run-dmd - assembled clocks (batch 6)

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    #1 89 days ago

    current stock level:
    25 SOLD OUT! (last updated 2017.feb.19)

    confirmed deliveries
    mvhulk, jhoward1082, jchristian11, out_of_order, PinballMagician, Bronte, mviltoncos, Teo76, jeffsarcade, CraigC, shenlung, PinballRx (x2), Medisinyl, badblackz, nobobo, local/buyers outside of pinside (9)

    >>> if you are interested in purchasing one, please shoot me a pm with your complete mailing information (so that I can calculate the shipping costs and give you a total amount due) <<<
    assembled using custom laser-cut acrylic panels, the clocks use (2) two P5 sized rgb LED panels, which are mounted side-by-side to display the 128x32 dot resolution (just like a pinball DMD). each clock measures approximately 28.00" (w) x 7.50" (h) x 1.50" (d)
    although the clock can only display monochrome colored animations, the user has the ability to select between one of 7 colors (red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, teal or white) by toggling the six dip switches accessible from the backside of the clock (see below for legend)

    the clocks ship ready to mount on the wall (with 2 hanging holes [16" on center]) or place on a shelf or desktop. only a small amount of assembly required to install the front panel with the enclosed hardware and tools
    (the front, transparent gray acrylic panel is shipped with the protective paper still attached to prevent it from getting accidentally scratched during transit

    the clocks feature a custom designed, laser cut acrylic front and rear panel. the front panel is a dark transparent grey (to neatly hide the internal components when the clock is not powered on) and a rear panel that is black, featuring material that has a glossy front side and matte back side (to help reduce/eliminate fingerprints).
    custom cut-outs in the rear panel allow access to: CR2032 battery, the power cable port, a 6-pin ICSP header to facilitate updating the run-dmd pc board's firmware and the 6 toggle switch block to change the clock's display color

    color selectable dip-switch settings:
    on-off-off-on-off-off = red
    off-on-off-off-on-off = green
    off-off-on-off-off-on = blue
    on-on-off-on-on-off = yellow
    on-off-on-on-off-on = purple
    off-on-on-off-on-on = teal
    on-on-on-on-on-on = white

    on - up, off - down

    information regarding how to adjust the many options found in the clock can be found here:

    TomGWI's run-dmd clock from the last batch[picture shamelessly stolen from TomGWI]

    the cost per clock is $440 plus shipping, and each clock includes the following:
    - a mostly assembled run-dmd clock
    - (1) CR2032 lithium coin battery (to store all user defined settings and keep time when the clock is powered off)
    - (1) 5v, 10a power supply to power the clock with a 6' grounded 3-prong cable (north american standard)

    video of retromanIE's clock from the last batch
    » YouTube video

    #2 89 days ago

    OOOOOOK one for my pleasy !!

    #3 89 days ago

    Love mine thanks again!

    #4 88 days ago

    2017.jan.26 update
    the acrylic is on the UPS truck for delivery today. assembly and boxing of the first 10 clocks will commence tonight

    shipping will begin as early as tomorrow as payment is received

    #5 88 days ago

    Are the animations pre-installed, or do they have to be added to the clock?

    Is there a video of one running?

    I might get one.

    #6 88 days ago

    2017.jan.26 update II
    - acrylic received, unpackaged and low-tack backing stripped

    now commencing clock assembly mode
    bee-do bee-do bee-do bee-do

    #7 88 days ago
    Quoted from j_m_:

    [picture shamelessly stolen from TomGWI]

    nicely done.

    Love my clock.

    #8 87 days ago

    2017.jan.27 update
    - the assembly of 6 clocks was completed last night (those will get boxed today and shipped to those customers where payment has been received)
    - the assembly of remaining 6 clocks that I have components for [to be completed tonight]
    - the remaining 12 run-dmd [white] boards are set to arrive next week. assembly will commence once the parts arrive

    this may be the only run of clocks that I offer this year. there are a number of pinball and arcade restoration and few [other] projects that will take precedence

    #9 85 days ago

    I want one - please add me to the list

    #10 85 days ago

    2017.jan.29 update
    all clocks that I have run-dmd pc boards for have been assembled. the remaining boards should arrive this week.

    all clocks where payment has been received have either shipped, or will ship out tomorrow after I return home from work

    #11 84 days ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    Are the animations pre-installed, or do they have to be added to the clock?
    Is there a video of one running?
    I might get one.

    See post number one to see one in action

    #12 83 days ago

    2017.jan.31 update
    - the remaining run-dmd [white] pc boards have arrived today. modifying them to accept a molex power cable tonight
    - assembly of the remaining clocks will commence starting tomorrow evening

    #13 82 days ago

    Yes I would like one.

    #14 81 days ago
    Quoted from shenlung:

    Yes I would like one.

    if you're interested in purchasing one, send me a pm with your complete mailing address so that I can calculate the shipping costs and give you a total amount due.

    #15 80 days ago coming in Italy....

    1 week later
    #16 73 days ago

    Bump for a cool product. Got mine and it's running great.

    #17 72 days ago

    2017.feb.11 update
    only 5 clocks left in this batch and I probably will not run another batch until september (at the earliest). if you want one, now's the time

    #18 70 days ago

    Received mine from j_m_ super quickly after ordering and it's awesome! Thanks again for taking the time to gather the parts and put these together for us!

    #19 68 days ago

    2017.feb.15 update
    ONE clock left.

    #20 66 days ago

    Wish I had the cash for this. This is freaking awesome!

    #21 65 days ago


    I take the last clock.


    ps : I'm new member and I have to wait 24 hours before I can send a pm.

    #22 64 days ago

    Payment OK.
    I'm happy to be the last for this batch.
    Impatient to receive the Clock.

    1 week later
    #23 55 days ago


    Got mine and it's very amazing product !

    Thanks James for your professionalism very appreciate.

    #24 50 days ago

    Thanks James!!!! Arrived!!!

    #25 50 days ago

    His name is J.M., not James.

    #26 50 days ago
    Quoted from hlaj78:

    His name is J.M., not James.

    I think it is James, at least that is what my Paypal payment says. J.M. Are probably his initials.

    #27 49 days ago

    Very beautiful!!!!

    image (resized).jpg

    #28 49 days ago

    I have an extra clock i purchased that I'm not using. Mine is one color orange

    $380.00 shipped in the United States

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