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Robot's Robots

By trilogybeer

3 years ago

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#301 2 years ago

Wow this is just amazing. Glad that playfeild and parts worked out for you.

#302 2 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Wow this is just amazing. Glad that playfeild and parts worked out for you.

Yeah the playfield and parts were a huge help for this project, would have been much more difficult without them. Thank you!

#303 2 years ago

Looks great! Do the little lights work in your robot pop up targets? So fun!

#304 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Looks great! Do the little lights work in your robot pop up targets? So fun!

Yeah they work great. I can take some pictures when I get home.

#305 2 years ago

I went with cool white for lighting the robots. It really makes them stand out and Since they are the theme of the game I think it makes sense.

01903F8E-F68D-46B0-896A-752FFCA5029F (resized).jpeg01903F8E-F68D-46B0-896A-752FFCA5029F (resized).jpeg108F3D63-01B0-4211-B096-328F30D5FC36 (resized).jpeg108F3D63-01B0-4211-B096-328F30D5FC36 (resized).jpeg
#306 2 years ago

They do appear brighter in these pictures than they actually are in person. They do stand out but not as much as these pictures are showing.

CDA0CC62-E15D-4414-A1A5-9FF2A8D2351F (resized).jpegCDA0CC62-E15D-4414-A1A5-9FF2A8D2351F (resized).jpeg
#307 2 years ago

I cant wait to play!

1 week later
#308 2 years ago

Starting to re assemble the playfield.

#309 2 years ago

Pic bottom

14516104-3688-4631-B9C5-CC20BD56207E (resized).jpeg14516104-3688-4631-B9C5-CC20BD56207E (resized).jpeg
#310 2 years ago

Removed wire harness from the other playfield.

EFCC660A-3189-4EDE-A303-D541BE68FE6C (resized).jpegEFCC660A-3189-4EDE-A303-D541BE68FE6C (resized).jpeg
#311 2 years ago

And the topside is getting repopulated.

5DC89D48-8A3F-4723-8C7B-8852659018F7 (resized).jpeg5DC89D48-8A3F-4723-8C7B-8852659018F7 (resized).jpegF3770EC2-C174-496F-926F-2988856B1D6B (resized).jpegF3770EC2-C174-496F-926F-2988856B1D6B (resized).jpegF97ED1A8-CD67-482B-B678-2C312995C73F (resized).jpegF97ED1A8-CD67-482B-B678-2C312995C73F (resized).jpeg
#312 2 years ago

These are getting closer to be finished and my next projects are waiting. I will start a thread for the next projects as well.

C090BE10-7F7A-44F0-B91B-F321FA245276 (resized).jpegC090BE10-7F7A-44F0-B91B-F321FA245276 (resized).jpeg
#313 2 years ago

What a great joy to see these restored so well!

#314 2 years ago

Nice 2 radicals?

#315 2 years ago

Yep, my next projects. I’m looking forward to getting going on those, radical is such a rad game!

1 week later
#316 2 years ago

Wiring harness cleaned and getting installed.

D82B549C-DCB7-4606-9509-DF49AD892BB0 (resized).jpegD82B549C-DCB7-4606-9509-DF49AD892BB0 (resized).jpeg
#317 2 years ago

Lookin' good, Doug.

#318 2 years ago

The robot mechs and several other mechs still need to be pulled apart and cleaned/tumbled. I do the parts to one robot mech in the tumbler at a time.

FDB30511-0A4E-4A6E-AC34-4373FCE6C2AD (resized).jpegFDB30511-0A4E-4A6E-AC34-4373FCE6C2AD (resized).jpeg
#319 2 years ago

After 2 days they come out like this.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#320 2 years ago

I. Can’t. Even!

#321 2 years ago

Is that a brass link on the plunger? Not sure I've seen that before.

#322 2 years ago


F967D223-6194-4A89-9F9D-3ECB1F972D18 (resized).jpegF967D223-6194-4A89-9F9D-3ECB1F972D18 (resized).jpeg
#323 2 years ago

Playfield is getting close to being completely re populated. I put it into the cabinet and will finish this game with it in there from here.

3D2A7310-BB66-4404-B7F5-7C3B3EBA6AE7 (resized).jpeg3D2A7310-BB66-4404-B7F5-7C3B3EBA6AE7 (resized).jpeg
#324 2 years ago

The belt on my tumbler gave up, so I’ll have to wait until a replacement arrives to finish tumbling all the robot mechs.

29768F4B-C2A0-4269-9002-AD5D9DEFE0B0 (resized).jpeg29768F4B-C2A0-4269-9002-AD5D9DEFE0B0 (resized).jpeg
#325 2 years ago

New belt showed up today, tumbler is back in business.

627E07B6-553A-4EC3-AD1D-20C27C8CB1EF (resized).jpeg627E07B6-553A-4EC3-AD1D-20C27C8CB1EF (resized).jpeg
#326 2 years ago

If you'd like to follow my restoration of two Radicals I've started a thread.


3 weeks later
#327 2 years ago

A small update on this, the first robot has been delivered to it’s owner Robot and my robot is nearing completion.

1F1958E1-2500-4A3B-8E66-A35882895E25 (resized).jpeg1F1958E1-2500-4A3B-8E66-A35882895E25 (resized).jpegBD8843DF-131F-422D-A4B0-19557FF6A16E (resized).jpegBD8843DF-131F-422D-A4B0-19557FF6A16E (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#328 2 years ago

Ok so this is pretty rad, I got a sample side rail from He-man40 to test fit. A few adjustments and new side rails will be a reality. He-man40 is awesome!

3E2F659C-CCA0-4E97-971A-E8454FB29301 (resized).jpeg3E2F659C-CCA0-4E97-971A-E8454FB29301 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#329 2 years ago


3 weeks later
#330 2 years ago

Got sample side rails from
HE-MAN40. These samples are raw steel to test fit they will be stainless steel for the final version. These are a pretty good fit. New side rails for my game are very close to becoming a reality.
HE-MAN40 is awesome!

EB93D046-D7AD-4A50-8203-25D5C8D1A42F (resized).jpegEB93D046-D7AD-4A50-8203-25D5C8D1A42F (resized).jpegFF2D6928-F873-445F-8C2D-AAC0E21053DB (resized).jpegFF2D6928-F873-445F-8C2D-AAC0E21053DB (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#331 2 years ago

Alright, new stainless steel side rails!!!!!! They look absolutely beautiful! I’ve said it before but HE-MAN40 is awesome! The cabinet really looks great with these perfect new side rails on.

076D6005-14C5-4692-9032-C6D41764FFE9 (resized).jpeg076D6005-14C5-4692-9032-C6D41764FFE9 (resized).jpeg09918823-F70E-43ED-94AB-D3E9E71AC94F (resized).jpeg09918823-F70E-43ED-94AB-D3E9E71AC94F (resized).jpeg5D85EEF7-F1A1-4E72-870B-C8EB05F6A063 (resized).jpeg5D85EEF7-F1A1-4E72-870B-C8EB05F6A063 (resized).jpeg
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