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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#5190 3 years ago

What are the available options and prices available for a standard(from Spooky). I've been looking on Spooky's site and this thread, but not having any luck


#5193 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

They have been sold out for a very long time unfortunately.

I know, picking one up from someone, just wanted to know total available options.

#5264 3 years ago

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Spooky. I've noticed while Pinsiders can be a great crowd, they also can be so critical and harsh at times. To be on this forum and part of the discussion is incredible and speaks volumes for the company and its products. I don't know if any of you have put yourselves out there for public feedback on a business you run or product you've been involved in creating, but its really tough. I'm a big fan of the game, and I can't wait to get mine!

1 month later
#5742 3 years ago

Posted this in another section on this forum and I thought I'd share it here.

Just got home from 12 hour road trip to pick up Rob Zombie Spookshow International #74. There was severe storms both there and back, white knuckle driving for sure! When I arrived, Charlie and crew were so hospitable, he took time out of his busy day to chat me up for bit and let me play some of the games on site. I was a bit zoned out from driving, but have to say I'm really impressed with how neat and tight everything seemed to be run. Also really impressed with Americas Most Haunted. This was the first time I've seen and played that game along with Zombie(sensory overload for sure). Call me old fashioned, but there's just something to be said about shaking the guys hand(and having him thank me) who was personally involved in the game I just bought. I feel good about my purchase and can't wait to get it set up this weekend. Good people over there!!

Really impressed with the quality level and detail, this pin really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it. This is one intense pin, it keeps calling back for one more game. It came with version 9 on it and I can't wait to get 10 uploaded. Btw, the sound systems rocks. The callouts in adult mode are great, its kind of nice to hear someone cussing at me for playing pinball besides my wife.




2 weeks later
#5893 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Got some games on RZ today. How much of a bonus do you get for getting 1,000 corpses in MB?
Why do you get to play a mode again after completing it?
Is there a third MB that starts after hitting the center ramp a bunch? I kept starting one that seemed like it happened after a bunch of ramp shots.
How does the skill shot work?
Game is hard, but pretty fun. Not always sure what to shoot for, but definitely interesting.
If there's a rulesheet I can get all this from, can I get a link to that?

The game is fairly new to me, but I think I can help with some of the questions, maybe others can chime in on the rest or correct me if I'm off base on my understanding.

1. How much of a bonus do you get for getting 1,000 corpses in MB? ( I haven't completed yet)

2. Why do you get to play a mode again after completing it? ( I have the same question as it seemed a bit odd)

3. Is there a third MB that starts after hitting the center ramp a bunch? I'm not aware that there is, the center ramp is used in modes for things like jackpot collection in living dead girl and to spell Dragula among other things. It appears that each ramp shot when starting and not in any modes is collecting a corpse (based on the dmd screen) and I'm not sure if that counts towards corpse total in 1000 corpse mode.

4. How does the skill shot work? Light plunge to number one(left upper sling shot), then hopefully the slingshot 1 pushed the ball into 2 then onto 3.

5. Rules.

The way I understand it is there are 9 different modes, 6 are started only by using the left orbit. The 3 remaining modes are living dead girl, House of 1000 corpses and Murder ride which I think is more of a end of ball bonus than mode. I don't believe you can start the 3 modes when you are in one of the 6 or vise versa.

The short version

The detailed version

1 week later
#5946 3 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Post LEDs with spots are very nice

Nice! I'd sure like to see more pics of those on your game. Where did you get them?

#5996 3 years ago
Quoted from Jjsmooth:

I think a bunch are being sold due to it being a kinda crappy machine. Quality feel just ain't there.....

Profit potential is just too great, under priced machine from the factory and many saw upside and never planned on keeping in the first place. I've got one in my collection and the quality is there without question. Adjustments will need to made, like every other NIB pin. The rules do need to be polished up though

Here is what I've had to do

1. move drop target over to the right
2. adjust wire-form ramp to upper playfield
3. replace fuse-

15 minutes of adjustments

#6004 3 years ago

I agree in that it's spot on price-wise for you get, however given the limited availability of 300 and theme I believe it was a bit under-priced by $300-$500.

#6031 3 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

I complete WHAT almost every time. 6 qualifying lanes, 3 spaulding bashes = multiball. Maybe I'm missing something - perhaps there is the jackpot collect I'm missing?

