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Robot's Robots

By trilogybeer

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Going to make some Robots nicer (2 of them) , follow along if you'd like . Let's start with some before pictures .

WIN_20200407_15_35_36_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200407_15_35_36_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200407_15_36_02_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200407_15_36_02_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200411_10_28_21_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200411_10_28_21_Pro (resized).jpg
#2 3 years ago

The cabinets were in rough shape and will be getting completely restored , painted and silk screened .

WIN_20200418_13_26_23_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_26_23_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_27_16_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_27_16_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_27_23_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_27_23_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_27_51_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_27_51_Pro (resized).jpg

#3 3 years ago

More cabinet pics.

WIN_20200416_15_48_19_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200416_15_48_19_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_26_53_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_26_53_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_29_06_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_29_06_Pro (resized).jpg
#4 3 years ago

Some playfield pictures at the starting point . This is the nicer of the two playfields .

WIN_20200216_18_34_57_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_18_34_57_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_18_35_01_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_18_35_01_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_18_35_06_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_18_35_06_Pro (resized).jpg
#5 3 years ago

oh yah, you know I'll be following Doug!

#6 3 years ago
Quoted from RazerX:

oh yah, you know I'll be following Doug!

Me too

#7 3 years ago

Removing paint from the cabinets.

WIN_20200418_13_28_00_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_28_00_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_28_14_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_28_14_Pro (resized).jpg
#8 3 years ago

One cabinet had a reinforcement made and bolted into the corner . There was carriage bolts holding a metal reinforcement . I removed the bracket and the carriage bolts . I repaired the corner by using glue and long screws sunk into the plywood from both directions .

WIN_20200418_13_28_32_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_28_32_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_28_38_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200418_13_28_38_Pro (resized).jpg
#9 3 years ago

To repair the holes left by the bolts I glue in a dowel . When dry I dish out the area and fil with everglass (fiberglass reinforced filler , short strand)

WIN_20200422_17_14_10_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200422_17_14_10_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200422_17_14_39_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200422_17_14_39_Pro (resized).jpg
#10 3 years ago

The deepest damaged areas get filled with the everglass also , and block sanded flat .

WIN_20200424_11_43_42_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200424_11_43_42_Pro (resized).jpg
#11 3 years ago

Then the whole side gets a coat of glaze and block sanded .

WIN_20200424_14_43_27_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200424_14_43_27_Pro (resized).jpg
#12 3 years ago

Filler repair process

CE8AB12D-0278-41E8-B031-EA544D0BA6FA (resized).jpegCE8AB12D-0278-41E8-B031-EA544D0BA6FA (resized).jpeg
#13 3 years ago

Following. I love a good restore from the bare bones.

#14 3 years ago

More pics

DEB8DC3D-ECE7-4D6C-92BB-BB45E8C67CDA (resized).jpegDEB8DC3D-ECE7-4D6C-92BB-BB45E8C67CDA (resized).jpegE202DEB4-81E1-4ADD-A18D-D7AE6A258326 (resized).jpegE202DEB4-81E1-4ADD-A18D-D7AE6A258326 (resized).jpeg
#15 3 years ago

Robot heads

38B3DA0D-8AB9-4FC9-B137-A67AFE3AB53D (resized).jpeg38B3DA0D-8AB9-4FC9-B137-A67AFE3AB53D (resized).jpegD3C21498-FA6E-45FC-9975-2C99056C81BA (resized).jpegD3C21498-FA6E-45FC-9975-2C99056C81BA (resized).jpeg
#16 3 years ago

Two cabinets side by side the one on the left has been primed and sanded , it’s ready for base coat. The one on the right is the cabinet from post #12 ( same side as pictured before )this is what it looks like after the filler work has been finished and the whole side has gotten glaze coat and block sanded . It’s ready for primer .

7413A5D4-E095-4B03-9B51-1119274BCFCE (resized).jpeg7413A5D4-E095-4B03-9B51-1119274BCFCE (resized).jpeg
#17 3 years ago

Oh man, those are friggin cool.
I’ll be following this thread for sure.

How on earth did you wind up with two of those?

#18 3 years ago

Awesome Thread. Following.

#19 3 years ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Oh man, those are friggin cool.
I’ll be following this thread for sure.
How on earth did you wind up with two of those?

