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Rock, Rock, Rockin' Rollergames! (club)

By practicalsteve

7 years ago

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#990 7 months ago

Seriously, who's leg do you have to hump to find one of these for sale these days?

2 weeks later
#992 6 months ago

SO, asking for a 'friend'........

Anybody got a spare translight assembly, for a game that may be missing completely?
Also, anybody want to trade their yellow wireform for a chrome one?


#994 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

What part of "translight assembly" are you referring to? The glass and lift channel/side/top?

Yep, the whole thing. Glass, trim, lift channel, and translight. I know I can piece together, but I’d rather give money to a pinside than a random eBay seller.

#997 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Ok, got it... I have a backbox inner door panel (wired)

With or without the flashers on the lamp panel?


#999 6 months ago

Worth a shot, but I'll have one of those soon with the rest of the game.

#1000 6 months ago

Just to make it a fun post #1000 in this thread.....

Just multiple posts from earlier this year, including just a couple weeks ago, on the CPR facebook page. They're asking for a donor playfield, has to be extremely nice with no touchups.

That's promising for sure! Unfortunately, it's also nothing I can help with. Anybody got a donor?


#1001 6 months ago

I’m in finally! More of a project than I originally anticipated, but solid bones to it. Short term will be a thorough shop and refresh, long term will be a full restore. So this thread is going to get some activity going as I go through it.

#1003 6 months ago
Quoted from Leeb18509:

I have a lot of leftover plastics, etc. from mine if you need anything cheap and quick.

I may just hit you up on that. Only one I know at the moment that's broken is the one right above the drop targets. But I haven't torn anything down yet.

#1009 5 months ago

The big problem I'm having at the moment is so much conflicting info on rubbers, and a few missing on mine. I'm just going to have to do a best guess and hope I get it right. Assuming it's correct I'll start posting up my spreadsheets with sizes/locations. Same with LED's

Leeb - Looks like the drop target plastic is the only one I actually need if you can part with one. Some minor things on a few others but nothing worth replacing at the moment. That one is properly busted.

#1011 5 months ago
Quoted from Shogun00:

Which rubbers?

As one example, I’ve seen 2-3 different ways to do this area. The manual shows a larger ring between two of the red posts, mine had them individually ringed.

I also can’t find enough grommets to match the number listed in the manual, I think a couple may have been behind drop targets in the proto version.

13E1113F-19CA-4913-8FC4-779FF2D4C788 (resized).jpeg
#1015 5 months ago
Quoted from Leeb18509:

Ehh, I'm keeping that one for a spare. Marco has them though. https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/31-1006-576-19

No worries, I did just order one from Marco, along with a few other things I needed. New translight arrived today, so I finally got around to ordering the glass and trim for it.

Nearly everything else is arriving Monday on the first wave of parts. Mainly the LED's and rubbers. (Comet and Titan). A lot of cleaning to do though. Probably a couple of weeks till I have it together again.

#1019 5 months ago

First wave of rubbers are installed, I was really close on the first try, but I needed to swap a few around as I over-sized in a couple locations. My ring list on the Titan website is updated to reflect what I'm actually using. Ended up pretty far off from the list in the manual.

Cliffy's are ordered as well. Keep an eye out for an enlarged set hitting the market shortly. He's adding a protector for the drop target plastic, around the magnet on the playfield, enhanced flipper guides, shooter lane, and outhole drain.


#1024 5 months ago

Still a few cosmetics to do, need to swap the insert LED’s in, and a few tweaks needed to how the ball travels.

But after tearing off everything, a deep waxing and cleaning, and some fresh rubbers….. we’re talking classic Ritchie play. A brutally fast thrasher. Everything I’d hoped for in how it plays.

E4B8B1B8-0BAA-45BC-8C09-60C70221CE06 (resized).jpeg
#1026 5 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I agree, this is Ritchie magic as far as play is concerned. It shoots a lot like HS or HSII or F-14 to me... the theme will put you into an insane asylum, but the play is worth it.

It’s shockingly similar to STTNG in many ways. Particularly that left orbit, right flipper, left ramp combo.

#1031 5 months ago

There was a manual addendum that says, per the factory, the magnet should be 1/32" above the playfield

#1036 5 months ago

Down to two non-working spots left. Flasher 3 is dead, haven’t started diagnosing it yet, dreading taking the ramp off. Knocker is also silent…. Probably because it’s missing. Otherwise just need to do some cabinet bondo before bringing it into the game room.

1 month later
#1062 3 months ago

That piece really suffers from a misaligned shooter rod. My shooter rod is just slightly above center when it hits the ball, and it essentially smacks the ball right into the plastic on every launch.

2 months later
#1068 34 days ago

Saw that one listed, looks like a nicely done machine.

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