Same for me, it's actually a really easy mode to finish and I'm not that good at playing.

Quoted from robertmee:

What is easy if the ball hits the flipper on the vuk exit consistently. Problem is it doesnt...mine hits the pile and either bounces straight down the rail or bounces over and off the playfield completely. If I turn the vuk power down then it takes 6 tries to get the ball up and that's equally frustrating. Not sure what the solution is but it's a good idea implemented inconsistently at best poorly at worst. One of the more frustrating aspects of my game currently.

If the ball is constantly going everywhere except the flipper, I think maybe some vuk adjustments are in order or wire form adjustments if that doesn't work. Noticed the left side of my upper play field wasn't seated properly from transport when I got my game home. Was as simple as pushing down on the upper left side. Just something to check

#6035 3 years ago

I took some video of the VUK drop and What mode on my machine. I was playing one handed, so sorry in advance about the motion sickness you may get. Thought this may help

What mode:

VUK drop:

#6082 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I had thought about trying to print a modified drop target with a back that would help avoid balls getting trapped. After thinking through it fully, though, the ones that need a big shake are resting between the left edge of the target and the rail to the left. I don't think any shape would help in that case.

I was having issues as well. At first, I thought I'd angle the drop target some more and resolve the issue or add a piece rubber on the wall to push the ball away from the drop. After some consideration and tinkering, putting the drop more of an angle was not good for game play and more balls went past. I ended up moving the drop target over to the right a bit and this seems to have corrected the issue for the most part. The ball has to knock the drop target down to get past it. A pinball can still get though and get hung up, but it's not as frequent now that the open space between drop target and stand up is less.

Added over 3 years ago: Update:

After playing a bunch with the drop moved over to the right I found that when it did get lodged, it was pretty bad. Ended up moving back to left, while it slips through more often, it gets stuck less. Thanks for the tip Spooky

#6091 3 years ago

Living Dead Girl Mode/Add a ball

At first, this mode is just adrenaline packed wildness with adding balls and hitting the ramp to collect jackpots. After some games, It seems this is the mode that always dominates that area hindering me from getting into house of 1000 corpses. Is there a way to make it a bit more difficult so it doesn't dominate the game so much? My pop bumpers usually end up getting me close to entering the mode and a couple missed shots to drop and there we are. Don't get me wrong, the mode in itself is fun and worth big points, but I find myself wanting more than just a ramp shot for jackpot and I'm hoping to see more depth there at some point. Perhaps I've missed something on the mode?

I'm not sure this has already been requested, but I'd sure like some tunes while entering in the high score. When you're coming off that adrenaline rush and award, music should fit the feeling

#6094 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

hey has anyone had anymore fuse being blown after newest code ?

Yes, just updated to the latest says version 13(website calls it 12) on machine and blew one last night during house of 1000 corpses.

#6095 3 years ago

By the way, first time I've watched the game being played and really payed close attention to the DMD. Some really wild animations going on there. This is going to sound odd, but I think I saw some testicles being chopped off in the animation

1 week later
#6247 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

So the small metal ones do same job as big plastic ones ? I have used them on my games but i do learn new stuff everyday

Yes, they do and some might say even better as the keep the legs away from the cabinet all together. If you end up removing, you can still add some color by adding some colored washers under the leg bolts. They come in red


3 weeks later
#6407 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

found a bug with v15. if enter menu and make an adjustment and escape, the game reboots but mcu does not synch. Keeps trying but no luck so you need to switch game off and back on. MCU is able to synch then, and your changes were saved.

Yes, I experienced the same thing and had to shut game off to recover.

#6425 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

For those that are shutting down out of the menu; does it stay hung for more than 8 seconds?

Yes, I just tried going into menu again and when I tried to exit it just gets stuck or doesn't sync. I think the game is trying to cycle about every 8 seconds(you can hear the speakers making a sound) , but not syncing . Waited about 30 seconds to see if it would process and self correct but nothing happened. I just turned off then on again and problem was resolved.

#6452 3 years ago

True story, I had this happen right when I got the game as well. Could not find the ball for the life of me, ended up putting another one in after looking everywhere and thought my pin was possessed at first, seriously creepy stuff. Located it later after getting some shotgunning from slingshot it happened to be stuck under. Hasn't happened again since

2 months later
#7048 2 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Also is it a know bug that the mpu hangs when exiting the menu? Mine seems to do it 80% of the time to where I have to power off to recover.

