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Routed White Water refresh

By cconway84

8 months ago

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#1 8 months ago

Being quarantined at home led me to look for a project to get involved with. I bought a White Water I had played many times at a local brewery off the operator who had it on route. It played ok but had a credit dot for the upper flipper EOS switch. Backbox was very rough and the playfield has some insert wear and missing or broken boulders and target switches.

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#2 8 months ago

Route owner had used spring steel for the upper playfield at the VUK. I immediately started clearing the playfield and labeling all connectors to be able to clear the backbox. Then the backbox was able to come off the cabinet.

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#3 8 months ago

Removed playfield and gutted lower cabinet. Sanded interior and filled and sanded some chipped edges on top of backbox support area. Masked off exterior, williams serial number decal, and cabinet floor and resprayed interior satin black.

Photo Apr 15, 5 21 34 PM (resized).jpgPhoto Apr 15, 5 18 24 PM (resized).jpgPhoto Apr 16, 4 16 12 PM (resized).jpgPhoto Apr 16, 4 21 06 PM (resized).jpgPhoto Apr 18, 11 34 33 AM (resized).jpg
#4 8 months ago

Fantastic work! I just bought a restored White Water and I can appreciate the work you are putting into yours. Here's a reference photo of mine if it helps.

IMG_20200505_210553 (resized).jpg
#5 8 months ago

Thanks daveyvandy it is a fun game to work through.

After spraying the base it was time to tackle the backbox. Originally I had planned on getting a new build backbox from the route operator but due to Covid I would have been waiting a month or two. So I stripped everything out of mine and sanded it down. Seams were somewhat loose so I used wood glue and ratchet straps overnight. Rustoleum deep blue paint was a good match and allowed me to respray the head while masking off the stenciled warning on the back.

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#6 8 months ago

Good stuff. Can't wait to see the end result.

#7 8 months ago
Quoted from jtreehorn:

Good stuff. Can't wait to see the end result.

right, we are so accustomed to being fast forwarding our entertainment these days!

#8 8 months ago

Before and after sanding, filling, respirating, and new decals.

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#9 8 months ago

Main cabinet wasn’t terrible but after doing the head I couldn’t leave it as is. Heat gun and a wallpaper scraper removed the old decals pretty quickly. Then sanding and spraying the edges followed by new decals. I used the dry method where I laid it all out then peeled the backing at one end to stick it. Then progressively applied the decal removing a foot or two of backing at a time with a friend holding the end in the air. Leg protectors as the finishing touch.

A42CDF5B-02EB-4F3E-B2C9-015506321951 (resized).jpeg559E28C5-46AA-487D-B3D1-E949A660B621 (resized).jpegB583D4BB-D75D-4DD9-AA83-598BC49B436C (resized).jpeg9B0100BE-582E-41B6-89B0-5295FC347B2B (resized).jpeg33B996A0-753C-4F0F-ABBC-4E4FB32E7D9E (resized).jpeg
#10 8 months ago

Playfield tear down and cleaning

A590E108-25D6-4504-9D9A-4E3778976CD2 (resized).jpeg2D68B2E3-26C2-42ED-8A4B-0357FC7DCAE7 (resized).jpeg90178B32-00EF-40C4-9E4B-E39CD39336FA (resized).jpegF0F1B841-9382-4230-BDE2-6C17CF5275A8 (resized).jpeg6227083C-23E5-4D8C-8AEE-02919035E4DB (resized).jpeg
#11 8 months ago

Pop bumpers out and mylar removed with the upside down air in a can freeze method. Glue removed with flour and goo-gone. New mylar laid down in pop bumpers, at mine kickout, and both ramp drops. New pop bumper bodies and aprons. Pop bumpers rebuilt using new hardware. New coil wrappers and sleeves throughout in addition to tumbling all metal parts after cleaning.

C1A64489-5044-401C-80D5-8C445E264496 (resized).jpeg6F7C49A3-9B85-4951-AD3F-91761FEC9299 (resized).jpegBF30DE43-5835-4DBF-A96A-B830B178ED94 (resized).jpegAC7DDCBF-71D1-4B6C-AB87-D1F7990DAE25 (resized).jpegDB1AF854-DE3D-42C9-9010-CBCF1E31E31E (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#12 8 months ago

Cliffys installed on ramps and at vuk on upper playfield. Finished decals look great compared to what the cabinet was before. Stripped screw holes for lite lock switches filled with toothpicks and wood putty. Display was outgassing so a new ColorDMD was needed.

21D8BF34-6368-49A1-8224-E2F94A2BA909 (resized).jpeg53CBFA18-745E-476B-89C5-C925D52D2A31 (resized).jpeg79341763-50B9-4047-982D-C82B08902D06 (resized).jpeg84972A7E-CB3B-47F8-B96E-098A65E5CA8E (resized).jpegE847636A-619E-405C-86AF-224DA19A5D12 (resized).jpeg958002FF-FDCB-46D6-B16F-91320AC4DED7 (resized).jpeg9A1DB2BE-39DC-483A-AB6A-4DF740846A4F (resized).jpegD01DEC30-D984-41CB-8EE0-5B460E19FF6A (resized).jpeg769D1ABA-3107-40C2-A641-11F918CC8BFD (resized).jpegE443D98A-B2D6-46F7-BF43-908D186EBBF8 (resized).jpeg
#13 8 months ago

Nice job ya weiner!

#14 8 months ago

Not sure if you got the cliffy boulder protectors or not, but I would recommend them. I had plastic protectors on there, and one just snapped.

#15 8 months ago

Your restoration looks very nice. I'm doing exactly the same thing right now (fixing up a wh2o) but skipping "redoing the cabinet" part.
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