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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #6177 Spooky mentions game #3! Posted by SpookyCharlie (3 years ago)

Post #6605 Gameplay and rules video from Spooky Pinball Posted by Jetzxi (3 years ago)

Post #7268 V019 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (2 years ago)

Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (2 years ago)

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#157 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Thanks for the patience, and carry on with the speculation. Gonna lock ourselves in the shop and bust our asses to finish AMH (half way through the 150 now) and get Rob Zombie's Spookshow International ready to ship in January! Because saying that NEVER comes back to bite anyone right?!

I love this guy!

#186 4 years ago
Quoted from lamihh:

Hey I want one so badly but I do unfortunately live in Good Ol' Germany


#215 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

*can't call it Dragula as that is a separate license, but it is a Dragula-like vehicle

#466 4 years ago

You couldn't have picked a better artist for this theme! Love his work!

#648 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Also, my example was just a random movie off the top of my head, but you have to admit, this would make a great Spooky game!

Very cool and made by one of my best friends...Fred Olen Ray. That's Michelle on the cover... I used her in my Vampire Vixens film...just saw her a few months ago.

Rights to characters are all very different. In my contracts, I can use the actors in ANYTHING connected to the film. So, if I wanted to make a pinball machine, I could use the photos and or art of them with no problem. Same with the music.

#658 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That's awesome Ted. For whatever reason the tagline for that one (they charge an arm and a leg) stuck in my head every since I saw it in Fangoria as a wayward youth.

Yes! ...and he just released it on Blu-Ray!

1 week later
#789 4 years ago

Spookster told me there are only a few spots left! ....lucky to be one of them. Can't wait to see artwork!

1 week later
#851 4 years ago

Can't wait to see the Goodies!

2 months later
#1040 4 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Anybody want to sell their spot ?

Sure! Just send me two fiddy!

3 weeks later
#1161 4 years ago

I thought there was only ONE run...

#1170 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Just my two cents. No need to downvote me.

They are not "downvoting" you..just "not agreeing" with you.

My understanding is there's going to be ONE run of 300 and that's IT....

#1173 4 years ago

Spooky explained why he's doing it that way....

#1182 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Stern has taken it on the chin over GOT art and with Spooky, Alien, Dutch, JJP all bringing gems to market

What does the Alien backglass look like??

1 week later
#1304 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Plus RZ isn't a hard limit of 300 like AMH was. If things go well, he could always extend the contract.

Quoted from Medisinyl:

This seems to contradict this previous post from Charlie (any clarification?):

So, the Spookster can come in here and clear this up bingo bango...

#1308 4 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Why do we feel like we have the right to dictate that?

I don't think that's what people are saying. They just want to simply know if it's 300 and that's IT....or 300 and maybe more can be made.

#1311 4 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Why do people need to know if production is capped before they pay, and why is it unfair to make more?

Again, it's not. There seem to be 2 contradicting statements made about the number and time frame. People, including me, just want to know the simple answer. And, yes, I'm on the List.

#1315 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

There will be 300 Rob Zombie games. Period.

There! Right from the horses mouth, now can we move on....

1 month later
#1769 4 years ago

10:15am....and counting.....

#1806 4 years ago

But who's counting?

#1830 4 years ago
Quoted from jk2171:

Just got the email too. WOO HOO!

What number?

#1855 4 years ago

How soon does the payment have to be sent?

#1894 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:


...and I had to already bother her!

#1904 4 years ago

Where are pictures of the reg and LE backglass art?

#2048 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Kevin... you're on the list!!!

....but where's MY email??

#2057 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Some emails did bounce back..

Does this count? (I hope)

<spfxted@aol.com> wrote:
Howdy! So how do you get your name on the list for one of your cool machines??

Taking over the world...one bite at a time.
All monsters, all the time!
Childhood dreams to cinematic wonders.
Monsters Like You've Never Seen Them!
Pinball is Back, Baby!
Exclusive Club for Men & Women ONLY. No Exceptions!

