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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

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#2785 4 years ago

Looks pretty good to me.. Video modes great addition. Glad I am getting one.

#2884 4 years ago

Lots on strange posts. Looks like a good game a lot of work went into it. The price is reasonable good job spooky.

#2942 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I find it funny that people are talking about how impossible or not it will be to get the switch hits... while the people ultimately responsible for making the decision if change is needed... are the only ones who have experience knowing how easy it is or not to achieve... and ultimately are the ones who decide how hard or not it is intended to be.
Instead of saying why it should be changed... why not ask Charlie what its intended to be and how its testing?

Right it is their game, let them design it. To much input. Not all know what is best.

#3206 4 years ago

I am in the low 200's. Hopefully all the problems will be taken care of by then. I signed with in hours. Must of sold out same day.

#3208 4 years ago

Maybe the number went by when deposit was received.

#3273 4 years ago

I am waiting for Godzilla or a sci Fi machine.

1 week later
#3403 4 years ago

I like the shaker idea too. Maybe low osculation with rumble of car engine in audio them more when you hit something.
Glad spooky put so much thought and so much hard work and love into it. It will really shine.

1 week later
#3693 4 years ago

The le plastics look so much nicer, on standard machine. I would pay extra for that option for sure.

2 weeks later
#4002 4 years ago

I would like to see more going on upper playfield. Couple switches. I am happy to be a part of this. Glad spooky cares. This should be great machine.

#4131 4 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I've not played either so no dog in this fight but I wish everyone would quit using pinside rankings to quantify a pins worth. Don't you realize that everytime a new game comes out it's in the tip 20 for a period of time? Let's wait 10 years and see if Metallica is still in the top 100 then we'll talk. If the game is less than 2 years old it's rankings are as meaningful as my opinion.

This is the pattern. True my friend. Also I wanted to add the pinside rating is a tool. Not something you want to follow. I have played many games in the top 30. Also many in the 200's. Which do I like better? I would have to play them first.

3 weeks later
#4242 3 years ago

I also do not have face book. . . . . .

#4245 3 years ago

I saw today on spooky web site. You can upgrade your LEDs and add plastic protects. While it's being built.

#4248 3 years ago

Kate said final price not determined for RZ yet. Web site says 60 for upgraded LEDs. The plastic protectors is 25 more. Look under games and swag.

#4253 3 years ago

Yes, I was referring to nice upgrades from the factory. Hopefully more information will be available by the end of this month. Even at around 100 dollars. I am in.

1 week later
#4290 3 years ago

I do not have or want facebook. So thanks for keeping us here up to date.

1 week later
#4320 3 years ago

Anyone heard when production starts on rz machines? I think the prototype looks like it's going well.

1 week later
#4335 3 years ago

Kitty lovers is just fine. Family friendly is better.

3 weeks later
#4533 3 years ago

I would say it looks like a pretty cool pakage offerd.You will only hate yourself later on if you don't get them all. Also this is a low production machine the play field plastics may be hard to get in the future. So the plastics protectors is a great addition too! I like all the upgrades offered.

2 weeks later
#4655 3 years ago

That is why I chose towards the end also.
I will get all the upgrades.

1 month later
#5150 3 years ago

We already have someone selling a RZ machine on pinside and they dont even have it yet.
$ 9500

1 month later
#5588 3 years ago

Glad I chose a later build for mine. Keep up the good work. Sounds like its coming along great. Lots of attention to details.

1 month later
#5889 3 years ago

Well I definitely think after spending that much money on a pinball machine and having parts falling off (ramp screws) after only a few weeks isn't good. Hopefully spooky is looking into taking care of this problem to prevent more complaints.

#5907 3 years ago

Can't we opt to have mylar put on during the build process? I would want mine on in hopes play field would stay nicer longer. ? ?

1 week later
#5986 3 years ago

So many people selling their games already, strange it's one of the games we have all been waiting for. Another strange thing is they are all listed on pinside. These people all know about the game and most of us who wanted one are getting one. I see none listed on ebay. Wouldnt they sell better to someone who has alot of money, but just didnt know about the pin?

#5988 3 years ago

Glad I opted for a later built machine. This will be my first new pinball machine. Looking forward to not have to fix anything or have stuff that needs attention. Just play and enjoy the game. I am like 224 so by then all fixes, will hopefully be in place.

3 weeks later
#6272 3 years ago

Jetsons would be a great machine to own.

1 week later
#6339 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

just got my Rob Zombie pinball. Very excited...
but... the delivery guy refused to bring it into house. 3 steps up to front door.
So now, at 12:50pm (middle of day), I'm stuck at home with a boxed pinball machine sitting outside in the middle of the driveway. He just left it outside & drove off.
sh!tty delivery service. Never in 20 years have I had that happen for pins, vids or anything.

I had same problem with NAVL. After a ten minute argument. They set in the living room.

3 months later
#7113 3 years ago

Does anyone know what number RZ is in production now?

1 week later
#7181 2 years ago

For the 3rd game or next release. The Munsters would be great title.

3 weeks later
#7394 2 years ago

Just got my RZ set up. # 223. Something strange, I was wondering about my fried chicken pop up bumper seems to activate alot.
Even when ball doesnt come in contact.

Also I didnt see the service manual. Is one available?

#7469 2 years ago

I am still getting mine dialed in. Has anyone tried spring washers on the solenoids. To take out some of the slop on the coils? Or are you just bending the brackets they don't all have sloted holes.

2 weeks later
#7626 2 years ago

Still hoping for a fix for the switch problem.
The one that goes to the loop ramp. Ball hits it and bounces back out.
Yes I bent it like in earlier post it helped a little.
Needs a more permanent fix.

2 weeks later
#7796 2 years ago

New code version 20. Greatly needed. What about the switch problem middle loop.
Ball sometimes hits it bounces back.
Needs an different style switch.

3 months later
#8933 2 years ago

My new addition to the dragula ramp on my machine. Yes, thats grampa car from the munsters.

IMG_0722 (resized).JPG
IMG_0721 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#9131 2 years ago

Are there any custom score cards for RZ yet?

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