A friend of mine acquired two . He knew I wanted a robot and he wanted his restored , so as payment for restoring his he is giving me the other one . When this is all done we both will have a pretty nice Robot in our collections.

#20 3 years ago

Nice Doug !!!! Lionman!!!!! And Jay ... you know what!!! Lol

#21 3 years ago

Ready for base coat . They will get a sealer then silver base .

F3035217-0A25-4558-9238-56E77C57A2B2 (resized).jpegF3035217-0A25-4558-9238-56E77C57A2B2 (resized).jpeg
#22 3 years ago

Pics the head after sealer and a cabinet after sealer and base

22D6D4A5-A0F1-4EB5-B999-39A040875714 (resized).jpeg22D6D4A5-A0F1-4EB5-B999-39A040875714 (resized).jpeg17862A27-8C0D-421F-951D-74B96EA6B879 (resized).jpeg17862A27-8C0D-421F-951D-74B96EA6B879 (resized).jpeg
#23 3 years ago

All cabinet parts in base

B048E3B3-47D4-4475-B55F-44BCDFBBE134 (resized).jpegB048E3B3-47D4-4475-B55F-44BCDFBBE134 (resized).jpeg
#24 3 years ago

The original cabinets had a white webbing paint on them , it’s something that I didn’t really notice until I removed the side rails. After removing the side rails I could see the silver color that the cabinets were originally and I could see the webbing. So I demystify best to duplicate what the white webbing looked like from the factory.

#25 3 years ago

And I know I am not the only one that is right now singing Billy Idol’s “white wedding “ and replacing the words with “ white webbing “ in their head .......
I might be singing it out loud .

#26 3 years ago

This is what I used for the webbing.

F9DE1E4F-149E-4ADD-98A9-9B398BA12B8D (resized).jpegF9DE1E4F-149E-4ADD-98A9-9B398BA12B8D (resized).jpeg
#27 3 years ago

Directly out of the spray can that krylon does not give the desired pattern . Here is a test sprayed onto a box from can .

AD42528A-6A54-41F7-A104-5C8146E8ADCA (resized).jpegAD42528A-6A54-41F7-A104-5C8146E8ADCA (resized).jpeg
#28 3 years ago

So what I do is spray from the can directly into the cup of my cheap spray gun . I reduce it with lacquer thinner and test ( adjust spray gun , add more thinner ) until I get the pattern I want .

4B97C32D-7C2D-46C4-BBDE-7EE21B5A34DA (resized).jpeg4B97C32D-7C2D-46C4-BBDE-7EE21B5A34DA (resized).jpeg
#29 3 years ago

And here it is , clear coated . The base coat and webbing is done.

16D095E8-319C-49D6-A099-A8133F3A5B13 (resized).jpeg16D095E8-319C-49D6-A099-A8133F3A5B13 (resized).jpeg57BB5B76-E181-4465-A52E-6970C0ED1838 (resized).jpeg57BB5B76-E181-4465-A52E-6970C0ED1838 (resized).jpeg
#30 3 years ago

Sexxay. Yeah Doug!

#31 3 years ago

The clear coat will protect the base coat and webbing while the cabinets are being silk screened , but it does need to be sanded / scuffed so the ink can adhere properly. I will just sand and scuff the areas getting silk screened .

C0D01ACE-9F37-4C09-9378-91B9105A063A (resized).jpegC0D01ACE-9F37-4C09-9378-91B9105A063A (resized).jpeg
#32 3 years ago

I wish my spray room was that big. looks great. I should have definitely sanded my cab a lot more than I did. Ah well.

#34 3 years ago

Subscribed !!!

#35 3 years ago

While the cabinets are with Neo getting silkscreened lets take a look at the playfields . I did strip the better one down ( I am going to leave the other assembled so I can use it for reference while re-assembling ) This playfield is the one pictured in post #4 so as we can see its in pretty good shape with a few minor issues . Here is some pictures of the bottom side before everything was removed .