You just did Ted.
Spooky Pinball Podcast

#2071 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

She's 9 emails away from you... Lol! Hang on... patience... doing what we can.

Oops...something just came in...................

#2073 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Oops...something just came in...................


#2126 4 years ago

Waiting to send in deposit....

#2128 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

I'm hoping that Alex Horley will be making the pinball Expo rounds selling art.

It would be good to have him at the Chiller Theatre Convention. Many great artists and Sid Haig has been there many times.

#2195 4 years ago

Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day...

#2527 4 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I can't quite decide which is better.

I actually like the Regular better....
Love seeing more of the Robot, the Zombie and Frazetta Werewolf...

#2566 4 years ago

So are you...

#2643 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Where pizza was invented.

Although voracious aficionados can suck down several sauce-laden slices in mere minutes, pizza didn’t develop in a vacuum—an Italian political vacuum, that is.

Founded around 600 B.C. as a Greek settlement, Naples in the 1700s and early 1800s was a thriving waterfront city. Technically an independent kingdom, it was notorious for its throngs of working poor, or lazzaroni. “The closer you got to the bay, the more dense their population, and much of their living was done outdoors, sometimes in homes that were little more than a room,” said Carol Helstosky, author of “Pizza: A Global History” and associate professor of history at the University of Denver.

Unlike the wealthy minority, these Neapolitans required inexpensive food that could be consumed quickly. Pizza—flatbreads with various toppings, eaten for any meal and sold by street vendors or informal restaurants—met this need. “Judgmental Italian authors often called their eating habits ‘disgusting,’” Helstosky noted. These early pizzas consumed by Naples’ poor featured the tasty garnishes beloved today, such as tomatoes, cheese, oil, anchovies and garlic.

Italy unified in 1861, and King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889. Legend has it that the traveling pair became bored with their steady diet of French haute cuisine and asked for an assortment of pizzas from the city’s Pizzeria Brandi, the successor to Da Pietro pizzeria, founded in 1760. The variety the queen enjoyed most was called pizza mozzarella, a pie topped with the soft white cheese, red tomatoes and green basil. (Perhaps it was no coincidence that her favorite pie featured the colors of the Italian flag.) From then on, the story goes, that particular topping combination was dubbed pizza Margherita.

Queen Margherita’s blessing could have been the start of an Italy-wide pizza craze. After all, flatbreads with toppings weren’t unique to the lazzaroni or their time—they were consumed, for instance, by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. (The latter ate a version with herbs and oil, similar to today’s focaccia.) And yet, until the 1940s, pizza would remain little known in Italy beyond Naples’ borders.

An ocean away, though, immigrants to the United States from Naples were replicating their trusty, crusty pizzas in New York and other American cities, including Trenton, New Haven, Boston, Chicago and St. Louis. The Neapolitans were coming for factory jobs, as did millions of Europeans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; they weren’t seeking to make a culinary statement. But relatively quickly, the flavors and aromas of pizza began to intrigue non-Neapolitans and non-Italians.

The first documented United States pizzeria was G. (for Gennaro) Lombardi’s on Spring Street in Manhattan, licensed to sell pizza in 1905. (Prior to that, the dish was homemade or purveyed by unlicensed vendors.) Lombardi’s, still in operation today though no longer at its 1905 location, “has the same oven as it did originally,” noted food critic John Mariani, author of “How Italian Food Conquered the World.”

Debates over the finest slice in town can be heated, as any pizza fan knows. But Mariani credited three East Coast pizzerias with continuing to churn out pies in the century-old tradition: Totonno’s (Coney Island, Brooklyn, opened 1924); Mario’s (Arthur Avenue, the Bronx, opened 1919); and Pepe’s (New Haven, opened 1925).

As Italian-Americans, and their food, migrated from city to suburb, east to west, especially after World War II, pizza’s popularity in the United States boomed. No longer seen as an “ethnic” treat, it was increasingly identified as a fast, fun food. Regional, decidedly non-Neapolitan variations emerged, eventually including California-gourmet pizzas topped with anything from barbecued chicken to smoked salmon.