Quoted from bemmett:

I believe this is a known bug, mine does it 100% of the time and I have V17 code. If I'm missing something someone let me know.

This bug is a known issue. It started for me after installing version 15 and does it 100% of the time, I was going to install the new update, but it sounds like has not been fixed yet.

#7051 2 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

This bug is a known issue. It started for me after installing version 15 and does it 100% of the time, I was going to install the new update, but it sounds like has not been fixed yet.

Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Running v.17. Mine exits the menu just fine.

No luck for me, MCU will not even try to sync up and I'm forced to turn off instead of backing out. Did you experience the problem described or did you update from an earlier version(14 or back)? I've updated this machine plenty of times so don't think it's operator error? I'm wondering if since I cannot back out of the menu after hitting update that this may be causing or keeping the issue around? Machine updates fine, but I have to turn off twice(once after hitting update and once after update is complete) and don't remember if thats normal.

Anyone else have this issue earlier than have it go away with update?

IMG_0947 (resized).JPG

#7072 2 years ago
Quoted from daveispinball:

Anybody have this problem? I've had this happen 3 times now. Ball sneaks under and gets stuck and then glass needs to be taken off to pull out because machine won't play. Any fixes?

That's happened to me a couple times. When it did, I noticed the rubber had come up out of the groove on one of the star posts. Seemed to happen on the far right or left post. If they are in the grooves and it's still happening, maybe turned sling power down just a bit

4 weeks later
#7291 2 years ago

Running V18:

When you have balls locked, the lock light(1,2,3) only illuminates when drop target is in down position. Would be nice to have those lock lights illuminate accordingly no matter drop position. Also, when drop target is in down position and living dead girl mode is entered, the drop target pops back up once living dead girl mode is finished instead of leaving where it left off upon entering mode. Not sure if these things are by design or a bug?

#7349 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

What's happening is, you dropped the target and the lock is waiting. You start some other mode, then finish. Drop target goes up (need to check for the need). You shoot behind the target and the lock is granted, because technically it was still waiting. I don't have a machine in front of me, if someone would like to confirm.

Here's a video, yes this is correct(sorry for the poor camera work).

#7350 2 years ago

Also noticed what appears to be a bug. Once you get through 1000 corpses and you're working on the second round of knocking down drop targets. The 1st lock light on number one doesn't appear to flash in sequence until drop is hit.

#7357 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

as I thought (or read the code) lets call this a feature
your other video is a feature to

No problem boss, its your sand box I'm just playing in it. Features it is going forward

1 month later
#7936 2 years ago

Here's a video Spooky put together on the process

2 months later
#8557 2 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

I just got 292, but I thought I was 295. Originally was 90, but traded down last year to buy time. I am trying to sell before I open it for only what I have into. If it doesn't sell in about a year, I will just keep it to play. I did not want to be one of the pre-orders that bailed on Chuck after GB and other shiny new titles came out.

Personally, I'd crack her open and play a little bit. The game currently seems to be a $5500-$5800 game + or - open or not. So many people waiting on the sidelines to sell once the new code drops that it maybe some time before you see a value higher than that. If the code is good and you wait long enough, you may get out of it without too much of a loss. I couldn't stomach the loss right now either, so I put mine off in an extra bedroom for a showpiece. Looks damn nice and with new code my hope is she'll play that way as well. Lots of hope for V20, the first major update in some time. Can't wait.

#8559 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Get used to that ... I think you're going to see all games falling in price from now on (just like it used to be!) because the market is saturated with options.
Not only do you have multiple NIB options, you also have 1000s of tidy, restored used games competing for the same dollar.
So the days of buying any NIB game, and hopefully selling it for more than what you paid... I think those days are largely gone.

Yeah, I agree. This one is no ones fault but mine, bought into the hype above M.S.R.P without playing and seeing. I usually figure a 10-12% + or - loss on NIB. Many times there has been almost no loss but this ones going to sting a bit. I'm still holding on for some new code, love the theme and the looks. Might as well get some plays and have some fun before I cash out down the line.

