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Rock, Rock, Rockin' Rollergames! (club)

By practicalsteve

7 years ago

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#110 6 years ago

Been trying to find one for sale locally with no luck.

3 weeks later
#135 6 years ago

Joined the club finally yesterday! It's a pretty bad example due to lifted inserts, broken or missing plastics, play field wear, extremely dirty and an adjustment faikure message but I think I can make it work with a little time and patience. It plays great though and the only issues I have been able to find so far has been the jet bumper lights won't light up even with new bulbs and all of the gi lighting is out. I haven't really looked to hard but I'm hoping it's just a fuse or burnt connector. The adjustment failure might be as simple as a new battery holder. The previous owner said he took the old batteries out due to minor corrosion around the terminals but nothing is on the boards and replaced them with batteries around the house.

#140 6 years ago

Anyone install nvram in their rollergames? If so what one did you use?

#149 6 years ago

I decided to go with the anypin. Also I was able to dig into the backboard and figure out what was wrong with the GI lighting being completely out. It looked as if the connector burnt out at one time and the pervious owners just gooped some solder on the wires directly to the board and called it a day. I'm hoping I can repair it and get it working again but I'm kinda worried that I won't get a good solder connection back on it. Think I should just look for a new interconnect board? Can someone tell me post a
Picture of how the wires should be on the 1j6 plug?


I ordered a new set of plastics and flipper rebuilds but I am missing the ball lock cover. How hard are these to find?

#166 6 years ago
Quoted from practicalsteve:

I meant to come back and reply to this, it's certainly worth trying to fix since the parts are so cheap, I don't know how to fix that missing pad though. Still need pics of the wires? I can take some later.

If you could take one it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure how to fit it either. Might just try to solder from the top side if anything. I saw on marco you can still buy new interconnect boards as a worst case situation.

#167 6 years ago

Was able to get my gi going for the most part. Just have the bottom of the back of to figure out now then it's time to start figuring out what I want to do with LEDs!


#171 6 years ago

Thank you for the replies! I was able to get mine fixed and so far so good. I might keep the link above in mind though. Hopefully the bottom back is lighting is just a bad fuse. I haven't had time to really dig deep into the game.

I'm still looking for a ball lock cover. Seems almost impossible to find.

1 week later
#186 6 years ago

That looks great!! I feel purples and pinks work perfect in this game. I'm currently I the process of changing out all the star posts, pop bumper caps, and lane guides to violets.

1 week later
#190 6 years ago

I have an issue with one of the switch gates on top of the wall. Sometimes it will score and others it won't. I can't hit sudden death points or multiball jackpots because of this. It looks like the assembly is part # A-13487 but it would be nice to just replace the switch and not the whole assembly. Does anyone know just the switch replacement?

#194 6 years ago

Looks like the arm on the switch was bent and not making a good contact. I got it all fixed now!

What about the ball lock covers? Are they pretty much impossible to find?

2 weeks later
#214 6 years ago

Having a multivalve issue. When I lock the second ball up, it doesn't eject the third ball into the shooter lane and the games cycles looking for a ball. The third ball will finally eject but if I lock it it only recognizes is being the second locked ball even though the other second locked ball said ball 2 locked.

#217 6 years ago

I'm dumb. I always forget about switch diagnostic modes. Everything registered and worked as it should. It seems that when the ball rolled into the lock, it pushed the switch wire into the rail causing it to not work properly, kinda shirtimg out. Some easy adjustments and it's working like it should! Z

1 week later
#243 6 years ago


Also got my pit stickers today, thanks again!

I put a rollergames ring kit together at titan for the competition silicon rings. I personally love the way they feel.

#246 6 years ago

I have replaced all my rings with titans on my other games and I love everything about them. The feel, gameplay, and they are a lot cleaner.

#247 6 years ago

Back with my multiball issue. It was working fine fore a while now it's acting up again. All the switches work in test mode. What all switches control multiball?

#249 6 years ago

After locking two balls it wants to keep locking the second ball. Sometimes it will pop the ball out into the shooter lane other times it won't. If lock is lit and there are already two balls locked, if I lock the third, it doesn't recognize and still tries to lock the second

#251 6 years ago

If the second ball is already locked, it will keep trying to lock the second ball again. Will not allow the third and final ball to lock to start multiball

#253 6 years ago

First ball locks fine. Second ball locks fine. It's hit or miss if it ejects the third ball. Sometimes it will just fine, other times it won't. If it does it is again a hot or miss if it will lock the third time to start multiball. So,eti,Ed if the lock is lit, and I go,to lock the third ball, it will say ball 2 locked instead of go dark and start the rollergames...rollergames...rollergames... Like it does before multiball starts.

