jitneystand1:

    I hope for Rush the same way that I hoped for Maiden. Not interested but great for the many who are. Crue though, I’m almost certainly buying.

    Both pins would sell
    Wonder if it's time for rap pin... outkast?

    #249 38 days ago
    Quoted from WarriorPin:

    Neither, but Rush sucks.

    What a hot load of poo
    If neither then why open the thread?

    #250 38 days ago
    Quoted from Honch:

    Accolades aside, his "opinion" of their music can't be wrong. Talent doesn't always translate to enjoyable music for everyone. It's obviously very subjective, but to me, Geddy Lee makes my ears bleed, and all the awards and record sales on the planet will never change my mind.
    It's kind of funny how everyone tries to convince each other of what they enjoy is the correct choice and that only someone with no ear for talent couldn't see it. I'll give you your point about Rush being talented, but don't you dare try and tell me that lima beans are delicious. I don't care how many awards they win at the farmer's markets.

    Another hot load of poo
    Farmers markets? both Motley Crue and Rush are monstors of rock. Personally I would. buy both .

    #253 38 days ago

    What really puzzles is me no pink Floyd series pin. ..start with dark side of the moon.

    #255 38 days ago

    What's wrong with a playable pink Floyd speaker ?

    #256 38 days ago

    Check out the pink Floyd busker in Italy u tube.
    You never get the business unless you ask for the business. ..who know many he's a pinball fan.

    #263 35 days ago
    Quoted from rushfan:

    So not true. I counted three woman at their last concert in Toronto.
    Rush will sell. There are a lot of us - with cash.
    Got the guitar and beer. Now need the pin.
    Rush haters will be haters... get over it.
    The end.
    [quoted image]

    Your song choices for Rush pin?
    Just curious..

    #264 35 days ago

    List best songs for Crue and Rush pins,
    Top 5 each band?
    The developers should pay attention to this thread.

    #265 35 days ago

    Agree YYZ excellent choice for multi ball..
    FYI. .YYZ is airport code for Toronto.

    #267 35 days ago
    Quoted from lpeters82:

    I'd rather have another theme with a curated soundtrack incorporated into the overall package.

    This thread is for Rush and Crue fans..

    #273 34 days ago
    Quoted from wcbrandes:

    Looks like Geddy Lee and pinball collector Ed Robertson from Baranaked Ladies are teaming up ..for something. Would have been nice to combine these two into a pin ! Maybe they have ?
    [quoted image]

    Likely a music collaboration.

    #278 34 days ago

    Both Rush and Crüe would sell out.

    #279 34 days ago
    Quoted from John-Floyd:

    A 2112 edit is a must for me. Or hell, just throw the whole side A in…it’s a masterpiece.

    The Trees would be a great song John, “the maples scream oppression!” lol

    #280 34 days ago

    If anyone here knows rush there is a battle song called the trees ..maple trees vs oak.

    #283 34 days ago
    Quoted from insight75:

    The Trees is about the many opinions on Pinside.

    the maples are not getting enough light!

    #284 34 days ago
    Quoted from John-Floyd:

    la villa strangiato
    - or Am I reaching a little bit?

    not at all..solid choice.

    #286 34 days ago
    Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

    Not that you asked me, but:
    2112: Grand Finale

    I’m smoke a fat one and listen to your list because its pretty solid,,but yyz great multi song

    #289 34 days ago

    The camera eye
    New world man ?

    #299 33 days ago
    Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

    Nice! Add it! I was intentionally trying to skip Moving Pictures because half the album is on the greatest hits haha

    haha! So true...pretty tough to pick a top 5

    #300 33 days ago
    Quoted from gentrsa:

    For all it's glorious self indulgence.....
    Natural Science - would be a great song for a RUSH pin to include IMHO

    forum Rush fans can ensure the soundtrack is good to go!
    YYZ multi ball 1?

    #304 31 days ago

    Lakeside Park by Rush, Reminds me of my youth and a great song that would fit well in a pinball theme

    #306 31 days ago
    Quoted from cscmtp:

    I've heard of people having $h!t for brains, but I've never seen some many people in one thread that clearly have $h!t for ears. Saying Rush sucks??? Are you kidding me???

    Depends on age or you are into rock music . Radios here are a joke for playing rush songs. They go for the payola and what the 15 year old girls want. I watched machine gun Kelly video. He's seems more concerned about his clothes/ image to make money. I would Live in a box if i inspired people with my songs. If the music is secondary then it sucks.

    1 week later
    #334 19 days ago

    I assume designers pay attention to this thread . Toys for rush pin..Smash little guitars ? Collect Neil pearts drum kit?

    #337 19 days ago
    Quoted from Jaybird815:

    Find one pinsider from Europe or Australia that would be interested in a Rush pin. I know it’s not the end all be all, but it is telling that not a single one has said they’re fans or even have heard of them. Every one that has commented in this thread or the 50 other Rush threads have said they have zero interest. 1980, lol.

    Jay bird I think both pins would do well...I have a big list of my favourite crue songs as well. There are many music afficionados and fans that would buy both no problem.

    #339 19 days ago

    Germany very popular for Rush

    #341 19 days ago
    Quoted from insight75:

    Went and saw Primus last night. They are doing the "Farewell to Kings" album in its entirety. One thing is clear, lots of Rush fans came out to see this. Some didn't know anything about Primus but went to hear Rush. Them fans are a cult!

    How was the concert ??

    1 week later
    #370 8 days ago
    Quoted from DrDQ:

    The Best Dam Band In the Land Paying Tribute to the best dam band in the land.
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    That’s really cool...thx for sharing

    #371 8 days ago

    Potential Crüe songs for a pin:

    Kickstart my heart
    Home sweet home
    Dr feel good
    Drag strip superstar
    Primal scream
    Shout at the devil
    Sick love song
    Take me to the top
    Piece of your action

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