#8565 2 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

Yeah, one just sold in the city next to me last month for $4500!!

Okay after hearing that, $5500 is now sounding pretty good

#8588 2 years ago

Dropping code at 11:00 Pm on Friday. That's commitment!

Thank you!

#8625 2 years ago

Wow, the machine has really come to life with V20! Its tough to watch the flippers when so many things have been added. I'm definitely putting more time on this machine now. I've only done a few modes(Dragula, Super Beast, Dead City) and haven't noticed issue with the VUK, but will put more time on this evening.

This is a different machine with V20. Nice job!

#8631 2 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I am having a blast with v20,sorry for everybody that sold before this killer update,feels like a new game and I am blown away,only bug I can find and I suck so I am sure there are much better bug finder and is mode start,is the display is not showing the choices,you can pick from the playfield only,no biggie and I have infection on.
Thanks you spooky for the fantastic effort
Code,code ,code

You may want to try reloading everything. There were reports of this issue earlier in the thread and I believe they were caused by not copying files over completely.

#8658 2 years ago

So I have to admit, I had lost hope on this one and was considering selling for a while. Boy, would that have been a major mistake on my part! Those that sold are going to be full of regret for letting this one go. Back into the honeymoon phase for me. I've really been having trouble making that left and right orbit( I know play better), however I found changing the post sleeves seemed to make a big difference. Their not that much smaller but whatever I'm making shots all the time now so I think they've made the difference.

Thank you team Spooky for bringing this one to the next level with V20!

IMG_2394 (resized).JPG
IMG_2395 (resized).JPG
IMG_2399 (resized).JPG

#8664 2 years ago

Bought them from Titan(they are silicone) for another game, and they only specify Stern Slim. However, I think these are the same size


#8680 2 years ago
Quoted from princea56001:

I have a question for all. I like good quality sound and I'm interested to hear what audio settings people have to get what they feel is the best sound for their machine. Also those that may have subs, like the Polk PSW10. I still don't think I'm getting as good of sound quality and balance out of it as I should.
Also, if there are any that have swapped out amps I'm curious to know what people have gotten and why.
Thanks and this version has already made me appreciate this pin even more.

The machine has top quality components out of the box, I think the best out there of any factory machine. The machine rattles like crazy if you turn the sub up which ends up drowning the rest out. There's anti rattle tape, but that just helps the glass. Here's what I did from left to right on amp.

This set up requires an external sub woofer. Also, for testing purposes hold down right flipper button to turn on radio(hold down again to change songs)

Volume: Just barely on, close to 0
Crossover: nearly all the way left

Back Box Speakers:
Treble- All the way to the right
Bass- 1/4 turn + or - from full

Personal preference here, but mines fairly loud

#8695 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

This new code is super fun! All the new sounds and objectives are awesome. Can't stop playing.

Agreed, Rob Zombie is now fairly intuitive and super fun to play with V20. I know what to shoot for! Shots light up, telling you where to go, ball lock lights up, DMD/callouts align with it all. So many new callouts and content! LDG sounds were changed up, ending of game music added and the list goes on and on.

#8743 2 years ago
Quoted from bman46:

The update went well - does anyone else have the never gonna stop song at the end rattle everything and sound kind of poor? I wonder if it's a setting or something but everything rattles.

The "Never Gonna Stop" song seems to play at much a higher volume than whatever the pin is set to. Maybe they will adjust in the future?

#8768 2 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

In the game, set the SFX around 80% and the music around 60%... I like the music loud, but too loud drowns out some of the quotes. Adjust to your liking after playtesting.

Thanks for the tip! Adjust my SFX to 80% and turned the music to about 70 and she rocks now!!

#8772 2 years ago

The first time loading V20, there did not seem to be any apparent issues. I reloaded due to a new patch for goober mode and now, on occasion, the game stops right in the middle and thinks that I've drained. I also noticed a little trouble with the DMD animations while this problem was present. I thought this maybe related to incorrect code loading on my part so I reloaded V20 last night and it did not correct. This only seems to happen once and a while and I have not figured out what event or sequence of is triggering. Anyone else seeing this? Probably time to hang it up for the holiday for now, it's been a Rob Zombie pinball playing bender for the last couple days. So tired from playing, but having fun with it for sure.