WIN_20200216_19_06_59_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_19_06_59_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_19_07_05_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_19_07_05_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_19_07_11_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200216_19_07_11_Pro (resized).jpg
#36 3 years ago

The flipper mechs had the wrong type of return springs , something that was a modification made by someone ( and not a good one ) In the picture I circled the springs and have arrows pointing to the long wood screws that were added for those springs . I will be removing those screws and springs and replacing them with the proper set up .

flippers (resized).jpgflippers (resized).jpg
#37 3 years ago

Here is one of the problem inserts.

WIN_20200411_10_27_30_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200411_10_27_30_Pro (resized).jpg
#38 3 years ago

melted inserts are always a problem. Find a used opaque insert the same size to replace it, then waterslide the art. Use , used so it matches the aged look, otherwise it will be bright red and stand out like a sore thumb.

that's if it's melted. Hard to tell in the pic if the clear is just chipped out, or melted from underneath.

#39 3 years ago

This is solid advice ,and would be a good solution. I did already go a different route though ,which I will share later . But , as you know , it is a beautiful day in Wisconsin and I am enjoying it while doing a little work outside . Soldering some lamp sockets . I have found that if you solder a little on a new lamp socket before installing it to the playfield you will have a much easier and quicker time when re doing the common wire for the lamp sockets .

38D6887F-C8E2-4328-833D-46D64EA11570 (resized).jpeg38D6887F-C8E2-4328-833D-46D64EA11570 (resized).jpeg9FC1A0AB-4FD9-4617-AC7E-64AEA5359072 (resized).jpeg9FC1A0AB-4FD9-4617-AC7E-64AEA5359072 (resized).jpeg
#40 3 years ago

I set up some with the solder on the outer edge also.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#41 3 years ago

screening on the front door section is done. Took several redos on screening to get them correct. Even had the screen cleaned up and done, and realized it didn't screen a small section and had to start over again. After about 30 min cleaning the screen. Found out, it's very hard to screen several cabinets in a row, due to the fact, that after the first one. I cannot see through the screen anymore for alignment for the next. Used some specific lighting to be able to see where the screen was in ratio to the cabinet. Definitely a lot of new hurdles doing multiple cabinets.

thumbnail_IMG_20200516_173836598 (resized).jpgthumbnail_IMG_20200516_173836598 (resized).jpgthumbnail_IMG_20200516_173847309 (resized).jpgthumbnail_IMG_20200516_173847309 (resized).jpg
#42 3 years ago

Looking good Neo!

#43 3 years ago

Ok so this is what I did for the bad inserts . So yeah the R insert had a hole in it and needed to be replaced .

WIN_20200516_19_01_22_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200516_19_01_22_Pro (resized).jpg
#44 3 years ago

The original insert was opaque white and was painted red then the letter was put on . This would be difficult to duplicate and look the same as the others when lit up . So I got an opaque red insert that is very close to the same red as the original inserts .

IMG_1157 (resized).JPGIMG_1157 (resized).JPG
#45 3 years ago

But Neo is correct , if you replace one insert with a new one it will stand out and look odd . So I replaced all the red inserts with new opaque red .

inserts (resized).JPGinserts (resized).JPG
#46 3 years ago

To get the letters on the inserts I made stencils and repainted (with an airbrushed )the letters on . I also made stencils and repainted all the rings around the inserts .

WIN_20200512_19_25_47_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200512_19_25_47_Pro (resized).jpg
#47 3 years ago

And this playfield is touched up , clear coated and ready for reassembly.

WIN_20200512_19_25_22_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200512_19_25_22_Pro (resized).jpg
#48 3 years ago

I also re painted the bottom of the playfield .

WIN_20200512_19_26_33_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200512_19_26_33_Pro (resized).jpg
#49 3 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

The original insert was opaque white and was painted red then the letter was put on . This would be difficult to duplicate and look the same as the others when lit up . So I got an opaque red insert that is very close to the same red as the original inserts .
[quoted image]

that's right. I forgot they used all white and clear inserts and just printed the colors they wanted. Clown is the same way as mine are curling and chipping on the edges.

#50 3 years ago

I've been tumbling all the metal parts and cleaning all the plastic parts and started re assembling this playfield .

WIN_20200516_19_54_22_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200516_19_54_22_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200516_19_55_31_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200516_19_55_31_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200516_19_56_25_Pro (resized).jpgWIN_20200516_19_56_25_Pro (resized).jpg
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