Postwar pizza finally reached Italy and beyond. “Like blue jeans and rock and roll, the rest of the world, including the Italians, picked up on pizza just because it was American,” explained Mariani. Reflecting local tastes, toppings can run the gamut from Gouda cheese in Curaçao to hardboiled eggs in Brazil. Yet international outposts of American chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut also thrive in about 60 different countries. Helstosky thinks one of the quirkiest American pizza variations is the Rocky Mountain pie, baked with a supersized, doughy crust to save for last. “Then you dip it in honey and have it for dessert,” she said.

The world of pizza has certainly expanded way beyond Margherita-ville.

#2660 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

We got a good taste of the game and want more.


#2692 4 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

What is your axe to grind with Spooky? Are you just that jealous that you can't buy one?

Don't even bother!


#2707 4 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

What would both RZ and AMH as a pair be worth NIB in 3 years if someone decided not to open them?

Wait for kaneda's Thread!

#3026 4 years ago
Quoted from locustgrovepin:

just can't quite get into the theme.

And you JUST figured this out??

#3028 4 years ago

A nice grab bag gift!


#3043 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Thanks for sharing. I wish you had the reason though. Now we know who did the crime, but not the motive. :-/

Just read through his posts. After all this time I think I know him pretty well. My first post about this was that he was out. I understand.

#3045 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Edit: Ted I seriously was really close to just saying F it and going in yesterday. Some things changed my mind, and I'm comfortable with my choice, but it really was a last minute call. Still, your instincts are likely not wrong.

I'm right with ya. I'm in, but I understand everything you said.

#3301 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:


He had to sign an NDA.

1 week later
#3569 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I know he mentioned other things but I can't recall them right now.

Wasn't it a few more spotlights?

#3602 4 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Oh well, KT pm'd me the email.

Just give her a quick call. Everything will be fixed in 5 minutes.

#3668 4 years ago

Except for the plastics, I like the one on the left better....
...but what do I know...i also like the Standard Translite better than the LE...

#3671 4 years ago

Oh, I wasn't looking there...
...aftermarket sticker mod....

#3678 4 years ago

Swapping out plastics won't be a big deal...

#3708 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Snowy. The Benton-ers know how to work through the weather though.

Wow! Big progress!

1 week later
#3815 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

When I was 13 all I wanted to do was grow up to be Tom Savini.

Tom has been a good friend for over 25 years! Crazy guy. True story...we're both drunk at a Chiller convention. He has his bull whip. He asks me to stand about 30 feet away and hold the cigar in my mouth. I do it and he cracks the whip and takes the cigar out of my mouth! The crowd goes crazy!


#3823 4 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

LOL That took some balls and liquid courage! He y'all watch this, usually doesn't end well.

True!!....especially the Liquid Courage part....

3 months later
#4699 3 years ago

That's what I say!

1 month later
#5228 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Nothing like physically and mentally killing yourself to see false info and speculation on Pinside...

We've lost a lot of great "industry" people this way. Spooky, please don't ever leave us....

1 month later
1 month later
2 weeks later
#6185 3 years ago
Quoted from jellikit:

No need to speculate, we all know it is The World of Harryhausen. I am sure he would be proud

I tried to help make that happen. Would be great!!

7th voyage poster jap (resized).jpg

#6202 3 years ago
Quoted from jellikit:

Please touch base with Caroline Munro and see if she'd be willing to do some voice work, if Charlie and KT haven't already reached out to her.

She's a friend of mine and I'm sure it would be no problem.

golden voyage ray caroline.jpg (resized).jpg

#6232 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Not wearing your usual shirt in that photo, Ted?


3 weeks later
#6367 3 years ago

Somebody here is gonna be a happy camper!

1 week later
#6430 3 years ago

My buddy, Dan (Lost) Roebuck and Rob!

3 weeks later
#6604 3 years ago

Who got game #186?

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