Btw, finally got to play Spooky Minute. Kind of a neat surprise there.

#8806 2 years ago
Quoted from zombywoof:

I've seen the following bit of weirdness twice now. During ball two I drain with ball save lit. It does nothing. No coil fire for ball eject. It just sits there until ball search starts. It runs through ball search a couple of times and then kicks out a ball into the shooter lane and auto-plunges. Moments later, it is end of ball animations - no flippers and the ball drains. Ball three loads into the shooter lane. Before it's been on the playfield any measurable time, the game goes dark and into game over state, and the ball drains.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I've got similar weirdness going on. It's been tough to put my hands on it as it's very intermittent, but it all started at V20. Have you been able to duplicate this issue consistently? Someone suggested to isolate hardware vs software and I've yet to do that. Do you have V20 loaded?

#8808 2 years ago
Quoted from zombywoof:

It's only happened twice, during two different sessions. I'm running the latest v20 and the problem has only happened under v20. Also, I had a bunch of games on the new code before this showed up.

Sounds like the same experience/issue. Mine didn't show up either until downloading V20(latest) with Goober patch after playing some games. Let me know if you isolate triggers for this event and I'll do the same. I'm leaning towards a software issue now that there are two experiencing this. I'm going to try to reload the code and try to duplicate in the next few days.

#8818 2 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Isn't that just spooky minute?

Yes, it sounds like it

Quoted from hAbO:

I thought the spooky minute was at midnight?

The Spooky Minute goes off at 12:00 I believe, but you can change the clock to anytime you want making it go off sooner or later.

#8822 2 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Ok, put me on the list as I just had this same issue word for word as described. Never had it before the update.

Okay, that's three now. Any luck determining what event caused?

2 weeks later
#8951 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

So I think my RZ was made with Houdini influences. Twice now it has made a ball disappear. The first time I found the ball trapped under the upper playfield in between some ball guides. I had to used a little magnetic reach tool to get it out. Last night I had people over and at some point in the night a friend told me that a ball was missing from the game. Sure enough the trough only had 6. I can't find the other ball anywhere.
Anyone else have this happen and where did you find it? I've seen balls get stuck in the slings but it's not there. Really confusing

Check underneath all four slings-then check area around VUK, then take random ball throw through drop target area. left then right orbit-

1 week later
#8974 2 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

From Fawzma's FB page...
There will be a RZ beta update for those that would like to try the latest fixes.. these are some of the things fixed.
Wizard mode is progress of being updated as well.
Fixed - 8/3 - show last score routine would interfere with starting a new game. start button handled at end of routine to allow for last score display to function properly
Update - 8/3 - If allow match was off, game would try to play a game over clip that didn't exist
Update - 8/2 - VUK fires 3 times at normal power, if eject fails power reduced to 3 to attempts a light jog/unjam. If eject fails again, VUK kicks will pause for 8 seconds so not to overpower the fuse.
Update - 8/2 - Shaker only fired one time on VUK eject and won't trigger again for 10 seconds. This is to reduce stress on the fuse.
Fixed - 7/26 - AV now at V008, random read error
Fixed - 7/26 - shooting vuk after ball launch and not hitting any switches would flake out the mode select routine
Fixed - 7/26 - mode select now works when using infected mode
Fixed - 7/12 - ball save timing changed to prevent premature end of ball
Fixed - 7/1 - goober didn't reset mode properly on drain

I've been running this and haven't seen the ball save issue come around since I installed. Going to put more games on this next week

#8985 2 years ago

Archived after 14 days
Sold for $ 5,100
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “I'm selling my Rob Zombie Spook Show International Pinball #74 of 300. I'm the original owner of this machine and it has all the upgrades. This game is not for the faint of heart, ...”
Wichita, KS
5,099 (Firm)

1 month later
#9281 2 years ago

Very cool topper!

I thought about buying a latex Rob Zombie mask then putting it on a Styrofoam manikin head and adding some black light up eyes and latex hands reaching over back box. I figured it would scare the crap out of me every time I ran downstairs and turned the lights on so I never went through with it.

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
5,000 (Firm)
Machine - For Sale
Plymouth, MN
$ 24.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
5,000 (OBO)
Machine - For Sale
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West Chicago, IL
$ 48.00
Cabinet - Other
ModFather Pinball Mods
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