ROYAL FLUSH : Obtain target reset during play

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By kangourou

3 years ago


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#1 3 years ago

Sorry for my bad English !

I propose in this topic how to modify the recovery target of Royal Flush during the play.

I like this pin but i prefer it with this modification !

Look at my schematic :

// Error: Image 106666 not found //

Components :

1 relay (GG) with 3 contacts: 2A 1C

1 relay (F) with 5 contacts: 4A 1B

1 contact 1A (called target sw) + 2 screw - one inch length (for attachment to target bank)

2 screws + 2 silent blocks to secure F relay on playboard

1 circlip to secure GG relay on rail

1 double connector for connecting two wire from playfield to playboard

65 feets of wire (different colors)

If you want "How to modify", it's here (in French...) :

#2 3 years ago

Great idea. I would like to try this someday with one of my machines


#3 3 years ago

Fine !

If you want to modify ROYAL FLUSH to obtain "double bonus" and "extra ball" during the play, it's here :

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