3 weeks later
#269 6 years ago

Haven't really messed with it much. Sometimes it plays ok, others it acts up. I have it a break and have been working on a firepower instead

1 week later
#282 6 years ago

I'm about ready to sell this thing. So I was doing my routine cleaning and figures I'd look at the diverter and it was locked completely solid. I started messing with it and put the game in coil test. Ode and noticed the diverter solenoid did nothing. After looking at it, there are no wires at all going to it. It's just sitting there. Also there is no spring or anything. I probably should have passed on this basket ase but it was a pretty ok deal.

Also, had anyone thought of making a ball lock cover? Or who we need to get in touch with the have them repro'd from?

#283 6 years ago

Actually how does the diverter work in the game in general. It seems kinda pointless to me to have both diverter arms

#285 6 years ago

That's kinda what I noticed about the 3rd lane balls. I kept getting more and more and less multiball. Come to find out the diverter was locked open. Then after looking into it more there were no wires at all connected to the solenoid. I don't see any wires at all. I have to remove the playfeild and the ramps and see what I can find.

#287 6 years ago

Locked so the balls pass through all the way to the 3rd lane. The 2nd diverter arm did have a rubber sleeve on it to hold it back.

1 month later
#306 5 years ago

A little preview of what I'm working on this weekend!


#310 5 years ago

Comet LEDs installed along with Titan clear rings. Strong 80s feels going on. Flipper bats will be installed when ever the mail decides to deliver the rebuild kit.


3 weeks later
#330 5 years ago

Nice!! And you even have the ball lock cover!

1 week later
#345 5 years ago

I've been having a lot of air balls going up the ramp ever since I rebuilt the flippers. Is there supposed to be a clear cover at the top of the wall ramp or anything?

#349 5 years ago

I figured there had to be something. I think I have some plexi laying around I can make something. Thank you for the help!!

#354 5 years ago

I'll take a pic tonight but I'm pretty sure mine is a sleeved rubber

#362 5 years ago

Metal post with rubber sleeve


1 month later
#458 5 years ago

Agreed on the red white and blue jet inserts

8 months later
#603 5 years ago

anyone ever have problems with the shooter not launching the ball uo the ramp?

#608 5 years ago
Quoted from DumbAss:

Is it aimed incorrectly toward the ramp (apply the quoted fix) or aimed correctly but doesn't have enough "oomph" to get up the ramp? If it's the latter then your spring in the shooter rod is probably incorrect. It needs to be a RED spring (highest tension). If you've put a silver spring (regular) there won't be enough to climb the ramp.

Spring Is correct and will make it up sometimes but it misses more than it makes it up. It literally just happened one day after working great for a long time!

Quoted from practicalsteve:

I would adjust the metal ball guide out of the shooter lane, if you get in there you can see that if you loosen the screw you can move it up or down.

I'll have to look and see if it moved some how.

#609 5 years ago

That was the issue!! It was moved just enough to mess it up. Thank you!!

4 months later
#643 4 years ago

Need replacement switches for the ball locks. Not sure exactly what ones they are. Can you replace with the flat wire ones instead of the small wire?

4 years later
#1020 5 months ago

Looking for the long WAR plastic and a ball lock cover. Thanks!!

#1023 5 months ago
Quoted from Leeb18509:

I might have the WAR plastic, let me check. Nobody has the ball lock cover...

Sweet. Let me know

#1029 5 months ago
Quoted from Leeb18509:

Sorry man, I only have this brand new one that still has the plastic on it. Would that be ok?
[quoted image]

Yes of course. I’ll message you

1 month later
#1038 4 months ago

I’m having an issue with my ramp diverter. When I originally bought my game they had a flipper wedged I. Then back so it would go all the way around the ramp and always divert to the ball lock lane. It worked so I just left it. I recently tore the game apart and there wasn’t a coil or diverter rod in the game. I figured it’s all apart so let’s rebuild the diverter. Received all new parts, new coil, all that stuff and plugged it in. Coil locked and immediately melted. Replaced the TIP and pr-driver transistors and another coil. Coil didn’t lock anymore but also does not work. Also relaxes the big transistor on the aux board. Still can’t get any action on the diverter. I’m kinda stuck. Anyone have any more recommendations?

#1043 4 months ago

Welp I figured out the diverter. Apparently there is a fuse under the PF. It was bad. I didn’t know it was even there because it was covered by the wire harness. The only issues I have left now are flickering GI, a weak upper flipper after rebuild, and the first diverter rejects the ball and sends it back down the ramp every once in a while

#1047 4 months ago

It’s not led flicker it’s like loss of power or something. It dims down but with solid old activation it will go back to full power. I’m thinking bad ground or connector

#1053 4 months ago

Fixed the dim GI issue. Cold solder on the GI relay board

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